Connect target 'Generic Data Source' to a MySQL instance

I'm trying to connect to our TEO (2.2) instance to an instance of MySQL, but unable to do so successfully.

The server of TEO, I loaded the MySQL provider and the ODBC driver.

I then try to define the details of the connection to the target:

Host name:

Default user:

Connection string: Provider = MySQLProv; Data Source =

By clicking on 'OK' throws the following error: "'MySQLProv' provider is not registered on the local computer."

Based on the error, it's for me as TEO server does not recognize this provider, but I would like to help on it got to a point where it does.

Could you please provide me with the steps needed to get our TEO instance to connect to the DB?

Thank you


(1) install the Cherry City Software provider:

(2) configure the following connection string: Source Provider = OleMySql.MySqlSource.1; Data =; Initial Catalog =

Thanks a lot C Roberts!



The connection string contains "MySQLProv", that you actually used what?

Looking at the example of c# code (and I see this as the provider:


Have you tried that?

It also looks like to

Data source =.

Initial Catalog =

If you arrive there, would probably be best to prosecute TAC for review.

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    The following forum seems most appropriate for your question:

    You can get a faster response there.

    I hope this helps.

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    Alberto Morillo

  • Problems connecting to JDBC data source

    We have recently upgraded to JDeveloper 11 g to 10g and flies our applications (primarily the Struts). They are compiled fine, and I am able to create data sources and successfully test the connection to open the data source through the window of Application resources. The problem comes when I try to connect through the application. In Java code, I use a DataSource object to get the connection of InitialContext.lookup ("jdbc/sun_DS1") where the JNDI name is in parentheses. We used to define this connection in JDev 10 g via the file data - sources.xml and it worked very well. Now with 11g and defines the connection to the application, I don't know if I'm missing a step between the creation of the data source and run the application.

    The error I get is: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: while trying to search for "jdbc.sun_DS1" did not find subcontext "jdbc." Solved "; rest the name "jdbc/sun_DS1.
    at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.newNameNotFoundException(
    at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.lookupHere(
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    at weblogic.jndi.internal.BasicNamingNode.lookup(
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    at weblogic.jndi.internal.WLContextImpl.lookup(

    I spent a lot of time reading Oracle help docs and Googling the problem without success.

    Help, please.

    Once you run your application on the WLS console launch (http://localhost:7101/console) and look to see if JDev created a data source for you in WLS.)
    You may need to add it manually.

  • Failed to connect to the data source of the network

    My access.mdb is located in the folder of public sharing of server1 (everyone has the right to change or remove) and I try to connect my access.mdb to my cold fusion Server (windows 2003 r2 std). It works if I put the mdb locally, but not network.

    I got this error

    Connection verification failed for data source: cfmydata
    com.inzoom.adojni.ComException: a file name not valid.
    The root cause was that: com.inzoom.adojni.ComException: invalid not a file name. in the Microsoft JET Database Engine = 0 code Type = 1

    The coldfusion service runs under the administrator user and the password. I used the UNC path, but still no luck.

    Someone has an idea for me.

    I thought about it. Well, not really. I've used ACCESS with Unicode. Once I changed to ACCESS only. The connection is successfully verified.

    Thank you for all your help paross1

  • Connection to the data source in ColdFusion 8 vs FC 6

    Hi all

    I have a CF6 app that works well. However, I am in the process of upgrading to CF8, and code no longer works. I went through the documentation and found no information about the replacement code.

    My old code gets a data source, acquires a database connection, using the connection and then close the data source.

    variables.dsService is a CreateObject ("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory"). DataSourceService;
    variables.dsManager = dsService.getDman ();
    variables.dataSource = variables.dsManager.getDataSource (< data source name goes here >);
    variables.dbConnection = variables.dataSource.getConnection ();
    < insert here the code to use the db connection >
    variables.dbConnection.close ();

    Under CF8, the error message is "the getDman method not found." So, I've been unable to find any code that will allow me to have access to an object that implements DataSource, so that I can use my connections.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Mike K.

