connect to hp 7525 to the router using kat5

you want to connect photoject hp 7525 router without using wireless.  a pc at the opposite end of the House cannot be connected wireless, but there kat5 connection to the router.  other pc is also connected to the router with kat5.  need printer connected so two pc s everyone can print.


You have a wireless router with some ports wired for computers?  Photosmart 7525 has a capacity of cable network.  Generally connect you computers wired to the router with CAT-5 connection and then connect the printer to the wireless router.  You would then install the drivers on each computer, specifying 'Wireless' for the connection.  The document here can help to set up the printer.

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    Can I do the router uses an older Protocol of the WIFI (WEP) with Lion on Airport?

    Can I do the router uses an older Protocol of the WIFI (WEP) with Lion on Airport?

    This will not change anything, except less secure your network.  The encryption method does not affect the rest of the internet connections, and you indicate that you are connected to WiFi.

    You can check if you have a valid DNS address

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    Take a look at this Apple Support article:

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    Older hardware uses a different protocol and the later models of wi - fi security, so

    It may be that the unit is able to see the signal available but not able to use it or connect.

    In order to set up an AirPort Base Station wireless vintage separate from any modern

    wireless local area network is a way to use a less secure configuration wireless computer older

    and without compromising the latest systems which would share a reduced security wireless

    If you want to reduce the overall security of the system (using the old protocol WAP,

    WEP, etc.; drafters WPA2 +) and base stations can be more difficult if they

    also have more than one type of signal. Older computers use less bandwidth.

    At this point, I cannot possibly be a great help; short of reading thanks to my favorites

    old pages (and check if the pages still work online) reference to use the installation program.

    My setup wireless WPA2 but earlier use AirPort Express base; and also have older

    base station AirPort Extreme 54 k White orb on-site; but not currently enabled.

    To have an additional wireless hardware for use with vintage computers.

    Good luck in this case!

  • Linksys wireless-g usb network adapter unable to detect the router using windows XP desktop PC

    I've changed in broadband Orange yesterday and since then my adapter is unable to find the network (it was working fine with TalkTalk until I changed).

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    I have a laptop (windows 7) who finds the router Orange immediately. I tested the adapter with the laptop and it finds the router Orange plus about 10 other nearby networks.

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    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply.

    I got it finally work last night after a day of cleaning up!

    Even if the network does not have to be detected in the available wireless networks "choose" I tried the "New Connection Wizard" and entered all the details that came with the router. The adapter found the Orange router but nothing else in the region.

    For now, it works but there is a problem somewhere, because I don't see any networks, I can see on my laptop.

    See you soon.

  • Wreg54g lost connection after a reboot of the router

    Hi everibody! I need your assistance if anyone can help me... Recently, someone helped me and installed my Wreg54g.after some time, I had to reboot my router so I can connect my phone (it had to be directly to the router... so I had to reboot). After this operation, my amplifier lost blue light, a red so I pressed the auto configuration button, two lights transferred to the Blues, but again, I do not have the full signal on my comp.what I did wrong, how can I solve this problem?

    According to me, that the settings on the range extender had been dirty so you press the AUTO Setup button when you tried to reconnect if it is understandable. What I suggest, is to ensure that the wireless internet works fine via the router, then on the WRE54G, configure the wireless settings again manually (without executing the implementation of CD) the same thing with the router. Check on the items below to guide you in the implementation of the Extender manually. Moreover, firstly, the Extender reset before the reconfiguration.

    Setting the amplifier without the installation CD

    Other references:

  • Two routers connected, but no Internet on the router downstream

    Hi, I followed the instructions in the FAQ for routers chaining daisy with only partial success.  I have a WRT54GS V6 router configured as my gateway.  The downstream router is a BEFSR41 v4.  Both have the latest firmware.

    I have visibility on the full network of machines, but the PC connected to the router downstream has no access to the internet.  PC connected to the router upstream did.

    I tried to exchange the two routers and reconfiguration, but only once the PC connected to the router upstream has access to the internet.

    Current configuration:

    Gateway - router WRT54GS

    Router IP:

    From IP ADDR:

    DHCP server: enabled

    Downstream BEFSR41 router.

    Router IP:

    DHCP server: disabled

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    Thank you

    On a computer that has no internet open a command prompt window and type "ipconfig/all". After the output full in your next post.

    When you connect the computer to the other router must internet?

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    Thanks for the response, took the computer to the PC Nerddss and they had all connected it in a few minutes. All right

  • Impossible to connect from my VIC to the host using the host name.

    Hi guys,.

    When I try to log in from my VIC to the host, I get this message (see photo) but if I use the work just the IP address. I check my DNS and host VMware was not there so I created a PTR record that connects the IP with hostname, I update the DNS, but still nothing happens. Any idea?

    Thank you.

    I was almost positive it is a dns issue...

    You can test the host name of the workstation that you are trying to connect from? try clearing your cache dns on the local workstation-

    > ipconfig/flushdns

    If for some reason that doenst work, and then add the host name of the node to your hosts file


  • While trying to install a Linksys E1500 he repeats that my computer is not connected to the router.

    Computer problems and the router

    I have a windows xp 2002 with service Pack 3. While trying to install a Linksys E1500 he repeats that my computer is not connected to the router. Ive tried a new cable and it does not solve the problem. He also said that my computer does not have wireless capabilities. Any suggestions?

    You'll be much more likely to get useful (or even possible) suggestions if you provide the full text of the error messages you get, without paraphrasing.

    For example:

    He repeated to me that my computer is not connected to the router. --> What is the real error message?

    He also said that my computer lacks wireless capabilities--> what is the error message itself?

