Concerning the import and export of Table

Hi team,

My question is what is quick way to export and import the data in the table because most of the time I import and export data activate I usually

If data less than 10 hundreds I'll use sql developer only export to insert the . script

But my question if we lack 17 records dealing with import and export a table

Note:-If we do not have conditional sys.

Current version is using 9i and 10g

Thank you



Data pump works only on 10g:

ORACLE-BASE - Oracle Data Pump (expdp and impdp) in Oracle Database 10g

Have a look here for more options 'pre - 10 g':

Ask Tom & quot; export and import the best option to use in... & quot;

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    Let me know the advantage of datapump export (expdm) and (impdm) on export (exp) import and import (imp) of origin.


    Let me know the advantage of datapump export (expdm) and (impdm) on export (exp) import and import (imp) of origin.

    There are many advantages over the use of DATAPUMP.

    For example, to INCLUDE / EXCLUDE the settings you can filter exactly what object and / or type you intend to export or import. Which is not easy with the Original Export / Import (with the exception of Tables, indexes, constraints,...).

    You can import directly in to a NETWORK_LINK without using a Dump.

    You have many interesting features like COMPRESSION, FLASHBACK_SCN / _TIME *,...

    You can use the API in PL/SQL to perform your export / import instead of using the command line Interface.

    Increasingly, the DATAPUMP is much more optimized than the Original Export/Import and use path Direct or external Tables,... and what to say about REMAP_ % settings that allow you to rename files of data, schema, storage...

    There are a lot of things to tell about DATAPUMP. You will find an overview of this tool very good on the following links:

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards
    Jean Valentine

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    I had two separate problems with LR 2.5 (since 2.5 became available).


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    When I export a group of pictures in a new folder on my drive (make copies in JPEG of TIFFs processed), not all images will appear in the catalog view.  The second attachment shows a screenshot of my situation (which happens almost everytime).  In the folder view, you can see that I exported 33 images in the "Pass1" folder to the new folder "Pass3".  As you can see, the file panel indicates that there are 33 images in the folder "Pass3", but if you look to the right for the numbering of image, there are only 31 present.  When I look at the file in Windows Explorer, there's actually 33 files there, and when I isolate the 2 files are not displayed, I tried to re - import, but close up in the same place.  I can assure you that there is no filter blocks all images.

    I suspect that these two bugs are related.  It really puts a monkey-tensioner in my workflow.  Can someone from Adobe please suggest a work around?  Or did someone knows what could happen here?

    Thank you


    Try to import an empty catalog. Perhaps your catalog is corrupted or Dorin's right and you have a problem of duplicates of hidden files. Check with a new/empty catalog will help you. In addition, make sure that the image you are trying to import are not CMYK.

  • CRD crashing after the import and export of photos

    CRD crashing whenever I have import photos, "error reading the preview cache. Need to quit smoking. "As crashing when exporting photos. Win 10 crashes not only LRCC.

    Smart insights have no impact on the problem that you reported. So leave them alone.

  • looking for a program that handel can import and export palm doc files

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    Could someone give me some suggestions of any plugin that would be a good thing me?


    You can install Palm desktop 4.1.4 on Vista. It does not it's compatible, but a lot of people have used and reported no problems.

    I posted the instructions for clean uninstall of palm desktop 6.2 and the installation of palm desktop 4.1.4 in the last post. Docs allows you to version 6, which is compatible with your handheld.

  • What is the main difference between IMPORT AND EXPORT

    What is the main difference between IMPORT AND EXPORT using Toad in the production site



  • During the import and the export dialog (save under) the Mavericks search disappears.

    When I'm changing the name and export location a video of first Pro CC in the Mavericks, the dialogue box Finder that is to choose the location disappears when I try to look for a new location.  It happens so in Adobe Media Encoder.  Is not the case in After Effects or any other application from what I can tell so far.  Import dialog has a similar problem.  My OS stuff and CC is all day including overnight effects 12.0.1 patch.  Submitted a bug report to Adobe.  Does anyone else know this?

    I was talking to somebody on another team today and they said that this could be a problem with cover flow in the Finder view of the (save as) dialog.  If you think that this applies to you, go in list or grid mode and see if that changes anything.

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    My questions:

    (1) what is the best way to start a new project and import the images without having to make while editing, in order to keep all the resolution and the originality of the source footage?

    (2) what is the best way / codec / format to export these images even once done editing to maintain than crisp 1080 p for which the 5 d is therefore counted?

    (3) what is the best way / codec / format for import and export / rendering between the first and after effects?  I speak especially of Visual effects and color correction.  I also a few sequences of 30 images per second that I intend to slow down in AE and then import into first.

    I know that it's wide enough, but as a solo Director I really need advice from someone.  Rarely, I finished my films with the same look crispy as images.  I need help of pipeline and really appreciate it!

    > used first lately

    A list of tutorial in the #3 message

    1 - Please NOTE that the PPro CS6 screen may be a little different (I use CS5)

    For CS5 and later versions, the easy way to ensure that your video and your project

    See 2nd post for the photo of a NEW ELEMENT of process

    - and a FAQ on setting sequence

    2 - BluRay... but I'm not sure if 1080 p is supported (I don't use of BluRay)

    1080 p some work, some are not

    In addition, for upcoming posts, information FAQ

    In addition, read the metadata contained in the file

    And finally, read Bill Hunt on installation project

  • Using the script for import and export


    Can any such a me what is the use of the script for import and export.

