Connection to the virtual computer

I disabled the connection to the local network through RDP.

But I am able to connect through console of the vsphere client.

How does this work?


If you disable Network Interface at the level of the comments on a virtual machine or remove completely the vNIC to the VM, it would not affect vSphere Client to allow you to open the Console of the virtual machine.

examine the console of the virtual machine as if the standard output device connected to your virtual machine. ESXi host running MKS (mouse, keyboard and screen) process for each powered on VM, so opening the virtual machine console is managed by the OS ESXi itself. It has nothing to do with the connection of the virtual machine.

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  • VDI connect to the virtual computer with multiple NICs, use wrong address

    Strange question, we are the double of a VM to autoguiding.  Each NIC is on a different network, and it works very well.  Except when you sign out of the VM with a zero client.  If both network adapters is enabled through the vsphere, zero client the client tries to connect to the virtual machine using a wrong address.  He will try to use the address 172.16.x.x, but the life of the virtual machine and is stored on 192.168.x.x network.  Is there a way to make the NETWORK on 192.168.x.x address network card that zero the client tries to connect?

    Using the network-> Advanced-> advanced-> tab connections maps and links, move the 192.168.x.x network adapter to the top of the list of connections.


  • Lose connectivity to the virtual computer on your laptop when you are disconnected from the network


    I have a laptop with a Windows 2003 virtual machine (VPC 2007) with IIS 6.0, hosting a Web site for testing and development.

    Using Dreamweaver and navigation on the site of the XP laptop (VM host) works very well when the network cable is connected.

    Interestingly, this will work, but VERY slowly when plugged into an empty network switch.

    The virtual machine has the laptop computer adapter selected to work. I tried to use a loopback cable and it did not work. I also tried to add the MS Loopback Adapter but not had any luck with that when you set the virtual to use.

    Please can I have some suggestions, laptop user wants to work on this site with the virtual machine when you are away a network connection.

    Thank you



    Try a static IP on the same subnet to re-branded to map of loop back on the virtual machine and the host.

    Make sure that the subnet is allowed through the firewall.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • No network connection to the virtual computer after migration manually to the new host

    We have added six new hosts to our environment, and I was tasked to test connections of VIRTUAL LAN on each of them before we move VM production of their.  This is probably a simple problem, but I am new to VMWare and need help.  I already talked to our network guys, and he assures me that the physical switches are setup and working properly.  We work a vDS.

    I'm testing 14 VLANs on six new hosts.  All but one are constantly working.  (They all work on the hosts of origin which were in force before.)  I have a static IP configuration on my test VM and MAC is set to automatic.  I checked the MAC does not change when you migrate to other hosts and the VLAN correct is listed in the settings the VM network (it is not empty).  Him VLAN will work on three of the six hosts, but not all at the same time.  The strange thing is that guests at work are constantly changing.  For example, this morning hosts11, 12 and 14 may work, but this afternoon, that could change at hosts12, 14 and 16.  I don't understand why they would change on their own.

    My test consists of VM testing, migration manually, powering back, then he ping from my computer off.  Of course everything works when I get ping responses.  When I get no answers, the test of the virtual machine has a yellow exclamation mark on the network icon in the system tray.

    What should I do to fix this?

    How is the network configured?  You have a different NIC port/cable for each VLAN or Trunking used on the side of the switch?

    If you use circuits on the side of the switch, then your GRPE ports virtual switch a VLAN ID needs to match the vlan is underway to shared resources.  No matter if it's a standard switch or switch distributed... you still need this ID of vlan.

    I've seen the random question that you encounter if missing one or more of of the uplinks on the side of the switch the VLAN.

  • BitLocker to Go-compatible USB connected to the virtual computer

    Hey all,.

    Someone at - it tried connecting a Bitlocker-to-Go has helped USB device to a virtual machine? On my Windows 7 host, I am running VMware Workstation 7.0.1 and the USB device to a Windows XP SP3 virtual computer. The removable disk appears, but it shows as not being formatted / raw.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Thank you


    Do you need to install a driver for Bitlocker-To-Go in your Windows XP guest?  The only thing I could find for XP only gives read only ability...

