Contacted by telephone by rep

Contacted by "telephone identifying himself as Windows REP and I had more than 100 errors on my files. It was a random contact and said his name was "Vincent.  The statement coincided with the same "pop up" message that appears when ever I gwent in my files. If I'm wrong allowed him access to my computer by giving him the necessary data and the result is that I have no e-mail files now only and inter net. I have several years of work on my files. It will not accept a reference to bank account for transfer and I won't give my bank details because he won't give me the details of contact, address or a business phone.  How can I recover my files please?

Oh, dear.  This is a very common scam going around, and if you allowed them to control your computer they could literally do anything for her. Since there is no way for us to know what the scammer on your computer while he had control of it, it is impossible for us to be able to help reverse the trend.  I hope that you have backups of your files somewhere, because at this point, the best thing you can do is to completely clean your computer clean erase and start over. Fraudsters can let the guests desired such as keyloggers, thieves of password or other malicious software.  You should also communicate with all banks and financial institutions and let them know what happened because you will need to take steps to protect your accounts and finance.

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    even if it means interrupting my connection, can somebody pleeeease tell me if it is possible to be alerted of an incoming phone call when the telephone line, I use for my dial-up access a basic service only (no call waiting, calling I.D. etc.). If yes what should I do to get there. There must be a solution-i have tried for days to get a response and with the "unprecedented" speed of my dial-up connection, I'm losing my patience! However, I have the internet service and a home phone that is nothing other than a busy signal 89% of the time. looking forward to a response... that works.

    Not without subscribing to call waiting as far as I KNOW. Contact your telephone company & know for sure. ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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    It's still not clear to me what you want to achieve.

    You can use to add a menu item to some system applications, for example the address book. you get a context object, in a BlackberryContact, you can process or use the address book.

    Your second post seems to allude to , it is used to place small flags with or without the number, such as that used for unread e-mail messages.

  • Cancel my subscription (without contact options)


    I want to cancel my subscription as a student (I now have another subscription with my colleagues), but when I go to the support page, I did not have the options of contact (chat, telephone).

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    If it is a monthly subscription, you can cancel it Adobe account:

    Otherwise contact support after the reset of your browser:

    Contact the customer service

    Make sure that you are connected with your Adobe credentials.

    I hope this helps.


    Megha Rawat

  • Cannot send pictures after iOS updated 10.0.2

    Given that I have updated to iOS 10.0.2, I can't send photos by text message. My MMS and iMessage are both turned on. Can someone please give me a solution for this?

    Thank you

    Lynnski70 wrote:

    Given that I have updated to iOS 10.0.2, I can't send photos by text message. My MMS and iMessage are both turned on. Can someone please give me a solution for this?

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    If you cannot send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If the link doesn't help you contact your telephone operator, MMS is a function of carrier.

  • Send SMS via messages not iMessages

    I have an iPhone 4S with iOS updated.  I can't message to some people because he's trying to send it via iMessages which proves defective, then deliver that way.  I need message by message only and cannot see a difference in contact information to cause this.  What is the cause and how to fix it.

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    You may have a service issue. If the problem persets, then contact your telephone service provider. and you can always go to the app store and download a SMS application replacing

  • iPad 9.7 Pro falls constantly WiFi

    I am desperately looking for help, before returning my second new iPad Pro and return to my iPad 2 Air.  My iPad 9.7 Pro simply refuses to maintain a compatible Wi - FI connection.  I have other Apple devices in my house, including a 2 Air iPad, iPad Mini 4, iMac, retina 15 MBP, 5 K and two Apple TV.  None of my other devices have connectivity issues either.  For my wireless network, I use the newest Apple Airport Extreme AC.

