convert string to float


I would like to convert string to float. I have a text which float to string contents of the file number.

for example:

10,000 2 of. 1.32323 0000 these channels I would like to convert float or double number.

Help, please!


I use the string of spreadsheet in table vi and I need to properly adjust the format string.

%.; %f

Thank you all!

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    Anyone know how to convert string to number in TS?

    I couldn't find the Num() function.

    Thank you


  • How to convert string input streams

    Can someone tell me how to convert string input streams...

    There are multiple ways. I will list down few of them.

    With the help of the old solution and standard java.

    publicstaticString fromStream(InputStream in)throwsIOException


       BufferedReader reader =newBufferedReader(newInputStreamReader(in));

       StringBuilder out =newStringBuilder();

       String line;

       while((line = reader.readLine()) !=null) {






    If you use Google-Collections/guava-

    InputStream stream = ...

    String content = CharStreams.toString(newInputStreamReader(stream, Charsets.UTF_8));


    If you use the common Apache library... then it is worthwhile.

    StringWriter writer =newStringWriter();

    IOUtils.copy(inputStream, writer, encoding);

    String theString = writer.toString();

    Quick way but only work during deserialization.

    String result = (String)newObjectInputStream( inputStream ).readObject();

    Note: ObjectInputStream is on deserialization and the flow of data must respect the Protocol of serialization to work, which may not always true in all cases.

    Ultimately, the most effective solution and only in two lines using java class Scanner.

    Tricky is to remember the \A regex that matches the beginning of the entry. It actually indicates Scanner to mark all of the flow, from start to beginning next (illogical).

    publicstaticString convertToString(InputStream in) {

       java.util.Scanner s =newjava.util.Scanner(in).useDelimiter("\\A"); 


       returns.hasNext() ? :"";


    Read more:

  • Convert String performed far and format her


    I am new to Adobe and javascript. I have a string value that stores the Date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd format, as a string. I need to convert this Date and then place it on a PDF field in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    You can convert a string representing a date in a date object using the util.scand JavaScript method and and then format a date to a string object by using the util.printd method. For more information, see:

    In your case, the code would be something like:

    sDate var = '2013-01-10;

    Convert string to date

    Kai var = util.scand ("yyyy-mm-dd", sDate);

    Convert date to a new string

    var sDate2 = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy", anyway);

    Set a field value

    getField("date2").value = sDate2;

    The exact code you use depends on where you place the script and where you get the original date string, but this should help you get started.

  • How convert string to number

    How convert string to number

    my character

    Select form double to_number ('1,6,9,4'); my putting here 1,6,9,4

    get the character of number conversion error.


    Published by: vr on March 31, 2011 23:59

    Published by: vr on March 31, 2011 23:59

    VR says:
    Getting error while the conversion of character to the number in instring is possible to get the position of the channels at one time

    I have the following table, called pack

    Acct_No pack2 pack3 pack1
    1000 10101011 111111101 01010101111

    Select * Pack
    where instr (pack2, ' 1') and * (to_number (replace('1,6,9,4',','))); * - getting values of function as string '1,6,9,4'

    If you want to retrieve lines where the position of the first "1" in the pack2 chain is one of the positions in your list number e.g. position 1, 6, 9, or 4?

    Something with regexp_like can help...

    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  with pack as (select '1000' as acct_no, '10101011' as pack1, '111111101' as pack2, '01010101111' as pack3 from dual union all
      2                select '1001', '10101011', '000011111', '10101010110' from dual union all
      3                select '1001', '10101011', '000000001', '10101010110' from dual)
      4  --
      5  -- end of test data
      6  --
      7  select pack.*, case when regexp_like('1,6,9,4','(^|,)'||to_char(instr(pack2,'1'),'fm9999')||'(,|$)') then 'Yes' else 'No' end as x
      8* from pack
    SQL> /
    ACCT PACK1    PACK2     PACK3       X
    ---- -------- --------- ----------- ---
    1000 10101011 111111101 01010101111 Yes
    1001 10101011 000011111 10101010110 No
    1001 10101011 000000001 10101010110 Yes
  • Conversion to Hex string to a hexadecimal string that can be converted into a floating number with comma

    Hi, could someone help me please. I've been racking my brains out for almost three hours trying to solve this problem by trying different things.

    I have a code that retrieves a string of a robot control. The string is in hexadecimal and represents the number 1.234567. The string itself is 3FF3C0C9539B8887

    If I make a cast on the channel that I have, it simply returns the value zero.

    If I delete the control string, change it to hex and manually type in 3FF3C0C9539B8887 (so Labview auto updates 3FF3 539B 8887 C0C9) I get the result I need.

