Connection problems: Win7, Skype 6.14


I had connection problems since just after I did a windows update last night. (no idea if it's just a coincidence?)

I read through several other posts here, tried reinstalling Skype several times (also re-installed an older version), checked the compatibility mode and still no joy. Oh, I restarted a few times too.

I'm trying to connect using my Skype username and password (I don't have an account of ms) but the screen is just stuck there, it says signing in and the whirly thing (term techy lol) is just Dervishes round and round.

I luuuurv my Skype, absolutely essential for me because I work from home, so I hope someone can help. PLEEEEASE :-)

Thank you


Try to uninstall the currently installed version and install the older version of Skype using this msi installer:

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    go to and make sure you have the latest version of their software.

    Kind regards.

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    I have Windows XP and I have always used an earlier version of Skype, but now the old version is retired and I can't use it. So I download the new version, but this one has a connection problems. Every 4 seconds, I am offline and then online again for 4 seconds. My connection is OK and my provider does not block Skype calls. Is there anyone who knows how to fix?

    Try to uninstall the latest version and install the older version of Skype

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    Always write can not connect to the Skype server. just like others. I use version 4.2 without problems, but about 1 week ago can't connect on Skype. Always write this message and try after 2 minutes later. Doesn't work, I try to download the latest version and at the end of installation even message, unable to connect to the Skype server. No problem with our PC

    Interestingly, I can't go to my Skype account with login Skype from my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 630).

    Conclusion is any problem with your server and connection PC, dosnt matter version of Skype. Please fix. I hope in a short time. Thank you

    Best regards y):

    having exactly the same problem on my Mac when I try to connect it just gives me that a message could not connect to the server. Can go to my ipad, same account etc, but not on the desktop. Anyideas? I tried to download latest version, but that does not help

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    I can't connect to my Skype from this morning. It worked yesterday, Windows tells me he's going to try and solve the problem and let me know. How long it will take and how will that they informed me that it is fixed. Skype stopped after that Windows install updates on my PC yesterday. Not a happy Bunny!

    Hi valsturrock,

    Update that you installed before the problem?

    To view installed updates, you can follow these steps.

    a. Click Start, click all programs and then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.

    b. on the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site, click on view update history. A window opens that displays the updates that have been installed or that have failed to install on the computer.

    You try to run the system restore that will repair return the computer to the point while it was working fine.

    How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

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    read this:

    System update A small number of Skype clients have problems using Skype. For more about the system status and solutions, visit Skype Heartbeat.

    Skype INTERNET phone service says a small percentage of its 170 million users have not not connect to its service, a problem that he is expected to be fixed with a software update.

    Skype said on its Internet site the problem resulted from the corrupted data that affects computers using the operating systems Windows, Linux or Macintosh.

    He has published a new version of Skype for Windows late Thursday to deal with the issue, said the company, which is based in the Luxembourg.

    He has released a version for Mac.

    Linux users have been told to delete a file manually.

    Skype said people using its services on mobile phones, TVs or other appliances are not affected.

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    Skype, which is loaded on my desktop with windows vista will be open but not connect to other Skype users.

    When I try to log an error message says: windows has encountered a problem (does not say what) and strive hard but don't

    Can I have uninstalled chat video windows, which is necessary for a third party video like Skype?

    It may be preferable for you to post this question in the forum of Skype:

    Skype Community

    Skype Support Forum

    Apple discussion: topic-Skype . for the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Skype number: unable to connect to the Skype server

    Recently, I had a problem with Skype. It has stopped working. At the time, I was still you connect, but it would never actually connect to the server. Then, later, I tried a disconnection and logging back on in Skype, to realize that I could not even reconnect. It was only stay connected due to the previous settings. After that I tried to make a ridiculously over-the-top uninstall and reinstall, I realized that this was no fault of Skype. The real question was much worse... I had tried to download a replacement for Skype and realized that he was not properly connect either. And didn't the Skype installer that connected to the servers of Skype to update. And does not have the Microsoft fix - it program that communicates with Microsoft servers (Code 80072EFD). And the various troubleshooters that he suggested that I use only or nothing to detect or give the following result:
    Problems found
    Look for links to the URLS used in the SDP Service
    Could come to one or more URL necessary for a diagnostic package runs successfully


    Notably, this doesn't seem to be a problem with my internet, as I tried to use with mobile hotspot from my phone with similar results on Skype and installers.

    Additional details:
    Operating system
    Machine name: LISA
    Name of the operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64-bit
    Build: 6.1.7601
    Schedule/offset time zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern (U.S. & Canada) /-240
    The last back to zero/Uptime: 22/08/2014-18:58:44 (32 Minutes, 10 seconds)
    AntiMalware: Norton Internet Security
    User Account Control: Enabled / Administrator Mode: consent prompt
    Username: Lisa\Administrator
    Computer system
    Computer model: RC512
    Processor: quad core x 64 1 processor Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz
    Field of the machine: WORKING group
    Role: workstation
    (Physical) RAM: 5.9 GB
    Connection to the URL failure n failure n failure n failure n failure n failure n failure n failure n
    Internet Explorer configuration
    Proxy server: disabled
    Detect automatic settings: enabled
    Network adapter configuration
    Wireless network connection:
    Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6250 AGN network adapter
    Addresses IP
    Default gateway DNS servers
    Collection information
    Computer name: LISA
    Version of Windows:
    Friday, August 22, 2014 19:26:36

    Earlier you can help better, tomorrow is my free day, I really have the opportunity to speak with my distant friends.

