Connection monitor extra/DVI-I connection EVS-1464 (showing the front panel)


Developing a Vision System using the following:

  • LabVIEW 2010 SP1
  • LabVIEW 2010 SP1 real-time
  • Vision development 2010 SP1
  • EVS-1464

My question is:

How can I view my front panel, running on the Exchange virtual server on a monitor connected to the DVI - I output of the EVS-1464?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Roy, I'm not sure if actually read Hossein that KB or not, but she deals with the display on the front panel on the network on a Windows computer, not on via the connection of the monitor on the Exchange virtual server running LabVIEW RT.

To answer your original question, no, it is not possible to look at the façade of standard LabVIEW on the RT system today. All the code used to display all the buttons on the Panel before the user interface, controls, and indicators are simply not present in LabVIEW Real-time and is only visible on a separate computer that is running the development environment or by using a web browser that has the plugin installed LabVIEW.

Have a display of the UI on RT is certainly a requested feature and it would be available someday. You can see this request: . He has some good ideas for what other alternatives exist today also.

However, it is a way to use the monitor on the Exchange virtual server and other LabVIEW RT systems output. Module Vision Development includes video RT on the screw that can display any image on the connected monitor. You can either display images captured from cameras or images custom overlay text and simple graphics objects (lines, circles, rectangles, etc.). It is certainly more effort than normal front panel editor in LabVIEW but it could be adapted to your needs if you want some things to be displayed. You will of course have no mouse/keyboard so that you cannot interact with any display of the elements directly.


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    Thank you for being a member of the community of HP support.  I understand that you are unable to get the applications to connect from the front panel of the printer and you get a message "Problem with the printer" in connected HP.

    Connected HP sometimes gives a false report that there is a problem not specified with the printer. HP has been able to reproduce the error.  If there was a genuine mistake, the message would point to the problem (low on ink, paper, etc). Unspecified error message does not prevent you to use ePrint.

    Regarding applications is not enabled on the front panel of the printer, HP is aware of the problem and working on a solution. It is recommended that you have your updates of product set to automatic on the front of the printer in order to receive the update as soon as it is available. If you wish to discuss with a phone support agent, please call HP Cloud Services at 1-855-785-2777 if you live in the USA/Canada region.  If you do not live the USA/Canada region, please click the link below to find technical support for your country/region number.

    Hewlett Packard technical support

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    I will definitely help you to set up the projector, but before starting, I would ask you some troubleshooting questions.

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    Here is a link that provides information on connecting to a projector. Go through it and check if it helps.

    Hope this information is useful and provide us with more information for further assistance. We will be happy to help you.

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    I tried all of this and still couldn't work.  After I did it I got a message saying that the power of USB has been exceeded. Did some research and it turns out that this is a problem with the Citrix Receiver.  Uninstalled and everything works well.  I hope that Citrix fixed that bug soon because I want to use it on this computer.  Here is a link to the article on this issue:

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    Only when I tried to configure the generator of time Vision real EVS 1464 he didn t get the MAC address of the EVS

    This address 169.254.x.x is an automatic link-local address that is used if a DHCP server cannot be found. Your PC should follow the same mechanism and obtain an address on the same subnet if it is connected to the same network and configured for DHCP. Is it possible that the network port on your PC is configured to a fixed IP address? Can you switch auto / DHCP mode?

Maybe you are looking for