Connect the iPad to HP7520

My printer shows in my network but when I try to connect the iPad to the printer, he asks a password for the «HP-Print-3rd-Photosmart 7520»  I remember not to set a password for the printer.


Looks like you are not AirPrint. You must register through the app and get a password for your printer in your email box. But I don't know why you want to do it this way, it's a printer Airprint.

Kind regards.

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    I've improved iOS9 to iOS10 and now can't sync with iTunes or iPhoto on my iMac. iTunes and iPhoto recognize the iPad tries to connect, but display the error messages on the iPad (saying it is locked or has unrecognizable code). How can I fix?

    It seems that if you are dealing with very old (outdated) software on your Mac, like iPhoto has not been maintained by Apple since OS X Photos about eighteen months ago.

    You need iTunes 12.5.1 or later to communicate with 10 iOS devices.  iTunes 12.5.1 requires OS X 10.9.5 or later version.  (The current version of the Mac operating system is Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.)

    My guess is that you are far behind in OS X and iTunes.

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    If you have connected the iPad to a computer, try to use the same computer, it shouldn't you Guest if you confidence before.

    On the alert to "trust this computer" on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    We are creating a library-offer an internet point to display multiple pages of a website in the best possible way. These pages are long and better suited to portrait view. Us have an impact of lightning 27 "display and could use an ipad anyway. I am currently looking to somewhat expensive ipad mini w/cell on the amazon warehouse MD540LL/A and MD537LL/A model numbers.

    The first question is (with a screen designed to turn base), understand that this view portrait; the ipad will be enough for the display of the portrait of websites and surf?

    The second question is, will I get the best resolution in this way?

    I understand a lot of resolutions orientation landscape for various applications, but not him did not do anything with a monitor in portrait mode.

    Thank you!

    Hello. You hope to connect the iPad to the screen? It will be a little tricky. Apple has an audio/video adapter, but it is more designed for video playback on a screen. You then need to AirPlay would reflect the screen of the iPad, which may not give the best resolution. Also, I'm not sure of the rotation of the screen to portrait orientation. I have what is normally managed by a computer interface. You must borrow an iPad and experiment with this configuration before committing. A low-cost Mac could better serve you.

  • Connect mini iPad iPhone 4 5 s using a cable

    I currently use the hotspot on my iPhone 5s so that my mini iPad 4 can connect to the internet while I'm out of the game Pokémon Go. I get a message on the iPad indicating "signal GPS not found." quite often. The battery on the iPad lasts longer then the iPhone while using the Pokémon Go app. Is it possible to connect the iPad to the iPhone using a cable and I hope that allowing the app on iPad to use the GPS signal on the iPhone without this stall?

    Simply: No.

  • Stop the iPad Sync

    I'm under 10.6.8 because I have some programs PowerPC, I should use.  I boot from an external drive to run the new MacOS.

    I am now getting the message "iPad"iPad"are useless because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to to download the latest version of iTunes. "while 10.6.8 running.

    I am well aware that that MacOS does not synchronize with the newest iOS.  I start on my external drive when I need to do.  How can I keep this message appear several times per hour?

    I entered in the iTunes preferences and checked 'Prevent iPads... of automatic synchronization.  I have now deleted all iPad backups (after that I copied them).  I always get the message over and over again.  And no, I have not physically connected the iPad to Mac.  I guess it's tempting a WIFI sync?

    And of course, it does not have a newer version of iTunes for 10.6.8 nor can I go until I finished my project that requires PowerPC programs.

    Try to boot from the external drive, open iTunes, select the iPad and see if wireless synchronization is selected. If so, turn it off.

  • Images removed from the iPad 2 but memory still lots of pictures. How to solve this problem?

    The memory on my iPad 2 is full - 46, 7 GB of it's Photo Library. We have deleted a whole bunch of images and they don't show more but the memory usage has not changed. I can't find a way to solve this problem on the iPad, and when I connect it via the USB port on my Mac it does not appear in the finder. iTunes see it but does not seem to offer a way to remove the images. Photos sees images of the iPad but when I look at them on my Mac, it displays a large number of them - but then shows the larger thumbnails that contain only a couple of bunk rectangles - no images! Maybe those that have been deleted in the iPad, but space for everyone has not been abandoned? That would make sense but does not show how to fix it.

    You can connect the iPad to the computer running the most recent version of iTunes and in summary - watch in the bar of color at the bottom - how much of it is Photos and how is 'other '?

    Try a force restart

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If this does not help

    Look at this thread

    What is 'other' and what I can do about it - CSA

  • date of the iPad has changed to January 1, 1970?

    So, I own an iPad Air and have not had any problems with it for a while. I haven't used the iPad for some time, the version on which there are currently is 8.1.3 which I believe was in January 2015. I decided to start to the top of the iPad, today and for some reason, I can't access anything whatsoever. After checking the date on the device, it is said that it is currently January 1, 1970. I tried to connect to my Wifi for it to automatically choose the correct date, but it won't work. I also can't edit manually the date, I kept scrolling everyday and only to bring back in 1970.

    Could someone please help me get my iPad works again? Why what happened in the first place?

    Thank you.

    You must connect the iPad to a computer in order to restore it > using iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory - Apple Support

    Who will also update iOS software for the iPad with the latest version available for your model.

  • copy of the photos of the iPAD 2

    My mother died, and I got his iPAD 2. I would like to transfer the pictures stored on a PC. As far as I understand, if I sync it to another user in itunes, the current content will be deleted. Y at - it another way to do it.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    You synchronize the photos to a computer, so it has nothing to do with iTunes. You import pictures to a computer by connecting the iPad to the computer with the cable and then use any camera software you have on your computer in order to import the photos. However, you are right in that when you synchronize a new computer, or different, you will overwrite the contents of the iPad with the content from the iTunes library on this computer.

