content Flash works not in apps but works well in browsers, internet and system

Applications Windows are updated.

but it seems that the flash player does not work in applications, because I can not play videos in any application and any content flash does not work.
also I can't do audio in many applications.
Some applications such as "raga" do not at all open...
I don't know if the problem is with the flash only, but it seems that Yes m...
Please help me.
Thanks in advance...

Hello Vamsi,

When you face the issue of the computer from freezing on a regular basis, we can refer to this article and check if that helps.

Windows hangs or freezes:

WARNING: Reset Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

Security Scanner warning: there will be data loss through an analysis using the Microsoft safety scanner to eliminate viruses as appropriate.

Thank you.

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  • Content Flash does not play in Firefox

    Videos and hung in Firefox Flash content. The screen is gray and the twirling circle is frozen. It is a recent issue; This behavior is new and we don't know what has changed in my system.
    1. the problem does not occur with I.E.
    2 Win8, Firefox and Flash plug-ins are up-to-date.
    3. run Firefox in safe mode does not help.
    4. I deleted and reinstalled Firefox, Flash and RealPlayer
    5 Java works.
    temporary SOLUTION:
    RealPlayer deleted

    edited by a moderator

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting, but sharper which is not the purpose of this forum.

    Related software RealPlayer and Flashplayer have had problems in the past and we documented it. I don't know if, at the moment updated to current versions of Realplayer also solve the problem. In addition, Windows > = Vista disabling protected mode of the Flash Player can be a workaround.

    If you do not want help

    • Note the Details of the system more side will inform if posters follow the guests, you will be able to see who has Flash Player and RealPlayer installed.
    • Browse and review post in this thread
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    I will mark your answer as the wireless solution, then at least the wire appears as resolved. Edition, were left open as now, you say that you do not have a problem.

  • Flash Player 22 - content Flash is not displayed because the 22 player install

    I work for an e-learning company. Today, we have a significant number of users who can play is no longer our Flash tutorial. These users are running the Flash Player version published 22 yesterday, June 16. We can reproduce the problem in IE11, Edge, FireFox and Chrome. Tested OS include Windows 7, 10, and 10 Windows running in a VMware install on a Mac.

    The tutorial plays as expected with Flash Player version 21. With Flash Player version 22, content is not displayed. With Flash Player version 22, we see other Flash content, for example,

    Example of content Flash which is not displayed currently running Flash Player version 22: ch_StandAlone.html

    Any help towards a cure for this would be most appreciated.


    This problem is resolved in our Flash player beta, which will be today live in a few hours.

    Download location:

    Adobe Labs | Previews, the releases and the beta of Adobe software

    Thank you

  • Hi, my new job 3 Samsung tab do not connect TimeCapsule, but my iphone 5 e 6 and Macbook go! : why?

    Hi, my new job 3 Samsung tab do not connect my TimeCapsule to the House, but my iphone 5 and 6 and Macbook go! : why?

    At the office, good wifi Smith working tab 3 Sm. With TC I say "authentication failure" or "in sync for the IP address...".

    Thanks for the info.

    Hi, my new job 3 Samsung tab do not connect my TimeCapsule to the House, but my iphone 5 and 6 and Macbook go! : why?

    It is impossible to know... but the installer does not.

    That is why the TC factory reset.

    When redo you the installation... Give a simple name to the wireless... for example TCwifi (short, without spaces and pure alphanumeric characters).

    You can also name the bands differently for example... TC24ghz and TC5ghz

    Don't set security to no... as a test.

    Now see if the samsung can connect... If yes add a personal security WPA2 password... password is 8 to 20 characters... of the breaks and numbers... no special characters.

    The samsung still works.

    If it fails in the first case... Set a fixed channel Wireless 2.4 ghz 11, 8, 6, in this order.

    Still no security... If they all fail... then your samsung is not compatible with your TC... I'm sorry.

    If it works well until you add the security... Loosen security at wpa1and2 and see if it works.

    If it still fails with security your samsung is not compatible... I'm sorry.

    Once get you it working properly... assuming she does... Then, you need to change all the other devices in use.

  • On the computer, it does not load XP but goes to the XP start and says: NVRD32.sys file not found

    On start-up the computer, it does not load XP but goes to starting XP, and says NVRD32.sys file not found. I have to go up to xp home line manually and it load. How to fix the problem, so he starts xp automatically without entering start xp
    Thank you

    Posing for the PC model, you show that you do not know the answer, it was a software problem, but you're right, it's a Dell.
    In any case, I found the answer elsewhere, must with the boot.ini file on XP

  • UNDERSTANDABLE! Flash worked well... and now...

    Dear Webmates, I built a Site (or part of it) in Flash. It was working OK until yesterday... now it does not work on IE, but it does on Firefox... it's something only my computer? or could you please also check for me? Why this is happening? Since yesterday... I just installed Macromedia Flashpaper... could it change all the settings? Please help, I have to finish this work these days, customer waiting... Thank you!

