Could not register during the installation of Flash Player


I'm having the following problem.  When you try to install the most recent 'Flash Player' I get the following on the 300 more my PC running Windows 7.

Flash Error.PNG

I tried the steps for installed the cleaning and the steps to give permissions to the correct key in the registry and nothing worked.  I have attached the log files of the last machine, that I encountered the error.  Can someone please! I'm at my wits end on this.

Shared files -

Thank you

Roger Desilets

Aqueduct of Charleston

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For all those who may fall on this thread with a similar problem (and always get "Failed to register" error after you run the SubInACL tool to correct permissions):

We have identified the problem as McAfee. Specifically, McAfee was preventing access to the following registry entries:

HKLM Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\ {D27CDB70-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000} \Compatibility flags

HKLM Software \Policy Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

HKLM Software \AppPath Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

HKLM Software \AppName Rights\ElevationPolicy\ {FAF199D2-BFA7-4394-A4DE-044A08E59B32}

During uninstallation of McAfee, Flash Player ActiveX registered.  Could be a policy setting in the configuration of McAfee.  OP will investigate.



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