Contacts synchronization to Smartphones blackBerry and calendar - problems with Outlook Connector (and other things).

Hello world

I just got my first BlackBerry (storm) and this is my first post on the forums.  I read around a lot and found pieces of this problem but no definitive answer (which I understand).  So, I know it's a delicate subject, but really hope that someone can help you.

FYI, I use Windows Vista and Outlook 2003 with the connector Outlook synchronize my e-mail, contacts and calendar on my Windows Live Hotmail account.

I installed the Desktop Manager software V.4.7 and crossed to set up > sync and selected Outlook for Contacts.  The wizard all seems to work OK but then when I press "Finish" I get the error message ' file is does more part of the system data source or the couldnot folder is located.

I partially understand the idea that my Contacts are not in Outlook, they are in my hotmail/live account.  My question is how can I work around this problem and import my contacts to the BlackBerry?  It will not accept an exported .pst file or can it link directly to hotmail?

(On the basis of the advice on the forum), I found is you go into Outlook and adjust the settings of your e-mail account to send incoming emails into "Personal folder" instead of "* ' then he manages to pass the error message, however, I found no data calendar or contact in my outlook personal folders for BlackBerry to synchronize with a time that I did."

I'll try to do a few requests on a Microsoft forum on the features between Outlook and Hotmail to see if there is an easy way to get my data anywhere in the personal folders so that the BlackBerry it can sync from there.  I'm afraid to lose emails or functionalitly to the Outlook Connector on my PC to subsequently change the default e-mail folder.

Sorry for the length of the message but thought the more detail the better - thanks in advance for any help you can offer,



Just in case anyone else has this problem, I got a work around (not a solution, but it works).  In Outlook, go to Contacts - export to file and select: separation by comma (Windows). CSV file - save it to your PC.

Then open a Yahoo mail account (if you have not already one) go to Classic view, Contacts and to the right of the screen, there is an option to import/export.  Select the location of the CSV file you saved on your PC and transfer it on Yahoo.

You can now go through the DM Assistant and select sync with Yahoo.  It is ideal to add contacts to the phone for the first time.  Don't forget to make sure that everything is up-to-date and complete in Outlook Contacts before export to the CSV file.

If you want to add contacts to the future, the best way is to add to Outlook first and then go through the process of exporting the CSV file again - this will ensure that all records are the same.  Although if you wanted too, you can also export from BB in Yahoo, then in Outlook as Yahoo also exported contacts to a CSV file.

Hope that helps someone...


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    DM BB software does not recognize Outlook as a possible source for the calendar - lists that Outlook Express, Yahoo and ASCII Converter.  So I select the ASCII Converter after you export the PST calendar folder in a CSV (BACK), but when I open the field mapping option in the desktop software manager, the 'Email' field is not visible as a mapped field.  I can transfer just about everything (once I changed the listed fields exported from Outlook to match what awaits the Storm/DM software) but I can't for the life of me find where the Email data field is mapped to-he's just not here!

    I tried to do a complete uninstall of the DM Software (cleaned up the registry, etc, etc) and reinstalled but still the same problem - does not recognize the existence of Outlook or the Email field.

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    Is it possible to do what I want it to do?  Support muchly appreciated!


    Outlook 2000 is not supported by Desktop Manager version 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 or.

    It is supported in the Desktop Manager 4.2 Service Pack 2 version.

    You'll either have to update your Outlook, or downgrade your DM.

    Download Desktop Manager here:

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    I am from pakistan

    in 2013, I bought blackberry curve 9380 that it worked well without any problems.

    only 8 months before it shows the installation of the sos service fail.

    I updated a new os in it even it's show same problem so kindly give me the precise of the IDF solution so that I should use.

    model. 9380 curve

    PIN code. [removed personal information]

    BT MAC - 80 60 07 7 BB 20

    Made in Malasia

    It is a forum sponsored by BlackBerry user. I am a user like you.

