connect a network drive on netowork with 7 & xp?

I am running Windows XP home sp3 on my laptop and my desktop was win7 there is an external hard drive that I want to be able to access from XP just as easy with 2 PC win7?


Hi paul3200,

You can follow the procedure below the link that has the steps of how to connect it and disconnect a network drive in Windows XP:

You can also check out the link below: create a shortcut to (map) a network drive:

With regard to:

Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Impossible to connect a network drive by name of host but able to match with the ip address

    is the act as an application server and the file server. We use it as normal, but it is suddenly unable to resolve host name for other machines.

    All servers and workstations are not able to map the drive network under with the name of host, but every server and workstation still able to map the network drive with the IP address.

    When we try to connect the network drive with the host name, it invites with the error shows that there is error authorizcation.

    We tried and discover a few points as below for your reference:

    • Able to ping and resolve the hostname via all other servers and workstations.
    • Able to access the Terminal Server service name
    • Able to network with the IP address drive
    • Power of the card itself with the host name


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

  • Vista Home premium unable to connect a network drive or find the storage network

    I have a hard drive attached to the network.  I've never been able to get my Vista machine to map to it.  Network discovery is on.  In the centre network and sharing, if I click on "View full map", Vista tells me 'Windows cannot create a map for the type of network connection', but on that same network card screen if I click on "view computers and devices", I can see the device that I want to connect.  When I try to get the camera when you try to map my network drive, Windows can not see it.  I can ping IP of the device, and I can't open the device html interface in my browser.  My XP and 7 machines see the end reader.

    Try the steps in belo

  • Mapped network drive letter conflict with external storage / USB key

    I have traced a number of network drives in Windows 7 (:) drive F: to J. Whenever I insert a USB key, it receives a drive letter of one of the network drives mapped, making the network itself inaccessible drive (actually, the reader is always displayed as a mapped network drive, it only contain data from USB).

    I think that this is a known issue at least since Windows XP. I even found a fix for Windows XP, but it seems that he has not yet fixed in Windows 7.

    Any ideas?

    I would like to find a solution that I don't have to assign V: to Z: my readers to network to make room for USB keys.

    Thank you very much!


    We have had this problem also and use USBDLM to solve. It's a service that you install and it 'redirects' usb mailbox available if the one they want to use is already taken by a network drive or another usb. See the link below

    It may be useful


  • connect a network drive

    I bought a Surface Pro yesterday. I have the joint to my wireless network.

    I've mapped to a network against a NAS drive.

    I traced a network drive on my desktop running Windows 7 computer.

    I have also two servers to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 files. These are displayed under 'Network' so the Surface Pro

    see them but when I try MP, a network against them, I get an error 80070035.

    What setting do I change (on my Surface Pro or my servers for mapping work?

    The Surface Pro is the only computer running Windows 8.

    Hi Jørgen,
    I ask you to post this thread in the TechNet forums, because they are better equipped to help you.
    If you have any other questions about Windows operating systems, please get back to us.
  • I can not connect a network drive in Windows 10 home

    I have a readyNAS duo I cannot map in windows 10, limit the functionality of drag and drop files. I can FTP in the NAS from the computer. File Windows Explorer sees the player in the network, but clicking on it opens the web page administration for the ReadyNAS.

    I tried to add the LSA compatibility in the registry and stopped using a PIN for password to windows.

    It's really annoying.

    Hi erimol,

    You have another computer to test if the CIFS protocol or service works well? Also check if the deactivation and reactivation of CIFS protocol in the admin page would help.

    Forward to your response.

    Kind regards

    NETGEAR community team

  • Error message 0 x 80004005 Unspecified error trying to connect to either network drives and printers network on the same network or network drives that are on the same workgroup.

    Essentially, this problem started last Friday and I tried all possible combinations and the thing that I know so far about how to solve this problem and I terribly need a solution because I use this laptop in a University to take notes and print them out / store them on the network. Right now I can ping both servers (one is a print server and the other server network file storage), but in both cases, when I try to connect to them using windows Explorer by the name of \\server name\share or \\printserver\ (the other usually allows me to see a table of printers that are in different locations and I choose who I connected to my laptop). The other method, I have tried to use, which works normally and does not now to map the network drive storage is the net use command, if I try this method, I will get a "system error 1231 has occurred the network location cannot be reached". The third method (which is more commonly used I think) is the ability to connect a network drive in Windows Explorer, usually if I use the third method, I get a response from the storage server file asking for user credentials, now I get the same error message as when I try to connect with the first method of.

