Configure microsoft word 2003 as my default

Recently my PC tried to open Word with Adobe documents and it doen't work. How can I set my default to open all Word with Word documents?

Thank you!

  • Find a Word document (for example, a file with the doc file extension).
  • Right click and select open with > program has chosen to not...
  • In the 'Open with' dialog box, find Microsoft Office Word and select it (it is probably in the top "Recommended programs" list.  If this isn't there, or in the "other programs" list, you will need to click on the button 'Browse' and located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Officenn.  Looking for Winword.exe.  If you use 'Browse' to find the program, click on the 'Open' button after selecting Winword.exe
  • Once you have selected a Word, check the box at the bottom of the dialog box 'Open with' to "always use the program selected to open this type of file"
  • Click OK

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    My disaapeared just Microsoft Word 2003 to my Microsoft Office Suite, all the rest is still there, but it disappeared. What can I do to get it back? I used it just a week ago and now when I CLICK IT IT SAYS ON the FOUND NOT.

    try doing a System Restore on your PC.

    or insert your product CD and the fix

    or reinstalled it.

  • Microsoft Word 2003 Start up question

    Hi all

    I installed Microsoft Word 2003 a few months ago on my laptop. It works fine and all, but when I go to open it, a pop up appears which is headed "Microsoft Office Word 11.0" in substance "an error has occurred and this feature no longer works correctly. Please run Setup and choose repair... to restore this application. "I click on OK, then Microsoft Word opens and everything works fine. Is there a way to get rid of this embarrassing fiasco of start?

    Thank you very much.

    You have another version of Office or Word installed (test or other) on your machine?

    Have you tried the repair as suggested by the message?

    If you perform a reinstallation of Word, try right-clicking on the actual Setup.exe and choosing the option "Run As Administrator"?  Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

    Installer runs whenever I start an Office program, and also two other software suppliers.


  • Make a PDF of non-standard size of Microsoft Word 2003 on pc

    I have Acrobat 8 Professional (pc, operating system Windows XP) and want to know how to make a pdf from Microsoft Word (2003) where the size of my document remain as they are, a non-standard size, such as 5.5 "x 8.5". All the choices of "paper size" is standard, and if I check "Custom" and type the non-standard dimensions, it does not work. In other programs, such as InDesign, I can make a pdf to any size of document I want without any problem. Does anyone know how to make this work for Word on pc?

    You can create a customized for Acrobat page size.

    In Word:

    1. File > print (choose AdobePDF) > Properties.
    2. On the Properties of the Document Adobe PDF tab, choose Add beside the size of Page Adobe PDF.
    3. Type a name for your new custom page size and type in your dimensions.
    4. Click Add/change to close this window, and then select your newly created in the drop-down list paper size.
    5. Click Ok to close this window
    6. Click OK to print

    For a later printing, you may not redefine the page, simply choose from the menu drop down.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2015 supports Microsoft Word 2003?

    I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1 to the 2015 edition.  Previously, I had the toolbar tabs in Excel and Word 2003 that allowed me to CLICK and save it as a .pdf.  This seems to have disappeared.  The last stop Pro supports Win2003?  If so, how?

    [Title edited for clarity... MOD]


    Acrobat CC is not compatible with MS Word 2003, please check the compatibility of the web browsers and applications of PDFMaker.

    Kind regards


  • You want to configure MS word 2010 as the default program to open an attachment in word format.

    Original title: mail attachment programs

    I put my e-mail *.docx word perfect x 5 program. Now, I have installed Ms word 2010. How define the default read *.docx on Ms word and no word perfect? When I click on an attachment with a *.docx happens in word perfect.


    What version of the Windows operating system is installed on your computer?

    I suggest refer you to the following article in the Microsoft default program put and check if it helps.

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default:

    Hope the information is useful.

  • I think that my computer crashed. Microsoft word is gone and I can not activate my virus protection!

