Copy of a Sony Handycam to Satellite A500

Does anyone know how to get to an an A500 Sony handycam? The camera is upscale but need a DV or an HDMI input.
Apparently the HDMI on this laptop is output only and it doesn't seem to be a Dv entry.

Any ideas?


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  • How to make a copy of Win7 for my Australian Satellite A500?

    How to make a copy of windows 7 to go on my Satellite A500 I need to reinstall?


    If you are looking for your original A500 recovery image you can order the original recovery disk.
    Please visit

  • Satellite A500 - 1 GB - copy dialog crashes on the eSATA connection


    I have trouble when using my Samsung storyboard (1.5 TB, eSata/USB 2.0) with the Satellite A500 - 1 GB (Windows 7 64-bit):

    (a) when you use the connector eSata (preferred):
    The drive is recognized by the system, and I can read the directory information. But I cannot copy or play the disc. The copy dialog box freezes quickly and cannot be terminated easily.

    (b) when you use the USB connector:
    It is also recognized by the system, but copy and read operations take ages - I have tried to make a backup of the system, but cancelled after 5 hours.

    The drive works fine with another PC (also Windows 7 x 64), so the drive itself should be ok.

    I've updated satellite drivers today (BIOS, chipset and responsible storage), but this did not improve the situation at all.

    The question is probably, due to the 150 versus Protocol SATA 300 SATA? A500 - 1 GB does support SATA 300 (SATA 2) or just SATA 150 (1 SATA)? Is there a specific SATA driver (Intel?) I might give a try? Where could I check who is currently SATA-used protocol?

    Or do you have other clues on how I could solve this problem?

    Best regards


    Theoretically, your external hard drive eSATA connection could be defective so have you tested the USB connection only on your other PC or eSATA too?
    In addition, you should test another cable, I had a USB cable, did the same problem and after Exchange of cable, everything was ok.

    There is no special driver for it on the eSATA connection. I think that it s part of the chipset driver for reinstall the chipset driver could also be helpful.

  • Satellite A500-1GH blue screen when copying to usb drive.

    Hello everyone

    I'm new to this forum and I need your help.

    I have a new toshiba Satellite A500-1gh with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.
    It works perfectly, but I have problems when im trying to copy to my/on my portable usb drive.

    He copy some data and then blue screen of death.
    I tried to check my RAM with memtest, but it restarts my pc once he starts the first tests.

    Can someone help me?


    Is it only happens using USB drive?
    Have you tried other disks USB, key USB flash or other USB devices?

    > I tried to check my RAM with memtest, but it restarts my pc once he starts the first tests.
    Hmm... It's strange...
    The problem of memory could be responsible for BSOD, but if this BSOD appears only using USB drive then I would recommend testing other external USB HDD.

    You should also try to update the driver from chipset since the chipset USB ports driver controls

  • Satellite A500 - slower with videos on Windows 7

    Hi, I desperately need advice, I am 78 years old and going into the wall.

    My Satellite A500 / 03P was bought with preinstalled Vista and worked fine. My particular interest is the functioning and the creation of video clips from training for other seniors, like video purchased has worked, stutter free. I took the offer to upgrade to Windows 7 and bought the upgrade, things went quickly downhill since. Installing Windows 7 became crazy during the installation, I have to take the computer to a maintenance shop. He was returned with Windows 7 installed, but has been considerably slower with videos run from the hard drive stuttering, worse still, my connection Internet ADSL2 running about 1.25 m bits per second.

    After a while I got to service man and $ 200 later was provided with a dual boot hard drive, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. The system is practically unusable for video. I downloaded and installed all the 32 and 64-bit drivers provided by Toshiba but had to give up the 64-bit completely as unusable. I tried to install another copy of Vista Ultimate, bought for my old desktop PC, but could not get Internet to work, either directly or via the WIFI on the laptop.

    I tried to run the Toshiba on the 32-bit Windows 7, but the laptop is too slow, that even my email creeps to e-mail readere. Any advice would be most appreciated that my pension will not bear the costs of local peoples. Should I buy the Toshiba original disks and return to 'ex factory Vistor State' or what.


    Hi Leslie,.

    I m really wondering why your A500 has so many problems with Windows 7. From my own experience I can say it s really great and better than Vista OS. I use 1.5 years now and everything is working a lot on it.

    In any case, did you check if all devices are properly installed in Device Manager and if there is no yellow exclamation?
    When you watch videos, have you selected the power profile high performance in Windows?

    > Should I buy the Toshiba original disks and return to 'ex factory Vistor State' or what.
    That would be an option, Yes.
    You don t have the Toshiba Recovery disk? If this isn't the case, you can get it from a provider of service authorized in your country.