    The biggest mystery of this all is that this happens regardless if I'm on the wired or wireless, and in both scenarios, I have access to the internet available, but as mentioned above, no access to storage or a network printer.

    * Use at your own risk, but it worked in my case (ensure you know / remember passwords field before doing so).

    If (since) you are using Windows 7 and you suddenly have problems connecting to a resource of the area (especially after a password reset):

    1) go to:->-> advanced user accounts manage user accounts-> manage passwords

    (2) If you see Windows credentials, delete them all.

  • Map network drive Auto Login password

    Windows XP mapped drive
    Auto login password when the computer is restarted is not correct and therefore prompts the user to enter.
    Self-opening worked before. Yesterday, the password for the server has been changed.
    I disconnected the old drive and created a new drive mapped with the new password and auto-connect on reboot option checked. Player features mapped correctly until the computer is restarted to indicate the user login box with the error message invalid username or password. Enter the password manually will connect the drive. It seems the automatic connection parameters have not last updated the new password and still uses the old password.
    (With disconnecting mapped drive, remap the process of training all our computers Windows XP I have this problem but our Windows computers 7/8 are all working correctly.)

    I found a solution to this.

    1 disconnect a mapped network drive.
    2. connect a network drive, but are not select Reconnect at startup.
    3. restart the computer. The mapped network drive is not there.
    4 map the network again drive. This time select Reconnect at startup.
    5 restart the computer. The mapped network drive will be there and activation it will automatically connect with the password.

  • To remove the error message about the network drive

    I have W7 Home and recently restructured.   I had this problem of reformatting finally a long time ago and it is solved but do not remember how.  Whenever I boot, I get the message "connection impossible network drives.  When I click it, I see the Epson printer has a red X on it and says Epson memory card.  The printer has always shown in my computer, but it works very well.  All I need is to get rid of the error message.  I tried to go into the center of the Action and unclicking on error messages of network firewall but that did not help. I'll print on any solution this time for the next restructuring!  Thanks for any advice.

    Epson support says that since the printer connecting wireless much later that opens Windows, Windows is not see when it starts.  They say that it is a Windows problem, not them.

    To get rid of the error message, I disconnect a right-click on my computer and clicked on the network drive.  I find the error message disappeared and the printer works fine.  I don't know if there's a problem with that.

  • network drive problem

    Morning, I have a laptop Advent under win 7 and recently Google takes ages to load. In my computer, there is a Z drive with a red top is MEMORYCARD (\\EPSON2BAABD.

    In the system when windows loading tray, a message appears saying: "not able to connect all network drives.

    These could all point to google taking forever to load pages.

    Thanks in advance


    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem may occur because of corrupted or incorrect network settings.

    I suggest using the steps described in the following articles and check if it helps.
    Network convenience stores

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • message "Could not reconnect all network drives" is an error

    I am using windows 7 Home premium, with a small local LAN supporting 3 PC.  There are 2 stores connected to the network on the LAN for backup (a device) and multimedia data archives (the other device).

    Lately at the start, I always get the message "cannot re - connect all network drives", but explore can access the network drive and view the contents of files on this subject.  the following image illustrates this case:

    Note see the sharing Y: mapped drive that is not connected with a big red X, even though I can access the contents of the folder of this one (pictured above).

    So next, I selected Y: and properties and got the following picture for the reader (bomb box properties coming to slightly overlap the content of the file):

    Now it is said nothing in the drive capacity which should contribute to this (25% of space), but pointed out that only the action get properties has managed to change the y to so-called connection not connected (but still available) by a big X red, supposed to be connected, with a green sticker on the drive icon shows now.

    These 2 images were taken less than 3 minutes apart - the timer it took to snapshot screen not connected, crop the image to remove the spaces empty and save them, and then get the properties one and do the same thing.