    I do not understand "SOS service installation failed. What is installation of service in this context with SOS?

    I'm guessing that you mean that you are the only emergency service. I would have again assumed SIM card problem before the problem of the OS.

    Have you tried another SIM card in your BlackBerry and tried your SIM in another phone?

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    Hi guys,.

    I just bought 9000 couple "BOLD" days and I have so many problems that I can't solve.

    I use talk to rogers. I tried to configure e-mail, but does not work. I tried to download apps from site also didn't work, I download the msn and yahoo messenger, but I can not connect. I'm new on this cannot so someone help me please. So many problems do not know where to start, but I would like to firstly somehow use email on blackberry and blackberry messenger.

    Thank you very much in advance

    zakaleli wrote:

    I use talk to rogers.

    There is your problem. Rogers doesn't have a plan PAYGO for the BlackBerry data Plan.

    You need a contract, and add the BlackBerry data Pan, to get the BlackBerry features you want. There's no other way.

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    Must be at least 4.7. Version 5.0 was released a few weeks ago. I recommend this one. You can download it here

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    Hi, I have a 8520 and managed to install protect and created a blackberry for that id and everything has worked well.

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    I use a Blackberry Bold9000

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    My ISP is "Mobily"... I contacted them they said melon time, we provide a complete service plan + I checked all my sound all set to update versions

    Please, we are the most people who use black berries in the Middle East

    and you put your desktop in the Middle East to the Lebanon

    We need to be heard, I really love RIM, but I need recognition.

    Hello and welcome to the Forums!

    If you're hoping that RIM will see your message - these forums are a chain of support to users, not a conduct of user-to-RIM. Therefore, it is unlikely they will see what you wrote. However, if you have specific and constructive ideas for them, I heard they accept this by e-mail to [email protected]

    be_smile wrote:

    (1) I can't use appworld because my country is not supported. Why and how I do supported

    Understand that RIM has no unilateral control over the availability of AppWorld. On the contrary, a triad of entities must agree - RIM, wireless service provider, and Government. As the main entity to profit in this triad, I've always suspected that the RIM is not one that could hinder the process. So, what you can do, is put pressure on your company and/or your Government to allow the AppWorld in your country.

    In addition, you should know that AppWorld is simply a portal, vending apps developed mainly by others. Therefore, it is not your exclusive supply source - there are others that you can try (e.g., Handango, Handmark, BPlay, GetJAR and Mobihand). I found that there are very few applications that is exclusive to AppWorld. You can see the online catalogue and then look for other sources of supply, including quite often on the developer website.

    be_smile wrote:

    (2) it's always when I download app Twitter + facebook app. I get an error massage. Service plan is not supported. Contact your service provider.
    My ISP is "Mobily"... I contacted them they said melon time, we provide a complete service plan + I checked all my sound all set to update versions

    Your service provider is responsible for providing all services and support for you. No one else has no control. They need to solve this problem. You have the ultimate leverage - you pay for services they don't deliver. They have the ability (in fact, the responsibility) to escalate your case at RIM for extra support if necessary. You have no free method to request support from the RIM as the escalation of your provider.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones appointment recurring sync problem with Outlook

    Outlook 2003 SP3 has been synchronized with my curve perfectly until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly the clock wants to remove all my recurring appointments in my calendar in Outlook - hundreds of them.  I opted for no synchronization.  After reviewing the forums, I found a recommendation to delete all files from my Intellisync folder and try again.  So I did, and then resync the value upward my Desktop Manager and started around.  Amen - he wanted to remove all my recurring appointments, so I advanced and accepted the additions to my Outlook.  Now I have duplicates of all appointments on my BB!  My vision is OK, but it did not get my BB calendar additions.  Sheesh!

