Computer is turned off during the update of game time.

Windows Update (set to auto) works if your computer is turned off during the update set time?

I ask this for XP and Win 7.

Thank you


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Assuming you want to say in fact 'off' and not 'sleep,""standby","hibernate"by 'off', or another version of not-really-off.

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  • computer is turned off during the update update wiil not finished

    computer not end not update


    The initial power, known as the POST, press F8 the end POST and before Windows starts to load. You may need to press the F8 key repeatedly. Should you get a boot menu, select the last good known Configuration. It will return the system to the State of the last successful connection and should allow you to fully load the system.

    If this is not the case, go to the start menu and there rstrui.exe execution of the command line to load the system restore, choose Safe mode with command prompt. Choose a date prior to the occurrence of this problem.

    As a general rule, you should never turned off a system while an update is in progress because it can paralyze the whole of system files. For this reason a laptop shouldn't run on battery for an update.

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • accidentally turned off during the update of windows

    Guys, im using sony vaio with vista premium OS and it is automatically updated, I had used to remove my battery for use at home, during the update of windows, I accidentally kick off the power cord and it disconnected from the main power switch and turned off, when I open it I saw a note on the bottom right 'tm this copy of windows vista is not authentic.

    someone could help me on this guys, how can I do recover without reformatting my laptop.

    Please help me guys...

    Thanks in advance...

    Needless to say, cutting the current during the update process can cause all sorts of problems - many not even related to the update itself.  It is a common branching.

    Do you know when this problem started?  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started.  Here is the procedure:  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software and updates that you have installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for updates.  I don't know if this will solve the problem, but it might.  It's worth a try (and it can be useful if there are other problems that you have not yet detected).  Whether or not it works, you will need to re - install the update (and this time won't turn off - LOL).

    If you still have the problem of validation after system restore, and then click Start / computer / system properties and check the bottom of the Activation section.  Your system always shows that it is enabled?  If this isn't the case, then reactivate.  To activate manually, go to start, search, and type in slui 4 enter.  Enter your country and press Next.  You will be on a screen with a phone number and a bunch of codes below.  Dial the number and browse automatic guests until you get to a human being.  Have your handy product code because it will be asked.  Explain the situation, but it's the same PC.  They should give you a code to enter on this screen to activate Vista.

    If this does not resolve the "not genuine" message, please post your problem in the Windows Genuine Advantage Forum: , where the experts on this kind of problem will be more than happy to help you with your problem.  They will probably ask you to run a program and download the results so they can examine in order to find the problem - just follow their instructions.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • My computer turns off during an update to windows xp and now windows xp will not load.

    My computer turns off during an update to windows xp and now windows xp will not load.  It gives me the option of last known good configuration and safe mode startup and normal startup, but it just goes back to the loading screen then flashes a blue error screen then back to display boot options.  I don't have a recovery disc as the laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive or a floppy drive.  I have the product key, but I don't know where or how repair the operating system.

    Contact the manufacturer of your laptop as there must be a way to restore the computer. There may be a hidden restore partition.

  • My computer has turned off all the themes of Windows 7 except Classic

    original title: My Computer has turned off all the Windows 7 themes. I can only access classic themes. How can I get new themes to return? Thank you

    Hi, my computer is Windows 7 Professional has changed suddenly automatically the Windows Classic theme and all the other themes are grey and not accessible. How can I access the window 7 themes yet. Thank you.

    You can also check in your windows Services and check that the DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) is running.

    Start button > Search > type Services and select.
    Look and to make sure it runs.
  • Computer will turn off when the PXI chassis is turned off


    I realized that my computer is shut down properly if I disable my chassis PXI-1036, until the computer is turned off. Is this a normal behaivour?

    As I remember, the chassis PXI-1036 must be turned on until the computer is power on, and I think that maybe on turn it off I have to follow the same procedure.

    Thanks a lot for your advice,


    The chassis must be on anytime on the PC is.  Then it turn on before the PC and turn it off after the PC.

    This is because the chassis is an extension of the PC's PCI bus, so he expects everything to be available all the time the PC is powered on, as would be a PCI expansion card.


  • Computer off during the update, now will boot back to the top

    Original title: my grandson turned off my computer in the middle of an update now my computer will not boot even upward.  It says it can not find or is a missing component.  Help

    I have run the diagnosis of auto repair and he said: he can't fix.  It also States that it is running in limited mode when I go to help.  I can not get windows to come on the screen.  When you try to start a blue screen with writing of hot flashes, but it is fast for me to read to see what he says.  I tried everything I know to freeze the screen to see what he says.  I don't know what to do.  Any help, which would therefore never appreciated.  Thank you.

    Hi Wil Lopez,

    ·         This error message do you receive when you try to start in normal mode?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Try to boot using the option 'disable automatic restart in the event of system failure' so that you can see to the bottom of the Blue error screen.

    Method 2: Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists.

    Step 2: If the problem does not persist in safe mode, put the computer in a clean boot State before proceeding with the installation of windows update.

    Note: After installing windows update, follow step 7 in the link to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Method 3: If the problem still persists, then perform a restore of the system of windows with a disk recovery (winre).


