Convert to grayscale


It's possible to apply the convert to grayscale(Edition-> Edit colors-> convert to grayscale) for the selected items in illustrator cs3 in the script (javascript)?

Kindly advice me the possibilities.

I am a beginner, I hope someone help me

Thank you very much



Oops, sorry about that, I should have checked before I give you bad advice.

You may need to record an action (manually) to convert it to grayscale, then perform the action through javascript


Use executeMenuCommand and try to find the right 'chain' to convert to grayscale

the two methods are new CS6, but undocumented. Search the Forum, samples of its use have been published before... Sorry, I'm still with CS5, I can't test.

Check here

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  • How can I convert to grayscale shapes in Illustrator CS6?

    The question is about in the title, haha!

    Thank you!

    Select the objects, and then:

    Edit > edit colors > convert to grayscale

  • Convert/encode grayscale opacity value?

    Hi all

    I am completely new to Fireworks, after working for years in Photoshop. Sorry if I wonder about simple and standard, but it was not obvious to me in my first test in Fireworks.

    I am trying to create an image file to use in a package of astronomical visualization called Celestia. To map the clouds on a planet, I would like to be able to take an image in grayscale like this:


    and convert the darker portions transparent, with the level of gray at different levels of opacity (white = opaque, black = transparent).

    Celestia can read .jpg and .png image for surface texture maps and cloud files. Is it possible to make a Photoshop .psd file an image like this as an alpha channel and use the alpha channel information to save the .png monolayer with different levels of opacity?


    Well, one way is to open the file in Fireworks, and then in the menu Filter choose the other > convert to Alpha.

    Set your color from canvas to transparent (in the properties panel), and then export the file as a PNG 32. Who should keep the alpha transparency.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Jim Babbage

  • Display of the color after treatment in grayscale image


    I'm writing a vi using the geometric model of correspondence that will search a specific letter (eg. A, B, c... as stated below in Image1) both on live video. My code seems to work OK, but the only way I was able to do research work has been using (as shown below in Image2) imaq image cast and convert in grayscale (U8). My problem is that I need the final image (which is superimposed with a red circle in the Center - see Image1) to be in color, but so far my vi works only in grayscale.

    Any thoughts anyone?



    Connection of a wire does not have a copy of the image.  You must create a second image to shades of gray.  IMAQ Cast should have an entry for a destination image - wire image to grayscale in there.  If it doesn't, make a copy of the image (IMAQ copy) then use the Cast operator.


  • Publisher 2007 when I save as PDF, the red color becomes grayscale.

    I created a document in Publisher 2007.  I used the font color to red and saved.  When I then its ved to PDF or XPS, red font converted to grayscale in PDF and XPS.  No idea how to solve this problem?

    Hello Rburla,

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    I suggest to change the color of the text in the Pdf file by accessing the properties bar by pressing Ctrl + E and change the color of the text that is selected according to the needs and save the file and check if it helps.

    For more information about how to convert publisher to pdf files or xls files, please see the links below.

    Save a publication as a PDF or XPS file

    How to create a PDF file in Publisher

    If the problem persists, you can post your question in the Microsoft Office community for best results. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Please get back to us if you have any other questions.

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  • Why Photoshop doesn't load Raw files as a grayscale image?

    PS version CC2015.5 / Windows 7

    When loading an image directly from my hard disk, it loads a grayscale image. When Adobe Bridge opens first thumbnail images are displayed in a RGB color but sequentially begin displaying in grayscale. However, when the power of images in PS to help change in the images open as RGB color. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it. I must be the only one to go through this because I found nothing in any forum. Thank you... Peter

    The tab of HSL/levels of gray in Camera Raw, "Convert to grayscale" is checked on?

  • How to convert a different value of black color photos

    How to convert a different value of black color photos

    There are many ways to do it. You can open it in Camera Raw and check the box "convert to grayscale".

    Or you can add a B & W adjustment layer in Photoshop:

  • Acrobat Pro DC - how can you convert a PDF file of color in black and white?