  • Satellite A500-17 x - micro does not work after BIOS update

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-17 x which I have just updated the BIOS to version 2, as recommended by the tempro software. Now with the new update my microphone does not work. Where can I download a copy of the old BIOS?

    ({I used winphlash64 in advanced mode to restore the original backup, it does to the computer, but it just gives the new bios to}) Thank you rich


    BIOS cannot be demoted in windows mode.
    Even if you use an older version of BIOS update, you will get an error message saying that the latest BIOS version is already installed. So, forget the downgrade.

    By the way: I put t think the update of the BIOS assigned the microphone.

    Go to control panel of-> sound-> recording tab.
    Here you will see all the available recording devices (micro)

    Activate the microphone it (in this case the people with reduced mobility) and set its default value.

    Where it works: reinstall the audio driver.

  • Satellite A500 - BIOS downgrade - HOWTO

    I had to get off my Satellite A500 BIOS v1.50 v1.30.
    I found no information on how to do it, so I had to research, and eventually I got.
    I hope it will be useful to someone...

    Steps (* at your own risk *):

    (1) run the update of BIOS Toshiba v1.30.

    (2) when you get the older version error message, do not close the window.

    (3) copy WINPHLASH temporary folder (in my case, + c:\Windows\Temp\WINPHLASH+). Paste it into a different folder.

    (4) WinPhlash close this window.

    (5) open your new + WINPHLASH + folder. Edit + PHLASH. INI file +. Set + Advanced = 1 + and save.

    Race 6) + WinPhlash.exe +.

    (7) click + "Advanced settings" +.

    (8) uncheck + "Flash only if the BIOS version is newer than the system +.

    (9) click on 'OK + ' +.

    (10) click + "Flash BIOS" +.

    Hi mate

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.
    But the upgrade BIOS or down is always a reasonable procedure and as you mentioned in your ad; everything you do is to always at your own risk.

    Welcome them

  • Can satellite A500 - I install Windows 7 64 bit?

    I first bought a Satellite A500 with 4 GB of RAM there are a little over 3 months with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium installed. Initially, I got the original dramas with finding drivers 64-bit etc., then it ran OK for a while. After about 2 & a half months I started having BSOD with error message related to a nvidia .sys file. After a few weeks of this, update the latest drivers etc and a number of unsuccessful attempts to diagnose the problem, it's that occur whenever I used the laptop and up he took the touchpad died as well. The company I bought at gave me a laptop replacement.

    The new system is also a Satellite A500, and although it has a different model number and a CPU faster it is also virtually identical to the one I had already with 4 GB of RAM and graphics card from nvidia at the same address. However, for some reason Windows 7 32 bit has been pre-installed. I don't know why the company has not installed the 64-bit. A call to the dept tech with the issue gave rise to the answer "better for you", which means that 32-bit is better for me.

    My laptop is capable of 64-bit. I know that when you run the 32-bit version, it uses only up to 3.2 GB of installed RAM (my system says 2.99 GB is usable - assume the rest is allocated to graphics?) but I read a post where the poster says it is running 32 bit Win 7 was actually faster than the 64-bit version though even he was not using all the RAM.

    * Can someone tell me if I'm running the 32-bit version of Windows 7 rather than the 64-bit version better? *

    * If I'm better with 64-bit, can I switch to 64-bit or what I need to do a complete reinstall? * No installation disk provided. Assume that the installation files are on the hidden partition.

    Although I have not had a BSOD with this new laptop, I had a couple of instances where the system froze temporarily with the messge "your display driver has stopped working" followed by a recovery. Is this a thing Toshiba, nvidia or Windows 7? I have read quite a few other posts of people with laptops similar to mine who have had the same mistakes of Toshiba/nvidia but no resolution. * If it's going to be a problem with the graphics card, I'm better off the coast with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7? *

    Any advice would be appreciated muchly.


    I a500 and run Windows Ultimate 64-bit, it's best to run 64-bit to 32-bit windows. You must copy of 64-bit Windows to install, it is not big problem to get it. All the drivers you can find on the Toshiba driver page:

  • Re: Satellite A500 - how to recover data from sandisk





    Thank you


    I guess that you have copied the unique demands that have been placed in the C:\Programs Files folder on the SD card. Is this good?

    Well, usually it of not possible to copy these programs again, and then to start
    The point is that this will not work because these programs must be installed first on the HARD drive.

    You can copy only a few files to stand alone as file mp3, movies, photos, data files, but you cannot copy (copy and past) software

  • Satellite A500 - how to reinstall the original Windows 7?


