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I have Windows XP and I have always used an earlier version of Skype, but now the old version is retired and I can't use it. So I download the new version, but this one has a connection problems. Every 4 seconds, I am offline and then online again for 4 seconds. My connection is OK and my provider does not block Skype calls. Is there anyone who knows how to fix?


Try to uninstall the latest version and install the older version of Skype

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    Tonight, I have installed the printer on a Windows 7 laptop. At HP Connect, it is always now reports "Problem with printer." That's it - no further details and no symptoms of any kind of problem. How to diagnose the 'problem' and how to fix it?

    Hi there, I know this may seem illogical, but I wouldn't worry too much about the problem with the printer State message in connected HP. I saw myself sometimes, and I was able to print successfully from a mobile device to the printer which connected HP indicated that there is a problem. Have you tried to send a job by using either the application mobile ePrint or to the e-mail address of printers for the printer in question?

    On the Windows 7 machine, you can also download and run the HP print and Scan Doctor to confirm there is no problem with the connection to the computer on which is installed the software of the printer or the printer hardware. Be aware, however, that the application is compatible with the Windows operating system only, so you cannot run it on the Mac computer, but unless you are having problems printing from Mac to the printer, there is no reason to suspect that anything is wrong.

    Hope that makes sense, but post comes back with other questions.


  • Connection problem with the satellite C660 - 24L

    Hello world

    I have a Toshiba satellite c660 - 24L running windows 7 and have had a problem with internet connection in the last two days.

    Marketing, the internet works very well for around a minute and then I lose the connection. The computer says still connected but the network map displays a problem between the computer and the Wi - Fi router. After that restart the internet works fine again, and then disconnects after ~ 1 min.

    A few times, the computer froze, and gave me a blue screen and memory dump, and then a forced restart.

    Computer behaving the same way when connected and disconnected from the mains.

    All other devices will connect to the router talk-talk with no problems.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.


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    Have you noticed a few problems if you use the local network connection?
    Original Toshiba WLAN driver is pre-installed on your computer?

    To be honest, it is not easy to say why this show is starting to happen so suddenly.
    Try to back up OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool just to see if the problem will still be there.

  • CONNECTION PROBLEMS WITH THE ROUTER (NETGEAR) - no problem with the provider of speed as it has been checked__

    • Programs you have problems with - very slow connection with all pages
    • Error messages - on the profile of my son is unable to connect at all with the error message
    • Recent changes made to your computer - windows 7 but added meeting the problem before this
    • What you have already tried the problem - claimant contacted no problem with their connection

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    Reinstall the NIC drivers
    Reset the router and check.

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    callableStatement = conexion.prepareCall (consulta.toString ());

    and my 'consulta' (query) have more than 10 parameters, throws an exception (out-of-bounds array index). But if my query have less than 9 parameters, it's work!
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    Begin to insert in the ADDRESS (TIPO_VIA, NOME_VIA, NUMERO_VIA, BLOCKS, ESCALEIRA, LOCALIDADE, MUNICIPIO, PISO, PORTA, PROVINCIA, PAIS) Values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) return ID_DIRECCION in: i; end;

    How can I fix this error?

    Thank you

    You mix '? 'and': I have ' in the SQL. Use '?' to the return variable - in.

    Show us the code that defines the parameter values.

    Published by: Joe Weinstein on April 1, 2011 13:17

  • Connection problem with the database, the closure of Flex Builder


    I developed a web page that connects to a database, reads data and it shows on the screen. I use HTTPService to connect to a php server that supports MySQL data. Everything is OK when I run the Flex Builder web page, but when I run the page doing double click on the file released .html the connection fails and the program generates this error:

    [RPC Fault faultString = "" error #2028: file:///Q:/2009-08-05-1330FinalFrontEnd/bin-release/FrontEnd.swf SWF file with Local file system cannot access Internet URL http://localhost/Test2/Test2.php. "faultCode ="InvokeFailed"faultDetail ="null""]
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    at mx.rpc.http.mxml::HTTPService/ call ()
    at mx.rpc.http::HTTPService/send()
    at mx.rpc.http.mxml::HTTPService/send()
    in FrontEnd / submitLabelsQuery)
    in FrontEnd / updateLabels)
    in FrontEnd / ___FrontEnd_SetEventHandler5_handler)

    Does anyone know how can I use the web page without using Flex Builder?

    More information:

    I use Flex Builder 3 to the development of the web page and WampServer 2.0 for the connection with the database.

    Thank you


    Hi Onditz,

    Previously, I also faced the same problem when working with Php as the Backend, the problem is that Flex does not call your PHP page

    It is the way I solved it to export your Flex Project at Flex Release Build.

    Right click on the export of project---> Flex project---> Release Build---> copy all the files on your server where all of your PHP files are and then call the application from the browser

    http://localhost/test2/sample.html. »

  • Connection problem with the second monitor, macbook pro 2014, OSX El Capitan

    There are a few threads describing problems with two monitors, but I have not found a match.

