Control Panel - give me my labtop-"Tablet PC settings" is that at the time? What are the parameters?

Control Panel - give me my labtop-"Tablet PC settings" is that at the time? What are the parameters? Common sense is the garment of the genius work.



Yes some of the Tablet Settings 'could be useful on some laptops to some users." Easier to understand
This is for all users of Vista to make a special version for users of the tablet.

If not using a Tablet you can simply ignore them.

I hope this helps.

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    Hi Bob,

    This problem may occur if the Setup file is corrupted. I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

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    Reinstall it to restore your uninstall program.

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    Download update and scan with the free version of malwarebytes anti-malware

    You can also download and run rkill to stop the process of problem before you download and scan with malwarebytes

    If it does not remove the problem and or work correctly in normal mode do work above in safe mode with networking

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode with networking with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.
  • When I try to assess my computer via the control panel by pressing 'rates receive this computer' i a that 'message windows could not calculate windows experience index because the user cancelled the assessment' how can I solve this problem.


    • information on the performance and the tool programs having problems
    • the user cancelled the assessment
    • installation of Windows vista service pack 2
    • Tracking FAQ

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Hello Marie Claude fernando.

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forums.

    In a command prompt elevated.  WinSAT formal type

    I hope that this answer to your questions, if you need further assistance please come back and post, we are more than happy to help you.

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  • Uninstalling the mobileme Control Panel. I wonder why this cannot be easily uninstalled like the rest

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    Click Start, type: programs and features
    Press enter on your keyboard
    Search: Apple Mobile Device
    Select it and click on uninstall

    This should remove MobileMe

  • my 500 vacation photos are now on the lists section of the control panel-display wallpaper how to make their return to which they belong?

    Downloaded the camera vacation photos and sorted by them by putting each location days in it is a separate file. I also received a disc of NASA just with scenes of wallpaper on it and downloaded it.  These points of view, NASA, to another disc I changed once a week. I keep them in a separate folder named desktop wallpaper photos, in my position of photos. I went to change this view for weeks and not only discovered that all these photos have been in the display list folder / in Control Panel, but also all the pictures in the files of our holiday, which should have been in the image file in my documents. There are also pictures of my family photos files that are in the selection of wallpaper from the 'view' file in the documents.  I will return to my pictures folder and there not a file here for them, which means that it is not a copy of the file, but the actual file. I did not do in the lists of display/control panels. How can I remove or cut pictures that came the wallpaper display lists and put them in the my documents/images files where they should be. Tried to cut and paste functionality, but nothing of this nature appears.


    Navigate to the folder where the photos are and then right-click on the image and click on copy and then open the folder My Documents/photo then right-click and press on paste.  Since you have a lot of picctures you can hold CTRL and left click each photo in this way they need only hit copy once.

    I hope this helps.
  • How to: using the same control panel for several vi and reproducing change to the control panel.

    I created a labview project that contains about 40 vi.  Each vi has a joint control panel which is a group of ip address, or address of the port and the parameters that are passed high-level vi at low level vi for the purpose of control and access our daq cards.  As this control panel exists in all the vi and must not be the same there is a problem when the need to make a change or update the controls during development.  The problem is how long it takes to go and change the control panel of each single vi.  I wish I had a way of reproducing a change in the Panel of control through all six simultaneously.

    All controls in the control panel are in a bundle, so all values are passed to 1 thread.

    I tried to turn the Panel in a sub vi and this way I can just "create control" and have output parameters maniuplate vi, but if I update the vi, I still have to go back and create a new control for each vi under the control has changed.

    I tried using secondary and the creation of the control panel in a sub vi which is displayed in the secondary, but gives the undesirable consequence of not being able to view or change the settings of the control panel if the program does not work, as pristine as when sub-panels program does not work.

    Is there a another way to display the front panel of a Subvi next using a panel of void?  Is there a better way to propagate changes in a bundle in a series of vi?

    Yes a def type might help you and I would take the next step to make a strict type def if you want the look to be the same on all its bodies. You can also view this nugget on Type definitions for more idea about it.

    Have fun


  • "This file has no program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel. "

    When I try to evoke some (not all) attachments on my screen (on Outlook Express), I got the following:

    "This file has no program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel. "

    I went in (Windows XP) Folder Options in the control panel and have no idea how to do to "create an association?   Could someone please give me a hint on how to do this?

    Thank you.



    • What type of file you are trying to open?
    I suggest to change the default program and check.

    How to change or choose the program that starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP

  • In Control Panel, under system, why does my display processor speed fluctuate? It will show anywhere from 1.79 Ghz to less than 500 MHz.

