Contact ID has stopped working

After the 9.3.1 update my ID of more Touch iPhone 6s has stopped working. All my fingerprints have been deleted and it won't let me add them. The option is grayed out.

Looks like a hardware problem. Before taking your phone to the local Genius Bar, make sure that you follow all the steps below:

Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
  • Press and hold the Home button
  • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

If that doesn't work, restore your device to factory settings. Please note that this will delete the data on your device.

Take a look this Apple Support article: use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

As a final step, try recovery mode. Turn off your unit, then plug it to your computer with the hold home button. Hold down Home button until you see the logo of iTunes on the screen of your device. After that on your computer, you should see the iTunes window saying that your device needs to be restored to factory settings. Click Restore.

More info here:

If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.

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    Hello Jeroen Ratz,

    You should visit your computer manufacturer's website to download all updates for your hardware. Never leave the windows update utility, update your hardware to your computer. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

  • My thunderbird (windows 8) essentially has stopped working. More than one minute to open an email - all other functions have similar delays. What should I do?

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    Follow-up: McAfee was the problem. I contacted them via chat. Remotely, they took control of my computer and changed the settings. TBird works fine now.

    Thank you for all your help.

  • iCloud for windows has stopped working - no data showing. Everyone knows this? Found a fix?

    iCloud for windows has stopped working - no data showing. Everyone knows this? Found a fix?

    I've recently upgraded to a Windows 10 laptop and have had problems with iCloud.  I can't access the photos at all - old hard drive Windows 7 accesses as before, except all my original photos (not Photostream - in folders) seem to have been deleted but it is now downloading Photostream when I activated my new laptop, but only back until June 2015.  However, other data seems OK - contacts, calendar, notes, etc.

  • U920T satellite screen has stopped working

    The screen has stopped working on a relatively new U920t. It displays second screen on the TV, but the actual screen shines in computer mode not all laptop or tablet.

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

    > It displays second screen on the TV, but the actual screen shines in computer mode not all laptop or tablet.

    This means that there is nothing wrong with the graphics chip on the motherboard, but without doubt the connection between the screen and map mother isn t OK or maybe the internal display is faulty.

    Is that it is a hardware issue and you should contact Toshiba authorized service provider in your country for repair.
    If the warranty is valid, the laptop must be repaired for free.

    Welcome them

  • computer keyboard HP laptop has stopped working

    my computer keyboard laptop hp pavilion has stopped working; can be used only on screen keybord - ideas?

    Use the warranty and contact HP. How to do?
    Click on the link below and choose your country:
    Contact HP worldwide

  • 7.16 Skype crashes on Windows 10 | "Skype has stopped working".

    Hi all,

    "" I have this problem: I can sign into the Skype and I can open tools and all the settings, but when I open any one of my contacts, said Skype "Skype has stopped working? And that's my dxdiag error:

    Fault bucket 116066105508, type 5
    Event name: BEX
    Answer: No available
    Cabin ID: 0

    Signature of the problem:
    P1: Skype.exe
    P3: 565cf9d6
    P4: StackHash_6d1b
    P6: 00000000
    P7: PCH_DD_FROM_mshtml + 0 x 00741300
    P8: c0000005
    P9: 00000008

    [The update by the moderator topic title should be more descriptive. Original section title was: "Skype 7.7 hangs on Windows 10 | Skype has stopped working""]

    First of all, make sure that you have all the latest Windows updates installed:

    Try to reset all settings to Internet Explorer by default:

  • Satellite L500 - DMIcheck application has stopped working

    Some of my drivers won't install givin message "DMIcheck application has stopped working" or similar for pInfo application...

    Same installation of 64 bit Windows 7 on another laptop didn't have problems like that.

    How to solve this?

    model laptop is L500 (short model No. PLJSHE)


    To me that sounds like that the DMI information is missing, and if you get this error message...
    You use the Toshiba drivers directly?

    Usually the DMI information is missing, if the motherboard was exchanged and technicians forgot to re - write this information.
    In this case contact the guy again and they will do that for you! :)

  • HP Pavilion DV6: at startup BIOS showing CPU fan has stopped working, but I checked the fan is in good condition


    I bought my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop 2011 as it starts a is overheating, freezing windows with noisy fan sound etc... but now, on information in BIOS boot indicating that the CPU fan has stopped working so immediately, I checked that I couldn't hear any noise from fan and no symptoms as fan works so I disassembled my laptop and removed CPU cooler fan only. Simply with the help of the battery, I checked the CPU fan it is running perfectly alone. but it does not work with the laptop.

    Please help me and guide what is the cause of this problem and how to solve this problem.