    In the end, I discovered that what I had was pretty simple

    variables.dsService is a CreateObject ("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory"). DataSourceService;
    variables.dataSource = variables.dsService.getDataSource ();
    variables.dbConnection = variables.dataSource.getConnection ();

    variables.dbConnection.close ();

  • Connect to multiple data sources


    We have a requirement of our ADF application for the request of several databases and therefore several JDBC data sources.

    Now, I set up the application according to this white paper:

    But it works for a data source. How can I make my ADF BC connect to different sources of data/databases dynamically in the application?

    Thanks in advance,


    Try this [JDBC Credentials including JSF example dynamic update |]


  • Connection verification failed for data source - mysql.jdbc.Driver

    I get this message when you try to add a mySQL (don't ask) database in CF Admin checking the connection failed for data source: shownets java.sql.SQLException: no suitable driver available for shownets, please don't check the configuration in the file resources, pilot error: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

    The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: no suitable driver available for shownets, please don't check the configuration in the file resources, pilot error: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver I tried all sorts of messages instructions and nothing seems to work.  It's on my 32-bit platform. Tryng to get out all the bugs before I installed the 64-bit version.

    TNX a

    It seems that you have recently installed Coldfusion. I say this because recent versions of Coldfusion no longer ships with JDBC to MySQL driver. You must therefore download and install it yourself.

    To do this, go to the download page of the MySQL JDBC driver. Select the platform independent as a platform connector. Download the ZIP file independent of the platform mysql-connector-java - (x.x.xx represents the version number)

    Extract the ZIP file. Open the folder that results and search for the driver. It is a JAR file called mysql-connector-java - x.x.xx - bin.jar (x.x.xx represents the version number). Copy the file in the directory lib to Coldfusion.

    Restart Coldfusion. Voila - you're ready to go.

  • Stand-alone WLS, JDBC, never outputs connections data source JDev

    My application connects to the Oracle database to do business. I also have a servlet that is called to create and view PDF reports. When the application starts, and every time the servlet is called, an "Active connection" to my JDBC data source. By default, there are 15 connectsions in the connection pool. I see thins in the stand alone WLS Admin Console: Services/DataSources / 'mydatasource' / Connection Pool. Data sources and surveillance shows the number of current connections to my data source. As I monitor the number of "Active connections" and launch myl application in WLS, run reports, etc. I see the number of connections increase. However, the number of "Active connections" never decreases. Even when I log out of the application and exit the browser the number of connections remains the same. I start my application again, and it uses more "active" connections When all connections are exhausted, I get an error.

    java.lang.RuntimeException: weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceLimitException: no currently available in the MisseeDS pool resources to allocate to applications, please don't increase the size of the pool and try again.

    I increase the size of the pool and I can run the application again. However, he continues to use "active connections" and never gives them. Finally a failure once again. Of course, stop and start the stand-alone WLS resets everything.

    Can someone tell me how to retrieve the unused "active connections" so my request to not use not all of them and then get an error?

    Thank you, Steve

    Looks like you're using a data source connection in your servlet report but do not call Connection.Close in order to release it to the pool. Can provide you a sample code?

  • How to get the required connection pool data source?

    Hi we have created two pools of connections with two different userid to restrict access to the database. now I have 2 pools. so if I want to get the connection to a specific pool how to do this?

    Use the JNDI string. When you created your pools you created the jndi names. So when connecting to the data source, you specify jndi. That's how.

    Your postal code if you have a problem.

  • Logging data source expressions


    We use NI TestStand 2012 here in our society, and I have a simple question.

    In any test pass/fail (numeric, String, pass/fail regular), is it possible to have the TestStand to include the data source expression in the default report?

    I can add it manually in the component "Other results", but I have to do for each step.

    I see that on conditional expressions and flow measures are included in the report, but not the my expressions of pass/fail, which are found in the data source tab.

    It seems obvious to me that the data source should be there, otherwise I just in the report the name of the step and the result and no information of what has been actually tested.

    Thank you in advance!


    It does not show what the '10' value means: speed, voltage, current, RPM, etc. unless we call actually step in this way.

    Thanks again.

    There is a 'units' set numerical limit markets which addresses this problem. You can even specify custom units if you would like, although there are many built in those you choose as well. Also the name of the step should usually give an idea of what exactly is being tested.

