Convert FLV to screen saver

I built a video screensaver for a customer using After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder and SWF & FLV Toolbox 4 (FLV and SWF Converter - Convert SWF to AVI, SWF to GIF, SWF, jpg, FLV). It is an application that converts .flv and .scr files in swf files. The .scr file works fine on all machines and several systems operating with the exception of the clients machine, of course. The clients machine merely show a white screen instead of playing the video. Any idea of what this could be the cause? Or again, do you know of any other .flv safe and trustworthy, swf, video or .scr converters out there? I found many freeware converters, but I don't trust them. Screen savers have all but faded away, in order to find legitimate software has been difficult.


Here is a plugin that allows you to export to a screensaver directly from After Effects or Prime Minister: exporting screensaver - aescripts + aeplugins -

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  • Office and loading photo-screen saver

    Recently, Mac Book Pro, my wife (2009) started acting incorrectly when we go to active corners or the timer expires and should load the photos.

    If I look at the screen saver preferences, we have a relatively small designated images folder. Photos of maybe 20. In preferences, we can see many lines of small images and it may be that the number of lines continues to rise. If we use Active corners or the timer expires, the screen goes black and after a minute or two, the message loading Photos appears.

    I looked at all the pictures in the folder and none are corrupt. They all will normally open in preview or Graphic Converter. I tried to change to another photo folder and get the same problem.

    I think rather than Office preferences and screen saver is damaged or it is maybe something stored in a library that is corrupted.

    I tried to restart the laptop with the SHIFT key is pressed twice and that did not help.

    This who should I try next.

    Its operating system is 10.11.4 and the Mac laptop is mid-2009.

    Suggestions on what do I do then?

    Howdy Gil Woolley,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    I understand that you run into problems when you try to use your photos as screensaver on Mac. your wife you mentioned that you have been able to open these photos on their own with no problem, so you have tried other photos also?  If this isn't the case, I suggest that you try and make the desktop folder photos after your screen saver to see if the problem persists:

    / Library/screen saver by default/Collections

    If Yes, then the next step that I suggest is to test this behavior in a new user account:

    How to test with another user account

    You can find out if unexpected behavior is related to the user file or a parameter in trying to reproduce the problem to a different user account. This process includes creating a new user account, connect to it and test for the issue.

    Create a test user account

    1. In the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
    2. Click the users and groups in the System Preferences window.
    3. Click the lock icon and enter an administrator name and password.
    4. Click on the button Add (+) below the list of users.
    5. Choose a type of user in the new pop-up menu.
    6. Give the user a name and first name, account name, and password.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Close the System Preferences window.

    If there are documents from your user account that you want to test with original, place a copy of these items in the shared folder in the users folder. Press the Option key while dragging a file in this folder to create a copy.

    Connect to the test user account

    Log out of your current user account by choosing logout in the Apple menu, and then open a session the new account that you created. If you are prompted to login with your iCloud or Apple ID account when you log in, skip this step.

    Try to reproduce the problem

    Try the same steps that caused the unexpected behavior to appear. For example, if you are unable to print, try printing from this user account. If you were unable to connect to the Internet, try to navigate on a website of this user account.

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    Please report back with your results so that we can further this issue.

    Take care.

  • Screen saver photos library El Capitan

    My screensaver used to work seamlessly scroll through pictures randomly in my library of photos, but now after a few images, it scrolls to a blank screen instead of a new image. Someone knows how to fix this?

    Hi, I had the same problem to develop. Another example of News Photos not quite be up yet. This happens not in the 'old' I picture; so, if you re-create a Photo file i and migrate your photos everywhere (Yes, it's a bore) then the screen saver does not keep white injection. ATTENTION: do not open the new I Photo Photo, otherwise it will convert automatically return. Open by clicking on the icon anywhere where you filed it. And hope that Apple fix this annoyance. You also cannot configure a random order with the news photo slideshow, as you could in the old.

  • Word of the day screen saver loading of words but no definitions.

    Word of the screen saver of the day showing the "Entry not found" error for every word from installation of Sierra. Would welcome suggestions for fixing this.

    Try to switch the dictionary used in 'Screen Saver Options '.... »

  • screen saver turns on when using FaceTime

    Since the update to MAC OS Sierra, I noticed that my screensaver activates when using FaceTime - most annoying because I have to quickly move the mouse to put it all again.

    He didn't get it until I've updated from El capitan, so I guess it's something to do with MacOS Sierra.

    He's not doing it with Youtube but I'm still trying with Skype.

    Screen saver works as it should do it with an ordinary application (for example, safari, etc.) Pages) if I don't move the mouse or keyboard for the specified time (five minutes).

    I do not have hot set of corners, the display is set on turn off (energy prefs is system) after 10 minutes. Screen saver is five minutes of inactivity.

    I have an iMac 27 "retina, first generation (a little less than two years) with i5 and 16 gig memory, standard graphics M290X.

    I missed easy adjustment here?

    I have it, feel also my parents as well.

  • tvOS 10 screen saver does not work

    my AppleTV 4 Update OS 10, since then, the screen saver is not automatically kick in (the preference is set for 15 minutes) and the tv does not automatically standby after 1 hour of inactivity (as I put it for).

    two of them worked fine before and now, not at all.

    any suggestions?

    Restart your  TV by unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds. You can also reboot and reset settings > general > reset.

