Connection dial-up for laptop Qosmio F60/05F

I need dial-up connection.
This external modem will work with Qosmio F60/05F laptop under Windows7?
Hadou none taken for phone cable, not dial-up modem not built inside this Toshiba laptop.


Visit your local dealer and buy the new external dial-up modem compatible with Win7 64 bit.
I assume that each of them should work properly. Just be sure that they are supported to 32/64 bit operating systems.

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  • List of drivers for the Qosmio F60 - 11F

    Dear all,

    Please provide me with the list of drivers for my laptop Qosmio F60 - 11F as turbo booster etc.

    Kind regards


    Hello, HK,

    You can find a list of all tools on the official website of Toshiba and pre-tested drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Qosmio > Qosmio F Series > Qosmio F60

    Then choose the operating system and you have a list all the drivers/tools you need :)

  • Need of WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60


    WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60 because on the page I need drivers only an update by download is available.
    And the former player must be installed first, but after reinstalling I don't have the full version of the former player more.

    Thanks for help.


    As much as I know this software is included in Toshiba recovery image that you have with your laptop.
    You use your own version of the operating system?

  • Drive necessary recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111

    Please can someone help me find the cd of recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111.

    I lost it

    I agree with IronMan.
    The recovery can be ordered from the Toshiba that the link (above) to the page is all you need

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Qosmio F60 - 10J


    I can't find drivers for WLAN for Win7 64 bit for my computer Qosmio F60 - 10 days in the support center and download!


    AFAIK drivers WLAN you can find on the Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Check it out.
    By the way: do you know what WLAN card has your Qosmio laptop?

  • Need serial key of Windows 7 for the Qosmio F60 - 10J


    Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 7

    I need to reinstall my Qosmio F60-10J. Reference: PQF65E-007026FR
    but my serial number windows 7

    I have the Toshiba serial number, how do I find information for windows 7?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi, I'm also in the same boat.

    Try to do a HARD drive recovery, but my post got renegade to the subforum "valorisation" (where no one responds to the month) even though I submitted it specifically on win7 forum.
    A link for those interested:

    That's what I've learned so far...

    Option a. You have the recovery disk media or a partition:
    You're lucky and you won't need the product key anyway (it won't be asked during the installation it is 'embedded' kind of talk in image of toshiba).

    Option b. You deleted the partition or replaced the drive and does not follow the manual where Toshiba claims that should have backed up the recovery partition that you probably didn't know that you had in the first place:
    B1. Congratulations, you've reached 80% of the users of this forum which will remain unanswered!
    Here's my sanity check even if the product key was visible on your sticker it would still "invalid" since win7 iso doesn't work for 'standalone' keys then the key to your Toshiba is "pre-installed", i.e. If you do not use the installation of official manufacturers, the I am afraid to say, the key that you have already paid is well... useless!
    B2. But don't worry not toshiba has covered you! for an affordable price of 60 euros, they can send you the installation that you have already paid for.
    ... Wait there's more. Unless you don't have you can use the language option when you try to buy your recovery media. Perhaps, it is still ok if you are ready to learn to finish!

    Good luck ignoring!

    P.S. for stealth Toshiba employees here: never underestimate the damage that an angry customer can bring to your brand!

  • SSD for a Qosmio F60

    Hello, I have a Qosmio F60, and I want to change the standard sata HD for one SSD. Is this possible? Should what kind of specs of SSD I look for?

    Thank you for your help advabce

    SSD upgrade is possible, but I assume new SSD will not work at maximum speed. It isn't so bad because the SSDS work faster mach and you'll notice more performance gain.

    I updated my old P500 with SSD and I'm happy with it.
    More info on SSD, you can find on, but of course do not SSD Toshiba. You can also check other manufacturers, compare prices and choose the one that suits.

  • Is there any robust recovery for TouchPad for laptop Qosmio?

    I've only had this laptop the touchpad and already 3 week has focused and developed a patch of bright in the Center.

    I think that, all in all, the actual time used on this machine does not exceed 30hours; This may not at first seem be a major problem, unfortunately for me, it's...

    I am a professional photographer and the need to use this laptop on the road to upload images, I just took to display to clients, because of its delicacy, the touchpad area became super sensitive and even if I've adjusted is setting a milli second I let my finger on the pad controls causes I don't want.

    I know and understand that the touchpad is part of the molding fascia which can not be changed, even if it could it would surly wear once again, I am just jump you guys can point me to some sort of overlay more robust I can adapt.


    There are a few different laptop Qosmio. Older have on touchpad very smooth surfaces. Qosmio G20, it's a little rough.

    It will be very interesting to know than the one you have. Usually, each user should be very gently as it is very sensitive and it is not necessary to put pressure on the TouchPad.

  • Upgrading RAM for the Qosmio F60-111


    This is my first thread here

    I intend to improve my ram 6 GB to 8 GB of DDR3 memory
    intalled ram are currently 2 sticks of DDR3 1066 Mhz 4 GB and 2 GB
    I couldn't find a key 4 GB 1066 Mhz on the local market; available only 1333 mhz.

