converting a hexadecimal string to withh on ascii bytes

How to convert a hexadecimal string of numbers of bytes without ascii codes, then all the octets converted is expected to come in a package

Your question is very ambiguous. Please explain.

Can you give us a Vi containing an example of string and what you want out of it. What is the dataype 'packets '?

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  • Converts a hexadecimal string to ASCII by VBAI

    Good day, experts, OR the

    I would like to ask for help on the stage of the VBAI calculator. Is there a way I could convert a hexadecimal string to ASCII character? For example 25 (Hex) to %(ASCII) or, if not in the calculator to other methods? I'll have to send data via TCP/IP later.

    Thank you very much
    Andrei K.

    Now I understand what you want. You can actually do from TCP step. First of all, you need get the length of the string in a digital as you did in step of the calculator, but then you can send this digital as a hexadecimal string of ascii to TCP step. To do this, have the length of the string as a numeric result in the return of calculator. In the TCP step, add a "Write" command and insert a result. Select the digital output of the step of the calculator and U8 of the data format. You can use the display/Hex Normal display to view the data that will be sent, and when displaying normal view, you can see that it is a '%' value when length is 37. See the attached screenshot to see how I did it.

    Hope this helps,


  • Convert a hexadecimal string to byte array


    I would like to convert a hexadecimal string (e.g. 0x156FD18A4) into an array of bytes, the problem is that I don't have any delimiter (for example 15 6F 8 a 4 D1) so I can't use the worksheet to an array of strings, I tried to do something on my own, but everything seems to be too complicated is there an appropriate way clean and neat to achieve what I want? (or maybe a clever trick to add delimiter every two characters in my original string)

    Thank you!

  • Converts a hexadecimal string to a signed Int


    I was wondering if there was a way to convert a whole string. Now, here's the problem, the string is hexadecimal characters actually so in normal mode, I see my hexadecimal characters. I've attached a screenshot of my normal string indicator. What I want to do is to take these 4 characters and a 32-bit signed integer. Thoughts?

    You can do it with the analysis of string function:

    This would release "27".

  • LabVIEW Embedded for ARM - convert to hexadecimal with backslash prior to ASCII

    -LV 2010 with Embedded for ARM module


    -COM1 port

    I'm reading in a string of series on this port to a serial device. I'm (for some reason any) read in hexadecimal characters. I can read a byte at a time or all the bytes in the port.

    My chain to come looks like this:

    \D5\8B\D6\EC\AB\D6\EC\FB\F6\FB\F6\EBV\D6\EC\EB (if I read in all at once)




    ... (if I read in one byte per iteration)

    Anyway I want to convert it to ASCII characters but I can't get the ' \' off at the front of the string. I tried both ways and no work. The outputs are just empty. Any suggestions?

    surprisingly, when I change the 1 to 0 (i.e. Remove) it works.

  • Converts a hexadecimal string to a number

    As the attached vi, I am tring to convert to string (hex) number (U8), but doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestion, thank you.

    Now, you have 2 solutions:

  • Convert the hexadecimal string of Little Endian floating-point single precision

    I made a lot of tinkering and research, but despite all the very similar examples, I found, I think that I am limited by my lack of knowledge in programming. I gives me values such as 0000c 641 I need to convert to 41C60000 who must convert single precision IEEE754 to 24.75 as a standard 32-bit float. I saw very similar examples with boxing and unboxing conversions, but I simply can't understand it. Thank you.

    OK, so if you have actual letters coming, there are a few ways that you can do. You can basically change the string in order to get in order waiting for LabVIEW. Otherwise, you can do the same using data manipulation functions:

  • Re: Converts a hexadecimal string to a number

    Good afternoon;

    I'm doing the same thing.  I read 8 bytes of data from a modbus gateway.

    I take the substring that I'm interested in... if I put normal playback display is not printable... the value hexadecimal display reading is 3098 should be decimal 12440 I think?

    It feels like I am close but not quite...

    MNED wrote:

    I can't get the conversion...

    Have you tried our suggestions (font Type) or string Unflatten yet?

  • Convert a single number to a hexadecimal string of 32-bit and exchange the high and low bytes

    I need to convert a number single precision floating decimal to hexadecimal format of 32 bits, share the high and low bytes and that convert a hexadecimal string.  I tried to use the 'Word of Swap' function but it seems to have no effect on the unique number.


    A single decimal number of entry: 100

    Convert 32 bit hexadecimal string with the low byte first: 0000 42 8

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you

    Slightly lighter, try to cast U32 and exchange words. Same difference.

    (apparently, exchanging words is a NOOP for SGL, but still accepts SGL without constraint. Interesting...)

