Cover for iPad Keyboard Pro

Hi guys,.

Y at - it a lid that fits with an iPad Pro keyboard connected. I understand that the keyboard acts as a cover for the screen, but my iPad in two weeks has scratches all over in the back of it that the keyboard does not cover this part of the iPad.

Any ideas, or is simply poorly designed keyboard Pro iPad?


The silicone case that Apple sells works great with the keyboard.

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  • Cover for iPad Pro vs 9.7 Air 2

    Cover for Air/Air2 Pro 9.7 iPad iPad?

    Given that the pro 2 has the same exact features as the Air 2, probably.

    The biggest difference I see is that the pro 2 has 2 sets of speakers, the only Air 2, so it would depend on how your coverage is configured and the importance of the unlocked speakers are to you (I usually run my silent iPad, and if I want I just use headphones so I worry no sound)

  • IPad Keyboard Pro require the back cover of Silicon

    I see the folding cover overlooks iPad 9.7 Pro and only fit when the back cover of Silicon is also used.

    This overhang is also present with the Apple keyboard and therefore demanding Silicon save coverage at the line properly?  If this isn't the case, I can use a simple body.

    Please notify.  Thank you.

    I have the cover Silicon Apple and keyboard on my iPad Pro, however, I can use any combination of them, or both of them at any time, you have not physically to use silicone case to use the keyboard.  If you want to use another case/cover/skin, it is useful to check that it is compatible with the keyboard, most good quality well-known brands should have the right physical profile, but not necessarily all the 3rd party.

    I hope this helps.

  • Flag 23: Cover for the keyboard battery cover replacement

    I broke the battery cover for the replacement of the batteries in the keyboard and I would like a replacement.

    I tried many avenues but cannot find the part:

    704219 BL1

    The keyboard came with the PC Pavilion 23 when I bought it in July 2014.

    Thank you for any comments.


    Jeannine G

    Hello @jggreene,

    I read your post on how the battery for your keyboard cover is broken, and you are looking for a spare part. I'd love to help you in this case!

    To get the appropriate part, I recommend you contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836 for help. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    I hope this helps!


  • IPAD keyboard pro

    Hello world.

    I have a question if anyone knows if the keyboard for the new Ipad Pro will be with

    Scandinavian tracing, or if Apple only intend to travel to the United States / UK version?

    If a layout of scents made will, you know a time for the release of this keyboard.

    I really want the new apple for the ipad pro keyboard, but it seems stupid to buy American provision

    When you live at the Denmark!

    All the best


    At the moment it is only available in a US provision, if/when it may be available in other provisions we will not know until Apple announce something--leave a comment for Apple on this topic:

  • iOS 9.2 causing lag in Logitech Create keyboard for iPad Pro

    iOS 9.2 has considerably weakened the Logitech Create keyboard for iPad Pro performance. He had been immediately sensitive - one of the best features that the combo made feel like a laptop. With 9.2 key strokes are interrupted at left and right, and there is a noticeable shift in the key that appears on the screen. Very, very frustrating. I seen it referred to in this thread:

    Re: Pro iPad smart keyboard shortcuts stop working

    And I saw a mention on Twitter too. What is going on? Did someone talked with Logitech?

    I'm having the same problem. After that 9.2 updated Logitech Keyboard create on my iPad Pro is essentially unusable because I'll have to go back and difficulty both dropped by strikes, rearranged, letters, etc. There is also a noticeable delay when I type when the characters appear on the screen where before it was instant. Must be something software related because it was just after the 9.2 update he started to arrive.

  • Best alternative to Photoshop for iPad Pro?

    I am a print and web designer and I just bought an iPad Pro. IM has decided to try to work only on my projects using my new iPad Pro for the next few days. Certainly, it should not be a replacement for my iMac, but I want to give it a try.

    I notice that Adobe has a lot of products by way of illustration, but I don't see an alternative to Photoshop. Pixelmator is cool, but it's meh. Model of Adobe is also cool, but it lacks a lot of features.

    Has anyone found an alternative good photoshop that would allow me to create and edit PSD files, when I travel?

    No matter what other digital designers out there that the spirit of sharing their favorite applications?

    Thanks in advance.


    Adobe has many applications of Photoshop.

    Search the IOS App Store for only Adobe.

    If you want to maintain an all workflows Adobe, Photoshop, in order to get most of the functionality of Photoshop on a computer, you will need to use all the different Adobe Photoshop applications to work with.

    If you are using an older version of Photoshop and not the current Adobe Creative cloud suite with subscription, most Adobe applications, in order to better integrate them will pay for a monthly subscription of CreativeCloud or connect to your cloud Creative account if you are already paying a subscription.

    If you are using an older version of Photoshop, you'll need to use a service like DropBox Cloud or box or some other Cloud Service, like iCloud Drive Apple, Amazon Cloud Drive or GoogleDrive to bandy your work back and forth between your iPad and your computer.

    Adobe, I guess, won't or don't know how to create a version of Photoshop on iOS that is a close approximation of Photoshop on a full blown computer.

    Adobe Photoshop full in a variety of applications to cover different areas of Photoshop broke.

    You'll find yourself using the multiple applications of Photoshop to cover everything you do with full Photoshop.

    You'll find yourself using several apps to do a great many things, perhaps more easily on a computer, no matter what, in any case.

    This is how iOS works.

    There is not a single application that will cover everything that you could possibly need.

    Working in the iOS is mainly working with multiple applications.

    For the work and digital painting and illustration of image editing, you will find that you will have to constantly import/export files from an application to another.

    If you don't like this multiple iOS approach Photoshop app, your only alternatives are Pixelmator for iPad and may, in addition,

    I use apps and paint a little image editing applications, but Pixelmator and are apps that are in the top of the applications on my big iPad Pro.

