Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones work not...

On my Blackberry Bold 9650 - I am unable to do the menu configure my e-mail address. I chose the configuration application. When I choose the icon email accounts that nothing happens! If I try to get out of this app, the phone freezes & I'm unable to access & have to stop on the phone. I still get out of this APP. I took it to a Verizon Wireless Technician & they say they are unable to determine the problem. Suggestions?

Try this:

Since the device, go to
Scroll to connect and click Send.
Click on join now for the e-mail service you want to add and see if it works.

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  • Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones?

    Hey. I just my new Curve 8900 after that I gave up my old one. I have problems setting up emails on this subject.

    On my old handset simply, you went to the configuration of email in your e-mail address and password and the whallah! But when I go to the Setup email there now an option "I want to use a professional email with Blackberry Enterprise Server account."

    What is the Blackberry Enterprise Server? and how do I set up email for my personal e-mail with hotmail account?

    Kind regards


    Scrap that, I have it solved.

  • Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones and Facebook Application.


    How to set up email on my blackberry? I read a few pages of help, and it seems that you must have a configuration email button and I don't have that.

    Also, I downloaded the facebook app and everytime I try to have on it, an error message is displayed. Help!


    LauraGreen wrote:
    So who should I call?

    Laura, read my post above... "please call your operator. "it's your ISP that you pay money for the phone's SIM card.

    Yes, it will cost money. They will be able to tell the exact cost. You must have the service that includes data of BlackBerry.

    Good luck.

  • Messages from blackBerry Smartphones do not delete on blackberry703e

    When I delete a message on the blackberry 8703e will not delete the actual message on blackberry.  The message is still there.  I have, click on the email and delete it on the menu and the message is still there.  Is there a setting that is turned on or something.  Your help is much appreicated.

    I think it's a software problem.

    So, follow these steps.

    Backup your sensitive data via Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    And clear the memory of your device.

    Go to Options - Security Options - General settings

    Open the menu and select 'clear the cell '.

    After that, restore your data on the device.

    Please note - do not backup TOTAL and COMPLETE, because you can save and restore the wrong data that caused the problem.

    Use the 'Advanced' in backup option and backup only that information which is necessary.

  • E-mail for blackBerry Smartphones work problems

    Many people,

    I'm new to the BlackBerry scene so be gentle please!

    I tried the setting to the top of my handset to receive my work email, but it achieved so far and told me to contact my company for a few additional settings. To be honest, I tried to do on the fly because im not important enough for me to put emails in place like this. So I wanted to just cancel it with emails, but I keep receiveing network messages every 3 minutes as if the my work e-mail account is still trying to send them. The email I receive is:-

    Sender - [email protected]

    Topic-RIM_bca28a80 e9c0 - 11 d 1-87fe-00600811c6a2

    Message - this message is used to carry data between your BlackBerry handheld and a home server. Please do not delete, move, or reply to this message - it will be processed by the server.



    ENDETP 402479385

    It is really annoying and would like to try stop my work email receive these emails or if anyone knows how to configure it to actually forward the emails it would be much appreciated?

    See you soon


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Your phone is configured as a phone based enterprise BES server and not as a private phone.

    This procedure will help you switch to a BIS (personal phone.

    Thank you


    Please do not forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • Receiving e-mails from blackBerry Smartphones

    Can anyone provide me with a phone setting (Storm 9530) that increase the speed at which I receive emails on my phone from my main email account.  I am not part of an Enterprise Server.  Stand single individual who receives the e-mail on his phone after receiving in my main email account.  It seems to take three to five minutes for the e-mail to be delivered to the phone after, he is received on my email account.  Suggestion are appreciated.

    Hi rcsimma

    Only accounts GMail, Yahoo, GoDaddy, AOL and Hotmail supports delivery in real time to your BlackBerry.  Other accounts of e-mail, such as IMAP, POP, OWA, working on a polling interval where BIS go if the e-mail server for new messages and then broadcast them on your BlackBerry.

    Thank you

  • Contacts from blackBerry Smartphones does not work after software update

    Anyone else having problems with their Contacts button? I installed the updated software version yesterday morning and now whenever I click on Contacts, I get a message saying that "Unfortunately, has stopped Contacts" and the only option I had was to report this to crash the first time; now, I can only choose "OK". I tried to restart my phone, but it did make a difference.

    He worked before that, I only left a micro-SIM with my Z10 to a nano-SIM for the Priv Monday night (4th) and started using it yesterday (5th) whole and I me join and links contacts before this happened.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    sdgardne wrote:
    Since you are now in the hands of a formal technical support, we will be back here. But the volunteers here will of course be very grateful for your report of your final results.

    See you soon!

    Hi everyone, just a quick update: it turns out that it's a problem/bug BlackBerry already know and are trying to solve. There was an update from 01/09/16 for the Contacts app, but it doesn't seem to work when I installed the update. Workaround that I was advised to use in the meantime is as follows:

    • Deselect auto-updated option on Play store -in the game store, tap 3 horizontal lines in the 'search' box to set up your account > settings > auto-update apps > not auto-implementation update app
    • Contacts to revert to the version of factory default - settings > Apps > select Contacts and then:
    1. Click on clear Cache
    2. Press Force
    3. Press on uninstall updates
    4. Press OK when you are prompted to do so
  • Business services switched from blackBerry Smartphones. emails not working not

    I used a unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900 with Rogers in the Canada.  I am in the United States for 5 months and released an ATT plan with data.  I can access the internet, but I'm not getting my emails.  It is said that the Blackberry Internet Service is not connected.  ATT says I need to speak directly with Blackberry to get connected, but it does not seem that option on the site by phone or Blackberry.  Suggestions please.


