Could someone tell me that I have a laptop that is compatible with the adapter wireless Athreos in it and it catches an unsecured, network shown as next (automatic) for the SSID (network name). Please tell me how to connect...

Could someone tell me that I have a laptop that is compatible with the adapter wireless Athreos in it and it catches an unsecured, network shown as next (automatic) for the SSID (network name). I tried parameter as point of access, AD-hoc, Connect automatticaly etc but will not connect... Please tell me how to connect...

Hi Sumit and thanks for posting.

Your Athreos has never connected? If it has connected then it not only connects it to insecure networks? Also after can trying to connect you do the following?

Start, run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the oblique and ALL bar].

Right click in the command window and choose Select all, and then press ENTER.
Paste the results in a message here.

I hope this helps. After the back if you have any questions.

Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

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    Kind regards

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    If you use a 64-bit compatible version of the NI-VISA driver, then the Assistant of the Driver NI-VISA is expected to create device drivers compatible 64-bit running in 32-bit mode.  You can find the various drivers of NI-VISA at

    Take care!

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    The chic Lady

    File > open to open your eps file

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    I managed to stop the folders on my desk of reorganization by going to view > options > sort by selecting: None (thanks Mac forum) and I can do this in a folder if I want to rearrange things myself, but I seem to need to do this individually for every single folder and there is no guarantee that the next time I turn on my computer it will be always in that order. El Capitan before I could move my files manually on my desk and in a folder and if things got a little messy, or I wanted to start, I simply chose sort > by name and everything would be perfectly back to alphabetical, as a grid, on the right side of my screen, or in a grid at the top of a file. AND... If I wanted to manually move a folder or icon after sorting by name, I could still do it, without having to go to tri: No. Now, if I say sort: None, which seems to be the only way to manually sort the icons or folders, all of a sudden my own grid of files are everywhere in my office or mixed into a folder, unlike before where they would simply stay in a grid in alphabetical order, making it much easier to find things when manually reorganize. In my workflow, I need to be able to fix things and make them stay there, then, how do it works as before. Is could someone please tell me if there is a simple way to get things to work like they used to, when the only time where my files or icons arranged themselves was when I SAID to THEM, keeping in mind I'm not that computer, so if it's code, or go beyond the preferences or settings , you've lost me.

    Click on the desktop, command J > sort by none

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    I already did a reset completely, but I don't know if it's useful.

    Thank you!

    The phone is jailbroken?

    You share an Apple ID with anyone?

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    I use 9474 for drving an engine. for that I have uses 2 ports - to activate and another for running. These signals in the form of Boolean values.  I am to convert these signals to a table and since iam doing a digital waveform. but when iam connecting these to the module 9474, it show an error "source is a digital waveform and sink is 1-d array of digital waveform... any body can help in these issueee please...»

    Pop - up on the thread and choose Insert...

    Build the table.


  • Could someone tell me how I can I spend the sql_id/plan_hash_value and corresponding implementation plans?

    Hi experts,

    I want to know, how to get the past (like a week older) sql_id/plan_jash_values and corresponding implementation plans.

    I am aware that v$ session contains these last sql_id/hash_value, distinguished by a sql statement that is executed and we can get the plan_hash_value from v$ sql using the following query.

    Select sql_id, hash_value, plan_hash_value from v$ sql where sql_id = & sql_id;

    Once you leave this session, session $ v clears the session information, subsequently sql_id will be also deleted.

    I want to know,

    1 how long v$ sql holds the plan_hash_value, is there a retention period?

    2. when we issue ' select * table ((dbms_xplan.display_cursor ('& sql_id')) ", when the execution plan is read since?").

    3. I need to compare the implementation plans for a perticular query last week one, what are my options?

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    Kind regards

    Ravi K

    Yes, the AWR repository is accessible by SQL queries on the DBA_HIST views.  (these are the same!)

    Thus, the AWR retention period applies to data in views DBA_HIST.

    A SQL query that is not reported by a snapshot of the CWA would not be in the views DBA_HIST.

    Hemant K Collette

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    These FAQS should help you:

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    • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > import data from another browser
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    Reorganize, with the text box selected, you can set the tab text dressed votes to zero, and then in the rotation section, you will be able to rotate the text either along the vertical or horizontal axis.

    Here is spilled on the horizontal plain:

Maybe you are looking for

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