Contacts list Foto in rubrica

Suggerisco agli sviluppatori di kindly nella lista dei contacts in rubrica foto assegnata accanto al profilo, list e più sfogliando cosi easy Reed find it contact.

Currently the fotografia associata al contact the vede soltanto dopo aver indication if it contact.





Jacarta wrote:

Suggerisco agli sviluppatori di kindly nella lista dei contacts in rubrica foto assegnata accanto al profilo, list e più sfogliando cosi easy Reed find it contact.

Currently the fotografia associata al contact the vede soltanto dopo aver indication if it contact.




Please make your jacarta heard - I hope this helps.

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  • iPad2 is auto added to my contacts list

    iPad 2

    iOS 9.3.5

    My iPad has/is adding contacts to my contact list. If the person is already in my list, the list will change to everything which (I) the person has as their contact name. If the email had remained under adverse or Spam, it gets listed below under the heading of #.

    As you can see, I do not use the family name to keep my list as 1st of the name. The lower part shows the unknown lists. I assume these are emails spam since I deleted 2 today.

    I studied the options in the settings for that matter and found nothing. I am having trouble with iCloud for something totally different, but all have save / update / everything that's out there. [FYI, my problem w / iCloud is my deletion of a record fm it & not read the warning that the file would get dumped fm my machine.] [I'm trying to maybe hopefully retrieve].

    Suggestions? Please?

    You use the iOS Mail application?

  • my contact list has been hacked and disappeared completely, what do I do?

    Today (17/08/16) while doing a search for card on my iPod, I received a message that my device could not connect with the server. I checked the wifi settings and everything seemed normal.

    A few hours later I started to receive messages undelivered Damon of the people on my contact list, but I had not sent all recent messages. He became a snowstorm of mail returned with comments indicating that a file 'drop zone .pdf' could not be opened.

    When I went to my contact list to meet some of the shippers, I found that my list of contacts it had been cleaned up with only my name remaining. This list was perhaps 200 + names and information. I've never had a security problem with apple products and I am a user since the 1980s.

    I share an Internet connection with my other significant and it has a windows 10 laptop PC. I did a complete antivirus on his device scan and found three variations of a Trojan which were immediately eliminated. I'm assuming that one of the virus/Trojan horse the culprit but it is possible t it completely deleted (not copied) my entire contact list and if so, is there a way to restore the original information? In addition, I find that most of my posts had been blurred and missing both headers


    If on a computer browser, you go on and sign in is the contacts (and other information to iCloud) still their?

  • I lost my contact do

    I need help for my return address/contacts

    The following article can help you

    I had a similar situation where an old laptop died and with him went my address book, but it was not bad as I first feared because your contact details are also in the history of the sent and received emails, and as I've been using IMAP I had the history back as soon as I installed Thunderbird on the new laptop.

    It was a bit of a pain at first, but Thunderbird soon built again to the top of your contact list.

  • How to copy my files to email contact lists for transfer on my laptop after repair of the manufacturer.


    My laptop almost 3 year, shows signs of age and I have to send it to the manufacturers to replace a keyboard and the reader of cd/dvc. I'll have to save all my pictures and documents on a portable player so I can copy them to the repairedcomputer once it is returned to me. I also have a load of saved bookmarks which I want to keep and I think that it is also possible. My biggest problem is I use Thunderbird as a filing system for all important emails and keep my email contacts list and I wish I could copy them all when I clear my computer so I can copy them on my laptop newly repaired.

    For most of you, this task is as simple as copying my photos or documents, but I get very confused with profiles etc in Mozilla. I wish it were as easy as a file, copy of emails to... but not yet. I would appreciate help on this.

    Crush the Thunderbird profile folder ends the new profile. So, you have just an old.

  • How to receive calls from contacts list.

    Do not disturb the feature limit incoming calls, but does not allow for all the amendments

    in the contacts list, but only the numbers in the list of Favorites

    How can afford all the amendments. in the list of contacts to make calls and reject the amendments. not

    in the contacts list.

    You can make a suggestion to Apple to and click on the box in this area.

    Looking at my settings for do not disturb in iOS 93.3, I see the option to select all Contacts in groups, so it is a change.

  • Contact list hack?

    Contact list hack? People from my contact list received an email from 'me' to the 'click here to get rich type. Email is not of me, but a number of email addresses Only small groups of contacts both seem to be addressed.

    My email provider is and I use Thunderbird on my mac and the application of Apple Contacts for addresses.

    My contact list has been hacked, and what should I do?

    Your contact list could have been hacked is via iCloud (if use you it). Change your iCloud password, just in case. Do the same with your tpg account.

    Another possibility is that at some point you sent mail to many people on your contacts list. In this case, the leak could be any of them.