    You are "trying to connect via a cable" to the router or you're talking about your Internet service (for example, the router is connected to the Internet via a cable)?

    You think that your computer has "wireless capabilities?  Open the Device Manager (start > run > devmgmt.msc > OK), then click on the + sign next to "network adapters."  Please provide the names of any devices listed there.

    Is your computer without a name, a laptop?  There a name of brand anywhere (for example, Toshiba, HP, Dell, etc.)?

    Open System Properties (start > run > msinfo32 > OK)
    Click Edit > select all
    Click Edit > copy
    Right-click in your response here and select Paste
    Be sure to hide the "System name" or "User Name" if it makes you feel better, but please do not remove anything else.

  • Connect the printer to the router

    I have a small home network using an ADSL router that has a wireless capability. It would be convenient to be able to connect a printer directly to the router so that any laptop on the network can use it. Is it possible to connect my printer (HP 5100 or HP Officejet 4300 all-in-one) directly on the router (Mega 100WR) without buying a print server any?

    Hello Markpennels,

    What I understand in your post, you are looking for a way to connect an Officejet 5100 series or 4300 series to your router without having to buy any type of print server. In this case, you can use only 2 options.

    From some information that I can see from your router, I see that it has a USB port, if this can function as a print server, you can connect USB and try to config, please keep in mind that it would not work and that these connections are often not taken in charge if problem from occurring. If the printer models have an ethernet connection, then I suggest that connect you via ethernet cable.

    If you have no printer, then I suggest that you contact your router manufacturer to see if the USB port works as a printserver.

    Kind regards

    Van Baardewijk

  • connection for printing from a computer wireless with a connection cable to the router usb printer?

    Produst name: HP Officejet Pro L7555.

    Works with Windows 7.

    A new router and the modem was installed when Comcast installed our wireless connection.  This of course did not work with the current setting of the printer.  The printer is connected via USB cable to the router.

    Are you sure it's a USB and not an Ethernet cable?  I bet it's in the affirmative:

    1. disconnect the Ethernet cable.

    2. on the printer: Setup > network > default settings.

    3 reconnect the Ethernet.

    Now, remove the printer in Control Panel > devices & printers, then add it again like this:

    1. make sure the printer is on and connected to your network. Verify that you can access the printer's internal web page by accessing its IP address before continuing. Get his IP address for a network Test printed on the front of the printer.
    2. click on > start > Control Panel > devices & Printers.
    3. click on add a printer
    4. Select local printer
    5. Select create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP Port, and click Next.
    6. under device type, select TCP/IP Device. Under the name of host or IP address, enter the IP address of the printer. Click Next.
    7. Select Hewlett-Packard in the list of manufacturers and select and select your printer model. Click Next.
    If your printer model is not in the list, then select disk provided, browse the CD that came with your HP printer and select the first file begins with hp and ending with INF. click Open, then OK. Select your printer model. Click Next.
    8. If prompted, use the driver that is currently installed.
    9. He will ask the name of the printer - enter a new name or use the one existing. This will be the name of the printer that you select from other applications.
    10. we may ask you to share the printer. Choose No.
    11. the printing area of Test Page is displayed. Go ahead and print it out.
    12. click on finish.

  • have to hit the router works for a connection

    Since I'm router not all wireless connections in the office laptops and Xbox fine except for an old laptop to connect, I have to hit the router and the


    Look for the updates driver WiFi (wireless) of the computer with the system manufacturer
    If integrated and, if the device manufacturer a separate device.

    Also check the website of the manufacturer of the router for firmware updates.

    Is this computer located at a distance from the router or are there obstacles on the way?
    Try to close the laptop as a test - but not too close, usually 6' away or almost.

    I hope this helps.

  • Make a PC to connect to a range extender without having to re - enter the router base security code each time.

    An Extender from Netgear, I installed and it works well, except that whenever I want to connect my PC I have to enter long the router security code.  Somehow, my PC says that when I connect to my PC to the router system (directly, without going through the extender).  How can I make the connection extender remember whenever I want to connect to it so that I don't have re - enter it each time?


    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I understand that you have a question about connecting to the router without going the router security code.

    There is an option to remove the security code, but the settings differ from different service provider and the model.

    I ask you to communicate with the respective forum NETGEAR support for assistance.

    You can also contact the Internet service provider for more help on this issue.

    Hope this information helps you. If you have any further questions with Windows, feel free to answer us.

    Thank you.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 more N91: Printer crashes with 0xB845D7DC when connect to UPC Ubee cable modem/router EVW3226

    Printing: HP Officejet Pro 8600 more e-All-in-One Printer - N911g

    SN: [personal information]

    REF: CM750A

    FW: CKP5CN1516AR

    Then try to connect to the router wireless (active DHCP), the printer LCD display starts to blink and a second, it displays B845D7DC.

    After that, the printer asks to reset and it restarts with wireless off.

    I have a cable modem with router wireless of my cable TV UPC provider called UPC Ubee EVW3226.

    I tried to connect the printer to the router using the WPS button and provide the password. In both cases, I have the same behavior.

    I have a dozen other wireless home devices that connect without problem to the router. But not the printer.

    Please let me know what other information will be good for you to solve the problem. Or, please provide a workaround solution.

    I found the solution:

    connect to your printer cable (you can use a direct eth between your computer and your printer cable), access the web interface and disable support IPv6 (let the IPv4 only verified): network > General > protocols > only IPv4 verified. Save and restart the printer.

    In 80% of cases, it will work on the wireless connection. For the other 20% when it does not work, try to assign a static IP address to your printer (network > Wireless > IPv4) in a second time. Take data from your router (IP, gateway, DNS).

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