Connected devices said blackBerry Smartphones but desktop manager is not

I think I messed up something. I have a circle with a slash through it and the circle, triangle and square bar on the screen.

Device Manager indicates that it is connected, but the desktop program can not find the device to reinstall the software.


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  • BlackBerry Smartphones My Desktop Manager does not connect to the phone

    the manager crashes just on the connection. I tried to restart and reinstall the app and nothing helps.

    Can someone help me please?

    Help us help you... Please provide details. What Mac? OPERATING SYSTEM? What BB?

  • Torch blackBerry Smartphones and Desktop Manager is no longer connect

    I have the Torch 9800 and I am running Wndows XP with the latest version of the Desktop Manager.

    Until two weeks ago, my phone and computer communicated beautifully, synchronization, backups, sharing files, everything. But last week my computer and the phone seemed not to see eachother and now nothing happens when I plug my phone. The phone goes to the "clock" screen as if it is plugged into a charger and don't show a problem with the connection on his end, but the computer does not show that anything was connected.

    So far, I have:

    (1) checked the USB connection to the comptuter

    (2) I've tried different USB ports

    (3) tried a different USB cable

    Wiped 4) and re-installed Desktop manager on my computer

    I am at a loss on how to get my computer and the phone talking to each other again. Help? Please?

    OK, I didn't.  You were very detailed in the listing of your steps you had done... everything except these.

    I would try another PC or laptop.

    Want to check your USB port device isn't bad.

    I know you said the clock in bedside mode appears, but which can still work sometimes even if other functions have ceased. Try on a friend's PC.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones and Desktop Manager Device Manager

    I'm confused. Is there a BlackBerry Desktop Manager and BlackBerry Device Manager? I have always used the BB Desktop Manager when I can't get a client device to synchronize properly by enabling wireless. So, what is the difference and where can I get the Device Manager?

    you have a desktop software package that includes:

    • Device Manager (for tethering for example)
    • Pack Desktop Manager

    the Desktop Manager pack contains:

    • BlackBerry Desktop Manager only
    • Roxio Media Player (optional)
    • BlackBerry Media Sync (optional)

    the BlackBerry Desktop Manager includes:

    • a module of configuration BES or BIS (but not both)
    • a module to synchronize databases with a PIM desktop like Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes (contacts, tasks, calendar)
    • backup / restore of module
    • an Application Loader module (which acts both as an installer of the OS and a theme/app Installer)

    on top of all that you have drivers USB BlackBerry for BlackBerry devices.

  • Problem of password blackBerry Smartphones BB desktop manager

    BB Desktop manager, I started and he asked the password for my BB so he could connect (all normal so far), I entered my password in the pc.

    However, this time it does not accept the password and asked me to try again.

    I tried several times, down until I had five tries, left.

    I stopped DM and went to the BB to unlock it from there - I put my password and got the "wrong password."

    I tried to enter again now instead of getting the prompt normal I get "Enter"Blackberry"to continue." and I do all the entries are hidden is no longer... I'm confused, because:

    1. I don't know that I entered the password on my PC in DM. I know, and I made sure that NUMLOCK or CapsLock shift were not on. I've never had any PW problem in the past.

    2. now is my last chance to enter the password correctly (9/10) and didn't back up my data
    Could someone help me please!

    To add to what sdgarne said, for example,

    If you thought that your password was "w123", try "wers".

    The IPL has not changed, that's simply not what you thought it was, and you've discovered using a real/Desktop keyboard Manager.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Desktop Manager on Windows XP Service Pack 1

    Need help! Windows 8 worked pretty slow on my Vaio Mini so I installed Windows XP but now I can't access it through Z10 mobile error - The Drivers install plus BB link and Desktop Manager - comes: - BlackBerry Device Manager requires that your computer is running Windows XP SP3 or later version - how to install it money - I have no. Other PC for a few days - help much appreciated

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Desktop Manager

    Hi, im new BB who always used Nokia. One problem I've found is how to access and change the details of your telephone directory on the computer rather than the BB? I want to add addresses, move numbers autour etc. but may not know how. Bright ideas or am I missing something.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    A few things to discuss... so bear with me...

    Unlike other how things, RIM does not provide a desktop PIM. Others force you to use their PIM and only their PIM. RIM provides a driving software that works as a bridge between your PIM and the BB. See this compatible PIM KB:

    • KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize

    So your choice is, IMO, to continue to use a desktop PIM for your data (and you should, IMO)... then choose a compatible PIM. Then download your data from your old device and the PIM Office. Next, configure the BB to sync with the PIM:

    • KB17022 How to configure applications to Organizer for synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why Desktop Manager is so ugly?

    I love my Blackberry device - but I hate Desktop Manager.  Why does a piece of software so bad?

    I'm afraid my BB synchronization.  It usually takes at least half a day - sometimes more.  It starts with the usual plethora of new updates the system indicates to the facility, some fail.

    I have a database of contact moderately important in MS Outlook (> 4000 records), but I do not think that he has never synchronized with my BB device without at least produce an error.  Flavor of today is 0x80040fb3.

    It seems that this is the result of what Desktop Manager seen as a broken contact record in Outlook.  But Outlook recount not mistakes - it works fine.  Why so Desktop Manager so picky?

