Computer screen went black after installing PES 11

My computer screen went black after installing PES 11 download. Now what should I do?

Try to run the application as 'Administrator' and check the performance.

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  • Portege R100: The screen goes black after installing SP2

    Currently, I tried to install SP2 for my laptop (Windows XP pro) R100. The end of the installation procedure I restarted the system, as requested. The windows logo appeared, then the screen went black and the only thing I could see was the mouse cursor.

    After several reboots, the situation did not do better. I tried to go on safe mode, but I had the same (only this time the black backround was typical registration of safe mode on the sides). I will perform a system restore without having to install SP2, but the fact that I am on a DSL connection most of the time very important SP2 installation.

    I would appreciate any solution to this problem.
    Thanks for your time.


    As far as I know sometimes a few utilities and drivers must be updated after installation of the service pack 2 Microsoft.
    On the Toshiba driver page I found a backgrounder update of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 that contains a few s information about the utilities that must be updated.

    However, additional I found a lot of new drivers for R100.
    I think you should also try to update the old drivers as driver utility and the graphics card chipset.
    Eventually, it helps.

  • my computer is a SVE141290X. OS 8. screen went black after update. What should I do

    I was updating my years player fell asleep. When I woke my screen was black tinted like my splash screen. I tried restarting. I tried to remove the battery. Seated VAIO, and Vaio care will not be open. I don't mind not reseting my laptop but if I can get some files would be great. can anyone help?

  • Desktop screen went black after a software update from Windows.

    I recently updated my desktop through Windows Update software. I installed the recommended Windows virus protection software. After the update of the screen went completely black... and slept black. I had already installed Norton 360 antivirus protection.  How can I reset or remove the last update, I installed or make visible to the new screen?  I need your help!

    Hello CarlosBrown_1953,

    Thanks for your post.  We will start your computer in Safe Mode with network then go to your computer manufacturer's website and download / install the latest video driver for your computer.  Once installed, you will probably have to restart and test.  Please let us know the results.

    See you soon

  • HP Envy 17 built-in screen went black after system updates.


    Earlier today, after updates monthly to Win 7 Home Prem (64 bit, Engl.)  I had the problem with the display of colors with my HP Envy 17. It turns out that caused Windows Silverlight (?) to indicate only a few 256 colors (?). So I plugged another screen (Samsung 22 inch SyncMaster) as external monitor to the computer.  This worked OK. So, I removed the updates of windows outside one by one, starting system after each file. After the removal of Silverlight, the built-in screen returned to original resolution and colors (1910 * 1080, 60 Hz, 32-bit). Then I reinstalled all the other updates and started the system. So far, I was happy. The original problem has been resolved.

    Then, I checked the status of HP Support Assistant. He suggested the update of the program itself and some 5 other updates. I've updated the HP Support Assistant first.  That went well, I guess. After the system start, I checked the other updates the new version of HP Support Assistant suggested. This includes for example. update the BIOS and 4 other updates. After download and installation of these, system startup has produced, triggered by the update. OK to start the system, and Windows started a little. But then the screen integrated (HP laptop) do not continue to see the picture more, external only display gave the image. I used the double at this stage display mode. -Only when you start Windows in safe mode, the screen seems to work, but with a limited resolution and properties.

    I tried to change display modes (dual Extended display, disconnect, projector only), but the screen does not appear. Or, if we turn off the lights (black room), one can imagine to be able to see a light screen Veery also (built-in display) - so some photos also forms in this case (the built-in screen of HP Envy 17). Remove the external display and the system startup without it does not help.

    Please help me and teach how to bring back the computer screen in life!

    BR, Alfa68


    Just letting you know that the screen of my HP Envy 17 2050ea now works fine! What helped was a call to the local HP support; Today, I managed to pass through. He suggested to delete the display driver that I did in Safe Mode, as the built-in screen still worked. I've done the following:

    * I started the system using Windows Mode safe mode with networking (press F8 to get there after startup)

    * The I went to the Device Manager (you can use the start search to find)

    * There, I chose the graphics cards. With the right button of your mouse, I have selected to uninstall the display Radeon (TM) driver. In my case it was Radeon (TM) HD 6850 M.

    * After the driver has been uninstalled, I started the system. System booted normally (complete Windows).

    * Now the display settings were a little strange, but the screen has worked

    * After a minute or two, automatic update of the display driver has occurred. System infomed me to this topic. Then I rebooted, to allow the driver to use.

    * After reboot my screen was back to normal, as it was before the problem.

    Summary: The problem has been resolved through resettlement of the display driver. Fortunately, heavy recovery or reinstallation of the entire system was not necessary.

