Conversion from decimal to octal variables labels using TestStand expression?

Hi all

I am currently using TestStand for read and write ARINC data for my application. Now, the card of the ARINC does only decimal values, so I have to convert all decimal octal labels and set them in TestStand, such that the map of the ARINC accepts it. So, when I read the variables that come out, I their name for the log file, but I need to convert the decimal values in octal labels such as test operators should not be confused.

Overall, I need to know is it an expression to take the decimal value and convert it to octal in the space of expression?

Thank you!

Convert to octal string: Str (Locals.Local, '%#o')

Remove # if you do not want the radix prefix.

Convert to decimal string if you want an integer:

Str (Locals.Local, "%I")

or for floating point:

Str (Locals.Local, '%g")

Hope this helps,


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    Thank you


    Hey Joe,

    I feel your frustration. For any organization that needs or wants to commit to providing accessible information online
    a serious logistics problem raises its head. PDF, HTML, what is the right way to do (and it's possible)
    requires more resources (training, knowledge, hardware, software, changes to work flow, perhaps some staff members more).
    Is not "work smarter with less & pump more" in this place.

    Yes, it is useful (and necessary) for 'being one' with the 'paragraphs' - WCAG 1.0 - WCAG 20 S508.
    However, as soon as someone starts to provide PDF files which must be 'accessible' the first, most important reference is ISO 32000.
    The references of PDF from Adobe, which preceded the PDF becomes an ISO standard are useful; but ISO 32000 is the norm.
    In this documentation, there is a full discussion of what he * needs to be done to provide an accessible PDF.
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    Entry blog of Leonard Rosenthol AUC provides a link to the ISO standard permitted version Adobe (free) of the ISO 32000-1.

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    "Match and if...". »
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    But, at least, we don't talk of the "left on red" 8 ^)

    Re: (2). (2)
    Just an observation. A defective product that claims to be 'everything' may enter a sticky wicket entities (individuals/businesses).
    Put a high volume of defective products on its same does increase the probability that a "shadow".
    Quantity replaces quality just isn't a precursor to success.
    Target species - and national judicial action class action that has been taken against him with regard to the "accessibility" of services information online.
    Resolved now - see the web site of the NFB.

    Re (3) (3)
    Ah, but what would say Judy justice or judge Marily?
    Efficiency does not provide a product of the "whole".
    I doubt it will ever be a "one-click" seamless between the dominant products of one of the software houses.
    They are competitors intense. That it is not others providing provide a product of 'whole', right?
    For example, if the organization wants to 'make accessible PDFS' label then it pays transport costs - Adobe Pro, training, workflow appropriate, etc.
    which allow the delivery of PDF files meet the standards to which formed a well containing the tag output is PDF (accessible is a subset of this).
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    With each version of TA / dot release, JAWS - Windows Eyes - NVDA & others hone in on using PDF ISO 32000 Standard closer.
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    Do not forget that the paragraphs of S508 began when, in fact, HTML was 'it '. In terms of software that has been there are geological ages.
    For contemporary AT effectively analyze the PDF, the PDF file must be a PDF containing the tag well trained with a format/layout that reflects a logical hierarchy.
    Creation of all that it should start in the environment of creation with the author of the content.
    PDF post-processing output then ensures that the elements (tags) PDF are of the correct type, have the required attributes, etc..
    Without this, AT will not be able to provide the use of effect for the end user of the PDF file.

    So, for AT correctly 'work' the PDF file, elements of * must * have set the Scope attribute, values of row value and scope of column defined, etc..

    Scope, line Span, range column, ID of the Table and headers must be added in the framework of the post-processing in a PDF using Acrobat Professional.
    An alternative is the plugin Netcentric CommonLook for Acrobat Professional. What it does, Acrobat Pro can do; However, the CommonLook
    provides a robust user interface. Disadvantage: some 1 k $ per seat is not 'cheap' and it has a * steep learning curve * (Sitka Pass?).

    Two related table resources run this AUC thread (in post 3 and 4). They can be of some use.

    When the "smelly things" feeds into the Lair of the fan, it is prudent to not be directly downstream, huh.
    Consider the target and the situation, in which they began.
    Consider delivery of the PDF accessible agencies fedgov or stategov.
    They won't be in front of the fan if the ease of use of PDF files becomes a problem.
    It will be rather those submitting. After the Agency said "accessible".

    Better to slow down and right or loading ramp of resources in support of "Annex" as to the stake themselves as someones 'feed' tomorrow, no.?

    Ultimately, PDF, HTML, or any 'format', accessibility is the ease of use + compliance.

    Needed improvements in the professional development and training, software/equipment, * time *?
    Yes. But, all of this boils down to 'where the rub the road' - what tires are you on?
    It can be done. I do a little bit at a time all day. Often, this is what it takes.
    Products to be delivered are provided; but, with no bad labeling and advancement is identified, celebrated and everything continues until the
    the 'road' is filled correctly.
    Won't wash outs, bridge collapse or what not tomorrow .
    (But then I'm a fan of "Holmes on Homes", which can go a long way toward understanding my point of view when it comes to accessible PDF).