    After you move the pages from / to server what is the need to import / export command.

    export/oracle/apps/ap/setup/webui/customizations/site/0/SetupPG - rootdir < destination path > - user < database username > - password < database password > - dbconnection "(description = (address_list = (address = (community = (protocol = tcp) (host = < host name > (port < port id > =))) (connect_data = (sid = < sid >)))".) "

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Flo,

    Page and the region are stores in database import/export we really want pages/areas to store in the database.

    Thank you

  • I have a pressing on import and export.

    I have a pressing on import and export.
    I have a table called login_table where 40 k lines are present and on the production server. Now I want to perform a dump of the export of login_table and want to import it into a table called table_login that has no line but having the same structure of the table and it is present in a different database. Please answer soon.


    first import the data in the name of the table and then rename the table imported under a new name;

    ALTER TABLE ancienne_table RENAME to new_table;


  • import and export data?

    Hi all the language!
    can someone guide me how to import and export data? would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
    I use windows xp Service Pack 3 and database version


    Published by: SarahSarahSarah on August 14, 2009 14:30

    Hi sarah,.

    Try like this, symbol of $ use prior to export and provide the path for the data to be dumped in.
    SQL > $exp scott/sara1 leader = D:\emp.dmp log = D:\emp.log tables = emp rows = Yes indexes = no

    The code above makes the table emp data exported to D drive.

    Hope this can help u.


  • Windows Live Mail. Import and export contacts.

    I can't find help on how to import and export contacts.   When you open Contacts in WLM and go to the Home tab, there are icons 'Import' and 'export '.

    You can be and how they are used.     My main goal is to save my contact list.   If I export my contacts list, where it's going and how I get the list?

    If export you it, it exports to a text file that you can save anywhere you like.  On your computer, or safer: on a Flash drive, another drive, or even online in the cloud.

    If you need it (get a new computer, your breaks down, is stolen or is burning upward in a fire), you can use "import" them and use this file to restore all contacts from this file.

  • How can I import and export MBOX files in Thunderbird?

    Hi all, how can I import and export MBOX files in Thunderbird?

    I tried to install the add-on "ImportExportTools" but it seems that it is no longer recognized by Thunderbird, not the most recent generation.

    That this is the case, is no longer seems to be any official method of handling the files MBOX via Thunderbird, which is odd, given that Thunderbird itself announces that it is method of storage of email records is also MBOX files. It seems obvious that Thunderbird should natively support a file format import and export it is used internally

    If you know of a solution that does not rely on the conversion of traditionally third party utilities little reliable, please let me know.

    Thank you, KB_IT

    Hi there and thank you. I got it on 45.2.0.

    "" I haven't managed to make it work, but only by the search for available modules and following a request from 'import export tools' the "see all results" that work only then produced a success for the plugin in question and showed a button to install it.

    Installers hosted on the site of the third party do not work, nor their instructions to use the option "install file". work, which led to the creation of this ticket.

    Since then, I was able to do properly installed where it works very well.

    I hope that they are a regular feature. I intend to announce this as a best practice to my organization, in collaboration with Google fish, during the handling of the mbox files in Windows operating system.

    Thanks again, Kevin

  • Batch import and export

    I'm sure I'm not the only photographer there who like Photoshop Fix editing on the iPad features, but is frustrated by importing slow and export process.

    Someone has found a way to import and export items in the application of the lot?

    Thank you!

    Hey Micah,.

    Unfortunately, there is no official workaround solution for the export of the lot. However, it is an impressive feature request. Could you share with the team by typing "give us feedback" in the app menu? Tap on the icon of difficulty in the application and you should see the link.

    See you soon!


  • Differences between Data Pump and always by inheritance, import and export

    Hi all

    I work as a junior in my organization dba and I saw that my organization still uses legacy import and export utility instead of Oracle Data Pump.

    I want to convence my manager to change the existing deal with Oracle Data Pump, I have a meeting with them to keep my points and convence them for Oracle utility pump data.

    I have a week very convencing power but I won't miss to discover myself, I can't work myself and really a need with differences of strength against import and export, it would be really appreciated if someone can put strong points against Oracle Data pump on legacy import and export.

    Thank you



    a other people have already said the main advantage of datapump is performance - it is not just a little more fast exp/imp it is massively faster (especially when combined with parallel).

    It is also more flexible (once much more) - it will even create users with exports level schema which imp can't do for you (and it is very annoying that he could never).

    It is reusable

    It has an api plsql

    It supports all types of objects and new features (exp is not - and that alone is probably reason to spend)

    There even a 'legacy' at 11.2 mode where most of your old exp parameter file will still work with him - just change exp expdp and impdp print.

    The main obstacle to the transition to datapump seems to be all "what do you mean I have to create a directory so that it works", well who and where is my dumpfile why can't it be on my local machine. These are minor things to go well beyond.

    I suggest do you some sort of demo with real data of one of your large databases - do a full exp and a full expdp with parallel and show them the runtimes for them to compare...

    See you soon,.


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