Could not open file"/.../Windows XP Professional.vmdk: the system cannot find the specified file

OS X 10.8.4

Windows XP

Fusion 4.1.4 (900582)

Noob here. I started running a Sugarsync to backup the files on my computer and now my VMware for XP will not work. My other VMware for Windows 7 works for some reason any. Oddly enough, my system has the file it says that it is absent. Here is what the file in Notepad. Any help?

# Disk DescriptorFile

version = 1

Encoding = 'UTF-8 '.

CID = 2323c8bf

parentCID = ffffffff

isNativeSnapshot = 'no '.

createType = "twoGbMaxExtentSparse.

# Description of the measure

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s001.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s002.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s003.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s004.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s005.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s006.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s007.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s008.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s009.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s010.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s011.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s012.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s013.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s014.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s015.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s016.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s017.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s018.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s019.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 4192256 "Windows XP Professional - s020.vmdk.

RW SPARSE 40960 ' Windows Professional XP - s021.vmdk.

# The database disk


ddb.virtualHWVersion = '8 '.

ddb.longContentID = "1029bce55d0fad15a59048fa2323c8bf".

DDB. UUID = "60 00 C2 92 39 d0 8 a - 11 98 d9 d7 13 e3 6f 53 c2.

DDB. Geometry.Cylinders = "5874.

DDB. Geometry.Heads = "255".

DDB. Geometry.sectors = "56".

ddb.adapterType = "buslogic".

ddb.toolsVersion = "8452.


It would be probably the easiest, if not you will need to rename the three that are correct and also change all in the DescriptorFile disk and edit the .vmx file.  So the path of least resistance is to rename the real extent so 21 all have this form: "Windows XP Professional-s # hard."

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