  • Oracle UCM CIS - user authentication and connection to the virtual computer


    I have a few questions. I'm trying to integrate the University Complutense of MADRID with my custom web application.

    (1) is it possible to authenticate users (password validation) if we use CIS to integrate. If this isn't the case, then if the server of the University Complutense of MADRID uses its own database backend and not no matter what LDAP for user management, must make us a call to the database table directly? Any idea on the table?

    (2) if I am trying to connect to a server of the University Complutense of MADRID that runs on a virtual machine, but in the local network, I always get an error like this.
    Failed to retrieve the configuration information for the content Terminal item. Permission denied. Address < < ip address > > ' is not an authorized remote socket address.
    However, if I connect to an instance of the AAU runs on a server instance, the same code is running.
    The server within the virtual machine console is accessible from my m/c through browser. So should I give access to this port to the socket connection 4444. Couldn't find anything on it. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you
    In depth.

    Hi deep,

    You can restrict access to the content server port 4444 using a filer of ip address in the /config/config.cfg file of

    There is a property called SocketHostAddressSecurityFilter

    You can for example set
    SocketHostAddressSecurityFilter = 192.168.1. * | | localhost
    the list is led separate

    connections from addresses other than these raise the error that you have demonstrated

    Please consider maring this thread as answered if that solves the problem to help others facing the same


    Please consider maring this thread as answered if that solves the problem to help others facing the same

    Published by: Tim Snell on December 15, 2010 07:57

  • Smart card reader does not correctly connect once the virtual machine is restored from sleep using the vmrum controls

    Smart card reader does not correctly connect once the virtual machine is restored from sleep using the vmrum controls

    Scenario is,

    1. smart card reader is connected to the VM with card inserted in

    2 initiate a prompt suspension of the VM toolbar

    3. now to resume the virtual machine by using vmrun command into the host machine

    WS t vmrun start xxx.vmx

    Now, the recovery of VM but the smart card reader that was previously connected does not work properly in VM that is to say, sometimes after CV chip card reader driver is uninstalling and a few other times, chip connected to the drive is not available on a virtual computer

    My requirement is after power, smart card reader can stay connected to the virtual computer with the already installed driver and the smart card.

    Kindly help with this problem.

    Host operating system: Victoire 2012 R2

    The VM OS: win 10 x 64

    Thank you!!

    Dear all,

    I had a work around for this problem. By adding "usb.autoConnect.device0 ="0xVID:0xPID"" this statement to the VMX file, solves this problem, that is, whenever the VM is wake-up by clicking on the link CV or using vmrun commands, it connects the unit in question automatically and it is charging correctly with his driver. Obtaining smart card detected after sleep\hibernate with no problems.

    VID & PID is respective ID of the device that can be seen in the properties of the Device Manager "Device Instance path".

    For more information about this, visit VMware KB: automatic connection of USB devices to the virtual machine power on

    ~ Surendra

  • NET application SAN LUN connection for a virtual computer on the network

    Hi guys

    I have a LUN of SAN NetApp ready for a virtual computer that is connected to the network.

    How can I make the virtual machine network?

    I created another vNic and added to it as a secondary virtual machine network, but is there a better way to do this?

    Should I be using the VMKernel network and choose iScsi?

    Thanks, Julien

    Hi Julien,

    Introduce the network of the virtual machine as if it were any other network. No need to have a vmkernel, unless you want to create an iSCSI data store.

    Set up your network inside the virtual machine with an IP address in the same subnet as your storage space. Try to ping of your storage space for the guest. Configure your iSCSI initiator and present your logic unit number on the virtual computer in your NetApp.



  • Is it possible I can get the virtual computer connectivity after restart to connect to the local network in the host operating system?

    Hi all

    For some reason, I have to disable and then enable the LAN connection in the host operating system. If some virtual machines are running during this time, connectivity all VMs for out-of-world are lost, they cannot connect to the host even more (by running the ping command). I tried a few methods to retrieve the connectivity, but all have failed, for example,

    1. reboot the virtual computer

    2. restart VMware Workstation

    3. restart the corresponding system services in the host operating system

    The only way I can retrieve all is to restart the host operating system itself.

