Conversion of Illustrator files


I received files was made by a Mac computer.

Is it possible to open them in Illustrator and use them on a PC?

Or... how I can go about opening files Mac have to files on the PC?

Thank you


Hi Virginia,

As noted above, you don't need to convert a file TO make it compatible across platforms (Mac or Windows) operating system. You just need Illustrator program (updated or same version in which it was created) and you can simply open the files into it.

Kind regards


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  • problem of cs6 Illustrator files for the web conversion

    I have designed some simple logos in Illustrator CS6 and convert .ai files to appear on a Web site, but when I use the Save for Web feature and preview the files GIF or PNG - 8s, I created that they are fuzzy and not a pretty good quality, even when seen at actual size. I realize there will be differences between the vector graphics in Illustrator and the images of pixels on a Web site of the office, but these are more that a minimal adjustment - they look out of focus. I'm doing something wrong? I create Illustrator files that are too large or too small? Or am I convert art into GIF or PNG-8 files are the right size or shape? I have searched the forums and the web for a solution, but found nothing on this. Any help would be appreciated.


    If you checked one of the optimization options hidden in the window the size of the Image?

    Have you considered PNG24 with richer colors?

  • Linking of indesign and illustrator files


    I was wondering if it was possible to link files between Illustrator and Indesign and have an update in real time whenever I have to save the file, that I'm working on.

    I would work on several designs on separate Illustrator files and would need files Indesign update accordingly when I save the Illustrator files.

    Is something like this?

    (sorry if this is a stupid question, tried searching online and on the forum but can't find anything)

    Files Illustrator that are placed in an InDesign document updates automatically if the Illustrator file is opened from the InDesign document.

    Otherwise, the link will display as changed in the links Panel, and you can choose the update in the Panel menu.

    In addition, when you open an InDesign file that changed the links, you will be offered a dialogue to update at this time links here.

  • Why my Illustrator file linked with an opacity mask to my Indesign file a washed out appearance?

    I have an indesign this work of Illustrator related uses of the file. The illustrator files contain opacity masks, and when I import into my layout indesign they give the bottom of the pages a washed out appearance. I noticed that the page in my project Indesign who doesn't have opacity masks linked seems fine.

    So, I know that the opacity mask is performing the indesign document somehow but I don't know how to solve the problem. I tried merging the texture in the opacity mask, flattening of the illustration illustrator, paste the illustrator shape directly on the page, save the work as a PNG; but nothing seems to work.

    Here is a picture of the page with the related work.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.07.40 PM.png

    Here is one of how the page should look like.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.07.51 PM.png

    Here is the configuration of my illustration illustrator opacity mask. Its basically a group of white textures I pasted in the opacity mask. It's a single layer.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.08.09 PM.png

    If anyone has any ideas or ideas, I would be happy. I hope I have provided enough details.

    Thank you for all your help. I thought about it. I did the background texture in photoshop and converted to grayscale. Turns out I should have converted to CMYK. Once I did this everything unified in my indesign document.

    Kind of a moment of c ' h but good.

    Thanks again for all the quick responses.

  • The dashed lines in my Illustrator file deform when I copy/paste the in Excel. Otherwise, the image is fine. What I am doing wrong?

    The dashed lines in my Illustrator file deform when I copy/paste the in Excel. Otherwise, the image is fine. What I am doing wrong?

    The lines end up looking much bigger than they were initially.

    I am using the paste special option in Excel and it works fine for all parts of the image, but this.

    Someone suggested I try to use the Mode plotted, but who has not made a difference when I tried.

    The map view wouldn't make any difference, so more clarification is needed on your workflow.

    Why it's not working for you save the image as a png image in Illustrator and then insert it correctly as a picture in Excel?

    What are you trying to make to it after that's in Excel? If the PNG workflow does not work for you, then explain your workflow. It might help to know if you're Mac or Windows and the version numbers and maybe screenshots.

  • After effects CC corrupt Illustrator file?


    I worked on sequels with animation, but after doing with animate and make the .mov and .mp4 file, part of one of the illustration files became corrupted? You can see here below, with the cat.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 21.52.02.png

    Is that the back of the legs of the cat, the rest of my animation still works as before. I got messages showing that my hard drive was almost full lately, but everything in the animation works as before (the .mov file looks like perfectly) except when I did a .mp4 file.

    I'm only a beginner with after effects and I looked in forums everywhere to find answers, but nothing explains my problem.

    did anyone of you knows what to do? I need to change a second time to improve my animation, but this surely isn't an improvement.

    You have moved the layer with the puppet pin applied. You can't do that.

    Puppet pin defines a mesh of the alpha chanel of the layer when you place the first pin. When you are using puppet pin, it is important to turn on the mesh, so you can see what parts of the image it is covering. If you had a puppet like this and the expansion was wet too wide mesh cover the arms and the body so that you can not move arms independently.

    Move the arm gives you this:

    Change the extension of 5 pixels mask solves the problem completely:

    If you to scale or move the layer after applying a puppet pin that the mesh is going to stay in it is original position and the effect will be broken.

    Any decent tutorial on using the puppet pin should have covered these basic rules for the workflow. The solution is to make your puppet using only the pins of puppets or make your puppet move, call before you move all attributes to the new model and then move the entire layer.

