Configuration panel before LabView 8.5


I managed to change the cover of my main VI accidentally (I think that shortcut keys).

Can someone tell me how to sort this please? Please note a black band on the top and the scrolling offset in the file bar attached.

Thanks in advance,




You can attach your VI so I can have a look and try and change the appearance?

I don't know a quick fix to simply return to its original state. You will perhaps copy and paste the block diagram to another VI and reconfigure the front panel on the new VI.


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  • 2-axis control panel before LabVIEW


    I want to know if there is a Panel control before axis 2 in LabVIEW (something like simple virtual joystick) or on the community use. Emergency assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    I don't know if this will help.

    But take a look at the Flight Simulator.

  • Open the Panel before Subvi in the executable


    In my labview project the MainVI contains about 20 subVIs. My goal is that by clicking on a button on the Panel before the main VI I would open a special Subvi (assuming it to be sub - VI, 10). To do this in the labview development environment, I used a reference of openVI with its path of entry is the name of the VI vi I want to throw (Subvi 10), and then set a real constant on the front panel to bring up the control panel front of the Subvi. This works well in the labview development environment, but when I create an executable file I'm not able to open my Subvi. I looked around, on the knowledge base and found this article. But this talk article to launch the front each time the Subvi is called. This does not work in my case, because sometimes the user may not want to launch the Subvi. I also have a lot of controls and indicators on the Subvi, so there is no way I can get that on the main VI as she would not clutter on the main VI.

    In the property settings for the building of the executable under the category of settings of the Source file, I see the option Panel before removing the dependencies, but it does not set the option for the Subvi individually. Only together, I can remove the front panel for all content items.  If no help on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried to use static references VI instead of using 'VI open' with a file path?  With a static reference VI, the compiler has a better idea on what you are trying to accomplish during the execution.

    I did it in before executables without any problem.  Personally, I like having a Boolean input of the Subvi, called "Display window" (or something like that) and then have the Subvi manage how it wants to open (or close) front panel.

    It has more than this past... the code snippet a little caught of freedoms.

    It is within the Subvi (which my main VI is still running).  The Subvi has a static reference to himself.  I have a button on the front of my VI main panel when you press on sends a 'true' to Boolean entry "display window.  The Subvi responds by opening the front panel upward. The opposite happens when the button is pressed.

    This code was compiled in many executables and works without any problem.

    Edit: Image cropped.  This Boolean coming is "First Call".  The function retrieves LV 2009 done this 'error 2' terminal.  Laughing out loud.  I wouldn't name which.

  • Get a new case, I need Panel before broaching!

    I have a Hp Pavilion Elite HPE500y. and I am looking to update my graphics (GPU) card and power supply (PSU), but in order for me to do the power supply I am is too long for my case and as there is not enough space between my HDD and psu (they will be).
    Here is my motherboard:
    I decide to get a new case.
    now, I have not bought anything yet, but correlated, I need to know some info.
    It's my motherboard and I need to know is that if I can get a pinout of Panel before the Council so I can plug the wiring enclosure HDD Led, Power, Reset etc.
    Ive tried my more hard and I can't find anything on the pinout of the front panel, I can not even find a manual servive on the motherboard and more on how to reset the password for Bios and CMOS

    can someone help me please

    Hi K,

    Maybe this picture will help.

    There seems to be some inconsistencies in the HP documentation then recheck the front panel connector on your PC from the image above.  If necessary, use a magnifying glass and read the etchings to the coast of the motherboard (if there is).

  • Configurator panel disappears

    No idea why the content of a Configurator panel disappears when I leave Photoshop (it becomes hidden) and return? The Committee very well at the start, but when I go to another app and back, the Panel is empty. The name of the task force is there, just no content.

    I remember what happened for a while with CS5, but do not remember what the fix was.

    I'm on OS 10.6.8/PS 13.01/Configurator 3

    You need to update to 3.1.1 and export configurator and reinstall the exported extension. Exported with Configurator 3.0/3.1 extension will dispear in Photoshop 13.0.1.

  • Establish multiple connections to remote panels before executables.