    WKR, Alfa68

  • Computer screen laptop black after changing user or shutdown.

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 on an Acer Extensa 4420.  I had problems with my laptop screen.  Whenever we try to change user or shut down the computer, the laptop screen does not illuminate.  I tried something I read on the internet, where you remove the battery and unplug the unit and then put the back and reboot and it worked for awhile but is less consistent.

    I am currently using the computer with an external monitor connected.  I downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card and that didn't make a difference.


    ·         Since when are you facing the issue?

    ·         Black screen that occurs after that use the button change user, is what happens when the applications for the user you are currently logged as long as.

    ·         Was it all (hardware or software) changes made to the computer until the problem started to occur?

    ·         Does it happen on any user where you spend one?

    ·         Using a VPN connection?

    ·         What type of internet connection you have?

    ·         Who is the manufacturer of the graphics card?

    You can check if the third-party application is causing the problem. To identify which application can be the question originally, to perform a clean boot on your computer. To configure the boot of the computer follow the link below.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7 article to start on normal startup.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • After you download Home premium Windows 7 32 bit of digitalriver, my screen went black! __Please help me. Thank you.

    Is my computer screen went BLACK after downloading the window & home premium 32-bit digitalriver.
    Please help, thanks.

    Wrong forum. Post here for assistance: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Satellite A200 PSAF3A - ccreen goes black after installing the graphics driver


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 which has the video adapter Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express Chipset Family (256 MB).

    I bought my computer in Australia and is the SATELLITE A200 (PSAF3A-08202D) with Windows XP.
    The computer began to be very slow, and since I had a lot of programs that I wanted more I restored it to the out of the box.

    The problem is that the screen went black after the windows logo. He worked only in safe mode. I deleted the drivers of graphics cards and it works but without a graphics card.

    Now, I can't play games or watch movies.
    Whenever I try to install the driver, no matter if its from the cd that came with the computer, the toshiba Web page or the Web site intel it still restarts black screen.

    I tried to disable the adapter instead of uninstall. When I enable it, she accepts and he will say his work but just with screen resolution of 640 x 480.

    If I try to put it above it is always black.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you very much


    First of all, you should visit this Australian page from Toshiba:
    You will find all the drivers for this model of laptop.

    I checked and found that there is a BIOS v2.5.
    Check if the BIOS needs to be updated (if the older BIOS is installed)

    In addition, there is a display driver v14.29.1.4833 and chipset driver v8.2.0.1012
    Install it!

    Last but not least the Win XP should be updated to the latest state!

  • I was running Mozilla firefox on my computer until two weeks ago. At that time, the screen went black and now I am not able to use it.

    I was running Mozilla firefox on my computer until two weeks ago. At that time, the screen went black and now I am not able to use it.  When I click on the icon and open to the top it says cannot load and a flag of resolution comes up saying it can't run a resolution less than 1930 x 2300. I have no idea what this means and how I can solve this problem.  I thought that maybe the application was bad, so I deleted and then added it back on and it does the same thing.  I even did a restore of the system to try hard but nothing I did the work.  So, how can I solve this problem.  I'm not a computer genius, so he must be explained in simple easy to understand instructions.


    I suggest that you view in Mozilla Firefox community because there seems to be a Firefox problem.

    Some examples of the problem:

    «I can't open Firefox, it says could not load xpcom.» Who is wrong? »

    "I get an error"Unable to load XPCOM". I know that I can reinstall Firefox, but how do I save my favorites?

    'Error message cannot open the XPCOM and impossible to open ALL pages '.

    Here is a YouTube video on fixing this error:

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry Z30 don't switch call to the speaker using the navigation. Screen went black accept after phone call.

    I have this problem no need of me.

    While driving and use any software of navigation, such as:

    1. built in maps

    2 Waze

    3 NavFree

    If someone calls me, I can take the call. But immediately, the screen went black.

    I can't switch the call to the speakerphone. After random seconds, to switch screen might look for a second glance, and then the entire screen turned black.

    Although it is black screen, I can't do anything, including trying to drag up to close current app/call.

    Maybe it's something to do with the Navigation periodly software disables screen timeout?

    Hello, Yes,.

    Is this the same problem as described here:

    Discussion on how the screen turns black during a regular call, it is impossible, for example, to listen to a call and to have the keypad remains lit, so you can press the right numbers while dealing with an automated reception, was doing phone banking, or using any other system that relies on automated messages.

    The problem came down to how some people take their phone (especially when trying to listen to the guests and press the right button at the same time).  The solution has been to hold the phone differently.  So my question would be whether the phone is blacking out because of the very special combination of things happening in your scenario, or is it blacking out because you're online and proximity sensor of the phone thinks you're holding it to your ear (and think that when you do this, you want to have blackened keypad).