    More info: any standard internet usage is fully functional. I can download stuff, surf the internet, hang out all that I love, but programs like Skype and installers who do not have everything in one big file do not work.

    Hello Tavis,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forum.

    I understand the inconvenience caused to you due to this problem to Skype.

    Unfortunately even after the relocation of the Skype you still experience this issue. I suggest you post in the Skype community to improve assistance.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

    Skype community

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you

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    I'm running a 21.5 "iMac with OS X El Captan 10.11.5. My problem is that I am not able to connect to iCloud and the App Store on my Mac.

    The error I get is "there was an error connecting to server Apple ID"

    The same username and password works perfectly well on the site of iCloud, my app store on the iPhone and the iPad, but not on Mac.

    What is the way my iMac communicates via the internet? We have a firewall. And oh, the software update for El Capitan is downloading as I type; He didn't even ask for IDs, just started downloading automatically. The same thing happened yesterday with the updates listed on the tab Update on the app store - they have been is downloaded yesterday without asking my login details but it was a rare event; connection problems I described above took place during the last month or so.

    How can I fix?

    Thank you!!

    Try disconnecting all the services using your Apple ID on your iMac, iTunes, FaceTime, iMessage and try to sing.

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Apple Support

  • Connection problems can not connect I forgot my password I did ' get the confirmation email.

    Cannot connect connection problems I forgot my password I have request a Reset password but I did ' t get the confirmation email.

    Go through the logon process. When you enter your name / password
    should be a link I forgot the password. Site more to have that.

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    Since I updated firefox to 29.0.1 on my desktop, I can't access my account at from my ASUS laptop. "Connection problem" appears when he tries to retrieve new messages. I received mail on the ASUS 12/03/13, but from now on I get this message and no new mail arrives at the ASUS.

    Some problems occurs when your Internet security program was set to trust to the
    a previous version of Firefox, but no longer recognizes your updated as version
    level of confidence. Now how do I solve the problem: to allow Firefox to connect to the Internet
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    • Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (for example, you are using the latest version)
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    I'm having a connectivity problem I have never met before. I use a wireless router from Apple with internet cable.

    Yesterday, my computer would be is no longer in contact with my router wi - fi. I get a message that the network could not be attached (I ran the Diagnostics wireless, but it's a whole lot of sense to me empty files). However, I also have a Roku, and which IS connected to the WiFi without problem. I completely stopped and restarted the computer, no joy. Reset the modem and the router, no joy. Still works with Roku, not with the computer. But the weird part is, I have Optimum Online, which allows subscribers to log-in to its hotspots, and it worked! I am connected Optimum wi - fi network on my computer right now.

    So I don't know where is the problem! It is not the router, because this is related work with Roku and is not the computer, because it is connected and working with the Optimum hotspot. What gives?

    Try this!

    Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > network

    Select a Wi - Fi connection in the sidebar and then click on the button "Advanced...". "in the lower right corner of the screen

    In the list of preferred networks, delete the name of your Wi - Fi network

    Click on the "OK" button to save that change and then 'apply' in the network preferences window.

    Now, go to the Applications folder > utilities > Keychain Access

    Make sure that "Login" keychain is selected and "All items" in the category is selected in the sidebar

    Use the search field to find items that Keychain with the name of your Wi - Fi network and remove

    Quit Keychain Access

    Now try and access your Wi - Fi network

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    Hi - I've changed my Apple ID a year ago.

    For these last days, I get messages saying: my Mac cannot connect with icloud and gives the e-mail address of old and obsolete, that I stopped using it a year ago. I ' ved checked my details with the system Apple ID. Everything is up-to-date. Checked the system does not recognize the old e-mail address or the password tied to it.  How to stop the message saying that there is a connection problem?  Thank you very much

    Can you go into System Preferences/iCloud and log out of the old ID? Then log in with the ID of the new?

  • Audio problem with Skype on the helmet

    Hello. I have a sound problem with Skype on my helmet, when I talk to my friend I can hear him on my helmet, although the rest of the sound on my speakers. How change that so I could hear any sound on my headset?

    You can try this:

  • Is there a problem with Skype, for now?

    Hello people.

    I run a G4 and 10.411 using an older version of Skype with a software patch that I found in one of the Skype topics on this site. It has been working fine for months. I do not use only audio video. I have a subscription to call land lines. The problem I have is that I can call and hear the person I called, but they cannot hear me. Is there a problem with Skype today? Or they made changes from today that do not allow to use the patch and an old version of Skype? Any information would be appreciated.

    I just found out that there were internet problems yesterday and today. According to me, which may have been the cause of my problems from Skype. Here is the response I got from my ISP tech guy when I sent him to see if there are problems of the internet this weekend: 'Yes. There was a routing problem beyond our network or upstream suppliers. »

Maybe you are looking for

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