  • Conversion to hexadecimal string

    Hello world

    I'm using Labview 2012 and receive data on my serial port which I want to convert a hexadecimal string. I have attached a VI that only allows me to convert the first part of the string, but not the rest.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    PS: I don't want to have just the incator displayed in hexadecimal format, I really need to do a conversion of the string to be able to work around it after.

    Thank you.


    See that red dot on the number of function Hex String in the image of the code, which is your data gets blown into a U64 array.  Yuk.  Drag a loop around the spell function channel number and it is actually a little faster.  Goes against everything you think you know all LV, but it's one of those exceptions.

  • Convert number to string in function, spell training?

    I saw a few posts asking how to convert a hexadecimal string to a number, but I saw nothing in regard to going the other way - how to convert a new number into a hexadecimal string. Can TestStand convert a number to a hexadecimal string in a function?

    Here's what I'm trying to do (Locals.CryTuneHex is a string containing a hexadecimal value represented and Locals.Freq_Meas is a digital):

    Locals.CryTuneHex = Val ("0 x" + Locals.CryTuneHex) + round (((320000 - Locals.Freq_Meas)/0.065),4)

    or in simpler terms:

    Locals.HexString = Locals.DecimalNumber

    I need to convert the right side of the equation (which is a decimal number) to a hexadecimal string in order to to store in the string variable on the left side of the equation. Is this possible? In my view, there are a Str() operator to convert to a string, but I need in hex, not only a string representation of the decimal number.

    Thank you!

    Pass a format to Str, like the people of the country. HexString = str (Locals.Number, "%x")

    To play with format strings, create a local number, right-click and select the Digital Format, and then select Hex to Type and watch how the format string varies when you change options.

  • convert from hexadecimal to decimal

    I've recently started working with hexadecimal data. I want to convert a hexadecimal string of 2 bytes to a decimal number, but the VI where I expect to do this does not quite work. You can see that it tied for an example of what I mean. Any suggestions?

    Hi greg,.

    This has been asked so many times before: you need to be sure about the representation of your data.

    More simple would be a cast:

    (digital constant is defined as U16!)

  • Can I use a hexadecimal string with a case statement?

    Simple question:

    Can I enter a hexadecimal string to a case statement and have the case statement see it as hex?

    I understand that I could convert the hexadecimal string to a number and then enter the hexadecimal number to the case statement but I am curious to know if I could have the case see the string itself as hex without this added feature.

    Would be nice to not have to convert all my numbers throughout my code strings

    Thank you


    How long are the strings? Since you mention convert in numbers, they are probably short and all of same length.

    Are there different possible channels how?

    Case header includes \-codes in the case of a label deal selector As string, so that should be enough for your use. For example this code turns the LED (.. .so that a simple string of "\00\00" of wiring would not be!)

    (See also the last sentence of the "enumerated values" section of the help).

  • concatenate a hexadecimal string

    I'm trying to communicate through a circulation bath series, but it requires that all orders as a hexadecimal string.  I generate a portion of the string as a constant, but I need to convert a decimal point and add it at the end of the string.  I can convert the decimal to hexadecimal very well, but when I concatenate the strings is not hex ASCII format.  I tried a number of different tracks but am not having success.  Any help out there?

    Too bad.  I have it.  Just need to convert in I16 then catalogued for hex.

  • create a hexadecimal string

    I want to send a hexadecimal string to a device.

    0000 0000 0006 0103 2 0001 07D

    If I send the string as written above, I get the expected response.

    2 07D is a register number and I would like the user to be able to choose the register. I created this code to see if I could insert the hex string required in the full string. (Note that string constants are in hexadecimal display)

    It works very well, producing the correct hexadecimal string, 0000 0000 0006 0103 2 0001 07D.  I send the string and the device reacts as expected.

    Since I want the user to be able to choose the registry I created a mechanism for it and replaced the constant substring (07D 2) with this code.

    (Note that the value entered in the D - Reg control no. 2003)

    Although the conversion of a hexadecimal string of product 07D I16 control 2, replace the hexagonal result string of the function subset string produces this, 0000 0000 0006 0103 3037 4432 0001.

    Can anyone offer advice or perhaps suggest another method?

    Thank you.


    First of all, when the formatting strings, you're better off the coast using the Vi of string marker rather than replace elements in a string. However, in this case your string format is retrungin you the representation of ASCII number and, therefore, you get an incorrect value in the output string. What you need to do is to replace the bytes of the string with the actual binary data, not the ASCII representation. One way to do this is to simply flatten the number to a string, then replace the bytes. You can also convert the number as well, and then replace the data. Here is an example.

Maybe you are looking for

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