Connect to a stereo?

I have an E260, and I would like to connect it to a stereo. I would like to connect the E260 attached to the stereo, so I have to run off the battery voltage. Can someone let me know what is the best way to connect to the stereo? I assume I need a wall charger such as this...

This charger works?

What is the best way to hang the E260 on the stereo receiver?

Thanks for any help you can give.


Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know they made a. Thank you very much!

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  • issues connecting to car stereo, volume issues.

    I have a problem when I play music through my car stereo. the volume is very low, the better the sound is very bad. I use max volume om my car radio and 100% om my Z3 to hear something. I use the 3 headphone output 5mm on my Z3, connected to the 3, 5mm to aux-in jacket on my car stereo.

    I tested my Z3 in a friends car stereo with my cable connector and it looks great and good volume. I also tested my friends phone on my car radio, and he had no problem there either.

    And if I do not connect my Z3 to stereo exactly the right way, it has no sound at all in my stereo and play music on my Z3.

    I didn t have this problem with my Oneplus One connected to my Saab car stereo, it worked very well and with any problem.

    It s a stereo of original Saab, (Saab 9-5 Saab Soundsystem 150 2008)

    I have a friend who have the same brand and model of car, car stereo and it has the same problem, but its smartphone is a Samsung galaxy S4.

    Better consider Lars

    Hello again

    I think I might just have a solution to my problem.
    After extensive research on saab forums in the world, I found that others have had similar problems, but especially with Samsung galaxy s3 units. And the problem extends to some other automakers to be stereo, but for most manufacturers within GM and about 2006-2008, like the Saab 9 - 5...
    It has to do with an impedance to a certain extent, but I can understand that phone (in my case a Sony xperia z3) is not the impression that stereo is connected and vice versa. There are several ways to solve this problem, but when it comes to the xperia z3 is very simple. Simply download an app from Google game store called "soundabout" in this application you will have the opportunity to define and to devote to out that that uses the phone to the sound, the media and calls. Set just audio media to "wired headphones.
    I tried and I think that it is a solution to my problem and that it must be a software problem and so it can be fixed. Then maybe you can pass this problem to the right people within the Sony company, and they could reach a permanent solution in the next update of the firmware Rickard? :-)
    Thank you for your time and effort to help me! :-)

  • Help.  My 12 year old child has a part tomorrow in our House and the playlist she created does not download on the iPhone to connect to the stereo.  Everything is up-to-date. It says it is syncing but the playlist does not copy.

    Help.  I need to update a playlist of my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 5 (race vs 9.3.5) I have a game tomorrow and really needs this job.

    Have you selected the playlist to sync?

  • Satellite Pro P100: Can which digital cable I use to connect the stereo

    I just bought a new P100 and think generally that it's great.

    However, if I plug it into my stereo via the headphone to the front of the computer, then it is very noisy. I read somewhere in the manual that this Jack is used also in digital form - weird! Is there a way to transform digital or I'd be better connection on my external (stereo only) DAC. If this option is ideal so what cable should I - nothing about this in the manual or on the Tosh site. I use a stereo plug for cable twin phono right now.

    Any advice from someone who has connected to their own hifi would be appreciated.

    Bill Mac


    The headphone jack offers the possibility to S/PDIF which allows to connect the laptop to the hifi on digital channel.
    You need a simple cable S\PDIF. This cable you can get from each computer/laptop.

    Simply visit this dealer and ask for this kind of cable

    By the way: try to disable the option of its virtual when the laptop is connected to the stereo

  • How to connect my computer toshiba laptop to a stereo system

    Could someone offer me please advice on how connect my laptop to a toshiba stereo system?

    I think you need a RCA cable like this:

    [RCA cable |]

    You can then use the laptop's headphone jack to connect to the stereo

  • Connection made stereo headset on USB 2.0 for laptop with windows 7Laptop

    I want to convert Audio cassettes to MP3 music. on my laptop. For this I connect headphone jack stereo 3.5 mm cassette player to female USB Port 2.0 for my laptop with windows 7. How do connect me it? What type of cable/connector/adapter, which does not exist in India that I use? Thank you

    You can use the audio only in the PC port to connect the audio output of the tape recorder (which is not controlled by amplifier). There is no possibility to connect the device to the USB port and start ripping the tape.

