Control parental is not allow me to play Grand Theft Auto 4, and I can't find a way to turn off the parental control. What should I do?

I tried to remove the parental control, since I put in place myself by a mistake, and I would remove it. How can I do this?


Hi Emil,

We are happy to help with your concerns about the parental controls on your computer.
Parental control works only on a non-administrator account. First, you log on to your computer as an administrator. After this, please follow these steps to remove parental controls on your computer:
1. If you set up Parental control by using the control panel
a. click Start, type Parental controls, and then press ENTER.
b. Select the user who is under parental control.
c. Select disabled, and then click Ok.
2. If you set up Parental controls with parental controls
a. connect to using the parent account.

b. click Manage list of the members of the family.

c. Select the child's account, and then click Remove. Click delete to confirm.

d. open the parental controls on your computer client.

e. on the upper right side of the parental control window, click the icon to get the latest settings from the Web site .

f. you can also uninstall parental in case you do not have access to the account that is used to configure the settings. You can follow the steps in this link.

Please let us know if you need more information.

Thank you!

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