Configuration of the tree control

OK, so I'm unable to set up a tree control the way I want to...

I have a 2D channels table that looks something like this [1, 1, 1, 2, 2] row 0

[a, a, c, d and e] 1st row

[x, y, y, x, x] rank 2

For each unique element in row 0, a parent tag must be created and an item added to the tree of the same name as the parent tag.

For every single element in the row 1, a child must be added to its parent

For each unique element in row 2, add a grandchild to his parents and grandparents.

If the matrix 2D above tree should look like in...












I have attached my work to date...


As I was mountain BIKING in the train a simple useful optimization appeared to me, saving a lot of redundant comparisons: use the iterator from the most to the loop as long as the start of the next loop index.  In addition, loop if the array is empty (you would think that it's automatic, but it turns out that an autoindexed for loop with an entry in a table of 4 x 0 will be still go 4 times, at least with the highlight performance enabled).  Here is an excerpt showing the change, which was not tested, but I think it's good:

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    You must embed the version "BOLD" to the police as well.

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    Oh, finally got...
    What follows did the trick...

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    Kind regards


    Too bad!

    I have it!

    Selection Mode, select multi limited to brother-> False

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    Thank you

    John W.

    jwinterb wrote:

    Thanks for the reply.

    This seems only to change the label of the control.


    I don't think that the boxes can be designed in a way

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    PLS, see the att files. (jpg file, it's what I want to achieve).

    the respect of


    using labview, 7.

    Hi tst.

    Wow... wow... wow

    excellent work. ! Thank you.

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    EMCA - deconfig dbcontrol db-rest drop

    but she did not


    Please see:

    EMCA fails with the error "ORA-01920: user name"MGMT_VIEW"is in conflict with another user or role name" while creation of repository DBConsole [467984.1 ID]

    Respect of

  • How to control the display of the level of xml in the Tree control?

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    Custom ITreeDataDescriptor.  Probably substitute getChilden() and


  • Expand the tree control

    I now have a tree control from an ArrayCollection collection and using the defaultDataDescriptor.

    At this point in the program, the data exist only in the myTree.dataProvider and the root node is myTree.dataProvider [0] or myTree.dataProvider.source [0] and I can see variables window that correct data is found here.

    What I put in myTree.expandChildrenOf for 'item' (? point?, it's true). All I can think of returns:

    "Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference."

    Someone has any idea how to do this job.


    Good, solved the problem.

    ExpandChildren to work, you must do things in the following order. First create the tree and set all the properties you need. Then, you must add the tree to its container, then call validateNow() and then finally, you can call expandChildren.

    Thank you very much for you help. Until you answered, I was stuck on thinking that it should be the point that was wrong.


  • in the Tree control check box symbol


    I built a code to use the check box symbol based on the tree and pasted to get the item check box selected.

    In fact, my requirement is to use the tree with the checkbox and make multiple selection and the list of the selected item. I've completed up to the selection of the checkbox, but not able to get the list of all selected items.

    I enclose the code for your reference.

    Please let me know hot to do this, if anyone knows.

    Thanks in advance

    Perhaps this...

  • Remote XML Dataprovider for the tree control

    Try to create a class of the tree instead of load application XML node list, to try to read from an external file called "nodes.xml". I tried to edit code snippets I've found from various sources and it's current iteration, I'm sure. Please advise on how to solve this problem!

    Note: In the XML itself I tried with and without the tags < mx:XMLList > wrapping, doesn't seem to work. Here is a link to a live demo:

    Thank you very much

    Alex, I was able to do the job of cleaning the XML file a little. Remove the XMLList and the? lines of xml, it looks like this:

    FWIW, if the XML is static (that is to say, won't come running), then you can consider using the tag mx: Model. It has fewer resources than the URLLoader and it cooked the XML code in the SWF at compile time.

    Matt Horn
    Flex docs

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    2. the standard OpenDNS parental control on the Nighthawk router will work when connected to wifi extender Cpl?

    zr8000 wrote:

    I'm looking at one of them to help to get wifi in my addiction.

    I need this on the same 'network' as my Nighthawk AC1750 router because I use it with wireless security cameras.

    Two questions about wifi created from extender by current holder:

    1. can I configure wifi with the same name and password powerline network is the 'same' as the network from the router?


    2. the standard OpenDNS parental control on the Nighthawk router will work when connected to wifi extender Cpl?

    Yes, your Nighthawk will still work as the DHCP server for the network and, therefore, point devices on the OpenDNS servers.

  • Tree control mode: Returns a validation event when the NORMAL value

    CVI 2013: I am writing a software to change the command tree modes based on the user's selection. I noticed that when the command is set to NORMAL, I got a "EVENT_COMMIT". Just for reference, I am using a custom control - group of Radio buttons, but the bug (I'm assuming that) is in the tree control are I forgot something?

    An application of Corrective Action (CAR) has been filed for this behavior. His number is 578618. You can monitor the condition of this CAR by checking the notes Readme or release new versions and checking the bug fixes section.

  • How do you get the tag line in last-one click on a tree control?

    The API for tree controls is infuriatingly obtuse.

    In response to an event initiated by the tree control, I need to query the currently selected item in the tree and get his tag, so I can handle the element and its children. How this is done? I found the method of 'Set the tag', but there is no Tag «get» In fact, the only way to get the tag of any element seems to be through the 'Point to the column line' method, which takes a pair of coordinates entry component! It's confusing!

    Oh hell. Value of tree is the tag of the element currently selected. It's so easy that I never thought to look there for it, given the complexity of almost all other actions in the API.

    * sigh *.

  • change the column of the tree

    Hi guys,.

    I'm new to the tree control.  I'm trying to programmatically change the State of the second column without changing the text of the left cell in the control (see attached photo).  Can you please point me to the right direction?  I use Labview 8.5.  Thank you.

    I am fairly new


    There is a feature in LabVIEW, called property node. With the property node, you can change the front panel objects programmatically. You can make the property node with a right click on the object you want to change by programming and will create > property node and then you have all the properties of the selected object, you can programmatically change. When you created the property node, you can change access (read/write) with right click, and then you choose change all to write or modify To Read, depending on what you have chosen.

    In your case you will need 3 properties:

    Active cell > column Active - sets/bed number of the current column number

    Active element > line number - sets/bed number of the current column

    Active cell > String - string of the element sets/bed

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.


    Gregor ring

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