connect iPad 2 to Pioneer AVR

How to connect iPad 2 to a pioneer in the APR SC57 to play the slideshow

You have 2 options of ability of airtime to the receiver is limited to Audio:

1. use an Apple TV connected to the receiver via HDMI and Airplay the slide show to it.

How to use AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

2. use a PIN 30 digital Av adapter and connect the iPad directly to the receiver via HDMI.

The receiver manual ctions060711.pdf

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    Problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    On the Pro iPad, tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to re enter your Wi - Fi password.

    Then try to connect to your Wi - Fi network.

    If this does not help, more available in this support article suggestions > If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi-Fi network

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    Laptop PC, Surface and imac connect ok.

    Does anyone have insight into this?

    Hello bob4227,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities. It is my understanding that you have known problems with Wi - Fi connections on your iOS devices. I know the importance of having consistent connection on all devices. I'm happy to help you.

    Even if you are able to connect to the network, the steps in the article below may resolve this problem:

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    If the problem persists, make sure that the router and your modem firmware are up-to-date. If you don't know how to upgrade the firmware, contact the manufacturer.

    Have an amazing day!

  • Improved connected IPad Windows10 private WiFi network w/AirPrint printer. Bluetooth is disabled. Try to print an e-mail, the IPad can't see printer. Android phone works wirelessly with the printer.

    IPad on the same wireless network private Wi ' Fi as computer windows 10, Android phone and Samsung printer airprint. Blue tooth is disabled. Can I wireless print with Android mobile phone, but not with the IPad... suggestions.

    Have you tried to reboot your router? Unplug it, count to 10, plug back in and let it boot and see if she sees the printer now. You might also want to disconnect/reconnect your printer, leave everything to make a new connection.

    You can also force your iPad to restart. Hold down the button sleep and home for about 20 seconds. When you see the silver Apple, let go and let it restart.

  • Connect iPad Pro 12.9 "on PC 3 USB port using the new USB 3 iPad camera connection kit

    Hello. I would like to connect my iPad Pro 12.9 "to my PC using the speed of the USB 3 port of lightning of the iPad for faster synchronization with back ups. I bought the new camera USB 3 connection and A kit to A 3 USB cable, put everything together and down to iTunes, but it does not recognize the iPad. Has anyone tried this before?

    You don't need the Camera Connection Kit for this. Connect your iPad to your PC using the lightning to the USB cable supplied with the iPad.

  • Connect iPad Pro printer

    I'Be got a new iPad Pro and cannot work out how to connect to a printer Epson L355. Any ideas? Thanks Stu

    See this:

    AirPrint allows to print from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    Hi, I use my Ipad for recording with Garageband.  I had connected my Ipad 2 to my mixer using the camera connection kit and a USB cord.  The end of the USB is a USB B. sb_b_f_iso.jpg

    This configuration doesn't work anymore since I was an Air of the Ipad.

    So, how can I connect the Air Ipad USB b?

    You can try with the lightning to the USB camera for newer iPad adapter. It's the same thing the Camera connection kit has done with the older.

  • Cannot connect iPad pro pencil

    I was wondering if it is possible to reconnect a pencil for iPad pro, I clicked accidentally forget this device. Now, while trying to re pair the pencil, I get a warning saying this device can not connect or work properly with the iPad. Advice please?

    Hey roady59,

    I appreciate that you try to pair your Apple iPad Pro pencil after a faucet accidentally forget this device. It should be as simple as connect your Apple pencil to the port of lightning to your iPad Pro and it team again. Check out the link below for more details.

    Use the pencil to Apple with iPad Pro

    Take it easy

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    My Photosmart printer wa works well and the Imac and Windows Mobile 8 connected by wireless worked well.  I then printed my iPad and the Mac has stiopped impression.  The laptop and Ipad print ok but not the Mac. So I have now at the bottom of the email works on imac with other devices to print.  HP utility retrieves the information from the printer, but that's all I can do.  Any suggestions please.

    AL J

    Hi alj1,

    I understand that you were able to print from iMac previously. Please follow the following steps and let me know the results.

    We will reset the printing system, repair disk permissions, add the printer using the driver and try to start a new search.

    Reset the printing system

    1. Click on the Apple icon ( ), then click on System Preferences.
  • HP sent 5533: connection iPad Mini to HP sent 5533

    I have a broadband connection, but do not have a PC Mac or any form of computer other than iPad mini.
    I can print from a recently purchased HP sent 5533
    Thank you for your help.


    Straight forwad to print from your ipad is to make sure that devices and the printer are connected to the same wifi network. Once this operation is completed, you will be able to print from the apple software using the print option (this is done using the built-in apple airprint technology).

    Furthermore, with the same wifi connections, you can download the HP eprint app and print from the app. Once all is connected to the same network, you see your printer to go app and be able to print to it.

  • Connect ipad to wireless printer

    I think purchaing an ipad and I was wondering if I would be able to connect to my printer HP Deskjet D5560 wireless. I change the firmware of the printer to do this? Thanks for any help.


    Based on the following link, the series d5500 has been added doesn't support that "HP ePrint mobile app. You may be able to print from the iPad using Google print clouds.

    Kind regards

  • Connect iPad WiFi

    Hello, I have a Lynksys routher model WRT54G2 I just bought an ipad and tried to connect to my wifi but it always tells me that it cannot connect to the network after I typed the password.  My iPod connected without problem and is always able to connect.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Another thought - your network password has weird characters in it?  I have heard of situations where because of bugs in the device software think that the password ends the first weird character.  This problem could be either the iPad or the WRT.  My password has numbers, letters, and a hyphen, but that's all.  In particular, there are no spaces or periods.

  • HP Envy 5530: connection ipad

    How can I connect my ipad to my HP Envy 5530

    You can print to the printer using the Apple AirPrint solution if want 5530 is set up wireless on your WiFi network and your iPad is also connected to the same WiFi network. See link below to print from devices mobile iOS using AirPrint.

  • Connect IPAD on HP printer

    First of all, make sure that your HP printer is configured in your wireless router.

    Then, make sure you that you printed & share software... available here:

    Then proceed as follows:



    additional information:

    IPAD OS should be 4.2 or higher.

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    Mobile iOS app is available for Creative cloud from this link:

    Adobe mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

    When you connect, please use the same Adobe ID (email) as you do on your computer.

    In - App purchases are available in the optional shopping app.


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