    I contacted AppleCare telephone support, spending a combined 4-5 hours with different technicians.  Unfortunately, their advice was to return my iPad Pro.  This problem is a regular problem.  The iPad Pro deletes the WiFi connection every 30 seconds to 1 minute, which is more noticeable by using FaceBook Messenger - it decreases constantly and reconnects.  Only, I'm stumped on this one.  I thought Apple Care support would run a diagnostic tool or else where this problem is consistent and would be easily observable in these tools.  Unfortunately, the only suggestion was to send it back.  This is the first time that I personally had Apple Care support fail to solve a serious problem, leaving me with no procedure.  I returned the first Pro of Apple iPad, I bought.  The second new iPad Pro, I bought at Costco and I have the same number.  I guess that an argument could be made that it is my wireless network which is the issue that two consecutive new iPad Pros have had the same problems.  However, I have no problems with other wireless devices on my home network.  My iPad 2 Air works perfectly via WiFi.

    I can put my iPad 2 Air and iPad Pro side by side.  My iPad 2 Air maintains a WiFi connection, receive regular notifications of iMessage, FaceBook Messenger, Gmail and Outlook.  When I get out my iPad Pro at home during the work day, I come home and it's been offline all day (easily noticed in Apple Mail app-'present' time), and the WiFi icon is not present on the top left of the screen.  It usually takes a minute or two to reconnect, then all the notifications come flooding in.  When I travel for work, generally the Hilton Hotels family. I also have this same problem of WiFi at these hotels - the iPad Pro will not maintain a WiFi connection.

    I have a simple wireless home network, provided by my Apple Airport Extreme AC.  I do not use VPN connections, redirects the port or anything that might complicate the situation.  I have a absolutely rock solid 200 MB internet connection cable.

    I'd listen to their advice, especially if I am in the window of their return policy. It is simply not worth my time trying to get a device to work when it should work out of the box.

  • HP laptop - 15-ac158dx: squeaky sound coming from computer speakers, headphones are not affected

    Earlier this week, I received and downloaded the latest update of Windows 10. It went smoothly as planned and everything seemed fine until yesterday, I started to experience a buzzing scratching of my laptop speakers. It was intermittent at first, and then it escalated. Some music and audio as dialogue and certain songs feels this scraping sound along the coast the audio ordinary much.

    To test fade the cause is physical (speakers themselves) or software related (because of update) I did the following.

    I tried what has been said in this issue;

    I created a system on the laptop restore point and backup all data and uninstalled the audio drivers from the Device Manager and reinstalled.

    It didn't work and now I'm assuming it's a physical problem with the speakers themselves. If this is the case, what should I do? A check appears to show that my warranty is still applicable; should I go with him?


    Thanks for joining the HP Forums.
    I'll be happy to help you

    If I understand correctly the helmet function correctly, however, the speakers create excessive noise and in view of the fact that you have already reinstalled the drivers, tried a backup & restore, but the problem persists.

    It is time you contact HP telephone support and get a repair service (free, because your computer is covered under HP warranty).

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:

    (1) once the page opens, please select the country in which you are located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose "Contact the Support" tab at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page "HP Support - contact" to fill out the form with your details.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Get a phone number." A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

    If the information I provided was useful, give us some reinforcements by clicking on the solution and laurels, buttons that help and others see that we have the answers!
    Good luck.

  • BEC: My screen won't work!

    I have a HP computer germinate. Using the touch screen, I slipped left give me some options such as the hours of night. Because I was going to turn down the brightness, I clicked another option, have to do with the different screens (I don't remember the exact name). When you click on this option of my screen went black. My mouse and keyboard work, the power botton is on and I am able to hear the noise of the usual fan but my screen stays black. I have not yet possess this plu computer of four mountains.

    Thank you and I hope you can help solve the problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you for the update. Here is a method that you can try to update your system or to participate in the restoration of the system, a start cold upward.

    1. try voltage of your computer (if you can not stop, otherwise you will probably need to press and hold the power button until off system powers).

    2. wait for 15-20 seconds for the internal hardware stops. Disconnect any external device other than the keyboard, the mouse, and the power cord.

    3. then turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F11 key about once per second, until it appears the screen Select your keyboard type .

    4. Click to select your keyboard type.

    5. the choose an Option screen should come right now. Click on troubleshoot.

    6. in the screen that appears, you can try using your PC refresh, or select Advanced Options.  If you choose to first try a refresh and it does not help with the new service, and then repeat steps 1-5 and in this step, select Advanced Options this time. If the update was successful, then you're done, skip the remaining steps.

