computer laptop Windows 8 cannot find the boot device


I had a problem with my dell vostro laptop computer with windows 8 OS.

Today, when I try to boot my pc, I have an error like "no boot device found. If please restart the PC or insert the boot device.

Later, I tried to run diagnostics on start up, here I got an error like 2000-0142. The test failed.

But now I can't start my pc because pc says that "your PC has encountered an error.

I think that there is an error in the HARD drive.

Can someone help me please?


As I said it is a mistake to standard hard drive to Dell machines, who tells you that they do not have or go.

Once replace you a hard drive in this State.

Read this information from the Dell Community.

They are all the same error code 2000-0142 and they all need a replacement hard drive.


You cannot start Windows if you can't do a backup.

You can try this, but no warranty if:

Saving your files:

You can remove the hard drive and put it in a hard drive USB enclosure > plug it into another computer > and try to read and copy your data in this way.

Or, you can download Knoppix > make a bootdisk to > start your system with it (IF your material is all work) > and copy your data from the hard drive like that.


Your other option is to recovery specialists of data that are very, very expensive.

See you soon.

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    Hey Jihirshu,

    It looks like permissions.

    Try this on one of the files on the disk to see if it allows you to copy the files.

    1 right click on the file, then select Properties
    2. click on the Security tab
    3. click on change, in the name box, type "Everyone".
    4. in the boxes next to the permissions below, put 'Total control' for everyone
    5. click OK, and then close the dialog boxes
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    I hope this helps if you find my answer was what you are looking for, please do not forget to click on the box "mark as answer" below!

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    Hello Vince_867,

    Thanks for your post.  Take a look at this thread for a possible solution to your problem.

    See you soon

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    Interface audio beats is part of the package IDT audio software, so if there is missing a definition file, you will have to reinstall.

    Try to use Recovery Manager to reinstall your original software from IDT - the procedure to use the Recovery Manager to reinstall the drivers and software is detailed in the document in question on the link below.

    Recovery Manager - Windows 8.

    Recovery Manager - Windows 7

    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    If the above is not correct the problem, after return with the following details.

    1. the full model number and your cell phone Nr - see here for a guide to the location of such information.

    2 the full version of the operating system that you use (IE Windows 7 64-bit).

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Used a guide from Microsoft (here) and I followed all the steps but I can't find the option.

    Here are the pictures:

    So I don't see no option of troubleshooting... why? Should it not like this: this?

    OPTION 2)

    Power on the laptop, you press ALT + F10 and then follow the steps once you have selected the language and keyboard configuration:

    Where are the startup options? How to start in safe mode? Should it not like this: this?


    Thank you


    (1) open administrator command prompt

    (2) write "bcdedit/set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy" to allow the start of legacy with F8 (don't forget to change the settings after this guide)

    (3) reboot and press F8

    Thanks to Maciej Zalewski of the Acer Support

  • Windows Vista cannot find the CD/DVD drive

    The problem: my computer does not find my CD/DVD drive, it is not listed in Device Manager as at all CD/DVD drive, it has power because it opens when I press the button, and when I put a CD, it does nothing.

    My computer: I have Windows Vista Home Premium, dv6700 Notebook, 32 bit, running on the System Pack 1. (I tried to update to the pack 2 system, but at some point, he is simply decided to AC turns off and when I booted up my laptop, he did a system restore and poof, System Pack 2 was gone, and I never re-installed.)
    What I tried: I tried the Fix It program here on Windows, and it has detected a problem (if I remember correctly, but had no trouble for him); I tried deleting the upper and lower filters (which I haven't really found, because the CD/DVD is NOT an option in my device manager); I tried setting my computer back to factory settings completely.
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    Try to pull the reader iut and reinstall it.

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    Its caused by a third party utility that you have installed, possibly a maintenance utility

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    If you have any non essential devices connected to your computer such as external hard drive, USB stick or micro-SD memory card, unplug them, they might interfere with installation.

  • Microtek ScanWizard 3700 error message on Windows 7, "cannot find the scanner, use scanner probe...". »

    I recently bought a new computer running Windows 7.  I was able to use the ScanWizard 3700 on my old computer that worked on Windows XP.  I have installed the Scanwizard software, checking compatibility, and he said: 'no change necessary. "  But... I can't use it, I get an error message "cannot find scanner, scanner using the probe...". "The probe scanner can not find the scanner either.  I see that other people use ScanWizard on Windows 7 without any problem.  Anyone have any ideas why I can't make it work?


    The Microtek ScanWizard 3700 is not compatible with Windows 7.

    Download and install the Windows 7 compatibility-mode drivers and check.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows (Windows 7)

    Hope this information helps.

  • Cannot find the boot disk

    End 2012 17 "iMac with 1.12 GB Drive El Capitan Fusion running.  When I turn on the iMac, I get a black screen with white text that tells me to insert the bootable disc.  If I press the Option key while powering and I select the Macintosh computer hard drive starts very well.  Any ideas what is happening or what I need to do to solve the problem?

    Sounds like something crashed. See if you can boot to the recovery (command-R on startup) Partition and select disk utility and then run First aid. If you cannot start the recovery partition, chances are that the player broke down.

Maybe you are looking for