    I use an AMD Turion 64 processor and I'm trying to understand why the displays of different speed every time that I open the info system in Control Panel.

    I have Windos XP SP3 and have loaded the latest BIOS for my machine

    Windows XP can have a hard time with the answer, she receives the CPU for this system parameter. If you have MS Word select help | All system and then news. This will give you a snapshot of system speed. Run it a few times and see what you get. Your processor seems about 5 years old. Its performance may be failing due to other system problems or just age. (Mine is same age) I have Windows 7 at work and he is much better at these settings as XP. Has got to have a pretty good PC and especially RAM to run it. I just downloaded and ran a freeware CPU - z to monitor the speed of the CPU and other parameters. Seems to work fine for your needs. You can get CPUID or CNET.COM. Com

  • Not able to scan from the printer to my computer control panel using the HP Photosmart 5510


    I recently bought the new HP Photosmart 5510 all in one - and I am not able to scan from my printer to my computer.

    I am however able to scan by launching the scan of the computer. I talked to HP customer earlier this evening and we ran printing + scan doctor and can't find any problems.

    I am running Windows 7-64 bit and that you have installed my wireless printer using the Installation CD supplied with the printer today.

    I could not finish troubleshooting with the technician that I talked to because I had to go to work. The person that I spoke with proposed possibly the full functionality of software downloaded from the site, which I'm happy to do, but I think that it is useless, because I have the CD of installation here. (The rep that I talked to was very nice, but I prefer not to have to uninstall and reinstall if it is not necessary)

    Because as I mentioned above, everything works perfectly and I am able to scan - but not directly from the printer itself.

    When I try to scan from my printer to my computer an error message appears on the control panel of the printer indicating that: there is no scan destination options of analysis chosen / no..

    However, I can't find anywhere with my HP software where I could add / make sure that the destinations were there. (As I could on my other printers. (IE. By the solution Center)

    This printer does not appear to be a solution center that I could find and the scanner installed with the CD icon doesn't give me any options regarding changing the settings of the parser

    I wonder:

    1. the Hp Photosmart 5510 does not have the capacity to scan from the printer control panel?

    2 OR the CD installation provided with my printer only has the base drivers as the agent of tech support suggested? Which means to scan from my printer I need to download drivers for your hp Web site?

    3. or is the problem because of something else entirely?

    Thanks for your help!

    HI Dublin,

    Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the printer.

    1. open Control Panel

    2. click on uninstall a program

    3 uninstall the Photosmart 6510 in the list

    4 restart your computer

    5. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player

    6 download the drivers and full software functionality, and then reinstall the printer.

    Version 28.8

  • Disable all the smoothing of the fonts in Windows 7 (ie: including the taskbar, menus, Control Panel, etc...)

    I would like to turn off completely all the fonts, straightening, smoothing, etc... on Windows 7. I struggle to read and it gives me a headache.

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    1. go to Windows 7 Basic theme. (No Aero).
    2. run the ClearType tuner. (It did not help. "I want to delete the font smoothing, not tweak it.)
    3 disable ClearType altogether. (Taskbar, menus, etc. are still sleek/anti-aliasing).
    4 unchecked "smooth edges of screen fonts" performance-> Visual effects. (The taskbar, help, Board policies, etc. remain smoothed).
    5 changed all my fonts Tahoma under personalize-> Windows Color
    6 using the regedit, added "Tahoma" as the first option under HKLM-> software-> Microsoft-> Windows NT-> current-> FontSubstitutes
    7 delete all fonts in/Windows/Fonts Segoe (had to take possession to do)
    8 deleted almost all foreign fonts in/Windows/Fonts (I was frustrated...)
    9. I tried to play with HKCU-> Panel-> Desktop-> FontSmoothingType (1 and 0) and FontSmoothing (1 and 0).
    10 tried to run my laptop to a non-native resolution (which makes even worse)

    The steps above has removed most fonts smoothing, the taskbar, dialogue, Control Panel, etc. boxes are still sleek/anti-aliasing. So far, the only way I found to completely turn off all smoothing is to switch to classic mode, which is unfortunate to delete any visual styles either. In short, I want Win7 fonts to render in a mode binary/full pixelated, with no blur rendering or subpixel gray.

    Help, please!