    For instructions on the use of the pin type puppet 'puppet ' corner in the search help field in the upper right of After Effects, and learn about the resources of the community.

  • Why my Illustrator files will not be imported correctly?


    I have a problem. I work in CS2, Hey Yes still in CS2... But this isn't the point my problem is that whenever I try to place an Illustrator file into another file Illustrator the imported file does not appear as one of my files related... In addition, I also something like a second bounding around her box. DOE - anyone have any idea what it might be, is that what I forgot something and maybe changed a setting? Help, please. Down below, I placed a picture of how it looks with extra encompassing (or something) and you can see that it does not show in the related files.



    When you put a file must be a small box in the place dialog box that says "Embed". It must be unchecked.

  • Cannot convert or save files Flash CS6 in an Illustrator file

    I'm in a project using Flash CS6 vector contour drawing. My customer wants Illustrator files for their needs, I can't save or export all my work in Illustrator format.

    How can I go to get a result, I am I missing some kind of plugin? Can I export JPEGs and other shaped images but cannot make or open my Flash files in Illustrator format files, any help.

    You can export a svg (file > export > image > svg) and which can be opened and edited in artificial intelligence.

  • I just bought an iMac running 10.11.2 so bought a full subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC crashes when you open an illustrator file, when I stick a layer copied, etc.. I have for that to be resolved. All software are up to date.

    I need assistance with PS CC 2015. It continues to crash when you open an Illustrator file, paste a new layer, etc.

    All software are up to date. I'm running an IMAC with OS X 10.11.2.

    Please fix!

    Thank you.

    Please see the problems of fonts in Adobe applications. Mac OS X

    It seems Photoshop crashes because of corrupt fonts in your system folder / I

    Kind regards


  • How to work with illustrator files to the draw?

    How can I work with illustrator files in Draw? I can't go to draw for illustrator, but not Illustrator to draw?

    You can not.

    Ight want to put it here:

    Feature request/Bug Report Form

  • Particular Illustrator file links all appear as the large pixels in Indesign? (broken links)


    I ran into one of those questions where I don't know what to even Google to try to resolve this problem. I made an illustrator file that all of a sudden connect correctly in InDesign, there a lot of art cards in there (21) that the link to the document number and this strange group of pixels now appears in all of them, put an end to any progress.

    (Inserted below, picture left image)


    If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

    The file is saved with the PDF compatibility? And if the link is broken or out of date, you must remedy.

  • former Illustrator files will open only in the form of Simple Text Documents

    I went back to an old project Adobe Illustrator I have not opened for years but suddenly need to recovery. To my horror, I discovered that I can not open ONE of these old files HAVE. In the finder, each of these files is shown not as an .ai file, but as a "simple text document. When opening, it does is display a text code page, not my graphics HAVE. I'm currently running AI CS5 on Mac OSX 10.8.5. I would greatly appreciate all useful advice - what someone might have on this subject. Y at - it HAVE a plug-in available for update old files? No matter what?

    Thanks for your help!

    Frank Gresham

    Hi everyone who responded, or interested:

    I think I found the fix, courtesy of the Mac guru at the University where I teach. If I just add the suffix .ai on behalf of all of my files, they instantly change to read Adobe Illustrator files! Couldn't be simpler, although it raises a question. These files will open very well without needing to be done with the file at the end of each title designations. Now, suddenly, they need ".ai" after them to open properly. Well. At least, I have a solution to this problem.  Thanks for all the good advice!

    Frank G.

  • . Don't update the AI Illustrator files in After Effects

    CC Yes after effects 2014 (and perhaps older versions?) had a feature that I really liked where if you have imported an illustrator (.ai) file into After Effects, you can change this file in Illustrator without having to re - import the file back into After Effects. The image would automatically update.

    I use CC AE 2015 and Illustrator CS5.1 and this method does not work. The illustrator file to update or change, even when I reload the film or purge the memory of the software. Also, I rebooted my computer for fun, but that did not work. This functionality has changed in 2015 After effects version? Y at - there a step I'm missing?

    Here is my example. I want this red screw to have fewer teeth, so I deleted my teeth in Illustrator up to five:


    After this change and in saving it, nothing changes in After Effects. He holds the stick to the old version of the screw, which has about nine teeth:


    It could refer to a preview stored in the cache, serving and see if that makes a difference.

  • Floating head of Illustrator file

    Hello. I'm trying to fix the head of my character to the body that it floats in the air right now. In the illustrator file, it is attached, but when they are imported into Ch it is floating in the air. I am able to put it in the Properties menu, but head still floats around the body of characters and not remains attached to the "neck." I'm still working on the snap then this is definitely a work in progress. I'd be happy to send a staff member a file if that would help.Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.37.41 AM.pngScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.43.54 AM.png

    Remove the "+" of the head, neck and body layers. With '+' you say character to deform this subpuppet regardless. Without it, they all belong to the same mesh.

  • Export Illustrator file to PDF - 'Create PDF Compatible file' where is this option?

    Where the Option 'Create a compatible PDF file' when export us an Illustrator file to PDF? Hernani thanks


    The option is only save you as or save a copy in the format I.

    Its purpose is to create a file PDF file inside HAVE.

    If you save as PDF, you have the additional option preserve Illustratot editing capabilities, which creates a file HAVE in the PDF file.

    Whatever it is, you get a file in both formats, with some differences.

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