    HI @Kartic

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    This is a fantastic place to find answers and suggestions!
    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums Learn how Post and more

    How can I find my model number or product number?

    I understand that since you had the laptop he had an overheating problem with a loud fan noise that causes freeze it.

    Recently, you have received the message that the CPU fan has stopped working and you couldn't hear the rotation of the fan to the top.

    You have removed the fan and checked, but the fan works.  It is possible that the connection was not safe in Notepad.

    Here is a link to an overheating and Auto Shutdown problem troubleshooting.

    Have you checked for an update of the bios of your laptop. You have provided the series of laptop you have, but not the exact model, so I'm not able to check it for you.

    You can run the Wizard to help HPin order to facilitate this process.

    Like a bios update has the potential to cause damage, you can contact HP technical support using this procedure.

    Please contact our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click on the link below to get a number of assistance for your region.

    World wide phone holder

    Here is a link to the guide to maintenance and Service Guide HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook PC for your laptop.

    You can replace the thermal paste on the processor. Here is a link to a YouTube video on this process.

    How to apply thermal paste

    Good luck!

  • Qosmio G30 - GPU has stopped working


    I have Toshiba Qosmio G - 30 portable series.
    Same problem as all the others. The GPU has stopped working. Tried with external monitor too, same thing.
    This is the 3rd time what happens.

    Finally 2 times had to be repaired. The guys at Toshiba just suggest a motherboard replacement, which is about $1000 USD.

    In INDIA, they have the very worst customer service, taking customers for granted.

    I'm trying to get the GPU: nVIDIA GeForce GF-Go7600-N-A2 G73M GPU BGA Chipset, replaced.

    E Bay, some sell one those given to NINE and some new.

    Can someone help me please?
    Is this the replacement work and what is a smart refurbished?
    Which will work?
    Does anyone know any service center etc. in INDIA who can do a good job on this?

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    > E - Bay, some sell one those given to NINE and some new.

    I don't have never heard about refurbished CPU or GPU, the internet is a vast world, and you can always find strange and products
    To be honest I would not take it. For me it sounds too strange

    However, the GPU malfunction is really annoying problem. The fact is that in most cases, the motherboard must be replaced and it is always a costly affair if the guarantee is no longer valid

    You have a service center in India.
    Well, I found this database ASP from Toshiba. You will find all the FSA all over the world.> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

    In India, were more of * 50! ASP *.
    I recommend that you get in contact with some partners and ask what's possible

  • Satellite U300-130 - TosBtMng has stopped working after installing Nokia PC Suite

    I have the same problem too... with Toshiba Satellite U300-130.

    Bluetooth worked well enough before I installed the Nokia PC Suite for my mobile on my PC (new version Web site).

    To be correct, as a first step, I even managed to maintain a connection between the PC and the Nokia Bluetooth and ran the synchronization of the contacts. I tried several times, but each time synchronization run ended with the message "PC couldn't get response from your Nokia.

    After the reboot, my PC went crazy and started broadcasting the message "TosBtMng has stopped working" and it restarted every time that I ask him to close.

    Installation of the new version of BT Stack (6.40) does not resolve this error.

    Help, please

    I also use Toshiba Satellite, I use this [suite Nokia pc |] version

  • My keyboard has stopped working - please help!

    For some reason, the keyboard on my laptop Satellite 1000 series has stopped working (I think someone was able to associate some liquid above...). Device displays Manager ' easy internet keyboard "and"logitech HID-compliant keyboard"(which refers to a USB keyboard I was forced to buy).
    No luck, anyone know what is happening and how I can get my keyboard to work again? Maybe something to do with the reinstallation of the drivers?

    Hi Adam

    If somebody spilled a little liquid to hardware malfunction and I guess that the keyboard is default now. Try to contact the Service partner and pick up some information how the new costs of keyboard. You can also a Google a little bit around and find that keyboard correspond to your model of laptop.

    In my opinion you can exchange only.

  • Toshiba Disc Creator has stopped working Error Message

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P305D-S8834 and tried to burn a CD using Toshiba Disc Creator v. But I kept getting an error message saying "Toshiba Disc Creator has stopped working." and could not properly burn a CD. Although I contacted Toshiba support, I couldn't not useful information. Advice would be appreciated.

    Try to remove and reinstall Disc Creator. Install the latest version from the Toshiba site.

    Also update the BIOS and make sure you use quality such as TDK DVD discs. Disks unnamed wear easy and use of dye at low cost.

    Also try to remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters:

  • Satellite M70-340: display driver has stopped working




    CONTACT on [email protected]


    If the reinstallation of the system with the recovery CD does not help, then it is not a software problem.
    This means that some hardware component is defective.
    In this case, you need to take your laptop to the service.

    Good bye

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