  • When you send an e-mail, I lost the address book contact list address on the left side.

    I used to have address book contacts list on the left side of the page, which is transferred to allow easy selection of the recipients. He disappeared and I need this back.
    Thank you very much

    OK, you started a new message, you click on answer, or you clicked on to the front.

    The new message window opens. This is where you should expect to see the Contacts Sidebar. At this point by pressing F9 on your keyboard (do you need to use a special function key to access the F9 key action?) should display on the left. (You said you "click on F9"?)

    If F9 does not work, turn on the menu of the compose window.

    Press and hold the < alt > key on your keyboard. Press V. The menu should appear. There you can select Contacts Sidebar.

    If you want to have the Menu or the toolbar displayed each time press and hold the < alt > key on your keyboard, press V, and then toolbars, where you can select the Composition toolbar.

    When the toolbar is visible, you can customize it to include a Contacts button, if it has not already a. You will see a custom option while following one of the sequences leading up to, or you can right-cliik the toolbar itself.

  • I lost all the Contacts. He said: your contact list is empty

    That's all. He's contacts have disappeared. can I restore?

    Thank you, Leo T

    Firefox does not have email and don't have a "Contact List", it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, please Tag this thread as being for Thunderbird in the right column of this page. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

  • How can I move my Outlook to Thunderbird contacts list?

    How can I move my Outlook contacts list to a list of contacts from Thunderbird?

    Is it the client to Outlook, or outlook.come-mail, name of this year for what was formerly hotmail and live email?

    If the first and it is on the same computer, Thunderbird should be able to import it.

    Otherwise, import your address book from outlook to a CSV file and then import this file into Thunderbird.

    It may be useful (if not also necessary!) to open the CSV file in your spreadsheet and cut on all spare columns - i.e. all virgins ones - before attempting to import in Thunderbird.

  • Since the installation of 32.0, my contact list is not in alphabetical order. Seems to be dated, then alpha by name. Why?

    Running Version 32.0. As it has been installed, my Contact list is not displayed in alphabetical order. Instead the contact appear to be displayed in activity date and/or time, and then by order of name. Example, I got a list of contacts 25 in sequence pell-mell, when I changed a piece of dat and found that the contact has changed is now at the top of the list! I changed a contact who should appear above this on and also, he went to the top of the list. In this way, I got the entire list in order. I then saw a mistake on one and corrected these contact data. This time went to the top of the list!

    If I can provide any other information, please let me know.

    May I suggest to revert to a previous version and by adopting a more cautious approach to upgrades?

    In Thunderbird Windows updates are automatic by default. In order to avoid similar situations in the future, you could change that and decide to have a more cautious approach to updates.

    Before trying what anyone, make a backup of your Thunderbird profile.

    You can uninstall the current version of Thunderbird via Control Panel > programs and features and reinstall a previous version, download it from here:

    Click the type for your operating system. for example: If you use Windows select "win32", then select the language for example: en-GB British English = then download the .exe file

    You can customize the behavior of automatic updates, however, it is under Tools > Options > advanced > update.

    My suggestion would be to check the updates but let me choose whether to install them.especially if you depend on critical business e-mail / important or personal questions.

  • I've recently updated to ElCapitan. Where I go all my contacts? And how do I retrieve my contact list?

    I've recently updated to ElCapitan. Where I go all my contacts? And how do I retrieve my contact list?

    You have a Time Machine backup?

    If you do, restore from it.

    If there is an archived version, restore it from iCloud.

    Section: Restoration of your contacts. & local = en_US

  • Failed to open the contacts list?

    I am not able to open or enter my contact list?

    Do you mean that you click an e-mail link in Firefox, it opens a new message in your application from AOL and the address book does not work?

    Or when you go to and connect to use your e-mail, the address book does not work?

    In fact, I don't know the answer so be it. You may need to check with the support of AOL to solve the problem.

  • Cannot forward the e-mail message. Contact list does not appear to be selected. Can reply to the sender only

    When you try to send an e-mail message, contacts list does not appear. It can
    only be transmitted by manually entering addresses. Can I return an email answering
    but I can't pass under the Mozilla Fox server.

    When I'm in Internet Explorer, I can use the email forward without problem.
    Contacted AT & T to see if it was their problem, since I use
    The technician said it was a problem with Mozilla because it was not compatible
    with net work, AT & T. It might be in the recent updates, since I just
    discovered the problem in the last week.

    Prefer to enter my email through Mozilla Fox. So can you fix this
    for me.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.
  • How to access my contacts list for edting

    I want addprior comments on my contact list, but I can't seem to find the appropriate list to enable this

    these two are made Choose a product

                                                      Pick a topic and try some solutions
     these are not
    Register or Sign In
       Fill in details
       Confirm registration
    Firefox for Desktop change product

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