    There are other image editors and applications of paint you can use

    I have a little.

    Here is my own incomplete list of creative image and drawing apps I have installed and you are using.

    In no particular order.



    Sketch book / SketchBook Pro

    Sketch of Pro



    Inspire Pro

    Ibis paint

    Art Studio



    Hit the draw draw

    More than


    HD Photo sorting (an image/document organization function app folder)








    If you want to add more fonts to your iPad applications that might access to, find the app


    Good luck!

  • iPad keyboard Smart Pro does not

    iPad Pro is not intermittently at the Smart Pro IPad keyboard.

    Your occurs when you attempt to enter text in the field application of e-mail address

    When the mail application has been opened by Safari to post a link etc.

    Hello BobBurns,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message that your keyboard Smart Pro iPad fails all the time. I recommend the steps described in the following article to help solve this type of problem:

    Use your Smart keyboard with iPad Pro

    Get help

    If your iPad Pro does not detect your Smart keyboard or you see an 'Accessory not supported' alert on your iPad Pro, make sure that there are no debris or plastic on the pins of the Smart connector on the keyboard or the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. Also, try the following steps:

    1. Make sure your iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard are in a position to Type .
    2. Remove the Smart keyboard for your iPad Pro.
    3. Restart your iPad Pro.
    4. Reconnect the Smart keyboard.

    Best regards

  • The disappearance of the virtual keyboard Pro iPad support

    For some reason, the virtual keyboard on my iPad pro just disappears and can not be found. This happens intermittently and it is very frustrating. Does anyone else have this experience?

    Are you connected any keyboard bluetooth for iPad Pro?   If so, it is probably auto-login when you come into 30 feet about this keyboard.  Go to the BlueTooth when you have this problem and see if there is a device connected keyboard when you have no keyboard.   If so, disconnect it from settings.

    Hope that helps

  • How can I get foreign accents on the iPad keyboard Smart Pro?

    How can I get foreign accents on the iPad keyboard Smart Pro?

    First of all, make sure that you have the right setting.  Keyboard keyboard-settings-material and for each software keyboard you have, make sure you select English hardware keyboard, allows you to have the dictionary for the language you want to use, but the keyboard like the physical keyboard layout.

    Second, when writing, select the language that you need to write with accents and use "option + e + vowel" for this accents (a, e, i, o, u).  For this same result, you can use the button next to return + vowel.

    Lovely + key next to return + vowel will give you that (a, e, i, o, u)

    Option + N will give you N

    These are ones I've found so far and it's more than I need for Spanish, keep trying combinations that make little sense for the language you write and see what works.

  • iPad smart pro keyboard cannot type Chinese Wu Bi

    There are a large number of people in China get use to type Chinese Wu Bi entered, however, IOS do not support Wu Bi at all. Although there are a lot of app contribution is Wu Bi, we cannot use any kinds of keyboard to use Wu Bi even iPad keyboard smart pro. This kind of situation is really worth of Chinese people like my mom who is get to type Chinese Wu Bi on 20 years. This month I want to buy an iPad pro to my mother, but she rejected, because she can't use it without Wu Bi. After google, I saw there were a lot of people face this problem and no way can solve it. my mother and I love apple, but should be abandoned apple due to problem of keyboard products. my family isn't the only one.

    OS X support Wu Bi, I think that's not very difficult to be supported in the ISM. I hope that the next edition of the IOS can solve the problem.

    the photo is the Bi Wu in OS X EL Capitan 10.11.5

    These are user forums to, so to make sure that Apple sees your request, remember to repost it to

  • What is the new version of the software for iPad pro

    What is the new version of the software for iPad Pro

    TThe latest version for the new iPad 9.7 Pro is iOS 9.3.1. Apple pulled iOS 9.3.2 for this device because there were some problems with it and they have not released a fix yet, if you have the bigger iPad Pro, it is 9.3.2.

  • Need to keyboard for my Satellite Pro A10

    where would I be able to get a replacement for my satellite pro spa10 keyboard to the United Kingdom

    [Edited by: admin]


    You can order this keyboard at the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • New pencil from Apple for iPad Pro 9.7 "- replace advice when?"

    My new Pro 9.7 "iPad should be here tomorrow. How many times iPad users Pro change spikes on the pencil of Apple? What kind of wear should I look for?

    Use the pencil to Apple with iPad Pro - Apple Support

    Nobody is saying exactly. I would say that when it starts to look worn or if you see significant differences in appearance.

  • Financial software for IPad Pro

    I currently use a Windows version of Quickbooks Pro 2014 in Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro for business and personal accounting.

    I would like to be able to access or even set up my personal accounts via IPad Pro accounting software and synchronization between both (if possible).

    Can anyone recommend software that is similar to the QB.

    I know Quicken is out there, but I'm looking for other options as well.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    If it can be done, QuickBooks is probably the way > & ie = UTF-8 & oe = UTF-8

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello! My laptop 2 week old webcam has stopped working. I was looking a reinstal but could not find it on the Toshiba site. I still have the pictogram of the webcam, but when I select, it know: "Webcam driver open failed, please restart your computer

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    My S90 is stuck at the start-up screen. It shows the screen of stand for hours now. If I change the switch it will not swtich off the phone, but it restart again to the start screen. What should I do with it? I felt that I could let it run out of bat

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    Hello My computer worked fine until tonight, when it was off its own and does not start. model: touchsmart 610-1280qd symptoms: the LED on the AC adapter has been turned off, even if it was plugged. It working again if I unplugged the adapter of the

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    Hello, my HP 4630 screen is in German, and I need to go back to English. What should I do to change this? The HP serial No. is (deleted content) Thank you.

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