Course speed SSD at 40 MB/s with USB - C cable

I recently bought a Samsung T3 USB - C SSD drive for use with my MacBook.

But right now I am facing a problem of course speed on that:

I bought it used with my MacBook retina 12' because of the support of USB - C

But there is a real problem for this drive to use with cable USB - C for USB - C:

If I use the USB - C to C USB Apple cable, I get only speed USB 2.0 which is capped at 40 MB/s in and out. As the 1-3 photo shows below.

If I use it with USB - cable USB - A C I USB 3.0 speed of 425 MB/s 400 MB/s on. But the downside part is for MacBook, I use a USB - C for the USB - A adapter as shown in photo 4-6.

If Apple is any course speed cable USB - C or Samsung should take the blame that send the wrong information of speed USB 2.0 for Macbook?

Use with direct cable Apple USB - C (I tried another cable USB - C like same problem anker/Chotech) cable is not the problem

You can see that the speed in the information system is listed as USB 2.0 at 480 MB/s

A speed test to confirm it is limited to the USB 2.0 standard:

If I use a USB to adapter USB - C and use the USB - C for cable USB - A on the SSD. It will run at full speed:

You can see that the speed in the information system is listed as USB 3.0 to 5 Gbps

A speed test confirm this works:


The USB - C to C USB cable that comes with the MacBook is not supposed to be used for data, this is to be able to only. You will need to buy a USB - C data cable.

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    Perhaps, but it will be probably cool more slowly than with 12 Watt charger, it came with. Compare the 2.4 output amplifier with current available from one of these ports of surge protector.

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    Hello, Conmare.

    Looks like your iPad slipped in for some reason Recovery Mode any. Which indicates something happened and you will need to reinstall the iOS. I'll be happy to help you with this.

    If you see the connect to iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen

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  • How to reset Windows 7 password with USB

    The first thing we often do when we * password lost Windows 7 * is to ask an it expert for help. However, it is only a moment for you * forget password Windows 7 * and it may take you several days to regain access to your system. Later, don't worry about anything when you forgot the password for windows 7. The article will give you some ideas for * reset password Windows 7 * with USB drive.

    * Chapter 1: Reset password reset Windows 7 password disk.*

    Most people know generally only how to create a new user with a password or change it. But they do not develop a habit to create a password reset disk to prevent the lost password. This is an excellent and free Microsoft gift. Click here to learn how to create the password reset disk in windows 7 If you loan have a reset disk, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start or restart your computer, insert your USB key. In the home interface, press ctrl + alt + delete, enter the classic logon box. Then type the user name that you want to use and a wrong password or leave the field blank, and then press ENTER or click OK. It will show you logon has failed.

    Step 2: Click on * reset password *... it will show you the password reset Wizard. And it allows you to create a new password for your user account. In the password reset Wizard dialog box, click on * following *.

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    * NOTE: * this action will make your formatted USB drive and all data in it will be lost. You would provide better with nothing in it.

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    If anyone idea about this problem?
    PS, External HARD drive works perfectly, as the USB mouse and USB WiMax modem.
    I m hoping someone out there can help with this problem.

    If I understand you well you don't have problem with USB port, but with a single USB device. Right?

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    R600-140 win 7 prof
    I plug in a device of capture usb video and a popup appears saying (roughly)

    + This device would work better with USB 2.0 - Click here for a list of usb ports.

    I thought all the usb ports 2.
    I just checked the drivers in the Panel, and I thought they are all up to date.

    The laptop supports without a doubt USB 2.0 ports.
    I guess that this message can appear for many reasons: for example the USB device malfunction.
    Also the problem of USB port could be responsible for such error.

    So as the first workaround I recommend you remove the USB hubs and controllers in the Device Manager list.
    Open the Device Manager, look for the controllers and USB hubs and uninstall the driver.
    Reboot the laptop

    Usually the system will begin to recognize USB devices.

    Note: during this procedure, all external USB devices must be disconencted

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