Conversion of Cisco Mobility Express Bundle


I have a question about the Cisco Mobility Express Bundle (not the device without mobility Express on 1800 series AP). When the beam is bought, is the software on the 2500 WLC a cut version with the day Setup Wizard 0 and the new dashboard or is it the full version of the software that would be the same when you buy a stand-alone 2500?

Thank you


According to my knowledge, it will be with the full version of the software that would be the same when you buy a stand-alone 2500.


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  • Aironet 1850 as a standalone (mobility express master)

    I just bought a new AIR-AP-1852I-E-K9 for waiting room.

    I've never had a Cisco product before. We have always had some before cheap consumption points.

    I plugged the AP to the POE and it gets an ip address. But the SSID CiscoAirProvision will not be displayed.

    After much research, I'm a bit confused. Maybe someone can help me.

    -To learn more, I have the wrong firmware on my AP I have need to install the mobility Express version so the AP can act as stand-alone.

    -The correct firmware would be

    -I have no contract with cisco, so I can't download this firmware. Why does take a contract to download the Cisco software?

    -J' tried to ssh to the AP with PuTTY to know whether what version is currently installed on the ap but I can't connect to it.

    Any help would be highly appreciated and sorry for my English.

    Send you mail, respond with precision, will help you download.

  • 1850 mobility Express

    I would like to propose the new mobility Cisco 1850 express solution. According to my understadning the 1850 built in the virtual controller for up to 25 AP and info is transmitted via wifi to the next access point.

    My question is what do I do if the AP is not in the master of 1850 AP wifi range? the AP will continue to receive information of the 1850? or in this scanario ill have to go to a conroller tradiionnels as the 2500 series?

    No, perhaps to make you believe otherwise is the fact that the PA primary, while acting as a controller, is always as an AP and clients can connect to him in this way.

  • Cisco Connect Express App 4 Android not available in France.

    Hello, I am a very happy user of a WRT54G Router, but I intend to buy an E4200 (v2) for 802.11n. I am very interested to install Cisco Connect Express on my android device, but this app seems to be unavailable in France/Europa? Someone outside of the United States has already managed to install? Thanks in advance for your answers. Vince


    Cisco Connect Express for Android is now available in french Market(Google Play) Android since 04/06/2012.

    Thank you.

  • Option admin status when creating a new WLAN mobility-Express

    We have three Aironet 2802i, where one of them is running mobility Express.  (One of them seems to have hardware problems while we get it replaced, but that's another story...)

    When you configure a new WLAN on a mobility Express, which is "Admin State" for?  I was not able to find on the Guide to me what that really means.

    In addition, there is a documentation on ME running on a 2800's?

    Thank you


    Hi Dennis,

    The "Admin State" configuration option is used to toggle the WIFI. Keep it as "Enabled" will cause the SSID to the AP and diffuse.

    Can you let us know what specific documents are looking for wrt ME on 2800?

    Best regards

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  • Cisco Unity Express Configuration 8.6

    We have a Router (3945) CME with CUE 8.6 8.6 (ISM-SRE-300-K9 Module). I have a few concerns about the installation and configuration of CUE.

    1. Cisco ships CUE 8.6 Application preinstalled on ISM-SRE-300-K9 Module?
    2. What is the initial state of CUE in ISM-SRE-300-K9 Module when he left?
    3. To restore CUE setting factory and download/install CUE from scratch?
    4. OR can I directly give the IP interface addresses and go directly to the CUE - GUI?
    5. As I ordered three languages (Arab Saudi, British and English North American) these language packs are available with in the Module when it was shipped? or do I have to download and install?
    ISM-SRE-300-K9 Module (ISM) internal services with Services ready engine
    CON-SAU-ISRE300 SW UPGR + SUPP APP internal Services Module (ISM) with SRE
    SCUE-ISM-8, 6 - K9 Cisco Unity Express version 8.6
    CUE-LANG-ARA Cisco Unity Express - Saudi Arabic
    CUE-LANG-EN Cisco Unity Express - British English
    CUE-LANG-ENU Cisco Unity Express - North American English
    FL-CUE-MBX-5 Unity Express license - 5 mailboxes - CUCM and CUCME
    FL-CUE-IVR-2 Unity License Express - Session 2 IVR
    FL-CUE-PORT-2 Unity License Express - 2 ports
    FL-CUE-NR-PORT-2 Unity Express license 2 - no hostable re - Port

    I have recently installed one of these modules and my experience has been that unit has not come with any software installed.  I had to download and install the software/language packs of

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    Cisco's plans and customer development for Cisco Mobile Android?

    ETA November 1, 2010.


  • Requirement of Cisco Unity Express (license, package files, application)

    Hello world

    I am about to install CUE on my router c2911 and I am confused with the required license. Currently, I have these permits:

    1 SL-29-UC-K9: unified communications license

    2 FL-CUE-MBX-5: Unity Express license - 5 mailboxes - CUCM and CUCME

    3 FL-CUE-PORT-2: Unity Express license - Port no Re-hostable-2

    4 VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1: 1-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk/Wan voice int. Card - T1/E1

    Is there any package of license application/files / I need in order to get this service running?

    Kind regards.

    This should help:


  • Cisco Security Appliance bundle Manager

    I have a client subscribes to the ELA of security, so related to the safety of all the licenses and subscriptions are free.  It is possible to order this product as a device without the bundled license?

