"Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed" when you use Windows Mail

Original title: loss of entrance of Protocol in the list of saved files

I use an old Toshiba laptop of two year with Vista as an operating system. It came with a trial version of Microsoft Office already installed. I had no use for it then after the trial expires I uninstalled. This seems to have created a minor problem with the e-mail program. When I visit a Web site and click on 'Contact us' I get an error message as follows "cannot perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed." I suspect strongly as during the uninstallation of office he removed a protocol in the list entry, similarly, the bottom of the list of the saved files. A check with other similar computers with Vista installed seems to confirm this. If someone at - it a quick fix to this problem? I don't want to resort to installing a whole new email software to fix this minor problem if I can avoid it.

Hello Karena R, yesterday, I downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail, and I must say that I prefer Windows Mail Live Mail program. After making sure that Live Mail is the deafult for all messaging functions and that the entry "Mail Protocol" was now back to the list of saved files, I checked the problem mentioned in my original post. He is not fixed! Another small problem is fixed now if. In my "drafts" mailbox I have some e-mails stored there and when I click on one of them upwards now comes an email with the appropriate address inserted in the address line. Who could not before. I used to get this error message, which is now the new title of my post. So why the difference when I click on email address that I find on Web sites? Now, I also find that by Michael following the instructions (below), I do not see an entry "mailto" but his suggestion to step d. type in "URL Protocol" is not appropriate because it is already there. The installation of an entirely new email software should have my computer all the necessary entries for the new program to function properly in all respects. So what's happening? It begins to look as if uninstalling the program Office has pulled something real Vista operating system.

It's a good thing, I thought of the research on other boards for my missing post.


c. in the Edit menu, select new, then clickstring goodwill.

d. type of Protocol of URL as the name of the new string value

e. exit the registry editor

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