Converter D/A 12 bit and hexadecimal numbers


Here's a way to do it.

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  • Special characters (characters sub) for base as Octal and hexadecimal number systems.

    I would like to add the characters void series of numbers to base such as the Octal and hexadecimal numbers. Is there a function that I can play with my keyboard to get these characters sub? Microsoft Office Word 2007 have only 0, 1, and 2 for base numbers.

    Hello Intrepid02,

    ·         What, exactly, are the special characters that you want to add?

    ·         You want to add them with Office 2007?

    If you want to add special characters with office, the question you have posted is related to Microsoft Office and would be better suited to the Microsoft Office community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Thank you

    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Convert a hexadecimal number to a string of hexadecimal numbers.

    Hi all

    I have receive 1036 bytes of data from a device through VISA, and I would like to insert the data in hex form into a Word report document what happened. When I use the text of the report append VI, I have the ascii representation of my hexadecimal numbers. I wish that the numbers hexadecimal to insert in the Word document.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    Then use the table to a string of spreadsheet with a space as a separator.

    Note: He puts a return trolley/line that you may or may not need.  If you do not need, then strip the last characters of the string.

  • How ie9 32-bit and 32-bit office 2010 can be converted to 64-bit?

    How ie9 32-bit and 32-bit office 2010 can be converted to 64-bit?  I have windows 7 64 bit

    slk2 wrote... "so I shouldn't try to force 64 ie9.  Or if the system selects the appropriate injector since both are installed?

    Can I uninstall office 32 and 64 to reinstall but I should? »

    Download and install IE9 64-bit... but most, if not all, the time you will find yourself using IE9 32-bit.

    Let Office 2010 32-bit installed, just like normal users more all deal with data never sleep great.


  • How to convert U32 matrix 8-bit grayscale image?

    Good day to all,

    I got a U32 512 * 512 data table of photomultiplier using the analog inputs of the DAQ card. My question is how to convert this matrix 32-bit to 8-bit monochrome image for display.

    I tried the method in this post to convert grayscale image table but the result resembles an outline rather than the actual image. I guess that's because their contribution to flatten Pixmap is 8 bits, but mine is 32-bit. I have a gamma correction to the scale of my data? But how?

    I have attached the original image, which is a particle. I have also attached my labview code and the processed image.  Thank you!

    Then, you will likely make you own custom conversion then increasing the difference between the brightest and darkest. You could just do 4294963840 the zero and 4293967276 the max and scale up to 0-255

  • I can load a list of hexadecimal numbers in an array of unsigned 8?


    I develop a VI to write a bunch of CAN messages and then some other stuff with the results.  The problem I have is that I have a lot of messages and the list of messages may change periodically.  While I can type these all in hand, I want to be able to load a list from a text file.

    I tried reading the data from a text file and converting strings to the spell, but just, it converts the string to hex and does not read the literal value.

    Is it possible to shoot hexadecimal values in a text list and put string literals in a U8?

    Thank you!

  • Best way to combine the 8-bit and 16-bit image files?

    I produce large photographic reproductions combining my own photo images modified RAW 16-bit with 8-bit stock photos and 8-bit of photoshop work. I used just reduce my photos from 16-bit to 8-bit and then change my image composite 8-bit, but I stumbled on the banding and other problems in the color gradients, I created later in my composite image.

    I want my composite image at 16 bits to get more specific and better degraded colors. What is the best way to bring the image to 8-bit files in my composition and maintain the best quality? Is it good to convert images to 8-bit to 16-bit in PS, before you import it? I've also heard bringing 8-bit images as smart objects? Thanks for any help on this.

    Even when there is no need to convert the document to the item in 16-bit mode is not.  If you need all the layers to adjust the image of the element to be light or mix better, it's better you have two choices. Do not open the file of the item in Place as a smart object layer and then open the embedded object and change the copy of your document.  Or open the target document element all the layers and then drag the document you are working on.

    The second way would produce a larger file of the document then the smart object layer way. For all layers will be 16-bit color. When the layer of integrated dynamic object is a copy of an 8-bit image file only the composite made of pixels of the object is to convert 16-bit mode.  A smart object layers pixel is like a whose pixel raster layer cannot be changed only acted on.  To change the pixels, you need to open the embedded object and modify the object.

    If you do not need the layer, you can simply drag into those that you need.  Yet once, there is no need to convert the document to the 16-bit mode, Photoshop element that will be in any copy of drag layers.

    When you use Photoshop how to think or what Photoshop just make how he could do. Shortly after, you will have a better understanding of what is happening.

  • Manipulate the designs in 12-bit and 24-bit?

    How to work with 12-bit and 24-bit in photoshop windows...? I thank in advance for your support...

    There is no way to directly manipulate images at depths of 'weird' bits in PS. All these files would be processed at the next highest depth and then quantified down or converted by some loaders and savers are involved, for game DDS textures. Also depends what color space is involved and may require indeed implement the specific color profiles to get a correct conversion in some cases...


