Connected to but the Airport utility does not see the time capsules

Hi, I have several time capsules.

I can connect to the web, but the airport utility does not see the time capsules.  I tried to restart the time capsules, router, computer, but I still don't see any of the devices on the network.

What now?


Have you tried the airport utility in the iOS version... Download on the App or iTunes store and load... Works better than the Mac version.

Other than what Mac running what OS do you use?

This modem you have and how is the installation of TC on the network.

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  • My AirPort Utility is not configure my Time Capsule


    I just bought a Time Capsule and trying to set up, but it seems that my AirPort Utility is not set up. He continues to display an error message.

    Anyone have a similar experience and know the solution to this?

    What is the error?

    It can sometimes be a bit difficult.

    If you have an ipad or iphone... iPad is bigger is easier to work on...

    Download and use the version of iOS utility, because it is much more reliable than the Mac one.

    If you still have questions... Tell us available to the entire network.

  • Disk utility does not see an external drive on my network

    I'm trying to reformat the external drive that I use for backup on Time Machine, but disk utility does not see it. She appears in the Finder as a shared drive. I use OS x 10.11.6. Thank you.

    Disk utility is not supposed to see the network drives.

    If it's a USB, connect it to your computer.

    If it's an Ethernet or wireless, using a utility specifically designed for this.


  • new Express connects properly to the Time Capsule, takes both in offline mode

    I bought an Airport Express to extend the network of my time capsule wireless (2014). Introduction following the instructions as shown in the extend a network , it connects then after seconds seems to knock the time Capsule out of the network Express drops off the power, then the two, this happening again.

    I looked online and when a successful network is established a dotted line indicating a wireless connection appears under the time capsule, on mine utility Aiport is implementing a continuous line next to the time Capsule. Hope this has meaning and any help is greatly appreciated.

    In general you're doing something wrong... for example... you have ethernet connected between the TC and the Express... and then extend it by wireless... that will do exactly what you live... extend a network can be in wireless or ethernet... What are you doing?

    IF in wireless then no ethernet connection...

    If by ethernet then you do not extend... you create a network name parameters and security wireless...

    All this is supposed to happen automatically but frankly the magic went out on Mavericks and now it's just hard work.

  • Airport utility does not support my Airport - options to change the channel?

    I have an older Airport - extreme, I think, and the utility does not support.  I'm out of luck to change channel?  Time Warner said their modem did not support my newest Airport (? it's TWC) and now the internet keeps smoking at least once or twice a day.

    I suggest that you keep it simple.

    Your airport automatically analyze and choose the best channel to use when it lights up. So, if you have not done for some time, powering to the airport, wait a few seconds and then put it to the top.

    Even if you could change the channel... How would you know which channel to choose?

    Time Warner said that their modem did not support my most recent airport

    Time Warner will only support for a product they have received for you.  But this does not mean that a router from Apple will not work with their service. I've used Apple products for over 10 years with Time Warner.

  • Linking New Extreme old Extreme and Express. New Airport utility does not recognize old Extreme/Express

    I had a linear new extreme connection (connected to the wireless model Cat5) related to the old extreme then Express (newish).

    I would have put in place using airport Utility (for example) 4 years ago and has worked well.

    I changed my wireless modem (formerly broken) but cannot now reconnect the old extreme and express to the extreme again.

    The extreme new connects to internet just fine as long as it is in Bridge mode (does not work in DHCP/NAT mode).

    My real question is the utility software Airport now seems not to recognize the Express extreme or old old to get re-connected.

    The manual of Apple still shows configurations using the old utilitarian approach Airport (with each unit sitting on LHS page)

    If you're still using OS X (10.5.8)... as, you enter in your profile information... then the AirPort Utility in this operating system must be able to recognize the old AirPort Extreme and Express.

    However, if you have updated to a new operating system such as the Mountain Lion (10.8.x), Mavericks (10.9.x), Yosemite (10.10.x) or El Capitan (10.11.x)... and... you have more "round" or version 'dome' in the form of AirPort Extreme, and an old version of the AirPort Express A1084... so, the new version of AirPort Utility is not compatible with older airports.

    So, this would help a lot if we could get clarification from your part...

    (1) what operating system you're using now?  If you are not sure about this, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on about this Mac and post back with the Version of OS X number that you see there.

    (2) what version of the AirPort Extreme you may have.  Is it a 'rounder', or 'dome' in the form of version... or... The "flat" or "square" version? If you have flat or square version, the number of model of the device is required. It is on the lower part of the airport, probably integrated in the base of carpet of MOSS. The model number starts with an 'A' follow-up of four digits. Please post back this information.

    (3) what version of AirPort Express you have?  Please look for the model number on the side of the Express. It is difficult to see, with grey lettering in a certain context, so you need to perhaps good lighting and glasses to discern the number of reading.  As extreme, the Express, model number starts with an 'A' followed by four digits. Please post back this information.

    Once we have the information we need, we know more about how to proceed from this point.

  • Airport utility does not Time Capsule

    I recently bought a 2 TB TimeCapsule airport.  The ethernet cable from the router is plugged into the WAN connector and the power is on the Time Capsule device.  I can access internet via WiFi labeled Apple 686555 network device, but the Airport utility cannot locate the TimeCapsule which is 10 feet.  He sees the Apple 686555 network device, but not to join the airport Time Capsule.  The error is very descriptive: "an unexpected error has occurred.  Try again. "Very revealing.  Don't know what to do.  iMac running OS x 10.10 and 6.3.4 airport


    The "unexpected error" is caused by a bug in Yosemite.

    Try powering down of the time Capsule by pulling the power cord to the back of the unit or by unplugging the power cord from the wall AC

    Restart the Mac.