    And why is it unable to trap the error and manipulation?  Or at least to notify the user with useful as information: "synchronization failed: there was a problem with the record that contains 'Albert Bloggs'."  Instead, we get '... 0x80040fb3. see the documentation "... like idleness, the part of the programmer.

    What annoys me really, however, is that the synchronization of the device to the PC cause the field "Note" Outlook will be truncated without warning.  My contact data are very important to me, and to the wire of the time that I was using my BB a large part of it has been totally lost in this way.  If the system must truncate when he meets a unlimited field, then by the love of God give me a warning and some choice in the matter.  And to preserve the data so there is no doubt.  I don't know why the community is not in the arms on this issue.

    Halhazy wrote:

    Thank you for an intelligent J answer.  Yes, I didn't want to get that off my chest!

    Very welcoming. I understand the frustration.

    Halhazy wrote:

    your point "is a good basis" for the sync seems to be good advice, that I could have done with after a year or more.  But this should not really be like that.  The BB is not for lovers and Outlook.  These are the great products for the public and should simply better work together out of the box.


    In my case, I constantly add contacts or additional contact information in Outlook and directly to the BlackBerry. I expect to be transparent, and - for me - it's just that, 95% of the time. But I know from experience that I put two applications through probably a higher than average use as normal user, and I honestly expect a user error on my part now and them I've added randomly and notes to contacts, etc. For the average user, it works very well and we are not among the thousands for which it is always transparent.

    Today, I always get an error on sync which I think is related to a group that I have on the BlackBerry, but for now, I'm willing to allow that one mistake to stay because I don't want to delete, or rebuild this group at the moment. I'm in a month when I have more time.

  • Update from blackBerry Smartphones to desktop manager 5.0

    I'm running 4.7 when I say it looks like updates it is 5.0. It downloads runs through the installation process and said it was over. However, when I restart it still shows 4.7 with a 5.0 download waiting.

    Any suggestions?

    Make the download/install manually.

    Download Desktop Manager here:

  • BlackBerry smartphones which Desktop Manager to install?

    Hi all

    I'm new here so please do not yell at me if im in the wrong place. I have the 8530 and I am very confused as to what Desktop Manager to install, there is so much of different, it seems, I read a lot of different threads on (DTM), and I am even more confused, should I just downloaded one that I saw before I start to sting aroud, its probably good that I have search!    I have a 8530 and I have OS 5.0 and I don't want to attach or use my phone as modem but I don't want to sync stuff and manage media between the device pc and bb, so, Director of office of which version should I install? Thanks in advance for your help... Jay821...

    Simply download the version the most recent list, if you need to don't all languages, get than you need with English only.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones using Desktop Manager with two BB?


    I have a laptop of Desktop Manager 4.7 v already and a Curve 8900 and I synchronize my Outlook contacts and calendar between the laptop computer and the curve.

    I use now a separate BB storm 9500 that I also need to synchronize. Desktop Manager can manage two devices?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    The software uses the PIN as a unique identifier for the BB.

    So yes, you can use two. Make sure when you back up the devices you

    have a pattern of naming in place to ensure that. IPD file belongs to

    the curve and the storm. Or you can store them in different directories.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Desktop Manager for Mac - first update of time, lack of contacts and emails

    I installed BBDM for my Mac, clinging to the BB Curve 8310 and selected the upgrade.  The phone set to good day I guess insofar as the software install, but my address book is empty and all the e-mails went.  I'm new to BB.  I return this thing first?  Because there is nothing that says "Hey * beep * back up your phone data before installing this software."  All is lost, or that I'm just looking for a place for it on the computer or the phone?  Thank you.

    Try to take a look at the address book on your Mac. See if your contacts are there.

    Also if your samsung GSM base as well as your BB then save all your contacts on your SIM card (address will not save this sense, though) and import directly on the BB - I bet that's what will make the store.

    Finally check your Desktop Manager on the Mac sync settings. Sure that 2-way sync is enabled.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Desktop Manager for 9000

    My father lost his CD to his phone and needed to wipe his BB & office because he has forgotten his password.

    Y at - it a link to download the office by chance Manager?

    Thank you all.

    Certainly... I would recommend Desktop Manager, version 6

    Now let's see about getting this fixed search thingy button...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones install Desktop manager on Vista 64-bit

    I have Vista 64 bit and I downloaded Desktop Manager 4.7.0 B50 Multilanguage - with Media Manager and when I run it I get this error message "Error 1327.Invalid Drive: G:-does anyone know why I get this and how do I get this to install?  Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I found similar errors on 5 different sites, that resolved 4 of them:

  • BlackBerry smartphones using Desktop Manager to restore phone again

    I have been using Desktop Manager v 4.7 with my Pearl 8130. Now I move to a Curve 8330 and want to know if I can use 4.7 DM to restore my Pearl settings and applications, etc. on the curve. If not, how is the best way to do it? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Yes DTM 4.7 works with all BB ball

    Create the backup of the Pearl, if you have not already

    Plug the curve and go for save/restore-configuration advanced

    upper-left click FILE - OPEN

    Select your backup of pearls

    now on the left will be the backup, on the right is the curve

    don't push the databases that you are interested in (contacts, calendar, etc) from left to right

Maybe you are looking for