  • I do my job to the computer on a MAC computer. I want to create a document using Pages and then convert the document to PDF and send a group email. I want to send the PDF using the pdf for each receiver icon must click the icon to open t

    I do my job to the computer on a MAC book PRO. I want to create a document using Pages and then convert the document to PDF and send a group email. I want to send the PDF using the pdf for each receiver icon must click the icon to open the document. My problem is the document does not show the icon, but rather the document is already open. I spoke with 2 Apple. 'Experts' care and can help me. Can someone tell me what to do?

    It's a question of how the recipients e-mail programs deal with attachments. Many e-mail programs will open all the files they can handle, including files jpg and PDF, by default, and if the recipient has not changed that there is nothing you can do about it. The only solution is to the compress first, then it will be delivered as an attachment, allowing the recipient to decompress and open it.

  • Firefox 64-bit Developer cannot use Java 8 (64-bit) and Microsoft Silverlight (64-bit)

    I use Firefox Developer (42.0a2 (2015-08-26)).
    I installed Silverlight (64-bit) and Java 8 (64-bit) but I can not use any web that use Silverlight or Java.

    Hi, versions of firefox on windows 64 bit does support flash as npapi plugin. If you want to use other plugins so you must continue to use the regular 32 bit versions. This is normal, as mozilla wants to take a clean slate for plugins on win 64 bit apparently:

  • I'm on windows 7 64 bit, and when I try to save a site by double clicking on the icon star on the address bar, bookmark box flickers power on and off and disappears later

    I'm on windows 7 64 bit and when I try to save a site by double clicking on the icon star on the address bar, bookmark box flickers power on and off and then disappears. I did some research and found that the default theme is the cause. I installed a different theme and the problem goes away and that's why I don't know the root cause. Anyone with ideas on how to solve this problem? I like the default theme!

    Try to uncheck the box next to 'use acceleration hardware when available' in the Options. Worked for me!

  • I'm starting to see the error message js / ff_browser:203 that appear. It is random. It is a PC with Windows 7, 64 bit and firefox 7.01. the only recent change is a download of an update to Java. is there an easy way to fix it?

    as explained in the question, this is an instance of the ransom and requires me to click on "continue" or "quit". Select 'continue' just seems to allow firefox to do what I wanted to do.

    I am running windows 7 Professional 64 bit and Firefox 7.01.

    Probably caused by an add-on.

    What is the rest of this message chrome://...js/ff_browser:203 ?

    Tell us of what Add - it is involved.

    Otherwise, you can do some troubleshooting to find out the cause.

  • Tungsten T3 Hot Sync in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and WIndows XP mode

    I've upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and now my Palm T3 will not be synchronized.  I downloaded desktop 4.1.4e 6.3 and 4.1.4. I tried all three in both windows 7 and windows XP mode that tells me is a 32-bit o/s but I'm really not sure.  I tried to hot sync in bluetooth in windows 7, as the T3 and laptop connect but he always tells me that the port is used by another program? Does anyone know what I have to do to get it to sync or am I've sentenced to throw my faithful T3 out? Any ideas?

    Hello eaglesfan723 and welcome to the forums of Palm.

    The Tungsten T3 HotSync driver is not 64-bit capable, this is why you can't get the T3 to HotSync.  Please read this thread to learn more about your options with Windows 7.

    Alan G

  • I can't install aperture 2, I had an original cd and how numbers do

    I can't install aperture 2, I had an original cd and how numbers do

    What happens when you try?

  • What version of Firefox options do I have to use Firefox on the new laptop running Win 7 64 bit, and how do I move bookmarks current laptop running Firefox 3.5.13 again laptop?

    Currently running on the laptop using Windows XP pro sp3 Firefox 3.5.13 and want to move my favorites to a new laptop. New laptop using Win 7 pro 64 - bit OS. I've read too many conflicting reports on Firefox and Win 7 and Firefox works on a real 64 - bit version. What are my choices for a stable browser for the new laptop and what specific version of Firefox is recommended, and the advantages and disadvantages of this suggestion? (I think we can run Firefox 32-bit version in the 64-bit environment, but which is the best choice?) I have not installed Firefox on the new laptop yet and am eager to dump IE. It is displayed for my old laptop. Thank you...

    Mozilla working on a 64-bit version of Firefox, but it's a way off. Currently, the only release versions are 32-bit, and the next major version will be also only 32 bits.

    I recommend that you install the latest version of publication (3.6.10) available since

    To copy bookmarks, follow the procedure described in the article restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer to save a json file, you can import (restore) on the new laptop. You can copy more bookmarks, for details, see back up and restore the information contained in the Firefox profiles and backup - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Profile. The last link includes a third-party utility that can make the process easier.

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    Hello. I now have a Xperia z5 compact Marshmallow. I would vibrate for calls when the ringer volume is turned on (which it does) but for the vibrations turn off silent mode. I have vibration on or off in the settings but I don't want to do every time

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