    I hope it will be useful.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer - Apple Support

    Before you import the pictures, if you use another computer running iTunes, turn off auto sync first so that the iPad will not be synchronized and iTunes doesn't open when you connect the device. Without being connected to the iPad, start iTunes. Go in Edition > Preferences > devices > prevent the automatic sync of iPods, iPhones and iPads. Click OK. Quit iTunes.

    Now you can connect the iPad to the computer to import the photos.

  • HP2540 establishment with the iPad

    A neighbor just got an iPad Air and a HP2540 and asked me to set it up for him.

    Can someone advise how. given that the choice to start the installation on the relevant URL ( returns):

    Download the guide to set up printer for installation of hardware and software
    We're sorry. It seems that there is an error downloading the software for your printer. Please check back later or you can insert the CD and choose the option "Thank you, I prefer the basic installation CD" when the first screen appears.

    I "checked back later" several times and get the same message.

    The software/driver concerned are available elsewhere? If Yes, where?

    Hi, the reason why you get this message is because there is no driver software available for mobile devices. In order to print from the iPad on the Deskjet 2540, you can use the Apple's AirPrint feature that is integrated into the operating system iOS on iPad. Simply connect the iPad to a wireless network and then connect the printer to the same network (consult the guide online for how to do this and after back if you have problems).

    When you want to print a photo/email/webpage or document on the iPad just click the action icon and impression should show as an option. Select Print and the device should find the 2540 Deskjet on the network and you can go front and printing. Here is a link to all the information you need to know about AirPrint

    Post back with any questions and I will do my best to help.


  • How to recover photos from the iPad after restore without backup?

    So, days ago I had to change my iPad password and I did it, but after a few hours when I tried to open my iPad I just forgot what has changed the password, so I had to restore my iPad (recovery mode), I have a backup or something so everything was gone except a few contacts I tried everything and program of recovery, but nothing works, I really need my pictures back, they resemble 3000 photos, I tried something else it is to recover from iPad directly and thus I need to show the iPad as a driver in my PC, but it does not appear, I hear that ding when I connect the iPad but it is not listed as a disk driver , iTunes recognizes it, no problem, Apple mobile device services are running, I downloaded a program to transfer iPhone-APC and recognizes devices, my iPhone appears but my iPad is not, I don't know what to do anymore, I just need my pictures back, they come from 2013 and I am really sad to lose them.

    Anyone has a solution, please?

    An iPad is not designed to mount as a drive, so it will not appear in Windows Explorer (unless there are non-informatiques pictures synced to it).

    You had never backed up the iPad, iTunes on your computer, or in the cloud? If not, and if recovery programs you have tried do not work, then you have lost pictures.

  • 2540 HP all-in-One: 2540 HP connect for iPad (ios 8)

    I live in an apt complex where wireless internet is provided.  I have a brand new 2540 HP I want to use it with an iPad on iOS 8. I don't have any other computer and therefore must do Setup printer fully wirelessly.

    I downloaded the setup of Apple, printed application and follow the instructions in wireless configuration (integrated printer apparently) and managed to printer connected to the building router apt.

    My problem is that the printer is on its own network, separate of the iPad network my. If I select the network printer in the parameters of the wi - fi iPad, iPad think he is no longer connected to the internet. If I select the network of the iPad and try to print, the printer is not recognized. I know I'm missing a few embarrassing simple step to add the printer to the network of the iPad, but whatever it is, I don't get it. Help me!!! (Please?)


    Connect the iPad to your printer by selecting the printer network.

    Next, go to

    Network / wireless monitoring tab the Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the steps to connect the printer to your home network.

    Once you are finished connect the iPad to your home network, then you should be able to print.

    Kind regards


  • Viewer content on the issue of the iPad

    Anyone else see something like that, I have a folio has shared with me. I open the viewer content on the iPad (which is updated and rebooted). I sign in and then try to download the shared folio. It generates an error and then I signed out and all of the common folios disappear from the content viewer (because they are always in the cloud). I can't find a way around it - so I connect the iPad to my machine and preview folios shared by InDesign.

    This resembles the v25 double connection bug. In some situations, you need to sign both times see your folios.

  • After resetting the iPad to default it show that the power cord is trying to connect to iTunes

    I got an iPad 16 GB factory reset default after a while display only the power cord going to iTunes, need help to get this operational back, it worked Ok before resetting all we have tried to make clear the former owner information

    The iTunes icon and cable image means he went into recovery mode, you will need to connect it to iTunes to your computer to reset the iPad, and you can then restore/resync your content.

    If the previous owner had not disconnected from the settings > iCloud on it and find my iPad has been activated, you will need to communicate with him or her: disable find them my iPhone Activation Lock - Apple Support

  • Cannot connect Wifi IPad.  I've done all the suggested advice to Apple and it still does not connect.  I need help!

    I can't connect my wifi Ipad.  I tried to off suggestions for Apple.  Now I'm stuck in the IPad introduction after my hard stop and when I get to choose a network, it is not mine.  All other devices in the House are connected.  I can't get out of the set up mode to go into the settings and try to activate the wifi.  Suggestions?

    Because you cannot find your network, the SSID is hidden by the router? If so, you need to select other, and then enter the SSID and password yourself.

Maybe you are looking for

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    The update I tried to install is SSID family ROM 2 B 18. The number of sofpaq is SP70370. Version 80.08Ap. It installs, but there is a short restart and then the red exclamation mark appears in the wizard again. Any help would be appreciated.