  • Laptop screen turns off during an update of the windows system

    Hello world

    I got a new acer laptop with windows 8 last week. Today, there was a small system update that requires a restart of the system to apply the updates. So I restarted my laptop, but I have not seen any sign of update 5 minutes (maybe my internet connection is slow, I don't know...) So (stupidly), I decided to manually cut my laptop and maybe he would return to his State to not update so I might update later. But now the display lights. I can hear the fan working and lights are turning, etc. But I don't see anything. Please help me.

    You are amazing for the quick response. Seriously. I got to the store and they said it had nothing to do with the update or turn off the power. It is the LCD LED screen. It was defective, and I got a new free of charge. Thanks again

  • I had to do are install disks initially provided. My computer turns off during the process and did not finish. Info please.

    I had to do a re system install the OEM disks but my computer starts to spin off before the reinstall is complete. As my dischas been reformatted I can't access control panel to reset the timeout settings. Advice please.


    You tell us why you had to reinstall.

    If it keeps closing, it looks like you have a hardware problem.

    The OEM recovery disks are provided by your computer manufacturer.

    For problems with their recovery process, you will need to contact them.

    See you soon.

  • Computer is turned off, online the page in the window is too small. Can not get it back.

    I turned computer, went online and home page is so small, I can barely read. The window itself covers my screen, but the page is in the middle of the screen of the window, 10 sizes too small. I visited all the Web sites were similarly. This page also. I tried to adjust it myself, but it changed nothing. The display settings have not changed that I am aware, so with the same settings as always, I didn't really know what to change. I tried to use the system restore, but that never worked when I tried it in the past. Indicates an error has occurred and cannot complete. I'd appreciate any help. I'm an amateur, where computers are concerned, but I can get around pretty good if I have good instructions.   Thanks in advance for any help!

    FYI - HP desktop, Windows Vista, IE8

    You might try to go in the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, then Internet Options, then advanced and select Reset.

    Restores system will fail if you have Norton and do not turn off "tamper protection '.

  • Printer e-all-in-one printer 7520 printer turns off during the night

    My printer was initially set up to automatically print multiple daily crossword.  It has worked well for more than a month.  Now the printer stops during the night, and I have to unplug the device and plug it in again so he can print the puzzles.

    Hello DonIriving,

    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that your Photosmart 7520 stops during the night.

    I've included the document the printer turns off unexpectedly after being inactive for a period of timetroubleshooting.  It will guide you in how to correct this problem.

  • Equium A210-1as turns off during the Bios flash

    Hello group,

    My computer laptop girls off for a flash bios because of blocked fan (dog hairs dust etc.) and its fried bios chip.
    I think that there is a partition on the Bios chip which can upgrade the bios in a critical state of flash using combinations of keys.

    I tried all of this and have a laptop dead yet.
    I contacted someone on the net that sells preloaded Bios chips and instructions to replace them, but I must first of all identify the chip on the card.
    Is there any reading that can identify it for me on a toshiba Equium A210-1as... psafje-005005ks

    Thanks for any help Paul G...

    Hi mate

    Usually it s is not necessary to replace the BIOS ROM chip on the motherboard.
    In most cases, the ROM module has to be reflashed again.
    It seems that the module ROM was not properly flashed and the process interrupted
    The technician of the ASP can reflash the module using a disc of the BIOS crisis.

    I recommend you to get in touch with the guys from the ASP in your country and ask reflash BIOSES.

    Good luck

  • Satellite 1800-354 is unable to load the driver when it is turned off during the night

    Hi could sombodu help me to solve this problem.

    My laptop wives is unable to load the driver when its been delivered overnight. It's normal runs when the drivers installed and when it was turned off for about a half hour.
    The laptop has windows xp sp2, the card is a belkin f5d7010 802.11 g and I downloaded the latest drivers for it. Thank you louis.


    This driver is the problem for the PCMCIA port or wireless network card?

    Good bye

  • laptop turn off during the start of the disc

    Hi, please could someone shed some light on why my laptop starts to boot from the drive (xp home).

    loading files, but just before initial turns off, but turns off resarts once again the button, loading files, then just before the reboot,

    h/d new mounted, good used ram 1 g, connected to the a/c

    any suggestions... Thank you.  Delmotte.

    Could mean that the CPU fan is going or if you have any non essential attached devices it might interfere with installation. I suggest that you run the diagnostic test on the module of memory just to ensure he could not be the culprit: Memtest86 + I had a similar problem with my Dell Latitude only to discover that it was the motherboard died. Releasing it's easy: with Windows | ActiveWin | Laptops | Microsoft MVP

  • Can not activate Adobe 9.0 that I forgot to turn off during the uninstallation on old PC

    Martyn Brown: Hi team, I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat 9.0 extended to an old PC and not to "disable" it and so now that I have it on my new PC, I can't activate it.

    Series: [deleted by Moderator]

    I can not access my old PC to install and turn off and so the section "help" gives to think that I contact you.

    Never send a serial number on a public forum. Post edited by: Peter Spier

    Usually you work directly with Adobe (call them) and explain the problem to get the reset of activation.

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