    However I can't find a way to do this. My apologies, someone out there is probably shaking he leads to something that is relatively simple, but I'm kinda new to deal with hex.

    Code is attached below in LV8 (although I'm under LV2012)

    Thank you


    The for loop is not necessary if you limit to 64-bit.

  • Hexadecimal string to Float

    Hello, I have a device that I am trying to contact using UDP. The device returns the data in hex strings, but I do not have very good documentation on the format of these strings. Here's what I have:

    00 - order type / BYTES

    01 - response Code / BYTES

    02 - task ID / BYTES

    03 - channel / BYTES

    04-07 - current PS / float

    08-11 - PS to courses / float

    12-15 - DAC voltage / float

    16-19-PS ripple current / float

    20-23 - PS common ground / float

    24-27 - temperature / float

    28-31 - PS Volts / float

    32-35 - Volt alternative channel / float

    An example of data return might look like this:

    C8:00:10:00:7F:8 d: f1:ba: ff: ed:22:39:f8: ff: 1f:41:4 c: 41:52:39: ff: 57:63:38:3d:f1:a7:42: ff: 35: be: 39:7f:49:a7:3 has

    The value that I really care about right now is the current PS in bytes 04-07. So, I did a 4 offset and a length of 4 on the subset of string which would be something like 7f8d f1ba. But I did have a success this turning point in a real number using the hexadecimal number VI to try every possible representation.

    Anyone have an idea how I can convert this? I added a screenshot of what I have now. Thanks in advance for any help.

    On edit, in which case it is useful a current of 1.00005 would return 96:01:80:3f or complete the answer incase I'm wrong offsets:

    C8:00:1F:00:96:01:80:3F:FF:57:63:38:C2:00:80:3F:EF:8 c: ed: 3A: ff: 57:02:38:0's: 25:c8:42:34:e3:7f:3e:bf:4f:88:ba

    Note: I'm assuming that you put into the colon for readability, and that you have not really found of the UDP.

    What you found actually is a string of bytes, not a string of characters that represents the hexadecimal values. In other words, you don't get the 'F' character to indicate a hexadecimal value of F. You get a byte of value 15 decimal places. In addition, the characters are in reverse order. To convert it, cut the section you want to reverse the string and then use the Cast of Type function:

  • convert string to time format

    I have a channel registered in a MM/DD/YYYY HH: mmS.XXXX format and I would like to convert it into a digital representation.  I read on the forums that it will be the number of seconds since AD 0, which I am fine with.  I just need to convert all of the channel in the number of seconds.

    I'm trying to process data with a funky random sampling rate, and I am trying to use the ChnMapLinCalc function to redistribute data on a sampling frequency that makes sense.

    Thank you!


    Hi Steve,.

    If the data channel that you are talking about is already loaded in the data portal, and she already has a clock to the left of this symbol in the data portal, then all you need to do is change the display of the values of the layer.  Tiara time channels are regular DBL channels that have a display property set to display the data differently in DIAdem (such as a date/time string).  If you do not need to convert anything.  Locate the "Display Format" property in the data portal and change of 'Time' to 'digital '.  You may need to force a refresh by clicking in the VIEW, but this channel should display immediately in the form of double values.

    Brad Turpin
    Tiara Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to convert string data from the serial port to double?


    I am very new in LabView and attempt to read data from an OHAUS pioneer pa-313 electronic scale via RS232 serial port. I use the VISA. I can read the data and see it as a string to the screen, but when I try to convert it to a double, it is just the integer and decimal numbers have disappeared. Here's the question: what can be the problem? How can I get the decimals as well?

    What is your normal decimal point?. or?

  • convert string into array of char

    What is the best way to convert a string to an array of characters?

    Thank you.

    String to byte array

  • convert string connection IDS

    I try to convert the string Tcp network connection, but I don't know how to do it.


    LV 2010 / WinXP

    If you want to see the same number that views the probe, do a typecast to U32. You can then convert the number to a decimal string.

  • Convert unsigned to float IEEE integer


    Is there a conversion in CVI function that would turn 2 at IEEE loat unsigned integers?

    for example:

    1st value MSB: 50588

    2nd LSB value: 16425

    Actual reading:-5000.02

    Thank you.


    You just need to do some pointer manipulation to build your float.

    But we must be aware of the size of the data types you are using.  Based on the values in your example, it seems that you're using single-precision IEEE, which is 4 bytes.  In 32-bit operating systems, the unsignedInt has also 4 bytes.  So you cannot combine two unsignedInt in IEEE single without their casting as short ints, which are the 2 bytes of each.  You should check if your unsignedInt value will fit in a short unsigned before castant.

    You can play with the sizeof() function to see data type sizes on which platform you use.