    I'm sorry - you're right. I wasn't aware of this offer.

    So, without the license, it would be just a plain UCS C220 M3. I see no reason that Cisco would give material under the terms of the license agreement.

  • Conversion of a MS Expression Studio Dreamweaver Web site

    My website, was designed by me in 2002 using MS FrontPage.  Over the years I updated to the latest software of design site Web MS ending by the current Expression MS s Studio Microsoft no longer supports any of these applications to Web site design.  It would be easy to convert my site must be hosted on a windows server to a Dreamweaver Web site?  And, is the Dreamweaver application similar to the MS Expression Studio in use, or I have to go through a process of training all along.  Note: The content of the Web site would not change.

    Are there web sites designers that make these kinds of conversions, and if so, what would be the cost?  In the latter case, please understand that, in the end, I must be able to manage and update the website myself, without any additional help.

    Joseph A. Rybczyk

    I don't sugar coat everything.  DW assume you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of design & web code in HTML, CSS, and to a lesser extent JavaScript.   The GUI in DW to do many things without even looking at the code.  But for the advanced features, you need to work with the code from time to time.

    SERVERS: DW does not care that you use the servers.  For static HTML files, it is not much either.

    • Win plans of IIs costs slightly more than Linux.
    • Win has a panel of Plesk IIs.  Linux has a C-Panel.
    • Win IIs supports code while Linux supports PHP code.

    FTP: DW can FTP the files to your server remotely on your local hard drive, & vice versa.

    Simply define a Site going on Site > new Site. Say DW where you want to store your files from local site. Example: C:\yourSiteName.

    Under servers, enter your FTP credentials & root directory (this varies depending on the provider).

    Nancy O.

  • RH8 post-conversion, are completed space expression conditional tag

    We have installed just RoboHelp 8. After having converted my 3 projects of RH7 RH8, the system has added build spaces between the words of a condtional expression. That's fine because it is much easier to see the words - which represented an improvement over version 7.

    However, it is also add a space after the conditional construct sentences, which is incorrect. It adds a space before a comma, adds a space before a period if the conditional compilation expression occurs at the end of the sentence, etc. But it doesn't seem like it does in all cases... I don't know why it does this, but it has happened after the conversion to 8.

    The generated help is displayed as in the example below. Note the space before the period in the first sentence and the space before the comma in the second sentence. He did it on a few pages.

    Customer definition details

    This page allows you to add a new customer or modify an existing customer. If you add a customer, you must complete the details and then save it.

    Tried to download the example of conditional compilation expression, but it is not letting me.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. It would be a lot to fix it manually, so I hope someone knows how to solve this problem by using a parameter.

    We have the same problem.

    Our workaround solution should not use the conditional tags in a sentence, but rather have 2 separate versions of the same sentence and put the conditional tags on the sentences.

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  • Software exixting of conversion for Windows mobile

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    now the client asked me to do the same thing for hime in the devices windows mobile...

    I have forms and can also resize to devices but I need some additional tools like the resolution and database connection takes no space in my camera...

    Please help me


    Thanks in advance

    Repost nicely in the Communitoes of Visual Basic above.

    They will help.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Cisco Unity Express 8.5.1 upgrade and licensing


    We use CUE on 2900 router. This is the version 8.5.1. We want to install this version 8.6.11. But I can't be sure I'll need to upgrade license or something like that, at least, I have to do after this upgrade license or it is compatible with the newer version?

    Thank you

    Kind regards.

    Given that you run CUE 8.5 it means that the license type is CSL already, so no need to license upgrade either. Refer to this guide for more details:



  • Conversion of Cisco Aironet 1130AG light in stand-alone mode


    I just bought AIR-LAP1131AG. Unfortunately, I want stand-alone and not lightweight fashion.

    Yes, is there a procedure to convert to "AIR-AP1131AG?

    Thank you.

    Hello Michael,

    Yes, please follow this procedure for TFTP Re-imaging

    / * Style definitions * / table. MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name: "Table Normal" "; mso-knew-rowband-size: 0; mso-knew-colband-size: 0; mso-style - noshow:yes; mso-style-priority: 99; mso-style-parent:" ";" mso-padding-alt: 0 to 5.4pt 0 to 5.4pt; mso-para-margin: 0; mso-para-margin-bottom: .0001pt; mso-pagination: widow-orphan; do-size: 10.0pt; do-family: "Times New Roman", "serif" ;} "}

    1) Go to your Computer and from the tool menu -> folder options ->uncheck the hide extensions for known file types option. 
    2) Download the IOS image ( you can get this ios image from on your desktop.
    3) Rename the image into c1130-k9w7-tar.default
    4) Give your computer Ethernet an address in the range till
    5) Run the tftp server on your computer.
        - Make sure that the directory of your tftp server is the desktop.
        - Specify the AP address on the tftp server if needed.
    6) Connect the AP to the computer with Ethernet cable.
    7) Remove the power from the AP.
    8) Press and hold Mode button on the AP, and insert the power jacket in the AP.
    9) Keep pressing on the Mode button for (20-30 seconds) until you see RED Led.
    10) Wait until the image installed and all led lights return to green 

    doesn't make sure that no firewall or antivrus is running on your computer.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards



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