Contact Toshiba for the weekend

How can I contact Toshiba Australia weekend?
My power adapter just caught fire and Ive called their support number (13-30-70) and the recorded message said to call back on Monday... I think it is a little too important to wait as long.

I think Toshiba is directly wrong address. Contact nearest authorized service provider. They are responsible for the hardware support and exchange of material.

Of course, if you call them at Sunday, I can imagine you w = must wait until Monday.

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  • Can satellite L300-1BV - I ask Toshiba for the installation CD?


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    I think you mean the Toshiba recovery disc. Is this correct?

    If yes you can create yourself Toshiba recovery disc. So start the Toshiba recovery disc creator to create this diskette.
    This disc you create operating system preinstalled with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. It s also called settings factory or let's say the same thing that you started the laptop time first.

    Normally, you get a recovery reminder message and I think that this information could be useful for you:
    + Important INFORMATION +.

    + your system is equipped with a hard drive recovery system. If you need repair.
    + your computer in the restaurant to original factory State, you can do it directly.
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    + and follow the instructions in the menu) or create a media drive bootable recovery to that end. +.

    + Toshiba recommends you create recovery disk medium uses the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator' to ensure the +.
    + Hat you are able to restore your computer to the State of origin, installed at the factory, even if your computer +.
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  • Toshiba 42XV635D - need to contact Toshiba for flash firmware

    Hi all

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    On this Toshiba page you will find all available worldwide authorized Toshiba service providers:

  • Person to contact Toshiba regarding the design and engineering of ideas


    I want to contact toshiba to open a company speak with new ideas about the design and operation of laptops.
    I have pictures and images of these ideas.

    Can someone direct me to the right direction?
    Thank you.

    If you prefer please email me directly: [email protected]


    First of all, I must say here it s only forum user. You'll be a really lucky guy if someone from Toshiba will be the response to your ad or the means will contact you directly but hope dies last. ;)

    Are you from Europe?
    In any case, I think the best thing is if contact you Toshiba local basis in your country. But the question is if you can contact the guy because normally your interlocutor is a rather authorized Toshiba service provider.

    Of course, you can try it and look for an email address. Maybe you'll find something on Toshiba page in your language. :)

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    Why you want to contact Toshiba? If you have several problems with the equipment, you must contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys can help you solve these problems.

    Here is a list of all of the centres services they can help you: > repair

    Good luck! :)

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    What do you mean by "it's impossible"?
    TV detects your WLAN?

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    If you give the old vieux iPhone iPhone away, to do this, see below:

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