    I bought the Toshiba Satellite A500-19U and Windows 7. I tried to create a new partition, then I've done assets so he hid, after restarting the laptop, I had a black screen and massage (bootmgr is missing)

    So I installed another copy of Windows 7 just to connect to my computer. Then after the copy of Windows 7 installation I made inactive D if it appeared there is file recovery. So my question is: as long as I have this file I want to reinstall the original Windows 7 I have in the drive hard, but how?

    When I press F and repair, then it does not give the last option of HARD drive recovery! Why and I have the recovery file?

    Please help me


    I guess you didn't read the manual user, first of all. I m right? ;)

    Well, normally HARD drive recovery you can start if you go into the advanced boot menu (F8) and select Repair my computer. After that, you can choose the option of HARD drive recovery.

    But I guess that this isn't possible anymore because you have installed another copy of Windows 7. If this menu isn't available anymore.

    The only option to restore factory settings using the Toshiba recovery disc. Did you create it? This can be through with preinstalled creative drive recovery Toshiba but if you didn t create it, it s too late now, too.

    The only option now is to order a new drive Toshiba Recovery directly. So take a look in your user manual.

  • Satellite A500 - HARD drive recovery option is no longer available at the F8 Menu

    Hello, this my phone trees.
    I reset my Satellite A500 and due to a power failure reset did not finish. When I have inexplicable with F8 I can see HARD drive recovery option, and then must log on my account that I did not at all because of the power failure.
    Then I installed a copy of Vista retail, hoping to create an account and be able to retrieve from the HARD drive.
    PROBLEM! : Now I don't see the "Recovery disk" option at all.
    QUESTION: There must be a way to integrate this option in the windows Startmenu (F8). Can someone help me with this issue? I burn the DVD recovery and the recovery partition is still there.
    Thanks in advance.

    More big mistake made you ve, it's that you don't l l create recovery DVD such as recommended by Toshiba.

    Why you didn t ask how it works before you do anything?
    You've misunderstood with username and account.

    Now, when you use your own installation, you need to remove the option for installation of HARD drive recovery and the recovery image can be installed with recovery only DVDs.
    Now, you have two options:
    -to order the new recovery DVDs or
    d ' use the clean install of the OS.

    What do you think of this?
    To be honest, I think you need to use Windows 7 on this laptop.

    I recommend you to install Win7. Download page for all the necessary drivers, you can find and download from Toshiba

    If you have more questions or need help please let me know.

  • Satellite A500-1GL: recovery reached Office Reboot again and again - solved

    I did a restore on my Satellite A500-1GL using F8 to recovery on the HARD drive.

    However after the computer goes through the implementation of Windows 7 for the first time, from desktop it immediately disconnects and restarts.

    This process of setting up Windows for the first time, including initialization screen white with logoff bar then immediate green and stop constantly repeats.

    Same result with Recovery CD I created again.

    It is no longer an option to repair the computer when you press F8.

    Any suggestions please?

    If I end up having to reinstall Windows 7 from another copy, then how can I go about it like
    Windows 7 license serial number rubbed off the label on the bottom of the laptop?

    Thanks in advance.

    Post edited by: imaginist

    -* SOLVED * -.

    -It turns out that he must restart about 6 - 7 times to complete the installation.


    As I see that everything is fine. It is logical that laptop restarts several times while recovery facility is running. I do not know how it looks with your machine, but when I use the recovery machine it starts with the number 1/64. With other words, it must be installed 64 components (software) and then some of them laptop restarts simply but installation will continue.

    When the recovery image is complete it is still displayed on the screen and the laptop owner is notified that installation of recovery has been completed successfully.

  • Satellite A500-1HK hangs on StarCraft 2


    I bought Satellite A500-1HK just two days ago and almost immediately install StarCraft 2 :)
    (This game was one of the reasons for me to buy this laptop and I decided that instead of a Sony Vaio one.)

    The first time, I was surprised (I had Satellite A200 - 1 M 5 before, and the comparison was really interesting.) But, unfortunately, a few seconds after I start playing the computer freezes, the image was distorted on the rectangles, and I couldn't do anything, no mouse, no keyboard. Then, continuously press the power button to turn off. After that nothing has changed - activated the PhysX, vertical sync, but nothing helped. Even when I look at the reruns - it freezes just after a few seconds, and at every reboot, or I have to force it to stop.

    And a few minutes ago is the same thing I downloaded files via FTP, no games or 3D graphics. And which really scared me :(

    I think the problem with the driver for the graphics card, but I'm not very good material. So, please, help me.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hi pesho_h_k,

    I think that you simply update the display driver or there is an update (patch) for StarCraft 2 I n t know because I n t have this game and laptop.

    Simply visit the Web from Toshiba: > support & downloads

    Before installing newer display driver, remove the old version and restart the computer. After that, you can install the new display driver.