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  • How can I transfer all the messages/conversations from my iphone to on my mac?

    Hi people,

    Maybe someone can help me:

    How can I transfer the entire contents of my messages app on my iphone to the messages on my mac app?

    the problem is, when I create in the messages app a new account with my appl ID (for example on a new mac) I also use with my iphone, so everything worked very well for the starting point of creation.

    BUT... some older posts, I have on my iphone will appear in the new - account on my mac.

    I have thousands of old messages and conversations, I now can only see on my phone or with some more or less useful third party apps. those who cannot vonert messages to a PDF file or som other format useful semi > but no one can transfer it in the messages app.

    • I learned that apple does not save my imessages for more than 72hours (which makes me happy because of the confidentiality of the data), so I can't take via imessages-servers.
    • I also learned that it is possible to transfer data from the library files to a previous account. but unfortunately, I've just accidentally deleted those files, so this solution won't help:
      • I had serious problems to enable the transfer of SMS on a second mac (I guess I failed it in between), I went in the ususal trial & error-process and disabled the account of messages on the mac.
      • After that, I deleted all caches using onyx. then I restarted the iphone and the macbook and restarted the messages app.
      • the app behave like the 'never used before': I entered my apple, app ID remind my cell phone number and all other settings from the old account, but THE MESSAGES WERE GONE alle.
      • I don't know I deleted the using onyx. but there should be a way to win back them?

    the system configuration:

    • Start "2011-17 - macbook pro with latest el capitan (10.11.6)"
    • iPhone 6 with latest iOS (9.3.5)

    PLEASE Please HELP me - even if I use third-party software...


    Can't do.

    iMessages are pushed by the iMessages servers to devices recorded at this time there.

    They are not held on servers and are deleted as soon as receiving devices accept.

    (that is, it is not like electronic mail that can be left on the server (POP) or rest on the (IMAP) server to be retried by other devices that can identify you later).

    How the files/iMessages are stored on the iPhone and the way the Mac stores are not the same.

    It is possible to have the iPhone one store backup via iTunes on Mac.

    From there on, it is possible to use third party applications to read (check out them and make them as text files), but they cannot be forced into Messages.

    By copying and pasting entire conversations from one chat to another it's the Mac send s just like a long piece of text with few (not in use) formatting.

    Can also have problems with actually duplicate the whole file with space on the iPhone in the first place.

    19:44 Friday. September 2, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • Can read data from xls using teststand 3.5?


    I use 3.5 TestStand and LabVIEW know these are quite old versions now, but we must continue with this on a test bench.

    My question is how can I read data from the file xls using TestStand 3.5? I have already mentioned a few posts on this, and one response suggested that I should use "tGetExcel" using ActiveX adapter. I tried to run the test example related to "", but a run-time error. He says that "the tGetExcel type library information not found. Make sure that the server is registered in the system.

    TestStand 4.2, I could easily run excel at the base of operations by using the Office Excel Toolkit.

    I was wondering, is there another way, I can read just .xls file data by using Teststand 3.5?

    Thank you


    Please check this example for charger of property:

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\TestStand 3.5\Examples\LoadingLimits

    This shows the limits of excel file loading.

    But you can load the values of the variables-consult the help file / Reference manual for this type of step.

    Also in the loader type forum search property - you can find more information.

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I connect from a PC to another PC using LabVIEW

    New IAM for LabVIEW and need help. How can I connect from a PC to another PC using LabVIEW. IE how to connect to the IP of the PC, another address using LabVIEW. Thanking you.

    There are a few methods of network communications in LabVIEW.

    Some of them, in no particular order:

    -Network shared Variables

    -Flow network

    -Screw HTTP and Web Services client



    (There are also libraries of pre-written e-mail based on UDP/TCP)

    Which the decision to go for depends on many factors (e.g. should you read the last value of variables, flow without any loss of data, data dissemination or send messages/packets of data, etc.). I suggest take you a look at some examples in the finder of the example (help-> find examples...). If you are really new to LabVIEW, I suggest you take some free LabVIEW tutorials - take a look at the links at the bottom of the first post in this thread.

  • How to convert numbers from decimal to binary in the Windows 7 calculator

    Hi how I can convcert numbers from decimal to binary using the calculator of windows 7

    1. launch the calculator
    2. click on 'View', then select 'programmer '.
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  • The name of the free program to test the conversion from PDF to Word on Mac?

    The name of the free program to test the conversion from PDF to Word on Mac?

    Hi ulfs29898036,

    There is no free program to export the PDF file.

    You will need Adobe PDF Export service to export the PDF file, which can be used with free Acrobat Reader DC help of Acrobat Reader | Help of Acrobat Reader DC.

