ConfigFree does not show the intensity of the signal

ConfigFree works properly - except that the Wifi strength is displayed at the highest level for all sources, regardless of how effective. (as it is deducted from the source location and the signal strength indicated by the utility windows)
I.e. all access points are on the inner ring.

I am running Vista on a Portege M400 with Configfree version and Intel 3945abg driver I got the Intel proset utility loaded, but they would not show the signal strength at all. So I unloaded it.

I tried rolling back the drivers for the driver Wifi and Configfree with no change in behavior.

Any suggestions at all would be welcome.

Rod Laird Australia


Hello Rod

I use Vista on my Satellite last Vista designed ConfigFree utility, but I never noticed the signal WIFI is displayed there. Can you please explain exactly where this signal must be shown?

When connected to WIFI, you can see the small symbol in the task bar but this symbol belongs to Vista and the symbol of the strength of the signal is also visible in Vista network and sharing Center.

Sorry but I do not see this symbol in Configfree directly. When my laptop is connected to WIFI all I see in ConfigFree is connected (blue) status and the connection between PC icon and black (marked as G) WLAN. It is also interesting that the small blue animation moves along that black line.

All that s!

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