    I built two different executables of two different screws in my PC and I am trying to access their facades simultaneously in my web browser, the problem is that I can only access at the time no not two, but I can access both of them at the opening of the original with LabVIEW 2011 screws!, I read somewhere that the web server only allows a connection at the time if the License Manager is in the same machine, I do not know if it comes to the front panels of the executables or screws because I have no problem with VI front panels, so if someone knows something about it please do not hesitate to help, I really appreciate it.

    Kind regards


    Hi Bobby,.

    Bobby said:

    I do not pretend that your code is incorrect

    I said never! In fact, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the LabVIEW code, not to mention that my program is a mess and I guarantee that it won't help to understand what is going . I have to say that the problem is solved, all I had to do was to rebuild both the application before deploying the theme on the target computers.

    Thank you, Bobby.


  • Reading Configuration files using Labview RT in a Compact RIO


    I am very new to Labview RT/Compact RIO development platform and happen to have a question. I will develop an application in Labview RT / FPGA that will make several simulations. However some these simulations can produce different results depending on the configuration settings. Our systems generally run in a Windows application, were there is a configuration (usually in XML format) file that the application reads and analyzes the given parameters. I was wondering if there is something similar, that I can do it, in which I have a configuration file that can be read before my Labview RT/FPGA application initialization, to change the simulation.

    Thank you


    Hi Mario,.

    That's right, there are screws for the files .ini on real-time targets.

  • How can I display table 2D tabular on the Panel before the user can delete any subdashboards

    Hi guys and girls.

    It is my first post here, so go easy on me. I promise you that I used my best GoogleFu I before posting here.

    I am a self taught amateur LabView. I worked on a User Interface for my Robot SAGAR. See some of my work so far (girlfriend used as a draft classes, but we have both worked together on it, which got hooked me in the first place on LV):

    Now, I'm working on the use of LV and Google Earth as a planner of mission right now.

    My question is this. I have a 2D array that stores the Lat/Lon each waypoint. I's like to have posted on my

    front tabular, with WP # (the 1st dimension array index), Lat and Lon on line, like this.

    More importantly, have the user can select a point of full path (or just the number of WP would be ok) and remove it using key DELETE or any other button on the Panel.

    I am at a loss on how to do it. Ideas?

    Thanks for the help!

    Heal the little robot.

    You said that you were using a table. I suggest using a multicolumn listbox. In this way, you can change the selection mode to "highlight the whole line. You can use a structure of the event to respond to the user by pressing the delete key. See attached simple example. Note that some keyboard can label the BACKSPACE key as 'delete '. If you want to answer it, you also have to see if the Char value is 8, which is the code for this key.

  • Cs4 vertical Configurator Panel resize limit


    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but when I try to make a custom for photoshop Cs4, Panel

    the Group seems to have a vertical limit when resizing which is much more than what I initially created.

    For example, this one was created in 71 x 94 and cannot be resized vertically more that the screenshot.

    Anchored or not is the same


    I also tried other sizes for the original Panel.

    Someone has an idea?

    Thank you



    There is a "resize" bug in the Configurator 1.0.

    When you export a Panel and open it the first time, Panel to resize the width and height you assigned as cromaline say, after first Panel only is not resized, given that photoshop will remember last size of your Panel.

    But if you resize it in a larger size exceeds the size by default photoshop (220 * 220), when next time launch photoshop

    Photoshop will remember this size, then you can't resize it smaller.

    There is a solution

    on Windows, system go to folder C: \Documents and Settings\

    Look in the "PanelSizeStore.sol" file and delete it.

    Then restart photoshop, you can see the Panel resize to your original size.

    Kind regards

  • display of a front panel without labview

    I have a cRIO-9073 that I use to control an oven. Everything works on my development machine, but when I open a browser on the computer that will be used in the oven, I can't front panel appears. All I get is the border and title blocks. The guy here who also LV said he used the performance Viewer? I can't find anything like that. What Miss me? I have attached the screen shot of what I speak.

    Thank you


    The computer in the oven must LabVIEW or LabVIEW Run time engine. There was not a "Viewer" for many years.