  • screen saver does not work with sierra

    now, my screen saver shows a few pictures then go to sleep. It has always worked perfectly before upgrade of Sierra. Please notify

    Check both your screen sleep and sleep timers.

    Go to: Apple > System Preferences > screen saver and watch the time which is located in the lower left area.

    Go to: Apple > System Preferences > energy saving and air at the time where it is set to sleep.

    If they are the same, then you can set the sleep timer for a time greater than the screen saver timer.

  • Start Screen Saver hot corner no longer works under macOS Sierra 10.12

    I use Active corners to allow my screen saver lock my screen forever.  The hot corner "Start screen saver" no longer works after upgrade to Sierra 10.12.  'Put display to Sleep' hot corner doesn't work, as do other things like "Disable screensaver" and "Launchpad".  I tried reversing the triggers and active corners and can confirm that four corners work, but none of the corners can trigger action to launch the screensaver.

    try restarting. works fine for me.

  • Photo Album using for screen saver

    I would like to use a photo album for my screensaver. I did it in the past with iPhotos and Photos.

    Using OS 10.11.16 on MacBook Air

    Photos 1.5

    I moved my old library of Photos on a hard drive that I needed storage space.

    Succeeded in creating a new photo library.

    Went in system preferences to set up the screen saver as I did in the past.

    Can 'see' the new photo library, but it is shaded on so I can't choose it as my screensaver.

    I opened and closed applications and restart the computer.

    I could choose a picture of pictures for my desktop image

    Have you turned on the photo library as your system library system in Photos preferences > general tab, after you have created the new photo library?

    "Use as a Photo library system" option should be grayed out in the Photos > Preferences > general, when you view the library you want to use for your saving screen and with other applications.  If 'Use as a Photo library system' is not grayed out, click it.  Then log market once again before trying to activate your album as a source of the screen saver.

  • Cannot download, news, security, update, 2016-001., I, have, shut down, my, screen, saver and, my, lock, program, but still, won't, load., everyone, know, what, the, problem, ould c, be?

    I can't get the last security update for download.  I have Adblock and screen saver have stopped, but in vain.

    Try to download it from the link below.

    Security update 2016-001

  • Hanging screen saver preferences

    My screen saver preferences crashes when I try to change the source for the photos. Previously he was using a CIFS share which is now dead but the continuous prefs to try to access the share and never allows me to change the source.

    Is it possible to reset the preferences for the screen saver, the default values. (Mac OS 10.11.6) via other means that the System Prefs IE overwrite default plist

    Trash those files they are trying to open the Sys Prefs...

    / Users/yourusername / Library/Preferences/com. Apple.Desktop.plist


    / Users/yourusername / Library/Preferences/com. Apple.SystemPreferences.plist

    / Users/yourusername / Library/Preferences/ByHost/com. Apple.Screensaver. < x 12digitHe # > .plist

    / Users/yourusername / Library/Preferences/ByHost/com. Apple.ScreenSaverPhotoChoose r. < 12digitHex # > .plist

  • Required screen saver?

    Guys and girls

    A screen saver is necessary for my iMac 27 inches?


    N °

    Simply set your preferences to display at your leisure while your device is asleep or is inactive.

  • Can I create a screen saver "favorite quotes" in El Capitan?

    Years ago, I had a PC which allow me to create short (probably 100 characters, not even not at the level of Twitter) quotes as screensaver.  I'd like to be able to do in El Capitan, but don't know how.

    I thought to try to transform the simple text or Word documents in JPEG format and their use in a folder of photos I could choose as a screen saver in El Capitan, but I have no idea how to format a Word document to JPEG format, as opposed to a PDF file.  (1) is there a simple way to create a text-only screen saver (or perhaps to add short text phrases to an existing screensaver program in El Capitan)?  (2) in the case, could someone tell me how to do what I want to do?  Thanks for your suggestions!

    You can create a folder of images of text with Keynote, if you have installed.

    Create a new document, Keynote, then write a single citation per slide.

    Using "file > export" to export slides as image to the folder files:

    And the application overview allows to split a PDF document in a single image per page.

  • Add default photos in the folder of my screen saver

    I created and associated with a folder with various .jpgs to serve as office and the photos screen saver. I would like to include a few of Apple's default screen saver photos (Yosemite, Earth, etc.). I can't find them on my hard drive, so can not find a way to include them in my folder.

    Old messages suggest to go to the office/Library of pictures, but this folder does not exist in my library. Someone suggested / Library/Application support/address book/images; I have opened a few of them, but they (predictable) images that are associated with some address book entries.

    Ideas or workaround solutions much appreciated

    I use OS Yosemite 10.10.5.

    Thank you very much.

    I wonder if not looking in the wrong place. You want/MacHD/Library/Desktop pictures /. It is present in all versions of Mac OS X, including Yosemite. "MacHD" refers only on behalf of bureau of your boot volume. Usually, it is "Macintosh HD".

  • How to set one of my pictures as a screen saver

    I can't understand how to set one of my own photos as the screensaver on my iMac... How do I do it please?

    System Preferences > desktop and screen saver > screen saver > select one of the modes that uses a table > screen saver Options > choose a folder...

    Made in regards to the BONES of the Mavericks.

    Clearly, it will work best when you have more than one image.

    I guess you mean screensaver and no paper painted (preferably same group)?

Maybe you are looking for

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