    If I have installed DDR3 1333 mhz 4GB stick with the original 4 GB of DDR3 1066 mhz, my laptop works perfectly?

    Another issue is my laptop motherboard can support frequency 1333 mhz ram?

    my laptop is Qosmio F60-111


    The FSB seems to be limited to 1066 Mhz.
    So even if you want to use the faster memory modules (i.e. 1333 Mhz), the speed could be clocked up to 1066 Mhz.

    So, of course, you can use the 1333 Mhz modules.

    It would be also possible to mix modules: 1066 Mhz and 1333 Mhz

  • How to watch 3D on my laptop Qosmio F60?

    Hello I have a laptop qosmio harman/kardon and I want to watch movies in 3d on it, but it did not come with glasses and I want to ask you where I can buy the glasses and is it possible to 3d wach movies with my laptop and how?

    Thank you very much.

    And what laptop Qosmio you?

  • Connection digital projector for laptop Satellite 1000

    I would like to help please by connecting my Satellite 1000 to
    a digital projector to make a Power Point presentation.
    I use other laptops to work and am quite familiar with the process. However, I could not the 1000 to work.
    I have connected using the blue monitor port and tried to select RGB using Fn + F5, but as a first step, nothing is displayed on the projection screen - no rocking. Finally, my laptop screen is displayed on the screen, but not on the laptop, which completely freezes.
    Any ideas would be very appreciated.


    You must uninstall your display driver and download/install a new driver from
    The Driver Downloads you will find all the drivers for your laptop

    Also check the comments

  • Computer laptop 13-4193nr x 360 spectrum: when I connect the printer for laptop HP spectrum x 360, Windows 10 treats like CD/DVD-ROM, no printer

    I recently bought a laptop convertible spectrum HP 13-4193nr x 360, under Windows 10 Home. When I connect our printer (HP LaserJet P1102w in black and white laser printer) port USB to the laptop, Windows can see the printer and he knows his name correct ("HP LaserJet Professional P1102w"), but does know that the device is a printer. If I go to the Panel and then devices and printers, the printer is displayed in the "Devices" line (with the laptop and the mouse) and not the line 'printers '. If I select the printer entry in the "Devices" line, Windows displays the name of the exact model of the printer, but for the "Category" field, it indicates "optical drive".

    How can I tell Windows that this device is a printer and not an optical drive?

    Hi @RHodnett,

    I'd be happy to help you install your Laserjet P1102. I understand your description that the computer does not recognize the printer as the printer and instead identifies it as an optical drive. Even if you don't see one of the errors mentioned in the following document, I think that the solutions presented may help you find a solution: Printers HP - "device installation failed" or "unknown device" message during Installation USB (Windows).

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance. If the question is indeed solved, please click Accept as Solution button below. If you need additional assistance, please include any details you think could help me help you and I will do everything I can to help. Thank you.

  • HP Envy: Unable to connect with microphone for laptop

    I have some clothes focus cat-earphones that come with a microphone that plugs into a socket of the headset themselves and then has a unique separate cord to plug into the laptop. The laptop also has a single listener of type. I'm on a HP Envy running windows 10. It also has beats audio on it if it's of any help.
    When I plug the computer recognizes only a helmet but there it lists as disconnected. It is said that the same thing in regards to playback sound however I can hear through the headset. I looked through a bunch of forums and support HP itself's website and nothing seems to work. Some people suggested going on the Manager realtek audio, but even if the laptop has about this realtek audio Manager doesn't seem to be here


    I thought about it.  Thanks for your time

  • Cannot find the driver of webcam for my Qosmio F60

    My Qosimo F60 (PQF65C-00M02D) webcam is slow to respond to the movement.

    WHERE can I find this driver and how can I reinstall it?

    Qosimo F60 models do NOT appear in the support page?

    > F60 Qosimo models do NOT appear in the support page?
    Qosimo might not but Qosmio definitely Yes.

    Can you please post the link to the support page of tosinba where you try to find your Qosmio model?

  • Raspberry PI connected with usb for laptop with Labview


    Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Bob and I just graduated from the Bachelor of applied science (Physics), in the Netherlands. In education, I followed a course of programming in Labview. However, the course was not very well if I want to start from scratch. (my programming skills are very poor).

    My goal is to learn the basics of programming in Labview. I want to measure the temperature with a probe for example and read this in Labview. I need a data acquisition for this system. I have a raspberry PI in my possession and I was wondering if I could use it to read the temperature from the USB port of my laptop using the PI raspberry. Is this possible? And I have to run some sort of program on the raspberry PI? Or I could better use another device (Arduino maybe?).

    I hope someone could help me to help me get started with Labview. I'm looking forward to learn how to work with Labview and launch a few projects.

    Thanks in advance,


    Are you comfortable with writing code on the invoice, pro forma raspberry? This is where you write the code for the acquisition of data and code to send it on the usb as a RS232 serial port. The LabVIEW program would receive all this and it is a very simple program. There is a tool called Linx box that does all this for the arduino.

Maybe you are looking for