Connection to (Qosmio G20) Surround sound

I'm trying to connect my Qosmio G20 to my sysytem via an amp external surround sound.

As far as I know I have everything connected correctly, but I'm only obtaining from my front left speakers and rear no where elsewhere.

I checked the speakers and all the settings I can think on the laptop, is there something that I don't have to send the signal to all the speakers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much



Check it please this topic. I believe that display Quad will be useful for you.

Good luck!

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  • How to connect the Qosmio G20 156 to DTT2200 sound creative

    Can someone recommend the best way to connect my G20-156 sound creativity works 5.1 desktop theater DTT2200. This was connected to a PC so I think a card external sound would be via a USB port, but is this the best way and that model?


    I put t know what cables and what made the 5.1 support desktop theater DTT2200 but the Qosmio supports headphones with S/PDIF out.

    I use the headphone jack on my satellite to connect the unit to the stereo.
    I use a cable with a connector on one end and RCA connectors (red and white) 2 on the other end of the cable.
    The two connectors, I connected to HiFi and taking helmet.

    I think you can also try to use the same way to connect external speakers for the Qosmio.

  • Qosmio G20-105: sound randomly stops

    My Qosmio G20 purchased recently (105) appears to 'lose her' after a certain protohistory of the time, and I have to reboot to get it working again.

    Seems to happen once I cut it for a long time protohistory - when I turn the mute off, still no sound. It's as if she fails to recognize that I turned off the mute.

    This happened to someone else? I think a fresh installation/recovery, but if there is a difficulty more easy I would be interested in any suggestions :), people

    Thank you



    This problem very strange s. Never heard of problems.
    Before you reinstall the operating system with the recovery CD, I recommend checking the SoundMax Control Panel. In the power management tab you will find power for audio mode settings. It should check this configuration is compliant and if necessary trying to change power mode no energy savings.
    If it doesn't work try reinstalling the audio driver.

    If this don't solve this problem, well the reinstallation of the operating system would be a good possibility.

  • Qosmio G20 - no sound, no sound device install

    On my system device, I get tab of exclamation next to the Audio on high definition audio bus device.
    It does not install correctly and watch does not.

    When I go in I get error 10 code updated to the point.
    Audio codec IDT high definition, do not work.

    any ideas how to have it recharged and run as no sound on laptop

    Qosmio G20 running


    Do you have what system installed?
    Have you tried reinstalling the audio driver?

    The laptop seems to bear a sound chip for Analog Devices Inc..
    I could find only Win XP drivers on the European driver for this old Qosmio Toshiba page

  • Is it possible to directly connect dish Qosmio G20?

    HY everybody,

    I have a Qosmio G20-PQG21. The receiver is 60 metres from the position of the laptop. In this case, the channel is not editable. The problem that this person wants to change channels. The problem is quite simple... can I connect the coaxial cable from the dish directly to tv tunner and setup guide? or do you have another solution for my situation?

    Thanks in advance


    In my opinion it of not possible connect the cable satellite directly the Qosmio.
    You are also unable to connect the TV directly with the satellite dish. It of the same case on the laptop. You need a receiver sat between the laptop and the flat sat.

    There are two possibilities:
    1.), you buy a longer cable from the satellite dish to the receiver and place the receiver closer to the laptop.
    2.), you place the laptop more near the sat receiver ;)

  • Multimedia "Video Controller" error Qosmio G20 & NO sound

    I have a brand new Qosmio G20. It has been properly installed according to list of instructions installation of Toshiba (all listed in the correct order.

    Unfortunately, whenever I start (WinXP Pro), I received a message that the system has detected new hardware. In the presentation of the material, it lists a "video-controller as" and a "PCI device" that it has not been installed correctly. I tried to solve this by downloading all kinds of latest drivers on the Toshiba site. But apparently the system is still missing some drivers, although I can't know who they should be. Also in this situation, I have no sound available. I tried to reinstall the audio driver. But at the end of the installation procedure, it says that the driver is not found and leaves the facility?

    Help, please...