    Everything goes well with your site.
    I can see it in Firefox, Internet Explorer (and Opera and NN, too.) )

    Maybe you've recently updated you have Internet Explorer.
    For security reasons I don't understand, it sometimes blocks the default flash content.
    You must click on the movie to activate the flash animation. In my IE, I see a flashmovie from the beginning, some of my friends can't see anything until they activate the movie by clicking on it.

    There must be a .js file of lilttle around the web that activates flashcontent during the loading of the site.
    Google a bit to find it, there are a lot of questions on this subject.

    I hope this helps.

  • Impossible to download files in Firefox, using flash uploader. Already reinstalled flash, works well in Chrome.

    I have a site where I can upload files to the site server using Flash - I have the latest Firefox and the latest version of the plugin Flash (uninstalled and reinstalled). "But the download fails - I get an unknown message of I/O. but only in Firefox - works fine in Chrome. I already ran the process of uninstalling/reinstalling Adobe and I also tried to run Firefox in Mode without failure and the problem persists.

    Hi Bilinbaja,

    I don't know if you use FTP to download the files, however, this error can sometimes refer to a hardware problem. Please try to turn hardware acceleration by clicking on an element using the flash plug-in and selection of parameters.

    Please let us know if this improves the performance as well as if this also happens on other computers, or if it still happens after you delete cache and cookies. Each browser has its own cache, Firefox's cache may also be longer. How to clear the Firefox cache

    This aid? We look forward to your response.

  • Content Flash is not displayed in browsers

    I've recently updated Dreamweaver 8.0.2 version. I updated a .swf file, updated the link on my page to DreamWeaver and transferred. When I saved the page DreamWeaver a window pops up that says he has to modify the html code to work with the Internet Explorer update. The new .swf file does not appear on all browsers (Safari, FireFox, IE)
    Anyone know what is happening?

    Have you you download the Scripts folder that DW puts in your local site when
    you do this?

    Murray - ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
    ================== - template Triage! - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - Macromedia (MM) Technotes

    "dlipscombe" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > I recently upgraded to Dreamweaver 8.0.2 version. I've updated a .swf file, updated
    > the
    > link on my page to DreamWeaver and downloaded all. When I saved the
    > Page DreamWeaver a window pops up that said he has edit HTML to
    > work
    > with the release of Internet Explorer. The new .swf file appears not on
    > any
    > browsers (Safari, FireFox, IE)
    > Someone knows what's going on?

  • Add - ons are back to work well now in InDesign and other products [MAJ].

    Hi all

    We had a recent issue with the latest version of products CC 2015 and the creative cloud desktop application that web page "Browse Addons" uploaded extensions are not visible in InDesign and other products. We apologize for the inconvenience caused; this is now solved.

    Creative Cloud Desktop App has a new version available which contains the fix for the problem - "uploaded to the site Addons to browse Extensions are not visible in the InDesign."

    Note: You must download the application and install it manually (instructions below).

    Follow this procedure to get your operational back extensions:

    1. Quit InDesign if it running.
    2. Go to the page and download the application generation creative cloud available at:
    3. Navigate to the folder where the creative cloud application has been downloaded and install the application. Confirm the prompts to install the application.
    4. After installing creative application Cloud, extensions will begin synchronization - confirmed notifications in the creative Cloud Desktop Application.
    5. Start InDesign. Now, your extensions will be available for use.

    Let us know if you face any problems with the update.

    Thank you

    Monica Singh

    Hi Tomy,

    This site works fine for me on firefox even.

    Can you please re - check.

    Something must be the origin of the problem.

    Thank you

    Monica Singh.

  • My screen seems to have gone out.  Everything worked well then there black and white vertical lines on the screen.  Had to make a hard stop, bury ashes hold the power button. Now no display

    does that mean if my screen on m MBP15 inches starting to show black and white vertical lines and will not again after that I tried to restart my computer?

    This looks like a bad graphics card. What happens if you hold a flashlight on the screen, you see the desktop or not?

  • my laptop is lagging behind and freezing. I can't get into a lot of site and when I do they don't work well. talk to dell and they said it's my internet explore

    I've cleaned and tried defrag and nothing seems to help

    I've cleaned and tried defrag and nothing seems to help

    First of all, make sure your own system.

    go to safe mode with networking and run following or whatever it is you have to go quickly f8 safe mode when you turn on your pc! or GOLD


    After that prepare your computer to clean boot, by typing msconfig in Start menu and then pressing on enter then disable all startup items and any of the services of windows, then restart in normal mode see if it makes a difference?

    If the answers were yes then

    go back and re - activate the ones you have disabled, see that is causing the problem? try to activate those really, you need and do more if you want.

  • HP 14-D037TU: missing or not valid product name, product serial number, product number and system on board the number of CT

    After update my notebook(14-D037TU), this error message bios has display at windows startup...