    7. in the Advanced Options, select the system restoreand use a restore point from before the change was made.

    If none of these methods worked for you, or you are unable to access the menus using the F11 key on a boot cold upward, then you must contact the telephone support. Please use the following and create a folder for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP W2072a: moniter

    Hi guys.

    I have the type of hp W2072a monitor and when I turn on my PC I get message like this

    {no signal DVI. VGA no signal}

    Please help me I want to support

    and I tried to remove the RAM and battery and clean all the dust in the motherboard

    I also tried to replace the cable from the monitor and VGA cable but the message still appears for me


    Hi @Sirius_R136a1,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community! I understand you that you need help with your HP monitor that gives a message "no signal DVI, no VGA no signal. I'll be happy to help you.

    A remarkable work was done in trying these troubleshooting steps before posting your question in the forums of HP. It's always a great pleasure to work with tech-savvy and technically customers sounds like you. Kudos to you for this. I am amazed at your technical skills and levels of technical knowledge.

    Please perform a reset hardware first monitor steps to do:

    • Unplug the power cord from the monitor and the computer cable.
    • Please press and hold the power button on the computer for about 20 seconds to carry out the static electrical charges.
    • Reconnect the power cord and check if the monitor displays the same message without DVI no signal no VGA signal without connection to the computer.

    If it is the monitor displays the same message, then there may be nothing wrong with the monitor. If you tried another monitor with this computer and it did not work you must get the repaired computer. You can check this link for assistance:

    If it's an HP computer you can contact HP telephone support on and follow the on-screen instructions to reach phone are supported. If it's an old HP computer maybe not options available service and you may need to contact a technician on site to get the computer fixed.

    I hope this helps. I would like to know how this happens. I hope the problem is solved without hassle and the unit works very well. I'm always here for you help. Please reach out at any time.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to give a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help me. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution" because it will help many other people with the same problem to get it resolved without hassle.

    Now carefully and have a wonderful week ahead.

  • wanted m6 sleekbook: How can I stop my laptop screen goes blank.

    My laptop screen keeps going blank. and sometimes I'm in the middle of something. the laptop keeps runing like nothing happened.

    Hello @Iggy6,

    It seems that you have a unwanted material.  You can contact HP telephone Support, for additional options.  Please use the following and create a folder for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Kind regards!

  • Re: What do I get from my HARD drive warranty claim?

    I see lots of posts with the same problem, I've had and a lot of discussion of a warranty call, but I can't find someone explain the traps to get there - unlike most search forums does not check the titles not happy (?)

    I ask because I recently had my claim accepted-, but the lack of information is absolutely breathtaking.

    Hope you can help - there is nowhere where do ^ $^.

    * This is the problem: *.

    I have had no communication by electronic mail after the acceptance with a case REF.

    The ref case led me to a room containing nothing else than what I told them - even if I added my email to research.

    The first time that the doc came, he had a number of high long distance phone in - I wasn't there because I was expecting a few emails - the number has now disappeared.

    I checked every day and can't find any more - at one point I stopped to add my email to research - I think now it was a mistake - a mailing label appeared now - WITH NO INFORMATION whatsoever.

    I desperately need to know if they will fix my 2 GB Canvio or not. A replacement is of no use to me - I'd rather cut the damn thing apart and try out the disc directly myself.

    This is essential - it isn't a toaster or a TV, etc. it is really sold as a safe. If you buy a metal safe and we're not manufacturers will open it by hook or crook and give you save your valuable documents, manuscripts, etc. family photos (even if you have copies elsewhere) - they won't trash the thing and send you a void in Exchange!

    It is the only place to turn that might work (probably because it costs Toshiba nothing).

    Thank you.

    ^ $^ The Toshiba site is useless - does not work most relevant links, most of those who don't take you round in circles, there is NO address of contact or telephone line, unless you want to talk to the team of the press (of course). It's a disaster - an amateur who.


    Sorry to hear that you have problems with your HDD Canvio. It's a really bad situation if use you it for backup of data and are saved a lot of useful data.