    Yes, is there short any path, I can retrieve the connectivity of these virtual machines?

    Thanks in advance.


    yarkwang wrote:

    I use a Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet NIC, shows the date of the pilot 2006-5-15, but it works well, I think.

    Try installing a newer driver.  According to the site, you should be able to find a driver dated 2008 or 2007 (depending on which exact model of NetLink card you have):


    1 came out of safe guard 360

    Sometimes out of some firewall programs is not enough (they keep still themselves installed in the network of the host stack, even if they are 'closed').  You may need to uninstall to make sure that it is not interfere.  (Search the forums for support for your firewall software see if anyone else is having problems with vmware and 360 safe guard).

  • Error connecting to the remote computer.


    I am able to connect to the VIRTUAL LAN, but when connecting to the remote computer using mstsc, I get the error below 'a problem caused blocking the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    Here are my details of machine:

    Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic
    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    System model Inspiron N5010
    System Type x 64-based PC

    internet security Kaspersky 2012

    Please come back if you need furthur information.

    Could you please getback me ASAP.

    Thank you & best regards


    Hi Anil,

    You try to connect a Windows 7 Home Basic?

    You cannot use Remote Desktop connection to connect to computers that are running Windows 7 Starter Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Edition Home Premium.

    See the following Microsoft article.

    Remote Desktop connection: frequently asked questions

    Keep us updated on the status of the issue.

  • whenever I have to connect to the virtual machine asks me to enter login and password I can't save the credentials

    Hi, I used Windows Virtual PC XP mode for awhile and I just do a fresh install, and I'm having a problem that I seem not to be able to solve.

    After you enable the integration features, I got to the Windows Security login screen. I typed in the login and the password, but I accidentally made a mistake and could not connect. I clicked on cancel and was then in the XP login screen, where I entered then the right login and password and it me connected to the virtual machine XP without problem.

    Now, the problem I have is every time I connect to computer virtual it asks me the login and the password on the login screen of XP and I don't have the option to connect using the login Windows Security screen, so it do not give me an option to save my password and login information. So, to make things worse is that moment every time I have to resize the virtual pc it then asks me to log in again.

    Is it possible to return me to the Windows security login screen where can I put my login instead of the XP login screen when it is not an option?

    Hi Richard,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

    TechNet Forum


    Hope this information helps.

  • PC migration - converter could not connect to the remote computer. A general error occurred: unknown internal error


    I am brand new to fusion m v so forgive me if I miss useful information of the first post time around.

    I try to use migrate your PC, feature of VM Fusion 8 but I see the error in the title of the topic when I try to start the import operation.

    I have disabled the firewall on the PC and MAC

    I tried over ethernet and direct connections

    When I run the migration of PC Windows tool, he complains that UAC is enabled even if it is not (confirmed via Control Panel and evolution via the command prompt)

    When you try to migrate, it accepts the PIN and then shows a warning on this certificate, that I choose to browse

    He will then ask admin username/pass on the PC (I tried my only regular and also tried setting a new admin user and try this)

    After that, I see the error: the migration of PC - Converter could not connect to the remote computer. A general error occurred: unknown internal error

    Should I keep trying to get this working, or that it will be more easy to find a way less direct to turn the PC to a virtual machine on the Mac?

    I found the logs on mac and have posted what I think is the appropriate one below, but not really sure:

    LOGS *.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: Log for USB VMware pid = 3550 Arbitration Service version 12.1.0 = Build = build-3272237 option = output

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: The process is 64-bit.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: Host codepage = UTF-8 encoding = UTF-8

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: Host is Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F1713), Darwin 14.5.0

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: VTHREAD initialize main thread 3 'usbArb' tid 119357

