Could not turn off not disturb

I turned on do not disturb, restarted my phone and now I can not turn, do not disturb off the coast. I can change the volume through settings and the phone rings while Do not disturb is activated.
The restriction is that I can't change the volume using volume keys or do not bother go far. Work volume keys, I tested with Diagnostics. When I press one of them, I see the icon of DND and a now key that does not work when they are hit. Here too, I can change the volumes of media and alarm, but not the volume of the ringtone is specific to DND.
Restart the phone, or to go in safe mode does not help somehow.
Please notify

Okay, so I fixed it and it occurs once after that. The solution is to reboot the phone and press the volume key to turn the volume down until reach you vibrator, continue to press until a message appears next to the end key now, moment at which the button will finally work and finally turn off DND. The message goes something like this: 'until the DND's off... ' Nolramlb thanks for the tip by pressing the volume keys upward on several occasions, it obviously helped a lot.

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    FYI: I also have creative Cloud installed on my laptop.

    Without any problem. You can activate your product on 2 machines at the same time:

    Example: You select PC1, PC2, if you try to activate a PC3, this action will disable the PC1 and PC2. If you yourself PC1, it is regarded as a second machine and if you yourself PC2, it will be considered as a second machine.

    Hope that's clear

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    I had the same problem. Not disturb got disabled whenever I open the app on my iPhone. My computer state changes are not sync to the iPhone, but the anti-change status is synchronized to the back of the iPhone. Once I put a do not disturb from the iPhone itself, things started working normally. Synchronization state is again two-way.

    Some say has been broken and required a patch "replace the market".

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    What you have tried so that he could begin until For example you soft-reset/reboot trieda? Press and hold the home button and sleep for about 10 to 15 seconds, then the Apple logo will appear if all is well and it will start.

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    Reset the SMC could solve the problem.

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

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    Hi all

    I use Iphone 5s from the last 4 months. Recently I came across this situation. Sometimes I see screen only turns off when its plugged into the charger. After a few hours of mobile will be turned off. Sometimes I manually press the power button to turn off the screen.

    Please let me know how to solve the problem.

    Kind regards


    Hello there, Manjunath K P!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you're having a problem getting the phone to automatic locking. I know that I want my iPhone did not stay when over and have the screen lock correctly. You can, of course, that your Auto-Lock is set up correctly. Your range of choice of automatic locking from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before locking the screen, or you can choose never so that it does not lock. To change the settings, tap the settings icon, click the general button. Tap the AutoLock option and choose your preference.

    If these steps do not work, and you still do not see the iPhone Autolock when you're in charge, you can go to settings > general > reset and then press reset all settings. This removes all the data. For example, if you have 16GB of music, videos and photos, this option will not remove. What this does is actually reset some of your settings to factory default. It is not a complete withdrawal of the parameters. It deletes all of your preferences for Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, Notifications, general, sounds, brightness & wallpaper and privacy.

    Once that is done, go ahead and try to set the automatic lock again and see if it works.

    See you soon!

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    I realized that you can not hide the AutoFill menu drop-down CSS anyway so abandoned that idea.

    I think that what follows in the prefs.js file could work, however, I am yet to try it on a PC it will be pushed out to. It works on my machine that I can see if:

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    user_pref ("signon.rememberSignons", false);
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    Press the sleep/wake and home buttons and keep them for at least 10 seconds.

    If you are unable to activate your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after installing iOS 9.3 - Apple Support

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