    Please don't misunderstand me, but after reading your ad I didn't understand one thing: have you contacted maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country?
    You have some basic information how it works with defective external HARD drive?
    Who is your contact?

    You know, this is user forum and it is not easy to discuss these issues. Each of us can post opinions and describe specific experiences, but, as far as I know, there are rules, how it works with service and warranty. I think Toshiba ASP is required to offer a detailed explanation to customers.

    To be honest it is unclear to me how it works with the data protection and data recovery in case the HARD disk is defective.
    Do you still have the slip that you got with your HARD drive? I have three years old Toshiba HDD but I did so I can't check what's written there.

  • Warranty

    I bought a notebook (i.e. Satellite SM30X-113) on January 24, 2005 and tried twice to save it for a warranty with Toshiba, but never received a confirmation e-mail. I also tried to register my notebook with Toshiba for an extended warranty, but they want to give me their with a number agree and I do not know where I could get this number of.


    As far as I know if you online registration it will take 48 hours and I think that you won't get any email confirmation. Data (serial number) of the tour will take place in the European database. The only thing you can do is to contact Toshiba telephone in Germany and ask them if your registration is received. The number in Germany you can find on

    Anyway there is no reason for worry. If you have a problem with your laptop, contact the Service partner. When the Service partner has a few questions about the date of purchase, you can view your invoice.

    Good bye

  • Pavilion DV7-1451nr: Wireless button stays amber

    My pavilion dv7-1451nr turns wireless keyboard blue when I have to reset the motherboard by removing the battery and press the power button / stop seconds, after which I plug in charger to him while leaving the battery and press the power button / stop. After that, I would like to press f10 to enter the bios setup, then I would like to load the defaults, save and exit.

    After doing all that I have explained above, the wireless button becomes blue and wireless assistant would be activated and indicates that the wireless is turned on. If I check in the Device Manager, I see the hardware details and driver wireless populated it and everything should work fine, but once I restart the computer, the wireless button would refuse to start. There is orange. If I try to check the State of the material status and driver WLAN on Device Manager, they would be is more filled it more and wireless assistant will refuse to start. If by chance he started, this would indicate that the wireless is turned off by the Device Manager.

    I had tried uninstalling the wireless LAN driver and reinstalled just in case the problem came from the software side but not solution. Just this afternoon, I have decoupled from the computer and removed the card WLAN, dusted it and replace it back, but the problem persists.

    The type of wireless network card is Atheros AR5007 802.11 b/g WiFi adapter. I noticed something this afternoon, however, after having checked the service manual for the computer, I realized that there is specific types of the wireless card compatible for specific regions. For example, the number of appropriate wlan spare parts which must be on my computer is 582564-002 and have this with references with the number of spare part of wlan on the wireless card available on my computer that begins with sps 452..., I realized something was wrong. I'll leave that to stop you guys from HP, but I really need a solution to this problem very fast because it's really annoying me. Thank you.

    Hello @LL_Cool_J,

    Thanks for the information!

    I don't know what you mean, when he asked if the model is 50xx or 40xx. Confirming the WLAN Module is a little difficult, because there are several manuals maintenance for this model.  I was able to refine the selection a bit, by comparing the numbers of spare part for hard drives.  Based on this REPAIR, the WLAN Modules you have listed, 582564-002, 593836-001, must be compatible.  However, I don't see the Atheros as option in this manual.  To be on the safe side, you can contact our telephone support HP.  Please use the following and create a folder for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Have a great day!


    ODD my laptop HP is not able to write disks, the performance of Optical Drive Read compare Test he gave me a "failed" message with ID QBRXWM-7RV87M-XD7WMF-6HLB03 failure.


    Thank you for your message. I see optical drive diagnostics failed and he gave you a failure code.

    Outstanding work on these diagnostics running and properly determine the question. It is a hardware failure of the optic disc and needs to be replaced.

    If the unit is under warranty, contact HP telephone support using this link:

    If the unit is out of warranty, contact the HP part store to order the part.

    Link for HP part store:

    You can also check the status of the security of your computer by visiting this link:

    I hope this helps! Please keep me in the loop.

    Take care and have a wonderful day ahead.

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