    Want to a * beep * (who really does not go through and remove all duplicates!), I would of course like to some lawyers!  Thank you in advance.

    hook up desktop manager backup and restore-advanced-find calendar on the right side and click on the clear button (make sure that the device is plugged)

  • Smartphones blackBerry WARNING: Major problem with Priv Sync Pod nest

    There is no support for the weight of the phone, and this release will inevitably damage the USB port over time. How did it pass any level of QC?

    There is another piece in the package, and you have to put it BACK to make it work.

    Some instructions would have been nice.

    In any case, user error! We can delete this message.

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    I know how to configure messenger yahoo through the 'oz' application, but I understand that every IM is regarded as a text message. I know and have used yahoo mobile to access the Messenger, but it is not the same thing as the 'real' Messenger I tried to download yahoo messenger on the yahoo homepage, but I get a message that my phone does not support the application... Is this a problem with AT & T? Other people who do not use AT & T seem to have no evil

    Any ideas?

    I think that AT & T does not support Yahoo IM. Also, I compared the books of service among other suppliers and the AT & T brand is not the book of Yahoo Messenger service in the list. Too bad for those who have AT & T service. The 8120 has wifi but AT & T version does not have UMA/wifi calling.

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    Technical issues do not belong in the forum Feedback response so I moved your post to the WIndows XP "Netwoking and online" Outlook Express forum where questions are handled.

    Outlook and Outlook Express are completely different products and are not related except for the names.

    The problem you describe product generally when you have not defined thte option to authenticate your outgoing SMTP server.  If you click on tools > accounts, select your account, then click Properties, you should see a Servers tab.  This tab is a check box labeled "my server requires authentication".  Check it out.  Then check the settings button to the right.  You'll see two radio buttons.  From the top, labeled 'Use same settings as my mail server outgoing' is generally the right to choose.

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    These "streaks" seem to be the domain of the high frequency analysis; they can be eliminated by scrolling upwards or downwards.

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    > options > advanced > General.

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    See How to set the home page

  • Problems of wireless synchronization for Smartphones blackBerry with Outlook calendar


    I just bought a new "BOLD" and I put in place while it syncs popular with email on Outllok perfectly.

    However, I have a problem than anything either on PC Calendar syncs wirelessly with the device. But it does not work the other way (i.e. entry on device nopt sync with calendar on PC).

    My ios THAT BES enabled devices.

    Everyone else has had a similar problem... or more importantly, rather than a simple solution?

    Thank you

    I had the same problem with mine.  It was a useful document of KB.

    In the end, my timing problem origin because the BES was originally installed on the computer with a BESAdmin account but I later upgraded the Blackberry Manager software when connected under one administrator account.  This has led some of the services that run under administrator instead of BESAdmin BB.

    I open the services console and manually changed all services to start under BESAdmin instead of the administrator and voila - perfect synchronization.  Give than to try and check out the KB document.

  • Google calendars multiple synchronization to Smartphones blackBerry on my Storm

    Hello... I am brand new here.  Please be nice!  For the record, I'm a technopeasant, so if you choose to help me, I need the little words that resemble English so that I do anything...

    Thus, thrown on the new OS yesterday.  Am stuff pretty much back to normal.

    My calendar, however, on the BB don't contain any of the info calendar of my wife.  I've been messing around, trying to figure out how to get him out there and I'm at my wits end.  I have Google sync on the BB, our calendars are synchronized on Google.  They have been synchronized before I did the upgrade of the OS.

    Any ideas?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

    Thank you!!

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Google Sync is an application that manages data transfer between

    Google programs. The Blackberry only "hosts" the receipt of the Goggle Sync program

    the data passed to the application from Google. I would suggest you remove and then reinstall

    the Google Sync application to restore synchronization on the Blackberry.

    I would also check the settings of your main Google calendars online as well.

    To remove the application from Blackberry:

    At the homse screen, options, options, advanced applications, point culminating Googlesync don't click it.

    Menu key, select Delete. I have always followed this by a battery pull or QuickPull reboot.

    You don't need PC or Office Manager.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thank you


    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated.
    Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

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