    The question is - why windows do this?  It is obviously not something wrong with the devices, and even when it allegedly is 'not connected' the drive mapped a share can still provide content of records of levels 2 and 3 to the bottom of the tree.


    Hello David,.

    You can see the article mentioned below to solve the problem.

    Drive mapped to the network connection may be lost

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Registry backup

    I hope this helps. Otherwise, feel free to write us again for more assistance, and we will be happy to help you come.

  • How can I connect my Mac to a network server? As in windows yo go to my computer / connection to a network drive, and then you select a letter and write the name of the server that you want to be logged

    I'm trying to adapt Windows to my new MacBook Pro with OS El Capitan.

    I work remotely for a company and I want to connect my Mac to the server of the company.

    My question is how to connect a MAc to a network drive with the permanently available connection.  For example, in my old HP I went to my computer / connection to a network drive. I've selected a letter and note the name of the server that I wanted to be connected to. The connection was then shown with my other drive hard 'sections '; I want to say C:, D: (for recovery), e: (for tools) and then connecting to the external server has been shown with the selected letter.

    There is no "letter" under OS X. It's a hangover very old of BACK, devices of mapping and volumes labeled mailbox.

    If you are connected to your corporate network, you should see the available network volumes listed in the Finder, in ' my computer > network ", or with the command K to connect to a server.

    You can create an alias for the volume and put it in the Dock, or leave on the desktop or put it somewhere else, and the next time you want to connect to this subject, simply double-click on it. You can also add the server address to your "favourites" in the connect to Server dialog box.

  • L2TP VPN connects but won't see network drives

    Hi all

    I just got a MacBook Pro with El Capitan. I joined it to my area of work and I have implemented SonicWall VPN Client Mobile and I tested it on and it works - only if my network, I am connected to and the VPN will not have the same IP range.

    I would like to use the integrated VPN L2TP client, but I have questions here. I have configurted on my Dell SonicWall and connect this VPN from a remote location, it will connect and show the data transfer (sending / reception are green) but I can not access my network drives.

    Once I have switch back to Mobile Client VPN SonicWall, everything works well.

    Any idea?

    Routing on L2TP or PPTP will probably work or at all, if both ends of the VPN tunnel terminate on the same CIDR network block. Which is why people never give a one VPN server address local the network block is much too common. Please use something in 10.x.x.x.

  • GarageBand looking not connected network drive

    When I take my laptop away from my network home and open Garageband, it takes a long time to open and then gives an error message saying that it cannot find a NAS drive (which is installed in my home network).

    If I hit OK, then I can use Garageband, but if I try to use sharing, or even if I just mouse over the menu item from action, the application gives me the rotation beach ball and finally the message again that it can't find the network drive appears. It is almost impossible to export the song because when I click to dismiss the pop-up message, the drop of share also disappears.

    I don't know why Garageband is looking for the network drive. I tried the sacking of preferences and restart; I even uninstalled Garageband and reinstalled (when I wasn't home).

    Of course, when I'm home and can access the network drive, this happens. But it's very embarrassing when I record somewhere else.

    It's something to do with my user, because if I log in with a different account, the behavior occurs.


    GarageBand 10.1.0

    When I take my laptop away from my network home and open Garageband, it takes a long time to open and then gives an error message saying that it cannot find a NAS drive (which is installed in my home network).

    GaregBand seeks always to open the last project that you opened.

    When you are not connected to the NAS server you use at home, try to launch GarageBAnd by double clicking on a project that is on your local drive.

  • network drive connection

    I try to get LabView to connect to a network with a Username and a password to designated drive to save the data, then disconnect after the data are written.

    I can't have windows automatically connect because it is a 'public' test computer, one that has a name of log shared for several technicians.  I make sure the netdrive maintains individual logon for traceability.

    I've seen a few posts for the use of the tiara, which I do not have or need.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    You can map the network drive using "net use". This is possible via the system exec command.

    use"you can specify a drive letter and the user credentials to use. Use of the "/ persistent: no ' flag not to register the connection.

    You can also disconnect a network drive by using the same command (flag "/ delete").

    Hope this helps


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