Computer won't sleep

My computer won't go to sleep at home. On the road, it does exactly what I want - after 5 minutes, he made a screensaver of my photos for 30 min, then falls asleep. Home, that she won't, the screen stays on the home screen forever.  Help!

I venture a guess that it is running on battery, on the road and connected to the House. You can define things upwards so that the computer handles things like the "sleep mode", etc., differently depending on whether or not it works on battery.

The first thing you should do is, make sure that your power settings are the way you want.
To do this:

Place your mouse over the the battery icon on the taskbar and right click.

Select "Power Options".

(You can also access power options through the control panel: start > Control Panel > system and Maintenance > Power Options.)

According to the plan used on your computer, click on "Change Plan settings".

As you can see, there are two different columns of parameters here, one battery and one for hip. Make sure that the settings for each column are defined as you wish.
You can access more advanced options by clicking on the 'change power avancΘs' link. Go through the list of parameters available with care, make adjustments if necessary. Click ok.

Click "Save".
If this does not resolve the problem, please let us know.
Best wishes

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