    The following products information programmed into the system card is missing or invalid.


    card system (00 a) - product name


    card system (00 a) - serial number of the product


    card system (00 a) - product number


    System (00 a) - on-board system board number CT

    This message which requires me to press ENTER to continue. I also had hard reset my notebook and reinstall a previous version of bios too. but I could not solve this problem.  Please help me...

    For some reason, it seems that the update of the BIOS wiped out relevant info in your BIOS. It will require repairs at HP to restore the info.

  • Animation works do not with chrome, but works very well with Firefox, IE and Safari (rotation of an object)

    Hello everyone,

    My colleague has created a nice animation that works well with Safari, Firefox and IE but not with Google Chrome, you can see here:

    As you can see, the diamond must be between the two V, but for google chrome, this diamond is not a good position.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Your performance indicates that you are using an earlier version of Animate. PL to update your animate with 2014.0.1 or 20141. The issue raised by you should be fixed in these versions.

    You can select the necessary revision of the drop-down list available at the link below.

    Animation HTML | Download the free trial version Adobe Edge animate CC

    Thank you


  • Pavilion 1214tx G4: screen off in some games (but works well in another game)

    Hi, someone please help my with my computer laptop screen problem?

    But first, here is my hardware profile:

    Laptop model: Clubhouse G4 1214tx

    Brand CPU: Intel (r) Core i5-2430 M @ 2.40 GHz CPU

    Motherboard model: 166th Hewlett-Packard

    Graphics: (switchable)

    Intel HD 3000 (Hardware ID: PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0116 & SUBSYS_166E103C & REV_09)


    AMD HD 6470 m (Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & SUBSYS_166E103C & REV_00)

    So a few days ago, I detected switchable graphic option (who appear generally when I right clikcing in desktop) did not work and shows an error everytime I try to open it (I forgot this error message it is said) and I think that: "no, piece of cake, I'll just update the driver and everything will be back to normal." (never I was so wrong)

    Then I download the driver for my laptop hereAMD HD graphics driver and Intel graphics driver high definition (HD).

    But mistakes, then happened:

    1. when I installed the Intel driver, this error message appears: "the pilot is not validated for this computer. You can get the correct driver drom the computer manufacturer. The installation program will end. "the installation process, then stopped.

    2. when I install the AMD, this error message appears: "Application install: install package error ' installation continues on the race and finished in all cases. but, the option for switching the graphics is completely absent and catalyst control center is empty... more, there are exclamation point in the windows Device Manager

    After pulling my hair out of frustration for a few days, I then download AMD automatic detection utility from here

    Using automatic detection AMD, I installed a new driver as he suggests.

    It seems that works fine, until I realized that the Device Manager indicates that my devices is AMD Radeon 7000 series instead of the AMD Radeon HD 6470 Mr. AND some games don't work well (life is strange and MW3)

    Games runs without any error message whatsoever, but the game screen goes completely blank (yep, empty, without blinking, obscured or whatever, just empty), although we could hear the its game and music, and even when I click on my mouse randomly, could hear the noise of the option. Do not freeze tho, British Colombia, I could always use Alt - tab to minimize the game and go to the office (all is normal while the game is reduced to the minimum).

    I suspect that I must install the driver of HP instead of AMD, but with that "package error" problems, it looks like that's not a solution.

    Anyone know any solution to this problem? Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you


    Finally solved

    -AMD driver somehow did not work well. In my case, it is better to use the official driver of HP

    -To install Driver from HP page without the Application error install: install the package . You must first uninstall the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable "uninstall the program" in the control panel (the driver package will be re - install)

    -Somehow, the FPS drop did not replicate once I upgrade my bios with the latest version (ver. F66 in my case). Maybe you need to match the driver with the bios? I don't know, it just works

    So, I hope that it might help for those who have the same problem.

    May peace be with you all

  • Flash does not, and I can start drinking.

    I transformed some Windows Media in Flash files and playing all but one. Now please note that the 2 links I provided are the same exact site. I loaded one as a test, and the other is now online.

    This page loads, but the Flash is not displayed. (Notice the error to the browser indicating the missing file. I checked checked reloaded again, got a beer, recharged but it's always be overlooked).

    It's the exact same directory from the same exact spot with all the same exact content to the breast and it does not play correctly. Both are on GoDaddy account.

    I tried from a Mac using Safari and a PC that I just can't understand how the same page with the same files to support does not provide the same results. I hope that someone else has had this problem and can provide some details.

    Thank you

    That's where I was headed with the idea about other content Flash works... apparently this was not the case.

    Only, you can close your own messages, is it not there no formal need/way to.  Selecting usually it was answered takes care of that.

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    Problems with the finished projects I'm having a problem with my finished project. I tried to show my Windows Media project and there is a green bar at the bottom of the video and the actual video is very low. If you have had this problem please let

  • Missing entry system 32

    whenever I start a small box appears saying missing entry: RunDLLEntryC:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32x86\3\DLCJtime.dll

  • I can't open my downloaded file itr1.

    My itr1 located for download, do not open the file.