    Seems to be the former option under to convert to grayscale preflight is gone and I can't find anything else that could do. Any help out there?

    Hey shubus,

    We could certainly help you.

    Open the PDF file in Acrobat DC choose "Print Production > preflight" and choose convert to grayscale in the category to convert colors.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • CS6 - trying to convert an RGB bitmap image

    CS6 - trying to convert an RGB bitmap image (the image is actually a tif).  I click on: Image > Mode and bitmap is enabled; everything is grayed out except grayscale.  How can I fix it?  Thank you!

    Convert to grayscale first, followed by RGB.

  • Illustrator CS4 or CC, effect that allows you to quickly change vector vector colored grayscale?

    In Illustrator CS4, or CC, there is an effect that allows you to quickly change a color vector illustration in a grayscale vector illustration?

    Edit > edit colors >. convert to grayscale

  • rapid manufacturing of the grayscale for an object

    Hello everyone!

    I do a simple brandbook that runs not only contain a normal colored logo, but also it is the case of levels of gray (and black). Does anyone have an idea how to do it quickly, without changing all elements of the logo? Something like in Photoshop ctrl + U, making 0 saturation.

    Thank you!!

    So it is under Edit > edit colors > convert to grayscale

    In the fossil version Jacob is usually use is under filter > colors > grayscale conversion

  • convert tif with a clipping path solid tones CS3

    There must be a better way to do it, I need to make a white opaque overlay tones the silo'd 4 c/image (this is a window sticker). In the past I would duplicate the tif convert in grayscale, fill it black, double the placed tif, re-link to the new fit grayscale and color of the spot color. This works fine, but is there a way to simply duplicate the tif placed, remove the image and fill the path with a spot? TIA

    Altogether. First copy the image and then paste in place. Right-click and choose Convert clipping path to the framework. Remove the image from this framework and fill it with the color.


  • Unique spot color grayscale image conversion


    I'm trying to convert a grayscale image in a single spot color image. The spot color is PMS425C, color gray, but as I'm only printing 2 colours I need to convert these images in one spot color.

    Can someone please help?

    Thank you

    Have you seen the monotonous separated to CMYK?  If so, you can not make the PDF correctly and the place is being converted. It can still have CMYK channels, but they are empty and will not end plates.  Check your output to PDF settings and check the ink Manager that the tasks are retained.  In addition, there are more than one way to display preview of the output that can be confusing at first.

    You export as PDF X / 1a and if your settings are correct, when you view in output preview (separations) in Acrobat, you should see the spot as a task.

    Try to save your monotonous as .psd too many other formats will support the monotonous.  If you view separations in ID, you will be able to see if your file supported by spot color.

  • Problems with shades of gray

    Hello world

    I'm using Labview 2011 and I need to create an image processing program.
    One of my duties is "convert to grayscale".

    I have read many posts on the forum and tried many methods of maaany, but I always come to the same problem: it converts my picture in a BLUEscale!

    My picture becomes blue and gray not!

    I do not use a graph of intensity but an image viewer (I used the function of pixmap drawing flattened to get my photo)

    Have a tip for me ?

    Thank you!!

    Something like that:

  • BMP bmp binary & write on MacOSX

    Hello world

    I have two questions for you!

    First of all, I need to convert a bmp to binary file.

    What I'm supposed to do is: open the thread bmp with a file, unflatten dialog, to use it for other animals (convertir convert in grayscale, using a median filter, etc.), and after changing the it, I would like to save it. So I used the flatten pixmap vi and vi of the bmp file writing. But here's my problem: he always write the new txt file, and not bmp! :/

    Second question: I would like to convert the same bmp in binary file. I know how to get from binary to bmp, but not vice versa.

    Any help ?

    Thanks for all!


    (If you need more information, just tell me!)

    Convert just a file that is located in a specific location means that you can follow the code below

    But I'm not sure the MacOSX.

Maybe you are looking for