    If you want to identify an unknown in the Device Manager device please read this document:

    In addition, this laptop came with Win MCE. Have you installed the driver on the right its designed for Win XP?

    Best regards

  • How to connect the Qosmio G20 to screen plasma HD

    Hello... I'm so confused! ... Please can someone advise me... Read all the posts on this... What is the best way to connect G20 - 139 running Vista Home to a Plasma HD? ........ Can I buy a D-video to HDMI Cable (searched on the net but not sure of what I seek in a cable... (LOL)... any help please... I am not an expert!


    If you have time please check this topic

    For me, it is very interesting and you can find a very interesting discussion on the Qosmio G20 to connect to an HD-ready LCD TV.

    Good luck!

  • How to connect a Qosmio G20 to a TV?

    Hi, I posted here a long time ago and I have not yet found a solution to this problem.

    I want to connect my laptop to my TV. I'm always in another room, so I'll be either hanging up to 21 "Toshiba, or 32" Sony or 51 "Toshiba - I don't know if hang to different brands of TV will create a problem. I tried to plug the laptop computer with an S-video cable and a DVI cable (who both wired SCART at one end).

    I can't get the thing to work with a TV! Here is exactly what I do when I try:

    * I click on start then click on Control Panel
    * I click on 'appearance and themes '.
    * I click on "display".
    * I click on the tab "settings".
    * I click on 'Advanced '.
    * I click on the tab "GeForce Go 6600.
    * I select settings to make me a clone view on digital flat screen and a TV.
    * I click "Device settings" to make sure that all the settings of the TV are correct.
    * I press "Apply" and nothing happens!

    Can someone help me? I've had this laptop for centuries and I still have this feature not to work! Any help will be really appreciated! I look forward to THE answers.

    Thank you very much!

    You forgot to put a thing.
    Have you chosen the right channel of the TV, and you enabled the S-video on the TV?
    Check it out

    PS: You can switch to the external display also with the key FN + F5 combination

  • Qosmio G20-139: What cable I need to connect a 5.1 system speakers?

    Hi all

    Does anyone know which cable or connector, I need to connect my Qosmio g20-139 to a 5.1 system speakers?

    I searched the forum and it seems that someone has used a "optical cable Toslink" - check link below:

    Anyone successful with this? Can someone please give me a link to a place I can buy something that works? (I put 'Toslink optical cable' in google and it gives like 1 million different things!)

    Thanks for your help.


    Hello Chris

    I found a useful site on the required cables.

    Check out this link.

    You wondering where you can buy these cables. I put t know you came but I m sure that every good PC or reseller of audio accessories can sell you these cables.

  • Qosmio G20 - HDMI to LCD TV connection

    Hi all

    I would like to connect my Qosmio G20-139 directly to my LCD TV using the HDMI connection. The G20 has a d-connector on the back that I thought was HDMI, but impossible to find a cable to do it with. Anyone know if this is possible?



    Hello Roland

    As much as I know Qosmio G20 certainly has no HDMI port but port component and it looks like the HDMI port. I found the very interesting thread on this forum and you can find a very interesting discussion on the Qosmio G20 and LCD TV connection.

    Check it out under the

    Good bye

  • Qosmio G20 - 127 connection with plasma TV

    What is the best way to connect the Qosmio G20-127 with plasma Panasonic TV? Plasma TV has HDMI port. Should what cable I be able to connect to the HDMI port?


    The Qosmio G20-127 supports a component port (D-video output port)
    You can connect you laptop to TV with a D-video cable.
    You can google a bit and you will find a lot of offers.

  • Qosmio G20 to Mini HiFI Stereo Speaker System AV cable


    When I connect my Qosmio G20 to my stereo using the AV cable (with jack white, yellow and red) and my Qosmio includes a cable that joins this cable 3 to the line of the laptop for the helmet.

    The problem is, it only sends the sound to a speaker if I swap the cable then any other speaker works and the previous No.
    I've tried installing speakers / two speakers on the options here and nobody done work.
    I tried another set of audio/video cable and it is the same question.
    This configuration works correctly if I connect it to the TV, but not on my stereo system.
    Do I need a different cable?