    Hi Ken,
    I hope that the typography of Win 7 team makes this optional 'functionality' of SP1. I'm holding out until then. But if you insist on using 7 before smoothing fonts is fixed, here's how to deal with registry fonts substitutes and UAC/protection system.
    Change under FontSubstitutes registry settings so that "Tahoma" appears before Segoe in all parameters of FontSubstitute. Then, appropriating the Windows directory (I took possession of all subdirectories and files, that may be excessive, but made other tweaking easier to deal with) delete Segoe. To appropriate, right-click on the Windows system folder, select 'Properties', click Security, advanced options, and then clik on owner in the advanced security settings... Click the button modify and change of owner to your own account. Do some "replace the subcontainer owner...". "is checked.
    It is an exaggeration, but it will get.
    P.S. If someone figure out how to remove the font smoothing in the taskbar for Win 7, I praise you for all time.
  • KB3035583 failed - cannot access control panel or turn off PC

    Because today, I'm not able to access control panel or turn off my PC Windows8.

    I checked the software updates, and I see that the KB3035583 update failed last night. If windows 10 update I don't want installed nor am I eligible for it. However, this update failed meant now I can not access PC settings, control panel or turn off my PC. Also I am not able to run any command as an administrator because it tells me that I don't have that even if I am sure that this feature is enabled, and it's my PC denied access. I also tried restore but even that does not work.

    Advice please?


    See if this helps you:

    "How Fix and PC Restore settings and"PC settings"in Windows 8.1"


    This tutorial will show you how to restore the PC settings on applications screen and set the 'Change PC settings' link in the charm of settings (+ I) in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

    You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do the steps in this tutorial.


    If this isn't the case, follow these steps.

    «Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files» repair


    And these tutorials are very detailed for the problems resulting from Scan SFC:

    "How to run the command" SFC/scannow"at the start or in Windows 8 and 8.1" . "

    Read it in conjunction with the rest of the information they give link above.


    If SFC could not fix something, then run the new command to see if it can be able to next time. Sometimes, it can take by running the sfc/scannow command 3 times restart the PC after each time completely fix everything what he is capable of.

    If not, then run the Dism/online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command to repair damage to the component store,

    Repair-WindowsImage-online - CheckHealth

    Repair-WindowsImage-online - ScanHealth

    Repair-WindowsImage-online - RestoreHealth

    Restart the PC afterwards, and then retry the command sfc/scannow .

    If still no, then try using ONE OPTION above to run the command sfc/scannow at the start

    If still no, then you could do a Refresh of Windows 8, or run a System Restore using a restore point dated before the wrong file occurred to fix. You may need to repeat doing a restore of the system until you find a restore point that is older that may work.

    If not yet, then you can use the steps in the TIP box in the section THREE OPTION to manually replace the files SFC could not fix.


    "How to update windows 8 and 8.1" . "

    Refresh your PC goes like this:

    • The PC starts in Windows RE (Recovery Eenvironment).
    • Windows RE scans the hard drive for your data, settings, and applications and puts them aside (on the same drive).
    • Windows RE installs a new copy of Windows.
    • Windows RE restores the data, settings, and applications, which it set aside in the newly installed copy of Windows.
    • The PC reboots into the newly installed copy of Windows.


    "How to reset Windows 8 and Windows 8.1" . "

    "When you reboot your PC, the drive will be completely reset and all your applications and your files will be removed it." Windows 8 will be reinstalled, and you need to change any settings, and then reinstall all the apps you want to come back after the reset. If you know if all the files you don't want to lose, then you must back up these files before you start resetting.

    See you soon.

  • Firefox does support java applets if the "next generation plugin" is disabled via the control panel of the Java plugin.

    I'm still trying to get a definitive answer to this question.
    My applet is not 'Next Generation in line'. When we run our applet in Internet Explorer, it works very well as long as we disable the "next generation Plugin" via the Java plug-in Control Panel. However our applet does not work in Firefox if the cmdlet-the next generation"is disabled.

    It is a requirement that is I want to run an applet in Firefox 3.6.x or higher that the "next generation plugin" be activated via the control panel of the Java plugin.

    The current versions of Firefox (3.6 or later version) can only run Java applets through the next generation plugin.

  • HP 15-5010 omen: Control Panel Audio Beats / HP Omen

    After you have reinstalled the sound drivers HP I can't open Beats Audio Control Panel. When I try to open Control Panel Realtek just opened.

    Hi @Mendreyk,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It's a great place to find answers and advice!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the HP Guide's Forums:

    Learn how to post and much more.

    I understand that after upgrade to Windows 10 and reinstall the HP audio player you are unable to open the control panel Audio Beats.  When you try to open it, the Realtek control panel appears.

    You'll try this step.

    Uninstall the audio driver and then run Support Assistant HP.

    Please read this post from @erico and let me know if this helped.  Not able to find the Beats Audio after upgrading to Windows 10

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