    After that the Mac was for a minute or two, switch on the time Capsule and let it run for a minute

    Then try the installation again

  • Airport utility does not have Wifi

    Hello, I tried to set up an airport 1088 on el capitan with the usual pitcher, but when he invites me to select the wifi network selection menu is empty. Any tips?

    What you're trying to do is not officially supported by Apple, so some hiccups are to be expected.

    If the name of the wireless network to which the AirPort Express "will join" does not appear, on everything that you can do is try to type the name of the network, choose a type of wireless security (try WPA/WPA2 Personal) and manually type the wireless network password.

    Another question may also be that a 9 + years, AirPort Express, that lists Apple as "Obsolète", still works properly... Since the average lifecycle of this version of the Express was about 3-4 years.

    Another question would be to know if an Express which is able to connect only to a 802. 11B or 802. 11 g Wireless will be able to connect to the latest 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless network signal, which are common in these days.

  • Time Machine does not work with Time Capsule, after update of Yosemite to iMac 2011

    My Time Capsule features all work except when trying to access files with Time Machine. It is new and can be linked to an update in Yosemite. Tried rebooting both without success.

    You can mount the drive of TC in the finder?

    The old backup Time Machine may be usable via a direct opening so the sparsebundle to give it a try.

    If not, do you want to achieve... you want to migrate your files? Have you tried the migration assistant?

  • I installed SP1, but my computer it does not see a warning asking me to install in the updates? How can I get the count to recognize that it is already installed?

    I had to reinstall Windows Vista and all necessary Windows updates I could upgrade to 7. I installed everything, including SP1 according to the window updates installed. My computer will not recognise that SP1 is installed and it wont let me go to 7.


    The problem persists with Windows Vista SP1?

    Method 1: Download and install the update manually and see if it works.

    For Windows Vista 32-bit SP1:

    For Windows Vista SP1 64-bit:

    Method 2: Download and install the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Airport utility cannot find the time Capsule, but wireless is fine

    All of a sudden my TC stopped taking backups but the wireless works fine.

    Airport utility stopped recognizing the TC suddenly...

    I think it started acting weird it's because last night, I unplugged the TC of the socket directly instead of turn off... This could be the problem.

    This is what, in my view, that the solution could be:

    (1) reboot Macbook

    (2) open Airport utility

    File 3)--> set up

    (4) now he would invite, address and password: especially it would be, but you get to the option + wifi

    (5) then just tweak a setting so that the update button is highlighted...

    6) click on update & the router restarts

    (7) Viola you should now see the airport in airport utility.

    I hope this helps. I tried to put that answer in another thread, but the forum has been locked for discussion... That's why this new post

    Thank you


    It is not so rosy, as you described!

    I can write in folders on Time Capsule, I use internet, but the utility does not see the drives, printer and Time Machine is no more support for MacBook...

    The only reason for this behavior is dynamic DNS change the LAN iP addresses... after the router has been reset by the network provider.

    Any advice, please?

  • I just got a new modem (Arris SB6190) and now my Airport Extreme does not connect.  It worked fine with the previous modem (a rented one TWC).  Help!

    I just got a new modem (Arris SB6190) and now my Airport Extreme does not connect.  It worked fine with the previous modem (a rented one TWC).  Help!

    Always recommended to reset the airport back to settings by default and then set up again whenever you have a new modem or change your Internet Service provider.

    Turn off the new modem for at least 30 minutes. More is better.

    Perform a hard reset on the AirPort Extreme, then it turned off.

    Make sure that the Ethernet cable connects the modem to the "O" on the AirPort Extreme WAN port

    After the power of the modem 30 minutes down, turn on the modem and let it run for at least 5 minutes by itself.

    Then, turn on the airport and let it run a few minutes

    Set up AirPort Extreme again

    Important note... There are many reports of problems with the modem Arris SB and airports. Both are great products, but they do seem to work perfectly together for some users.

  • After installed LR6, I firstly the Programm. Its audit of my ID. But then the program does not accept the button: Seriennummer prufen with a new window: no internet connection. But the connection is OK.

    After installed LR6, I firstly the Programm. Its audit of my ID. But then the program does not accept the button: Seriennummer prufen with a new window: no internet connection. But the connection is OK. So I can't start the program.

    Hello Siegmud,

    Wende Dich wie oben und some showers a cat den, denn

    Problembehebung für die Aktivierung und Deaktivierung > Stellen Sie sicher, dass eine zum includes Internet connection > werden (auch) displaying Fehler, wenn Ihr Computer nicht mit dem Internet ist clear (breast kann, dass) oder wenn er nicht vom Aktivierungsserver erkannt wird. Wenn are sich um einen Fehler im accordingly mit dem Aktivierungsserver all, set Sie sich mit each in connection. Halten Sie your Seriennummer bzw. Adobe-ID bereit.


  • Portege M200: Rotation utility does not work with the new driver


    I have a Portege M200 with the Gforce 5200Go. Since the last officially available graphics driver is the 46,44 I changed the 93.71 and installed. But the Rotation Utility does not work with this driver.

    When I use the driver nv for the rotation of the screen the tabletpen's is more synchronized: move the tabletpen left results in movement of the mouse to the top etc.

    Anyone any ideas?


    You must use the page of the Toshiba driver graphics driver and not the original on the graphics card manufacturing site

  • I just installed an SSD on my imac 24 inch 2007 but at the start of the computer does not see the drive. How to use the terminal to look for? Thank you

    I just installed an SSD on my imac 24 inch 2007 but at the start of the computer does not see the drive. How to use the terminal to look for? Thank you

    Can she be seen by disk utility (and which version of Mac OS X is)

Maybe you are looking for