    However, there are a couple of tape recorders available on the market that is able to record the audio cassette USB storage that can then be copied to PC. An example can be found here:

  • How to document iMac to my apple tv 2, but sending audio to the Airport express connected to my hifi

    I have an iMac, a macmini an express airport. I want to send 720 p video to the Apple TV 2 iMac (or macmini) but send audio to the express from the airport which is connected to my stereo. If the apple TV 2 will serve as a video receiver connected to my projector on the ceiling. (I don't have a way to use a hdmi cable). This is the reason why audio must be sent to the hifi differently.  Alternatevely because the macmini is connected by USB cable to my hifi (to my dac), perhaps there is a way to send audio from a movie to the stereo through audio external USB card (it is the dac) while reflecting the macmini for the Apple TV 2...

    in iTunes, you can select more then 1 speaker output could be the express and then mirrored to the appletv in the manner of STDS, if is not in iTunes then I think that you need a third party such as the wing option

  • Simultaneous connect via Dock and via Bluetooth?

    Forgive the newbie question, but I use my Iphone6 to connect to my stereo system through a dock and also want to connect via Bluetooth to a speaker in a room? This can be done? Thank you!

    # You can only select an output for the audio stream. You cannot output audio to the dock and bluetooth connector at the same time.

  • Connect AirPort Express to lemon (Rogers Rocket) Wireless Modem/Router

    I just got Rogers Wireless internet new modem/router Hitron.  I use modem/router mode.  It's great. Very fast and a lot of range. Covers all 3 floors of my house.

    I want to connect an Apple Terminal to my Hitron router with an ethernet cable and put the Hitron in Bridge mode. I want to continue to use the Hitron router as my main and only router.

    However on another floor, I would use an Apple Airport Express connected to my stereo with a jack 1/8 '' to play my music wirelessly from my iTunes from Apple.

    To do this, I need this Apple Airport Express Terminal to 'find' the Hitron router.  How can I get to find the router Hitron?

    I guess that you have a current version or recent of the AirPort Express with the default settings.

    As long as the AirPort Express is located where it can receive a strong signal of the modem/router...and wireless Hitron the Hitron aircraft provides a wireless signal that uses industry standard wireless settings, the AirPort Express can 'join' the wireless network. Wired Ethernet is not necessary.

    Note that the AirPort Express will not "spread" or "repeat" the signal from the router/modem lemon to provide additional coverage of wireless signal wireless, but it can be used to join the wireless network and provide a signal of airtime for your stereo.

    Simply use a Mac running a current or recent operating system, or an iPhone/iPad and configuration "Wizard" Apple to set up things upward. The wizard will automatically offer the correct configuration to 'join' the wireless network. All you really need to do is to enter a device name that you want to use for the AirPort Express and the password of the wireless network and confirm.

    Start the wizard by clicking on AirPort Express under the title of the new AirPort base station.

    On an iPhone or iPad, the screen looks like this:

    In the example below, the wizard has detected a network named "2WIRE902" for the AirPort Express join. You will see the name of the wireless network that provides the Hitron modem/router on your screen. Just enter a name of device for the Express, then type the wireless network password, then type it again to verify.

    Click next at the bottom right of the window and the AirPort Express displays a green light for a minute or two and you're done.

  • Mac mini as a media server connected to the hi-fi amplifier


    I am considering a Mac Mini to replace my old Lacie Cinema player as my media center. It will be connected to television and, ideally, analog hi-fi amplifier for sound.

    Here are my questions and special needs:

    -want to browse my music library and control the Mac through my iPad or iPhone. Don't want to use the keyboard or the physical remote. Do something like plex installed on ipad control files that reside on the Mac mini (or external hard drive connected to the Mac Mini)?

    -as my amp is analog (with RCA plugs) I guess I have to convert the RCA plugs to the digital amplifier. A Mini Mac USB RCA DAC exist?

    I think that's it! Thanks for any help.

    marcospt wrote:


    I am considering a Mac Mini to replace my old Lacie Cinema player as my media center. It will be connected to television and, ideally, analog hi-fi amplifier for sound.

    The Mac Mini are very small computers.

    (for me, it almost seems like a waste to use as only a media center. I use my media center and an office at the same time)

    -want to browse my music library and control the Mac through my iPad or iPhone. Don't want to use the keyboard or the physical remote. Do something like plex installed on ipad control files that reside on the Mac mini (or external hard drive connected to the Mac Mini)?

    Not sure about this one. I am a user of office and control my media from there.

    -as my amp is analog (with RCA plugs) I guess I have to convert the RCA plugs to the digital amplifier.

    Everything you need for an analog RCA connection is a stereo 3.5 mm to RCA cable.

    example >

  • How to play iTunes music on a stereo over WiFi

    I have a configured Time Capsule as my wireless with a hub Terminal Airport Express as an Extender. EI is connected to my stereo receiver via a mini jack to RCA cable. I want to be able to play the music (either from iTunes or the CD/DVD drive). How can I do this?