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: DictionaryLoad: could not open the file "/ Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config ': no such file or directory.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: Preference of option of PREF file found in/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion / config. Using the default values.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: DictionaryLoad: cannot open the file ' / dev/null/Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY / settings ": not a directory.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: Preference of option of PREF file not found at/dev/null / Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY/settings. Using the default values.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: DictionaryLoad: cannot open the file ' / dev/null/Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY / config ': not a directory.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.088Z | usbArb | I125: Preferences optional PREF file not found in/dev/null/Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY / config. Using the default values.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.089Z | usbArb | I125: DictionaryLoad: could not open the file "/ var/root/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion / config ': no such file or directory.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.089Z | usbArb | I125: Preferences optional PREF file not found in/var/root/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion / config. Using the default values.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.089Z | usbArb | I125: Deactivation of the preferences of the user PREF because disableUserPreferences is set.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.089Z | usbArb | I125: PREF cannot load the user's preferences.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - PARAMETERS GLOBAL/dev/null / Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY/settings

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - NON PERSISTENT

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - USER PREFERENCES

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - default USER IS/var/root / Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - HOST by default IS/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.090Z | usbArb | I125: DICT - SITE by default IS/dev/null/Non-existing DEFAULT_LIBDIRECTORY/config

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.091Z | usbArb | I125: USBArbRuleStore: loading rules of "/ Library/Application Support/VMware/usbarb.rules".

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.091Z | usbArb | I125: VMware USB Arbitration Service Version 15.1.7

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.091Z | machPoll | I125: VTHREAD beginning thread 4 'machPoll' tid 119359

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.366Z | usbArb | I125: USBArb: trying to connect to an arbitrator on/var/run/vmware/usbarbitrator-socket.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.366Z | usbArb | I125: SOCKET create new socket, connect to/var/run/vmware/usbarbitrator-socket

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.366Z | usbArb | I125: SOCKET connection failed, error 2: no such file or directory

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.366Z | usbArb | I125: USBArb: unable to connect to the existing arbitrator.

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.398Z | usbArb | I125: USBArb: UsbArbPipeConnected: connected to the customer, outlet: 4

    2016 04-21 T 11: 12:50.399Z | usbArb | I125: USBArb: 3450 Client connected (version: 7)

    Well well just in case someone found this one in the future, the question turns out to be that my PC has been joined to a domain, but I was connected to a local account. I solved the problem by leaving the field. There may be other ways to work around this problem.

  • Students cannot "connect/disconnect the virtual machine's CD/DVD devices.

    I will start with this context (and apologies for the wall o ' text): I'm a newbie.  I took the course VMware local community college offers [VMware ESXI Server Enterprise (CIS197)], but I've not yet certified. And I don't have a real experience, except what I have taught myself so far.

    I recently accepted a position of learning associated with the College (think: glorified lab tech). I was tasked to work with stuff from VMware in the laboratory (among other things such as Cisco and Juniper equipment). There is no pass-down information like the previous left the position four months ago.

    We have a single host running ESXi 348481 4.1.0. "We have vCenter Server (5.5.0, 1312298), running on Windows Server (2008 R2, Enterprise Edition).  Access host and vCenter through two different IP, addresses using the vSphere client (either 5.5 or 4.1, using a single application - depends to know if I connect to the host or vCenter).

    At that time, the host is using local storage only (we have plans to change this, but it will take time).  The host is not a production on its own server, because it does not have a school systems.  He does, however, run a number of virtual machines in the lab, students use (Linux, Microsoft, Web design, etc.).  So, right now, I can't take it down.

    I was tasked to create a number of virtual machines that students can use to make the basic labs of Microsoft Windows 7.  So far, I have:
    -Created users, one per student, on the host.
    -Creating VMs, deploy one per student, I have a gold model vcenter.
    -Creation of roles to limit the access of students to just their VM attributed, which they access via client vSphere.
    -Created a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller that is also a DHCP server.
    -Created a virtual network, which is accessible only by the Windows 7 virtual machines and is not visible outside the vSphere environment (if I said this right - he does not see the Internet or school network).

    So far, it's all good.