  • IdeaPad S500 Touch - screen goes black after driver update

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad S500 Touch. It is running the latest update of Windows 8.1. He proposed an update of the video driver from Lenovo. After downloading and installing the update, the screen went black. When the computer reboots, the Lenovo logo appears on the screen, and it goes black again. No matter what I try, that's all.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Thank you


    Hi Scoutmaster316,

    Welcome to the Community Forums of Lenovo!

    You will need to restart the system in safe mode.

    There is the only option to boot your situation is down to the system startup

    When you turn on the system, Lenovo Logo appears then black screen maybe wait a minute hold it the power button down until the accident it you must reapeat this 4-5 times until it starts to a page like this

    Once you have got to follow these choices that

    Troubleshooting / Advanced Option / start parameters

    Then you should rerach options with, select Safe mode which.

    If the driver is the problem, you should be able to start here,

    Open the Device Manager and rollback video driver


    Solid Cruver

  • HP Photosmart 7515: Touch screen went black

    Printer works very well at the outbreak of the computer,

    but the touch screen went black, permanently.

    No matter how much I press, it stays black.

    I disconnected and reconnected.

    Downloaded a new driver that allows me to trigger the scan of the computer,

    but I can't fax.

    Is this a driver problem, a hardware problem...?  Don't know which firmware is.

    Hi @lenny15,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! I understand the touch screen on your HP Photosmart 7515 is completely black, you are able to print from the computer, but can not access the front control panel.

    I would like that perform you a Hard Reset on the PS 7515:

    1. disconnect all cables and cards of memory in the printer. Unplug the power cord, directly from the back of the printer when the printer is still on.

    2. unplug the other end of the power cord.

    3. If there is a power supply on the power cord, disconnect one end and reconnect it.

    4. at the end of 60 seconds, plug it directly into a wall outlet (not a surge protector or battery backup because they can cause the printer to lose over time basic functionality).

    5. connect the power cord to the back of the printer.

    6. the printer should automatically power back upward. If not, turn it on with the power button.

    7. try to make a photocopy (if your printer is a printer all in one) before you connect the cables from the printer.

    8. connect the other cables needed to the printer.

    If after the hard reset, you are still not able to access the Control Panel, I suggest that call you our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    I hope this helps!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Storm1 screen turns black after sheathed

    I have Storm1 with v5.0.0.328 OS, with 3 "third party" installed applications. (Visual Voicemail, VZ Navigator and VZw tones) I do not have, or do anything else is running in the background. My problem is occasinally, after I unholster my Storm1, the screen is black. I press the buttons at the bottom of the screen, even the release button, nothing happens. I have to do a battery pull to Storm1 works again. Normally when I unholster Storm1, the wallpaper is displayed with a message, the screen is unlocked, press on unlock button to unlock. What's this problem of "memory leak" or something else?

    Thanks for the help. I did the upgrade to v5.0.0.419 on my Storm1. My computer is Windows Vista, so I had fun a little hard to find certain files (c:\program files\). He did not exactly "vender.xml", but I managed to make it work. I did the backup and restore when the software prompt RIM came out. Only problem, all my MMS saved disappeared, but a single message from Verizon is still there. I consider that it is minor, because I saved a few media media card. I can can still send and receive e-mails, sms. MMS. I do not know if this OS update will solve the occasianally Storm screen goes black, after unholstering. But I mark this resolved for now.  Thank you.

  • Screen becomes black after being left idle only recourse is to turn off the power

    Our screen goes black after being left idle for some time.  The only recourse is to turn it off.  The keyboard does not (without CTRL-ALT-DEL).  I tried to return to the previous registry spot without success.  Any ideas?

    Hi Flair24,
    -Have you made changes on your computer before this problem started to happen?
    -Set the screen saver vacuum? If so, change the screen saver to another and check if this might be the cause of this problem.
    -Do you have any particular power on your computer(sleep/hibernate) model?
    For more information, see:
    Post back with more information to help you help the better.
  • I typed the letter e in the search box on the start menu, press ENTER. The screen went black. Press ESC, nothing, then ctrl + screen esc returned a second then went black, once again, then crash! What have I done?

    I typed the letter e in the search box of the start menu and press ENTER. My screen went black. I hit esc. control, Press esc. set up the start menu, then screen went black again then the computer crashed. What have I done? OS = vista Home premium

    Hey Mike,

    I'm unable to reproduce successfully what experienced you. Does this occur at any time using the computer?
    One thing, you can try to get more information about what happened to check the event viewer.
    For more information on what to look for in the event viewer, you can look at this article:
    Can't wait to hear back on your part.

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