    This article seems to describe it s.htm

    First step is to put in place to extend the time Capsule's Wi - Fi network.  Use Airport utility to do this part.  Then, you run iTunes and select Airport Express in the list of devices available for airtime.

  • New airport Time Capsule is not connect to Airport Express more.

    When I just upgraded my Airport Extreme for a time Capsule of the airport, I lost my connection to the Airport Express connected to my stereo to allow playback Airtunes wireless. Airport utility is really different and shows that the new ATC.



    Ok. It seems that my Express and my old extreme are no longer supported by Apple? Come on guys! I tried the Airport utility download stuff to my phone, but that did not work. Alternative workaround so I did not in the trash with a value of $400 of perfectly functional base stations? I just want to have Airplay again. GRRRR.

  • Simultenous network connections

    I have a Lenovo laptop, running XP Pro. At home, I use a CAT5 cable to connect to my router and the Internet. I also have a wireless card, I connect to another device (wireless), but does not have internet access. This device is for play music through my stereo and does not need to access the internet.

    So, the idea here is that I have 2 connections:

    1 access to the internet, using the CAT5 cable

    1 connect to my stereo, using my wireless card, which is not internet access.

    However, when the two connections are connected, for some reason, the without wire takes over and I can't access the internet. In order to access her committed, my wireless connection can not be on.

    Is there a way to have the two connection simultaneously and still have access to the internet. Can I put an order where my NIC comes first and not my wireless card?

    Thank you!

    The first question you can get this trouble is if both the wired and Wi - Fi are on the same subnet.  Open a command prompt window (start-> Run-> "cmd") and enter the command:
    and look at the IP addresses of the two connections.  If the first three digits of the IP address two adapters are the same, then you are probably on the same subnet for both cards and this can cause problems that you encounter.   If this is your case, reconfigure one of the networks to be on a different subnet.

    If this is not your problem, then you need to look at the routing table.  Print the routing table by entering the following command in a command prompt window:
    impression of the route

    'Basics of TCP/IP for Windows NT Routing' (pretty much true for XP as well)
      <> >

    Read from bottom to top, the first line that begins "" is probably the gateway that will be used for your internet connection.  You can change the card/interface, which is used for internet connection by adjusting the "metric".  The card with the low number of metric will have the highest priority being the interface of the gateway.  Instructions for changing the metric are here:

    "An explanation of the feature of Automatic metric for the routes of the Internet Protocol"
      <> >


  • Stereo does not read the Sansa Clip after firmware update


    I upgraded to the last 2.01.35a of the previous 32.

    Before that, my channel stereo would connect to the Clip and play songs using the USB connection, I can use the remote to change songs, now with the new update of the firmware it does not read the content of the Clip.  Clip said 'Connected', but the stereo repeat me 'Reading' forever.

    I came back to the previous version and it works again.

    Is there a problem with the latest version of the firmware?

    Also, since I was in Europe, Updater I updated the European version and this limited the volume a LOT.  So I downloaded the US version is now at normal volume.  The European version is too quiet and I can't hear a thing if there is a background noise. But still, the USB connection in the stereo works with version 2.01.32 and not 2.01.35.

    any ideas?

    Thank you.



    I tried AutoDetect, MTP and MSC and none worked.

    Now everything works well again, and I will consider the reset factory settings to change the region for other times.

    Thank you.

  • No sound from the computer with connected generic speakers VISTA SP2. Symbol pregnant shows active with the Digital Audio device.

    I have vista SP2, I connected to generic stereo speakers using the green light at the back of the computer. Vista does not recognize the speakers. The speaker symbol at the bottom right shows "digital (HDMI) 2 high definition output audio device." It shows active. I had this problem before, and VISTA should pick up 'speakers' something to that effect. I have no sound until it captures "speakers". I can't get VISTA to recognize this. It keeps starting with the digital audio device. Don't know what to do, checked all the forums. It should just pick up these simple generic markets good speakers. Before SP2, I lose sound when VISTA is in standby mode. He would then turn off the stereo speaker and replace the digital output device driver... However since SP2 I can't get VISTA to recognize that I have just connected speakers and not a digital output device.

    Yes, when I uninstalled the driver, THEN shut down the computer and then restarted, he picked up the device high definition audio "speakers" good pilot is NOT the

    "digital (HDMI) 2 high definition audio output device that he used to pick up."

    I now have sound!

    I hope that it stores the right driver now as in the past, when VISTA went into sleep mode, it will disable the speakers, and you have to restart every time.

    Thanks for your help.

    You can add instructions to boumediene, the fact that you must RESTART your computer to search for new drivers, once you uninstall.

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