    However, I need to be able to allow students the ability to edit the ISO file on which their VM points in order to complete some laboratories. I guess they would use the button "connect/disconnect the virtual machine's CD/DVD devices" on the taskbar (or console window). It does not work.
    I searched a lot and found that others have had the same problem.  However, all of the solutions I've tried so far have failed.  When they click 'Connect to ISO image on the data... store. "they get an error message means nothing to me,"an internal error has occurred in the vSphere Client. Details: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. Contact VMware support if necessary.
    The role that I use for students has these settings:
    -Data store > Browse the data store
    -Virtual Machine > Configuration > change the settings of the device
    -Virtual Machine > Configuration > settings
    -A bouquet under the virtual machine > Configuration >
    -Configure CD media
    -Console interaction
    -Connection of the device
    -Power off
    -(and more, which I don't believe are important to the question)
    -State > create the snapshot
    -State > go back to the snapshot

    I tried "Virtual Machine > Configuration > add existing disk", "Virtual Machine > Configuration > add new disk" and "Virtual Machine > Configuration > add or remove an instrument" with no luck.

    Either by the way, the root account can do all these things, but no other account can - not even a game as an administrator account.

    I've seen mention I have apply the role in the data store.  It is perhaps part of the problem. I can't see the data store when I am connected to the host (wellll, I can, if I click on the host name, then on the Summary tab - but roles do not apply at this stage).  I see is 'Inventory' (which has virtual machines and Pools of resources), 'Rôles' and 'log files '.

    I can see the data store when logged in vCenter. Roles of students, however, are defined on the host computer. If I clone the role of users in vCenter and change this role cloned to have "permissions" that those who are on the host computer and then apply it to the data store, it still does not work.

    So, after all this (which I hope I've included all the necessary information), what can I do to allow the students to change ISO to which they are connected?

    Of course, if I left something, or if someone has a question, please ask.  I want to get this resolved as soon as I can.

    It turns out that I finally found the solution to the problem.

    What 'fixed', it is sufficient to vSphere Web Client to vCenter, which then allowed us to use Single Sign-On (SSO).  This, in turn, allowed us to define users and roles in vCenter (rather than having set them up directly on the host computer) which have then been applied to the VMS of students and also to the data store.

    Now, they can (de-) connect their ISOs at will.

    I find it interesting that vSphere Client (application) shows the users (and the things that they have access to), but it won't let you set of users.

  • Connection to the remote computer ends abruptly

    I'll put up view Horizon 5.3. Some of my users will be connecting with the Windows desktop Window 7 Pro client.  The GET authenticated, they connect and the screen is black after a few seconds they get a message that the connection to the remote computer is complete. I double checked my ports.  Anyone who knows?  All of the suggestions.

    Your pool is configured with PcOIP? Try using RDP and let us know the results. Check this KB it can help you - VMware KB: black screen by connecting to a virtual desktop VMware View with PCoIP

  • Move-vm can migrate a powered off the virtual computer to a DRS cluster?

    When I try to move-vm has propelled off VM to a destination of DRS cluster, he says that he cannot migrate a powered off the virtual computer to a DRS cluster.   I can explicitly name the destination of the host and it works, but that defeats the purpose of using the DRS and forces me to script on the destination hosts.

    I do something wrong or I would be able to migrate a powered off the virtual computer to a DRS cluster?

    Thank you


    Hello, MattG-

    I get the same behavior as you when you try to move a VM PoweredOff to a DRS cluster, specifying the cluster as the value for the parameter - Destination to Move-VM (using PowerCLI v5.1 Rel 2 v5.5 Rel 1).  Not quite what I expected.

    To work around the problem, and without having to appoint a particular host as destination, you could use some Get-Random, do something like:

    Move-VM myVM0 -Destination (Get-Cluster myDestDRSCluster | Get-VMHost | ?{$_.State -eq "Connected"} | Get-Random) -RunAsync

    Who should receive the machine said cluster and on a host that is in the connected state.  A subsequent operation to the market (whenever do you eventually) should then see DRS power on the virtual machine on a suitable host in the cluster.

    Maybe the dev team can comment if this behavior is the expected or desired.

    Anyway, how does do for you?

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