Connect with the new Apple TV iPhone

My iPhone has been replaced by a new s 6.  Now, I can not connect to apple tv?  When I start to enter the password, it tells me that it cannot connect to the server?

We reside in Illinois, but have Apple TV with us for the winter in Florida.  Received and entered the six digit code to confirm that we are legitimate.

What should I do now?  Help.


What do you mean exactly when you say you cannot connect to the Apple TV, made that say iTunes, iCloud or just a Netflix account or sky.

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    YYou have unlink the old iphone you as find my iphone the reset all devices on this subject from your account then plug it to your iTunes then restore a new one after that reset password that under the new phone then connect

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    Find a new update of the firmware for the printer (May 9, 2016).

    After you apply the update, the printer is able to connect to the new modem.

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    Thank you

    It looks like you are trying to create a new account. What are you doing exactly?

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    Thank you.

    Remote only 1 Siri can be paired with the ATv4 both... ltiplayer-games-you-cant ' t-buy-a-extra-siri-distance-to-this time.

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    Press twice on the logo TV button then slide upward on the touchpad.

    The CBS app is stuck and hitting the button twice allows you to force the application to quit.

  • Libretto U100 - Bluetooth to connect with the new Samsung mobile

    Just bought 2 new machines: GSM Libretto U100, Samsung E720 Bluetooth equipped both. Uploaded everything first the last battery BT (3.2) using the wizard, my phone has been detected correctly and the first time that he asked a key access code, which i left blank. The second time I tried to connect, he asked no more code. The following screens will appear:
    1. the search for BT - Samsung E720 device detected!
    2. now connect to your BT device
    3. the local device connects to the remote service, please wait...
    And now, you can wait for hours because the program has stopped responding.
    My mobile has been configured for detectable and BT has been activated.
    I read the manual of the phone, but these are the only parameters of BT. The other way around, when I leave my phone to a BT device research, he found nothing.

    Thank you very much for making my two toys to talk to eachother!

    Hi Ben

    It's not easy to tell what the problem is but as far as I know, you must set the password for pairing.
    I recommend you to remove the mobile phone the Bluetooth Manager and re - install the mobile phone settings.
    Try to set the password for pairing. In addition, see the following steps:

    1. check if the laptop antenna switch is on.
    2. press the + - key combination to activate the Bluetooth antenna.
    If your laptop is integrated WLAN and Bluetooth.
    3 start the Bluetooth of the TOSHIBA-> folder settings program Bluetooth to turn on the Bluetooth module. Bluetooth works if you see a blue antenna with a bright blue border of the bar on your screen. Also a blue antenna icon with the name Bluetooth information interchange will appear on the desktop.
    4. check that your Bluetooth hardware is properly installed.

    Good bye

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    VM 605 back, there is a reset hole, once the pairing mode will be activated.

  • Error when connecting with the new announcement of account in windows 8 client as "User must change password at the next logon"

    Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Server
    Client-side: Windows 8

    The problem:

    I create a new user and let the "user must change password at the next logon' checked. When I try to log in with the newly created user I get an error saying "User must change password at the next logon" after ptoviding the new password.

    At this point if I uncheck the "user must change password at the next logon', then the user can connect properly.

    Can someone help me. Please let me know any problem OS compatibility between the server and the OS cleint.


    Hi Jaril,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    According to the description of the issue, I recommend you post your query in the TechNet Forums. TechNet is watched by other computing professionals who would be more likely to help you.

    TechNet Forum

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Canon MX310 will not work with the new Apple desktop computer.

    Hello and help.

    My new system apply office w/el capitan op does not communicate with my Canon MX 310.

    Canon says op op/sys back 2 times to ensure the compatibility or must buy the new printer.

    Plesse Advisor.

    Thank you


    < email published by host >

    You can try the print driver open source Gutenprint for Mac OS X.

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    I changed my ISP and routers.  I need to change the settings to the new router wireless.  However, when I try to access the network settings on the printer through the screen on the printer, it is said that it is locked by the system administrator.  I am the admin.  Where can I access it without being on the network?  I tried to reset to the default values of factpry, but the same problem exists; It is blocked by the system administrator.

    I was able to solve the problem.  I went through the set up using the USB cord.  Then I switched it to wireless technology.

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    Bought a perpetual license for Adobe Acrobat Professional DC and the installer downloaded from

    No creative Cloud applications exist on Mac.

    Some versions of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Professional have never existed on this Macbook Air.

    10.10.5 running

    Installed without error.

    Launch Acrobat and Adobe Application Manager launches rather telling me that I have to sign.

    I click on the Connect button and a new "Adobe Acrobat" window appears with rotating boxes - that never cease.

    I have to force quit the Application Manager, because it becomes completely insensitive although Force Quit does not (do not) then for the name of the program.

    I uninstalled Acrobat and reinstalled but I got the same error.

    I have an internet connection then it should be able to reach the sign to the server.

    Checked the Console logs - is the thing in Adobe Acrobat Update Helper DC.log which shows that he met "errorCode 1001: received an exception when checking for product updates Acrobat update for assistance." Jump to the update of this product". Which occurred once. I force quit the Application Manager at least four times now. No crash log is written to the Console.

    Grateful for any suggestion.

    Thank you

    Hi stephanied48098632,

    3 & 4 in his App environment test solution does not open. Wheel of progress constantly calls.

    Kind regards


  • Connected with the fake apple on iCloud ID

    On iTunes and AppStore I connected my correct apple ID but in icloud I don't know how some different apple id is connected, and I do not know the password of it. Im not able to disconnect from icloud, because it requires the password.

    so, help me to understand this problem.

    So if you go into settings, then on iCloud you are unable to scroll down, then click on logout without password?

  • Bug: OpenGL @ 480 p with the new Apple TV 4

    I have a Panasonic 480 p plasma monitor. Apple TV 4 is supposed to be compatible with 480 p, however, there seems to be a bug in the operating system during the launch of the games that are based on the OpenGL (I guess it's OpenGL).

    Everything works fine until I have run a game that is 3D - then the screen goes black and I get the message "no signal" TV. I have to switch to a different entry, click on the remote a few times and then switch to the Apple TV input to get video is displayed again. It seems that during the initial loading of the game, the AppleTV sends a resolution of 1080 p (I guess) that cannot display my TV.

    It happens with any game that uses the 3D is not a problem of developer 3rd party.

    Here is a video of what happens:

    I hope that someone from Apple sees this and it may degenerate into OS developers!

    We are all of the users like you.  Give your comments directly to Apple.

    Good day.

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    Thank you.  I'll try that and I'll let you know if it works for me.

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