    Here are a few lines of code the combine your examples of values to produce the desired result.

    allocate shared myFloat (in single precision IEEE)
    float myFloat;
    create pointers to those two words in the format single-precision IEEE
    not signed short * pMSW, * pLSW;
    move the pointers to the first and second word in your tank
    pLSW = (unsigned short *) & myFloat;
    pMSW = pLSW + 1;
    initialize the values of Word
    * = 50588 pMSW;
    * pLSW = 16425;
    Print everything
    printf ("DSM: % d\tLSW: Single %d\tIEEE: %f\n", * pMSW, * pLSW, myFloat);
    wait for a response
    printf ("Press any key to continue...\n");

    Here is a link to a discussion on the other way, that has a sample program and links for more information IEEE format.

  • Convert string received UDP a real por


    Estoy con of UN PLC comunicando Labview mediante UDP. Can mandar back values Oyster desde el PLC y worm data in Labview. El problema that are quite en modo don't string y no muy entendibles. He convertido Los has an array of 8 bytes there is Fri is datos numericos, pero no ahora juntar esos 4 bytes can para formar el dato life en nuevo. Sabe alguien como convert esos datos?

    Gracias y a greeting.

    Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE / * Style Definitions * / table. MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name : « Table Normal » ; mso-tstyle-rowband-taille : 0 ; mso-tstyle-colband-taille : 0 ; mso-style-noshow:yes ; mso-style-priorité : 99 ; mso-style-qformat:yes ; mso-style-parent : » « ;" mso-rembourrage-alt : 0 cm 5.4pt cm 0 5.4pt ; mso-para-marge-haut : 0 cm ; mso-para-marge-droit : 0 cm ; mso-para-marge-bas : 10.0pt ; mso-para-marge-gauche : 0 cm ; ligne-hauteur : 115 % ; mso-pagination : widow-orphelin ; police-taille : 11.0pt ; famille de police : « Calibri », « sans-serif » ; mso-ascii-font-family : Calibri ; mso-ascii-theme-font : minor-latin ; mso-fareast-font-family : « Times New Roman » ; mso-fareast-theme-font : minor-fareast ; mso-hansi-font-family : Calibri ; mso-hansi-theme-font : minor-latin ;}

    Hola Allende,

    None are las UDP functions you manden don't string como tal, sino're una manera los datos en binario than estan por el puerto UDP receiving computers. ES decir, what what llega a las functions son chorros Wicks as los agrupa en packages of 8-bit y represents esos en Código ASCII 8 bits. Para ver el number en life, you have that esos bits in a stupid number the structure of life number convert. ESTOS envio you links that you will be of mucha para UN formato a los bits right simplice utility:


  • The CRA editor - Convert String in full

    Is there a way to convert a string to an integer. Some have posted about the other way around, but I have to do some calculations on my strings!



    See attached an example script using a Java method.

  • Convert String to DATE


    There is a '20091002' chain, and I need to convert it to this day.

    20091002 is in format YYYYMMDD - the VARCHAR2 data type

    I need the above in DD/MM/YYYY - DATE datattype

    '20091002' (VARCHAR2) - 10/02 / 2009 "(DATE)

    Thank you


    Hi, Aman,

    user13115886 wrote:


    There is a '20091002' chain, and I need to convert it to this day.

    20091002 is in format YYYYMMDD - the VARCHAR2 data type

    I need the above in DD/MM/YYYY - DATE datattype


    You are contradicting yourself.  All dATEs have the same format, and it's nothing like YYYYMMDD or DD/MM/YYYY.

    If you need a DATE, use TO_DATE:

    To_date (str, 'YYYYMMDD')

    but it will not be in the format MM/DD/YYYY

    If you want to convert a string into a format to another string in another format, and then use the string manipulation functions to reorganize secondary channels, for example



    , "\2/\3/\1".



    SUBSTR (str, 5, 2) | '/' ||

    SUBSTR (str, 7, 2) | '/' ||

    SUBSTR (str, 1, 4)

    but it will not be a DATE.

    If you were certain that str contains valid data, then you can call TO_DATE to convert a DATE and then call TO_CHAR to convert the DATE to a string in the format MM/DD/YYYY.  I do not recommend, because it is likely that the strings would not be valid.  It's one of the reasons why you should use DATEs to store the date information.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I have a white horizontal line through my window in the task bar.  I too, was a piece of editing and left the computer for a half an hour approximately.  When I came back, all my video had disappeared, both in the project and the timeline.  I sen

  • to provide the new email to reset my account the new email is _ @_. old enamel _ is _ @_. ___.

    to reset * address email is removed from the privacy * all the email address I used as a replacement are inactive .i so I provide this email.  (* E-mail address is removed from the privacy *) . Thank you