    I don't understand. I've been typing in microsoft word, and he just disappeared! I'm going to restore and quoted in the area as being deleted, so I go back to August 1 and restore and then it turns back on and try to put microsoft word and it says it can't because it can't find the file. Then I go in the microsoft security essentials antivirus I have and it won't come on either, says it does not. I have an icon on my desktop for google chrome and I click it and it says the same thing. Fortunately, I keep an additional internet browser so I could go to the line. I uninstall microsoft word completely because that annoying box keeps popping up on. So I try to uninstall security essentials and it says that it cannot do so, to install it again but when I try to do what it says I have to get rid of the old security essentials. In the middle of this chrome turns, but I don't know if the icon on my desktop will work or not and I don't know if I'm safe right now. That's happened? I tried everything to find microsoft word and he's not here.

    I have a windows XP and the computer is only two years old. This morning before all this happened, I uninstalled security essentials and put on a new one just if I have the updated version and it worked fine, and then all this happens. I will say also that for a while now my computer wanted to update microsoft Word 2003 but can never do. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do now?

    Hi Jan. Welcome to MS responses.

    Here are the classic symptoms of malware. We will, first of all make sure that your computer is not infected.

    Click HERE. Download Malwarebytes. Update Malwarebytes and perform a scan.  Choose whether to remove anything found. Display the results in your answer.

  • I can't open Microsoft Word on my computer.

    I have Microsoft Office 2003 and when I try to open any Word document or the program itself, all I get is the original box that appears showing Microsoft Word 2003.  Then it will disappear if I click to open another window or if I just leave it here.  Outlook works as usual, Excel opens but does nothing

    .   Thank you.


    We must re-setup. Please reinstall the word application.
    Kind regards
    Chauvet J.
  • PDF attributes - special characters - Microsoft word has changed

    I create multiple PDFs (with Acrobat 9 Pro) every day from Microsoft Word 2003. When I do a lot of changes to the MS Word document, I compare the new PDF from the old PDF. The menu of Acrobat 9, I use the Document / compare and select "reports, spreadsheets, presentations magazine.

    I have a lot of special characters in my Word document, such as chips, and symbol characters such as ' less than or equal to ' and ' greater than or equal to ". Even if none of the pages with these symbols have changed, the special characters are marked as changes.

    It's really annoying. I have to watch many false "changed pages" and decide to ignore them. Today, I've recreated a 62 page PDF file. There is only two pages I had edited in Word format. When I compared the files PDF, he marked 30 pages with modifications.

    Each page with a point of the bullet has been marked as a change. When I pass the mouse on this point in the Acrobat summary compare, it shows a different size ball and indicates that the police has changed. But actually, nothing has changed.

    I'm curious to know if anyone knows how to keep these elements of flag changes Acrobat. In earlier versions of Acrobat, there was a way to say to ignore the changes of fonts. Maybe someone could tell me how to do this in Acrobat 9...

    One possibility could be that the fonts are not included.

  • In Vista, I am uable to assign Office Word as default program for .doc files. Microsoft Word is not an option. Any ideas?

    In Vista, I am uable to assign Office Word as default program for .doc files.  Microsoft Word is not an option.  Any ideas?


    Default programs

    Associate a file type or Protocol with a program

    Highlite .doc and select "change agenda."

    The program recommended in does not (Adobe Reader in this case)

    Other programs shown don't include microsoft word

    Have Vista SP2

    Have Microsoft Office Standard 2007


    1. are you not able to set Microsoft word as your default program?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    Try the following steps to configure word as the default application.

    (a) with the right button on a .doc file and select open with. If a menu appears, select Choose default program.

    (b) If Word 2010 does not here, click on the Browse button. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 directory.

    (c) search for and select the winword.exe file.

    (d) in both cases, check the always use the selected program to open this type of file.

    (e) click OK.

    Use the links below to set default programs in Windows.

  • Downloaded Windows 7 Pro trial version (previously using XP pro); currently a student of Microsoft Office 2003 version not in "all programs"; directly from the place of the app to get "operating system is not currently configured to run this application"

    Trial download using Windows 7 Professional (previously had XP pro)
    Student Microsoft Office 2003 version is no longer in "All programs" on the start menu
    Running EXCEL, WORD etc application of the subdirectory of the program file generates "operating system is not currently configured to run this application"
    Still have diskettes for installation for Office 2003, but the box with the product key is lost, this effect cannot be re - install.
    Microsoft Office does not appear in Control Panel programs in Windows 7
    How can I get Microsoft to work again without reinstalling Microsoft Office?
    If I have to re - install, how I get lost product key for Microsoft Office?
    I tried using Compatibility Wizard without result.

    Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
    The question you have posted is related to Outlook and would be better suited to the Microsoft Office community.
    Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Azam - Microsoft Support

  • How can I email in microsoft word processor etil don't showup in "default programs".

    I created a Microsoft word to address letterin processor. Tried to email and it said to put in place of "default programs". When I comes to default programs theres no Microsoft word as a default value.


    · What is the operating system on the computer?

    You must set the default e-mail like Outlook or Windows Live Mail on the computer program to send emails from Word.

    If you are running windows Vista or Windows 7, then you can follow the procedure from the following link: change which programs Windows uses by default:

  • Failed to update security for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2344911)

    I tried to install the update for my PC, then three updates are available, but then I get these messages

    Update of security for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2344911)

    Is it relevant:

    You forgot to mention what operating system of Windows that you are using so presume Vista or Windows XP

    1. open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, all programs and then click Windows Update.
    2. in the left pane, click view update history.

    If it's Windows XP, visit the Update Web site, and then view your history here.

    Harold Horne / TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011. The information has been provided * being * with no guarantee or warranty.

  • Security for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2598332) update fails to update

    Gentlemen: each of these updates have failed:

    Update of security for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2598332)

    Update for the filter of junk e-mail in Outlook 2003 (KB2598343)
    Update of security for Microsoft Office 2003 (KB2598253)
    Update of security for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (KB2597086)

    Please help me. It maybe the updates above are not necessary.

    Thank you!!


    Try the following a.

    We will empty the download folder & then try again measured.

    Start > type cmd > and press enter

    type in
    net stop wuauserv 

    Go to Windows Explorer.
    Look on your system (usually C) drive and see the name of the Windows folder. Like Windows or WINNT.
    Edit following as appropriate.
    If your Windows folder is C:\Windows.  Look at this file

    If you find files in there, remove them.  This file is where the Windows Update files are stored downloads.

    Return to the command prompt window.
    type in
    net start wuauserv 


    Reboot & then run manually check the updates in Windows Update, etc, etc...
    When you get to Windows Update, a custom scan updates. Take (accept) those marked critical or Important.
    Those that are marked as "optional" decline.
    NET Framework or Silverlight updates offered, select not them & the other (do all .NET Framework or Silverlight updates in separate tracks).
    Have infinite patience so that it scans and it's work.
    When you are prompted to restart Windows, please do. Allow it to restart.

    If and only IF there is another failure, then let's you use NOTEPAD & doing research in the Windows Update log (using Notepad)
    usually at C:\Windows\Windowsupdate.log or C:\WINNT\Windowsupdate.log
    Copy and paste here the last 60 lines out of this newspaper, for review.
    Go to end of the log of the last entries and get ratings of the error.
    You can use the keys on the keyboard CTRL + END to reach the end of the file. Then download the last 60 lines & copy & paste here in response
    See the Microsoft KnowledgeBase article
    902093 KB how to read the Windowsupdate.log file

    If this can help, mark (click) response & or relatively useful as actually.

  • My Microsoft Word has stopped working. I went to open a document in word, and he said "there is no default application specified to open the document". When I went to look up Word as my default application.


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your coMy Microsoft Word has stopped working. I went to open a document in word, and he said "there is no default application specified to open the document". When I went to look up the Word as my application by default, it is not found. Excel, Powerpoint and Entourage were all there. So, I went to my office... See the word icon and then click on it. When I click on it, a question mark appears above him, and it does not open. It's as if the word has been removed from my computer. I read support a few sites that I Googled, and one said to drag the question mark on the icon and then turn it back on. When I did that, he dragged the icon with it... and when I published it, the icon is now not where. I need help restoring Word, I have no idea where he went! computer
    • What you al

    Hi chrssy07,

    Thanks for visiting the site of the community of Microsoft Windows XP. The question you have posted is related to Microsoft Word and it will be better answered by a Microsoft Office Support Professional.  Please visit it Support technique Microsoft and select your product for support.

    Please let us know if this helped.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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