    ATT not quite answered you completely. Indeed, there is no method to contact you BB directly, however... only through formal escalation of a carrier can talk you (for free) to BB directly. It's him formal support how works and ATT have responded you more completely that they did.

    Change of carriers can be tricky. I would advise you to first talk to Rogers and get them to be sure that they have fully released for your device to BB PIN of their system of BIS to 100000%. After that, then check with ATT to be sure that your specific device model is even compatible with their network for AUTOMATIC HRT delivery and maintenance of your appliance.

    If these two are OK, then they (ATT) should be able to set up a BIS account for you in their system. If they cannot, try to get them to tell you exactly why, but do not let you fob off with the answer they gave so far you (because it is impossible to do anyway). They can certainly look deep into their system to tell you what the problem is... for example, unless Rogers really frees your BB PIN of their system, ATT simply cannot create a BIS account to your device.

    In the worst of the worst, I heard that a conference call between the support of BB (note... NOT support the front line, but rather Support dedicated BB) teams of BOTH carriers can sometimes clear up questions.

    But, all in all, unless there is something weirder going on (for example, your BB PIN declared as lost/stolen and locked so far from any business by creating a BIS account), Rogers should be able to release your BB PIN and ATT must then be able to create a BIS account to your device in their system.

    They shouldn't need any involvement of BB to do all this.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Contacts from blackBerry Smartphones do not work

    When I want to open my contacts I get the following message: Eception exception: Application net_rim_bb_addressbook_app (643) ist does not; process ends? What does that mean? What could I do to make my contacts work?

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this manner is prescribed for most defects and errors of operating system, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

    Now, open your address book again.

  • Question to delete E-mail from blackBerry Smartphones

    When I delete an email on my BB, it is sometimes said, "on mailbox & handheld ', and sometimes it just says: 'delete '.  Why the difference?  What I would like is if I delete your handheld it removes Server messaging as well.  How do it always gives me this option (if that's even possible)?


    Jesse, you have more than one e-mail account set up to push to your BlackBerry?

    Go to your main messages folder > Menu key > Options > Email reconciliation.

    Set your preferences to delete it for each e-mail account.

  • Personal e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones is synchronized with the company

    I have a BB Bold 9000. ATT is my service provide.

    I have correctly configured my gmail account as an email on my BB account. I had two icons of mail on my homepage - one for business and one for gmail. The emails have been separated. After I installed the improved application of Gmail, my gmail starts to synchronize in my corporate ACCT. I uninstalled the improved app botgh and gmail account. When I went to reinstall gmail since the BB device, he took the synchronization on the behalf of the company.

    How can I keep these two separate accounts?

    Thank you



    The Messages folder is not your corporate email. It's a fodler for all messages to appear.

    in the folder following Messages will be displayed:

    -E-mail BIS s account (up to 10 of them)



    -BB PIM messages

    -BES email accounts.

    Remember that and you'll be good!

    PS: some options for SMS and MMS, etc. to be stored in separate folders, but it's the exception, not the rule.

    There are other ways to "separate" BES Corporate e-mail accounts, but these must be done on the BES server...

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones does not work after update software for my storm 2

    After being prompted to upgrade my software, I find now that my emails settings seem to be lost.  I can receive emails, but cannot respond to anything and the part of the implementation of a new email where you can put in the outgoing server details being included is more like a choice.  If someone has had this same problem and how did you overcome it?   Very frustrating!

    ccossor wrote:

    If someone has had this same problem and how did you overcome it?   Very frustrating!

    Yes, it happens from time to time, you will find that many users have had the problem after an upgrade, if you searched this site.

    On your BlackBerry device, go to:

    1. options > advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

    2 send your service from your carrier's BIS site books:
    Of your handheld:

    Go to the Personal Email Set Up icon and sign. Then under help!, select Service books and select send service books.

    Your desktop PC:
    North American carriers - scroll down to select your carrier
    Carriers worldwide - find your operator from the list

    3. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart. This restart, even if you have already done this, is often necessary to install the service books.

  • Personal e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones

    My camera is through society and on a BES.  However, I have set up accounts of e-mail through hotmail, yahoo, etc., in order to follow my personal e-mail.  My understanding is that these emails do not go through the BES.  So, if I understand correctly, the only way these emails could be seen by the company, it's if they can really get into my BB and read them on the device itself.  Is this correct?  For any other question here?

    Thank you

    Your company may have a policy in place to force all outbound messages to send via your BES.  It is also quite possible that there is a piece of software on the HH which report data back to a database in your business... That said I don't know any that capture BIS built-in accounts like that, but it's quite possible.

    Roughly, if your BB is on a BES, you should assume that everything is logged, tracked and archived by your company.  By default, the newer versions of BES record all phone calls and can connect all SMS or a pencil with the flick of a switch.

  • E-mails of blackBerry Smartphones do not remove the phone when removing online

    I'm an America Online e-mail address game on my blackberry. When I delete aol or on my computer at emails, emails are not deleted on the blackberry. So I have to go and do it on the phone too!

    I'm went to reconciliation of the Email in the Options, and under 'On the conflicts' I have it configured as 'mailbox wins '. Is there a way I can set up so that when I delete e-mails online, it automatically removes from the phone?

    The only way to see if it works is to see the result... the item removed from the HH... then Yes, give him time.

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones do not sync with Outlook 2010

    Hi all. I just built a new PC with Windows 7 and Office 2010. My old PC run Win XP and Office. When I open Outlook (XP) my emails removed themselves from my BB 9320, but this does not happen with OL 2010. Can someone advise please.

    Kind regards...

    Help me understand... you want all of your removal from the BlackBerry emails when they are downloaded into your client application to Outlook?

    In your configuration, Outlook, value on the function to delete emails from the server after downloading to Outlook.

    This isn't a matter of BlackBerry, but one of Outlook.

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