Corrupted Windows 8 won't boot reinstall


I have HP Pavilion TouchSmart 22 comes with preinstalled Windows 8. I tried to play with the language, but cannot start Windows (black screen).

How can I reinstall Windows 8 / 8.1?

See you soon,.



I have HP Pavilion TouchSmart 22 comes with preinstalled Windows 8. I tried to play with the language, but cannot start Windows (black screen).

How can I reinstall Windows 8 / 8.1?

See you soon,.


If Windows 8 does not correctly open, perform the following steps to recover the computer:
NOTE: If only the hard disk recovery partition does not work properly, this method does not work and an error message is displayed. If an error message indicates that the system recovery cannot be performed in the splash screen, a set of recovery discs or a USB recovery flash drive is necessary to perform a system recovery. Follow the steps in one of the following sections, depending on the available recovery media: recovery of recovery (Windows 8) discs or recovery from a USB flash drive (Windows 8) .
  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Cables and devices to disconnect all the connected such as personal media players, USB drives, printers and faxes. Remove support for internal hard drives and remove any recently added hardware internally. Disconnect not the monitor, keyboard, mouse or power cord.
  3. Turn on the computer and repeatedly the F11 key about once per second, up to the first screen and then follow these instructions:
    1. Click to select the language.
    2. Click to select the keyboard layout.
    3. The computer restarts. If the hard disk recovery partition does not work, choose an Option appears. Click on Troubleshooting.
      Figure 189: choose from a menu of options

    4. On the troubleshooting screen, click on Recovery Manager. Recovery Manager opens.
      Figure 190: Troubleshooting screen

    5. In the operating system selection screen, click your operating system. Recovery Manager opens.
  4. Recovery Manager opens. Under I need help immediately, click System Restore.
    Figure 191: Recovery Manager main screen

  5. When the system recovery prompts you to back up your files, select a backup option:
    • If you have already saved personal files, or you do not want to back up personal files, select recover without backing up your files, and then click Next. Go to the next step.
? CC = jm & lc = en & dlc = en & docname = c03489643 #N5145">
Figure 192: Recovery Manager: first backup your files

  1. Select back up your files first (recommended), and then click Next.
  2. Select the types of files to back up, and then click Next.
    Figure 193: Backup of the file window

  3. Recovery Manager scans the computer for storage devices. Select the storage device to store the backup, and then click Next.
    NOTE: If you select a CD or DVD drive, the computer invites you to insert a blank disc.

    Figure 194: Choose save location

  4. Depending on the media selected to store the backup files, the computer invites you to insert a blank disc or a USB flash drive. Insert the media into the computer, and then click Next.
    Figure 195: Media inserted file

  5. Recovery Manager shows progress in the backup and burn the files on the backup media.
    Figure 196: create backup media

  6. When Recovery Manager has done to back up files, delete the backup disk or device of storage and then click Next to continue the recovery process.
    NOTE: If the backup process fails, make sure that the capacity of the storage unit is sufficient to store files, or try to select disable certain types of files in order to reduce the amount of files that are copied. Other reasons for backup failures could result from corruption of files
. In some cases, it is not possible to save files using this backup method.

Figure 197: Full data backup

  • Click OK in the warnings that appear.
    Figure 198: unplug all WARNING devices

    Figure 199: User data reset WARNING

  • Recovery Manager reformats the Windows partition and reinstall the original software.
    Figure 200: Factory image restore progress

  • After system recovery is complete, click Finish to restart the computer. Complete the configuration screens and wait until the computer finishes the installation program.
    Figure 201: Restoration complete

  • Once the installation is complete, turn off the computer, reconnect all cables and devices and then turn on the computer.
  • Before using the computer, update and protect your computer by reinstalling all software antivirus and security that was installed before the system recovery.
  • Reinstall software that have been added after the purchase of the computer, and all files that were backed up.

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      You need this card wireless driver for this ID...

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      You write about Windows or BIOS password?

      In any case, on this virtual path, it is not easy to give an exact explanation what can be wrong there.
      Your son of many important data stored on this machine? If this isn't the case, you should try to reinstall the OS and test it with the factory settings.

      What you can try is to enter the BIOS settings and leave the machine 5 minutes to see if cell phone will go OFF. If this isn't the case, set the BIOS to the default settings and try again.

      Is the cooling fan may be strong at the start of the machine?

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      You need an external DVD drive to get the repair will.

      Also the device you own does not seem to have built in the recovery partition. I'm not sure about later versions of this machine, however, it is best to check with HP.

      The problem is that there is a corruption of the registry on your OS or the system could not find where the registry files are due to system files or boot corrupted file.