    The image looks that you have either the Web server is running, or if this is the case, ActiveX was blocked.

    Take a look at aid to the publication on the web, or watch here

  • How to use the COM (RS-232) port to control the problem LED Panel in LabVIEW

    Hi all

    In my new project, we need display text using the RS232 type LED panel.

    1. is this love order LabVIEW support standard RS-232 Telnet Windows?

    2. my LED Panel does not support VISA, LabVIEW supports another way to send a command to the COM port?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


  • Remote panels and LabVIEW 2009


    I updated my application PXI time real LabVIEW 2009 (Pro) and I'm now trying to connect with planels remote.  I can only have a remote panel open.  The other gives me the "connecting remote panels exceeds maximum number of licenses" the problem has not been captured in LabVIEW 8.5 and I have the remote license (unlimited) panel is activated in the License Manager.

    How this can be solved?

    Kind regards



    The problem is now resolved.  This is a problem now at NEITHER and they had to send me a new license file I had to transfer on PXI.

    Kind regards

  • unbundle Panel before use by name

    I have a labview with 8 poles (grouped by name) program from 8 to 30 digital controls on the front panel. The program is made to allow the iterations through the different digital controls, by a fixed amount. All values in the control and then get sent to be written to the device.

    Currently, when I want to change what digital control I am one amongst, I need to go on the backend and change the element which is be unbundled by name. I'd rather have a drop down menu on the front panel that allows me to select the name of the control to iterate and never have to go to the back end. Is this possible?


    I think your best bet is an enumeration on the façade, connected to a case structure somewhere in the backend that comes out of the right cluster item.  It of a bit of work but expresses the goal clearly in the code and allows to limit parameters can be changed.  It's easy to add or remove parameters later if your model changes.  Any solution that tries to facilitate this operation will require more time and effort of debugging for the right, whereas "Duplicate the case" is easy enough to choose.

    Another possibility is that in each step, you group the numeric values in a subgroup in order to use the approach I have proposed.  You always need a case structure to get the appropriate stage cluster and to convert numerical values into a table, but it will be a lot fewer cases.

    If you really, really need to get into the cluster elements in place, you could analyze the structure of cluster using the functions of Type Variant, determine the offset from beginning of each element of the cluster, and then flatten or catalogued the cluster to a string, get the number of bits in the right shift and convert it to a numeric value, which you would then adjust to convert to string and insert in the appropriate location.  Could be a pleasure programming project but a lot of work, and if you never look at him later you'll wonder why anyone needed such a complex code to make a bundle/unbundle.

  • Able to interact with a Panel before the remote cRIO to a computer, but not another

    I have a cRIO application that publishes a remote façade for the monitoring and control of the application. A PC (Win7 & firefox), I can see, interact and control the cRIO through published remote façade. A second PC, also Win7, I can see and monitor the status of the cRIO, but no interaction does not control remote that opens and it's true that I use IE, FF or Chrome as a browser. When a PC is connected to the cRIO, via a dedicated Ethernet connection and only the cRIO and PC are on this network. For this private network of two devices, the PC is always the address while the cRIO always use (port 8000).

    The rules of firewall on both computers are configured to allow all inbound and outbound programs/ports/protocols to be used between these two IP addresses.

    Two PC's have development systems LabVIEW to update installed on it (which more or less guarantees that they have the minimum requirement LV of execution necessary to see and use a remote façade).

    What may be different on the PC who discovers, but cannot interact with the remote control?

    Right-click on the second, and then select "take control of this VI.

    As far I know - that a viewer of the remote façade can control the frame at any time - the rest cannot display.

  • Open the Panel before the sub vi when called - how?


    I have a VI with several sub live

    I want VI sup front panels to open, if they are not open yet and if they are called, but I want to stay in the shadows.

    There are two configurations of node Subvi: 'Open the front panel when loading' and ' display the front panel when it is called.

    The two are not what I want. If I select ' display the front panel when it is called ', then the front panels are open but flickering because they are called often, and alternating.

    Yes! All right, it works now! :-)

    Thank you very much!

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