    In addition if you play games, it is also important that you use the latest version of DirectX.

  • Software went on Satellite A500 / Satellite A80 on net, but no page to enjoy

    Hi Forumites,

    I tried my darndest to understand how a computer can possibly correctly synchronized with the user, when there is no book of instructions on how to load all software assumes that this computer comes with.

    I can't connect my phone and the A500 together via bluetooth. The stickers on the underside of the state machine that this service is available on this computer, but when I followed the 'No', help files (Control Panel, type in bluetooth and click on things) options 'help' gives me simply do not exist.

    The specification of State as this computer comes with software Picasa (photo editing), but where is it exactly? It certainly isn't in the list programs, it is not mentioned in the help files, it's not coming up with a response to your research of the c: drive.

    The support phone number is constantly engaged. My call is answered Yes, he then puts me in a constant loop of extremely boring "blah blah blah blah" on how it is great to own computer said, from time to time asking me to leave my number so that they can remember. Hello! My number is unlisted. How can you possibly do that?

    How the "environment pretty firey mentioned in religious texts" is one supposed to get in? Oh Yes. The FAQ. A list long and really quite useless responses to questions stupid all Richard Head would know. Yes, I realize it people out there are not qualified to operate a clock radio, but really...

    And on another note:

    My A80 now has an internet problem as well. I can connect to my router wireless just peachy, but IE keeps telling me that it is not connected, no matter what I do. It is only since the Cup on the net wirelessly with the A500. Can only 1 computer display Web pages at a time via a wireless router? I have to network together to use the net?

    Please help this slightly above computer illiterate person who might be wrong but to go a little crazy!

    Something good comes however to upgrade:
    I now have fewer USB ports and more unnecessary ports that I never use.
    I can watch TV on my little computer and let my redundant huge TV (which seems just weird for me, but hey, I'm slightly mental don't forget).
    My computer will recognize my fingerprint - call me 007 - and not a password.
    He will recognize that this is me sitting in front of it, but not in low light, without my glasses, or if I change my hair color.
    He will play with the blue rays and as well as those who do not have blue rays of the disc (... may the force be with me... or not...) Don't matter).
    He's playing monopoly, but only for 60 days.
    It doesn't let me get caught, but only for 60 days,
    He will keep me safe to nasty viruses, but only for 60 days. Wonder if this includes the pork / chicken flu virus?
    I do have some heavy manual or breakable disc in the file. But then I did not all the instructions, and if I want a disk to reboot, I have to find a way to do it myself. Wonder if it will restart with an old copy of the Greatest Hits of David Bowie?

    How illuminating an era we live!

    I like the email address in the section using plain text, but we spelling FUBAR: F12345d Up beyond all recognition.

    Hi mate

    Your ad is really long, and to be honest you come in on various issues
    This confusion of s

    Anyway you asked if the Satellite A500 laptop supports Bluetooth.
    Well, if there is a BT label on the bottom of the unit and then the BT module is installed.
    To allow BT, it must use the FN + F8 key combination. This allows to switch between WiFi and Bluetooth!
    Holds more are mentioned in the user manual!

    With regard to the pre-installed software:
    I think that the Picasa2 software is preinstalled and you should see a shortcut on the desktop.

    Regarding the WiFi connection:
    The Wlan router supports a range of IP addresses, and generally, you can connect different devices to the Wlan router. The IP address should be assigned automatically.
    So, you can connect two laptops at the same time!

    Check the manual of your router WLan for more details!

  • Sony Handycam camcorder

    What should I do or download to transfer a 2 minute video of my Sony Handycam camcorder to my computer or USB?


    Follow the steps mentioned below to move video files from the camcorder to the computer.

    (1) turn off the camcorder before connecting it to your PC via the included USB port.

    (2) turn on the camcorder and open the articulated screen. Select USB screen. Tap on computer on the screen.

    (3) double-click on the icon my computer on the desktop of your PC. The my computer window opens to reveal the camcorder as a new storage device. If the camcorder is does not appear as an icon, try it turn on and off and on the flip-out computer selection screen once more.

    (4) double click on the icon of camcorder to open it. A list of recorded videos. Click on the video you want to transfer.

    (5) press on the Ctrl and C keys to copy the video.

    (6) use of my computer on your PC to navigate to the folder where you want to store the copy. (If necessary, create a new folder.) Double-click the folder to open it.

    (7) press the keys Ctrl and V to paste the video copied to the folder. If necessary, right-click the video and choose Rename the video give a name more significant.

    You should be able to locate the same steps described in the operating manual supplied with the camcorder through the manual and check if that helps


Maybe you are looking for