    For the recording of Boolean expressions, probably the simplest thing is to use a stage model that is preconfigured to connect to the data source, or you can create a new custom step based on the test of success/failure that connects to the default data source type, or you could write a tool that passes through the sequence files and change all tests pass/fail to connect their datasource.


  • Validation of FDM rule with aggregate data source?

    Hi all

    I want to create a validation rule showing a report with totals of the data loaded by entity.

    I was able to retrieve the data from the target (|), system data source (~ ~) and converted the data (""), but I can only retrieve specific rows for the source and the converted data.

    Has anyone got a sollution to recover more source (Associate Professor) level and / or converted data?

    So I would recover all of the loaded data as shown in the screen dynamically import.

    Thanks in advance,


    Since FDM has no hierarchies as HFM/planning, so for calculated retriving data you can to create accounts of logic, with the same logic of calculation as in a hierarchical structure of HFM / Planning. Then, this can be used in the validation rule.


  • Problem adding data source


    I am trying to create a new data source in coldfusion 8, its a derby embedded database, (although I'm really not bothered what type of data I use, I just want to be able to connect for bending) I followed this tutorial but I still get this error... Connection verification failed for data source: SearchDB
    org.apache.derby.impl.jdbc.EmbedSQLException: could not create the 'C:\ColdFusion8\db\SearchProject' database, see the following exception for more details.
    The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: unable to create the 'C:\ColdFusion8\db\SearchProject' database, see the following exception for more details.

    If someone could send me in the right direction for this, would be great.

    What about James

    Open the ColdFusion administrator, and then click Data Sources.

    In the name of the Data Source of the box type myDerbyDB

    In the drop-down list driver select Apache Derby Embedded

    Click Add

    About Data Services & > Datasources > Apache Derby Embedded CF page
    Data Source name must be still myDerbyDB

    In the file Data box type myDerbyDB

    Check the Create Database

    Click on submit.

    You should now have the database and then you should be able to run the code
    on this page.

    Ken Ford
    Adobe Community Expert - Dreamweaver
    Fordwebs, LLC

    "thomo007" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Hi there,
    > I am trying to create a new data source in coldfusion 8, its built-in
    > derby
    > database, (although I'm really not bothered what type of data I
    > help, I
    (> just want it to be able to connect for bending) but I followed
    > tutorial, but I always get this error... Checking connection failed
    > for
    > data source: SearchDB
    > org.apache.derby.impl.jdbc.EmbedSQLException: cannot create the database
    > "C:\ColdFusion8\db\SearchProject", see the following exception for more details.
    > The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: unable to create the database
    > "C:\ColdFusion8\db\SearchProject", see the following exception for more details.
    > If someone could send me in the right direction for this,
    > great.
    > James cordially

  • said CF administrator to connect to db is ok but the web page says unable to find the data source.

    I was able to connect my 10 coldfusion administrator mysql database, using the mysql(4/5) driver.  However when I try to perform a query in a Web page, I get an error saying page:

    The data source is not found

    Here is the code snippet:

    < cfquery name = "dump" datasource = "newsletter" username = "root" password = "*" > (my password is correct)

    Select *.

    newsletter of

    < / cfquery >

    < cfdump var = #dump # >

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I realized that it was.

    I had installed Coldfusion 9 times and 10 of Coldfusion.  It seems that I was getting the database connected with Coldfusion 9, but then I was building and running on the server, coldfusion 10.  Uninstalling coldfusion 9 and ensuring that the data source has been connected to the coldfusion administrator 10 solved the problem.

  • Connection verification failed for data source

    I installed mysql-connector-java - 3.1.14 - bin and I'm trying to set up a mysql data source.

    Data and Services > Datasources > other

    Mysqldb CF Data Source name
    URL JDBC jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306:test
    Driver class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    Name of the driver
    Root username

    Connection verification failed for data source: mysqldb
    java.sql.SQLException: Malformed URL 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306:test '.
    The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: incorrect URL "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306:test". 54

    Looks like I did it wrong he should be like this jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306 / test

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