    I like for the operating system ask login password once the lid is closed, no matter how much time has passed (even for a moment). Also, I work with a dual monitor. However, when my macbook is plugged into the monitor and I close the lid, the macbook don't disconnect but spends just primary monitors. Understand that this could be a feature and not a bug, I tried to unplug the monitor before closing the lid. But the OS seems not to realize that the monitor has been disconnected, and when I close the lid he didn't ask me for my password once that I reopen it. Does it also if I wait a bit (i.e. one minute) after disconnecting the monitor, but not if I wait a while (or 15 minutes), well that I've not enough highlighted how long is necessary so that it starts locking on my closing the lid. He does it with different monitors, so I doubt that it depends on the particular monitor. In both cases, I used the HDMI port.

    This is quite annoying, because I need to be able to disconnect safely in a short period of time, and I was not able to find a workaround on mine. Everyone knows this? Thank you for any help or advice.


    You might have invoked indevrtantly this obscure 'functionality' of MacOS. Read the article and see if you do these things:

    Use your Mac laptop to view closed with an external display - Apple Support


  • Problem with the version number - help please.

    Hello, my Avast reports that my Skype is outdated and must be updated with the latest version, (, but when I goto Skype help and updates, Skype says I have the latest version already installed (, what happens here, can someone explain the discrepancy PLEASE?

    Cheers from TekyTek

    For later use, download (download Skype) on this site section, allways will give you the installer for the latest version (7.8 in this case) when available, even if your ' check for update ' tell you that you have the latest version.

    Just make the file skypesetup right click and select Properties, the details tab will tell you which version the Downloader is for (or in the case of a complete configuration file, what version it is).

  • Remote Debug problem with the Versions of the Runtime CVI.

    Development platform - CVI Version 8.5.1

    Target a 9.4 DAQmx is installed with the runtime of CVI worm:

    Developmenrt platform has been recently upgraded to DAQmx 9.4

    Re-installed CVI RTE (ver. on the development platform - even if it was previously installed.

    I get on this error message on the system target "runtime of LabWindows/CVI on the target is newer than your lab Windows/CVI environment.  You need to upgrade the Lab/Windows environment if you want to debug your application. »

    The two systems (development platform & target) have the same versions of CVI RTE and DAQmx.  I did a re - compile full .exe application I am trying to run on the target.  I have re-installed CVI RTE on the development platform.

    What's not here?

    LabWindows/CVI environment is development platform.

    That is: you must either downgrade the runtime on your target to match the existing 8.5.1 machine debugging or level CVI installation on the development computer to match the 9.1 on the target (if I am not mistaken 9.1 mean CVI 2009 SP1). Both machines must have the same version or debugging of the machine must be newer than the target.

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    See if that helps.  b1c2c

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    I recently updated my iPhone 6s with IOS 9.3.1 update. Since then, my phone calls are inaudible in my car with my Bluetooth. I deleted the device in my car and turned off and restarted my phone, but my iPhone is not discover the Bluetooth in my car. Any ideas on a fix?

    Sorry, I can't offer a solution but I wanted to get this thread to keep up-to-date.   You aren't the only one with this problem.  I have an iPhone 6 s + and with IOS 9.3.1 update, calls I am doing in the completely distorted sound car.  Also appears that Bluetooth is disconnection/reconnection intermittently.

    Just found the problem today so I did not go through the process of removal of device re-matching, etc.

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    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I tried my anchors of centering and to the left, but without success.

    I see the difference of the space to the right of the page in mobile version, have you tried to check for any empty object outside the area of the page or any content that extends outside the area of the page?

    Thank you


  • Problem with the Version defined in PSE 13.

    Just upgraded PSE 13 of PES 12 - everything goes OK except can't go down in games of version on the photos.  Worked well in PSE 12 but NOT on version 13.  Has spent about 2 hours on the Adobe online chat yesterday - unsuccessfully - techno could not resolve - gave him the same problem when he created his own test case.  Any comments?

    Doug: I'm not an expert so I am not sure whether the following question/suggestion will help you.

    You also experience the issue after you do the following in the Organizer:

    in the Menu bar horizontal: view--> check "Details"?

    Otherwise: try it out and you could get happy.

  • Problem with the version of Adobe Premiere test

    Hello guys,.

    IM quite new to the cloud just creative thing and yesterday I wanted to test adobe first. Then first, I downloaded the cloud creative and in the application, I downloaded creation and enforcement me has said that its installed now. But there is no button to open it. Here is a picture of her:

    Premiere CS6.PNG

    Sorry for my bad English

    Maybe it's a false error that hides the real problem... a 32-bit computer

    You MUST have a 64-bit computer and operating system... What is your computer?


    -Programs are supposed TO not view or download if they are not installed on your computer


    MINIMUM for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Maybe you are looking for