    Otherwise you can purchase/subscription application Acrobat DC Plans and price | Adobe Acrobat DC

    Kind regards

  • Conversion from a physical to a virtual domain controller domain controller

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if you guys can help me. We are running a physical server Proliant DL 360 Gen 8 as our physical domain controller. The host runs HP VMware 5.5 Update 1, and the domain controller running Windows Server 2012

    I am looking to convert it to a virtual DC as a backup. I would like to add it to a host computer currently running three VM. I have a few questions.

    (1) is there a way where if the physical domain controller goes down, that the virtual server is brought online automatically?

    (2) are there caveats to a physical domain controller in a virtual domain controller?

    (3) is there a step by step guide on the process of conversion from a physical to a virtual domain controller domain controller?

    (4) what should I stop all services on the physical server during the conversion?

    (5) that I would be able to take the virtual domain controller and make like a secondary domain controller?

    Thank you

    No, you misunderstood. For additional availability, you must implement a 2nd DC as a virtual machine now and leave this race. Don't bother to put something automagic, just the 2nd DC easy running.

    Backups should always be done on a regular basis, because they might be useful if two domain controllers fail for some reason any.

  • How do I know where a variable was used?

    How can I tell where a variable is used in a procedure of interface/package /?

    Should I check using internal tables from the repository?

    Thank you


    You must do some queries to find the variable used in ODI object.

    as he retrieves the variable with the name of the scenario and scénarion can meet your need.

    Select v.i_var, v.var_name, s.scen_name of

    ODEV91119_ODI_WORK.snp_var v, ODEV91119_ODI_WORK.snp_scen s


    s.i_var = v.i_var

    and s.scen_NAME = 'V_BTCH_NAME'

    and agree with the answer SH

    Thank you

  • Conversion error in web page to PDF using Acrobat 8 IE 9 Vista

    Conversion error in web page to PDF using Acrobat 8 IE 9 Vista

    Error occurred

    Line: 11

    Char: 3

    Error: Permission denied
    Code: 0

    URL: res / / C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\AcroIEFavClient.dll/AcroIECapture.html

    Additioanally the Adobe printer appears as "Error" However the creation of PDFs from Outlook works fine

    With Internet EXPLORER 9, you will need at least Acrobat X (updated to the point release 10.1).

    See the list of compatible web browsers Acrobat PDF:

    Be well...

  • Conversion from PDF to DOC in a special way...

    Conversion from PDF to DOC in a special way...

    I have a pdf form. I need to convert it to doc because I use Goldmine CRM to merge or insert fields in the doc.

    The easiest way for me is if I can simply consider each page of the PDF as an image and convert the pdf file into a word document composed by images. Each page of the word document is an image.

    Then I can use an overlay with transparent textbox to insert the fields at my convenience.

    You know a method to do this with the results and a good resolution?

    Best regards

    Export pages as images is possible via the file > save as menu in Acrobat, but I don't see why you want to do. Acrobat can save a PDF file as a Word document ordinary.

  • DVD label using

    Relatively new to first Elements 7. I figured out how to make a label using Photoshop elements and same impression. However, I'm a little unhappy with the result. The label that I designed is great. My problem is that the template in Photoshop does not change the size of hub. I print directly on dvd printable inkjet. The dvd, I had have no printable material on the hub, so I end up with ink on the hub that will not dry not in this century. Even removed with q-tips, which is ok for this project, but turned to the future and always accept a better idea.

    What do you use for a model with Photoshop Elements 7?

    Is there a free program that works better? Preferably one that I can import the PDF that I exported from Photoshop.

    Is there a free program that works better? Preferably one that I can import the PDF that I exported from Photoshop.

    Sorry that I did not address the issue of a PDF document. There are some subtle differences in a pure Adobe Acrobat PDF Pro and Photoshop PDF. The main thing is that you can export with editability in PS checked, but there is a little more under the hood.

    Some programs that have no problems with a PDF Acrobat file (provided the version is compatible), are reluctant to Photoshop PDF. It of a great format to send to a commercial printer and supplants the EPS as the standard. Yet, some programs do not make a perfect playback of files PDF the PS job. For this reason, I would not use this format, however it is good for other things.

    As I said elsewhere, I'm going with a JPEG high resolution (one of the few times where I never use this format, except for the Web work), and they import fine in most programs that can handle images. I always keep a copy of all workers. Photoshop PSD, in the case where I have to change.

    Good luck and sorry it took so long to answer your last question,.


  • I bought an iphone 4 on ebay but it's locked, icloud so I am not able to use it, and the previous owner is available to remove the device from their account: How can I use the appliance?

    I bought an iphone 4 on ebay but it's locked, icloud so I am not able to use it, and the previous owner is available to remove the device from their account: How can I use the appliance?

    You can not. Try to return the unit and get your money back. There is absolutely no way for you to unlock the device,

  • HP OfficeJet 4650: HP OfficeJet 4650 does not print web pages: print from Word etc very well. Using Firefox and Windows 7

    HP OfficeJet 4650 does not print web pages: print from Word etc very well.  Using Firefox and Windows 7

    Œuvres of chrome!  Does this mean I have to give up Firefox?

    Thank you!!!

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