    See you soon


    Are you sure you have connected the straight plugs at the HiFI?
    You receive a stereo sound will have to connect only two sheets: RED and WHITE.

    I ve also connected my phone to the stereo via a cable 1-2: a plug for headphones and 2 plugs (left, right) to the stereo.
    Everything works beautifully.

    Oh I remember that my HiFi supports a controller at the rear to assign the sound to the left or right speaker.
    I put it at intermediate level for both speakers.
    Maybe it's the same on your HiFI

  • Can I use the Qosmio G20 as a mediacentre?

    Is it possible to really use the Qosmio as a mediacentre?
    I want to have the Qosmio in one piece and then plug the tom my TV and the audio Center in another room.
    For the photo I think than the DVI on can be used, but for the sound, which can be used?

    Everything must be used by the remote control.

    Allt sounds possible (on papar) but I failed to do as a speider web mediacentre in my house?

    Each of you?

    / Lars


    If you want to connect the Qosmio g20 on the HIFI audio system I advise to use audio S/PDIF output line.
    The plug is the same as the headphone jack.
    I think you should be able to use it with the MCE or Qosmio player.
    I think that the remote control only works with MCE but I m not 100% sure.

  • No. 5.1 surround sound HDMI

    Problem - I don't get that ' "two-channel stereo sound during playback of a DVD (with Dolby) on my computer.  The computer is connected to an audio receiver that is set up for a surround sound.  Audio and video signals are transmitted from the PC via the HDMI 8.Lorsque on the video/tuner card.

    Computer - Compaq SR7510F

    Vidéo/Tuner - ATI All in Wonder HD

    Connected to Onkyo TX-SR604 through a video/Tuner card HDMI cable.  The Onkyo receiver is connected for 5.1 surround sound speakers.  Video signals are transmitted via the receiver to a flat screen monitor

    Sound - onboard Realtek

    According to the specifications for the SR5710F it is supposed to support its 6 speakers.  However the HDMI audio driver only allows me to select "stereo".  It is a select "surround" box, but the box is "grayed out".

    When I play the same DVD using a stand-alone DVD by Phillips drive, connected to the Onkyo receiver with the same HDMI cable, I get Dolby on the receiver.  This means that it is not a problem with the receiver, it must have something to do with 1) onboard Realtek sound driver 2) HDMI, or 3) the HDMI connection on the video/tuner card.

    I checked on the Web from Realtek site and they list a newer driver for Vista (32 bit), but when I use the Device Manager to update the driver, it is said that it is the most recent.  I don't know that the driver is the problem, so I'm hesitant to try for the heck of it.

    I tried the latest drivers Catalyst 9.1 for ATI All in Wonder card, but that didn't help either.

    Any idea?


    Thanks for the suggestion.  It worked!  There is absolutely no sense to me, nor it does not seem logical to select SPDIF, but I can't argue with success.

    I didn't need to buy Arcsoft Media Theater.  I was able to select SPDIF with ATI Catalyst and Microsofts Media Center.  I could get Dolby

    In my current setup, I updated ATI Catalyst 9.3 version graphics card and loaded the audio driver Realtek HDMI ATI R2.18.  Also in the BIOS, I put the Audio on 'Auto '.  I chose the HDMI, not the Realtek driver driver in Control Panel.  I chose Dolby and DTS bothy under the driver settings.

    Now I think I'll enjoy a Quantum of Solace from this nagging problem is resolved.

  • Qosmio G20: watch movies - no sound from TV

    I want to watch movies playing in my qosmio G20 but display on my TV
    I am connected using the S-video cable and the sound is displayed but no sounds, the sound is still coming from the laptop.
    Is it possible that I can make the sound come from the TV or my surround sound system?

    See you soon


    You can use the S-video cable with additional cinch audio cable. Then the noise should come also from the TV.

    If you want to connect to the external audio system to be able to use the headphone(S/PDIF) outlet.
    You will get excellent sound quality.

Maybe you are looking for