      A repair can be made with an external DVD, the worst case, is that if the repair doesn't work you reinstall Windows.

      See this page from HP

    • My desktop won't boot to the top

      My desktop won't boot up it crosses the safe mode screen, acts as if it is loading windows displays the windows screen is then empty, followed by a very quick flash of the message on a blue screen: "the registry cannot load the hive (file): \systemroot\system32\config\software or its log or replacing."  It is damaged, missing, or not accessible in writing. "Then, he repeats the cycle.

      How to recover a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

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      My error code is 0 x 0000034 Startup Configuration file is corrupted. Windows 8 will not start, I am able to boot from the Windows CD, but none of the recovery system commands will not work on a corrupt BCD file. The BCDEDIT commands will not work, and the bootrec command will not work. Does anyone know how to rebuild or recreate the file BCD on Windows 8? In addition, a method on Windows 7 runs on windows 8. I have 8 64 windows.

      Table of contents for the double post:

      Windows 8 - missing directory BOOT & BCD file

      I work with a Dell Inspiron ONE 2320 the upgrade of windows 7 64-bit for windows 8 64-bit. After the upgrade, I lost the STARTUP directory and the BCD file I can't rebuild the BCD and impossible to create the STARTUP directory. How can I fix?

      Hi Albert

      You can try to reset as Winston has suggested that he will solve the problem. Before attempting to reset the PC, you can try refreshing the computer and check.

      When you refresh PC applications provided with your PC or you installed from Windows Store will be reinstalled, but all the apps you have installed other Web sites and DVD is deleted. Windows puts a list of applications on your desktop after you refresh your PC.

      I hope this information helps,

    • I see two windows 'readers' when I boot with the Option key

      I had to reinstall Windows 10 (with BootCamp).  Now, I see two windows 'readers', when I boot with the Option key button.

      How can I remove a?

      Start two of them in the same installation of Windows?

    • Satellite M40 won't boot bootable CD or DVD

      My Satellite CD or bootable DVD won't boot.
      I started before but now it won't.
      I tried taking into C, change the settings of the bios and F12.

      When I C it's a wit black screen a '_' who will blink for a few seconds, drive begins to spin but then windows starts.

      Any help would be welcome

      PS The CD is able to start another computer (DVD)


      You can use ODD with Windows XP Home edition? Have you noticed a behavior strange disk Windows XP Home edition?

      If possible try to check with bootable Linux CD.

    • Equium A100 PSAA43: CD rom drive won't boot from any CD


      I have a problem with the start on equium a100-psaa43 procedure.
      The problem is the cdrom won't boot any cd
      I mean recowery system or any other cd boot as a Live CD.

      My BIOS version 1.5
      I put in place a correct sequence in the bios Setup. I mean 1. Secondly, CD-ROM, is my hard drive.

      What can I do to fix this?

      Thank you.


      First of all we should know if the CD rom drive can read any CD.
      Have you tried to read from the Windows OS CD? The operating system recognizes the CD inserted?

      If not, then possibly the ODD drive malfunctions and, therefore, it s not possible to start from the middle.

      Anyway, you can boo from the CD in different ways. First, you can press F12 and you will get a boot menu. There, you can choose bootable devices.
      In the second way, you can try to press the C key immediately after starting the laptop. This button starts the CD player.

    • My pc says that windows does not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM.

      My pc says that windows does not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM. It is said it can be repaired by using the original installation CD, but we do not have. Any ideas please?

      The file is missing or corrupt is one of your files in the system registry.

      By far, the best way to recover from this is to go to another computer and create a free Hirens Boot CD.
      Download Hirens: <> > (link at the bottom of the icon of the disk)
      Hirens CD burning <> >

      Once you create the CD, and then start your system of problem with this CD.  In the first window, select "Mini Windows XP" and wait for the system to start.  When it starts, go to the Hirens Boot CD menu and select
      Register-> Registry Restore Wizard.
      then follow the prompts.  This wizard will return a copy of your registry database from backups that are stored with your system restore points.  After the restoration, stop, remove the CD and restart.

      When you start your system, it is recommended to perform a system restore operation to ensure the consistency of your system
      "How to restore Windows XP to a previous state"
         <> >

      Also, this error is almost always accompanied, if not caused, the corruption of the file system.  Also a good idea to perform a check disk (chkdsk) operation with the option "repair".
      "How to perform disk error in Windows XP check"
         <> >

      The hard way to get back is covered in the following Microsoft KB article, but if you have installed a large number of service packs for your installation of XP, I don't give you many chances to get past part 1. (And there's also an installation CD to access the Recovery Console)

      "How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP boot"
        <> >


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